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High Blood Pressure And Fatigue

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Secondary High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure, Fatigue – Georgia’s Story

Some cases of high blood pressure are the result of underlying factors or cause and this is known as secondary high blood pressure.

Underlying factors include:

  • kidney conditions, such as a kidney infection, or kidney disease
  • narrowing of the arteries
  • hormonal conditions, such as Cushing’s syndrome
  • conditions that affect the bodys tissue, such as lupus
  • medication, such as the oral contraceptive pill, or the type of painkillers that are known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs , such as ibuprofen
  • recreational drugs, such as cocaine, amphetamines and crystal meth

Occasionally, a rise in blood pressure can result from taking herbal remedies, such as herbal supplements.

What Causes High Blood Pressure

Below are the causes of high blood pressure:

1. Smoking

Smoking is a possible cause of elevated blood pressure. Smoking or chewing tobacco can instantly bring up your blood pressure temporarily but the harmful components in tobacco can damage your arteries which can cause hypertension. This can also result in your arteries to narrow and increase your risk of cardiac disease.

2. Obesity

Being obese higher your chances of developing high blood pressure than being at a desirable weight. Obesity and hypertension are interlinked with each other. Being overweight increases the level of cholesterol in your body which can cause severe cardiac problems. The patient needs to lose weight if they have high blood pressure, otherwise, the health problems can increase.

3. Stress

The body produces a bunch of hormones when you are anxious or when you are in a stressful situation. These hormones are responsible for raising your blood pressure by influencing your heart to beat faster than the normal rate and this causes your blood vessels to narrow. This is the reason most patients with high blood pressure are advised to avoid any stress or anxiety. It can cause a serious emergency.

4. Excessive salt in the food

Eating zesty and salty food is preferred by everyone but do you know how dangerous this can get? Adding a lot of salt into your diet may result in high blood pressure. It is proven in a study that people who eat a lot of salt are more likely to develop high blood pressure.

Medications Used To Treat High Blood Pressure


These high blood pressure medications flush extra water and sodium from your body. Diuretics may cause these side effects:

  • Extra urination. Extra water out means more time in the bathroom. Take these medications earlier in the day and when youre not far away from a bathroom.
  • Erection problems in some men
  • Weakness, leg cramps, or fatigue. Diuretics may decrease the bodys levels of the mineral potassium, which can lead to these side effects. Certain potassium-sparing diuretics do not have this effect, however.
  • Intense and sudden foot pain, which is a symptom of gout this is rare.


Beta-blockers make your heart beat less forcefully and more slowly. These medications may cause side effects such as:

Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors

These high blood pressure medications block formation of a hormone that causes blood vessels to narrow, so vessels relax. ACE inhibitors may cause these side effects:

  • A dry, hacking cough that doesnt go away. If you have this side effect, the doctor may prescribe another type of medication.
  • Skin rash and a loss of taste are two other possible side effects of ACE inhibitors.

Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers

These high blood pressure medications shield blood vessels from a hormone that causes blood vessels to narrow. This allows blood vessels to stay open. One of the more common side effects of ARBs is dizziness.

Alpha-2 Receptor Agonist

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Chronically Tired Fatigue May Be A Sign Of Heart Problems

Heart disease is one of the number one killers in the United States. Our womens health care providers are here to help you stay healthy. Thats why were spreading the word about a subtle, but dangerous sign that you could have heart disease: fatigue.

Fatigue can stop you in your tracks and even signal serious problems like heart disease. Feeling abnormally tired? Talk to our womens health care provider.

Many of us mistakenly believe that heart disease is mainly a concern for men. However, women are also at risk for this serious health condition.

Here are some quick facts on heart disease in women:

  • Heart disease is responsible for 1 in every 5 female deaths
  • 1 in 16 women 20 years old or older have coronary artery disease

Women often experience different symptoms of heart disease than men, which can make it hard to notice early warning signs. If youre experiencing unexplained tiredness and fatigue, come to our womens health clinicto help find the root of the problem.

Regular Blood Pressure Checks For Over Over 40s

The Truth About Low Blood Pressure Causes and Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

The only way to find out whether you have high blood pressure is to have your blood pressure checked regularly. Ask your GP when you are next due for yours to be checked.

Blood pressure checks are usually available on request at most GP surgeries and health clinics. Some surgeries have home monitoring devices available, which you may be able to use at the time of blood pressure medication start up or change. Many also have a policy of arranging regular checks for you.

Adults who are over 40 and have not been diagnosed with high blood pressure should have their blood pressure checked at least once every five years. However, your blood pressure should ideally be checked more frequently, particularly if you have any contributory risk factors.

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Enlarged Heart And Heart Failure

High blood pressure puts you at risk of developing an enlarged heart.

The heart is a muscle, and it works harder to deliver blood to the rest of your body when you have high blood pressure.

This extra effort causes the heart to bulk up, much like the muscles of your arms grow bigger after regular workout sessions.

An enlarged heart does not pump blood as effectively as normal, a problem that can cause complications like stroke and heart failure.

Most people may not know they have an enlarged heart, since they may show no symptoms.

Others may experience the following symptoms:

  • Fatigue
  • Swelling in the legs and feet

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

Before we get into the details of what conditions affect your blood pressure and what to do about them, here are some high blood pressure symptoms to look out for:

  • Dizziness
  • Bloody urine
  • Edemas/swelling

As you can see, these symptoms can be pretty serious, and thats because they usually come about during a high blood pressure crisis. Thats when your blood pressure is close to or over 180/120 mm Hg. But even 140/90 mm Hg is considered hypertension, with 120/80 mm Hg and up considered at risk . And its usually very difficult to spot blood pressure symptoms for 140/90 mm and up unless it gets to a crisis level.

Still, the underlying causes of hypertension can have their own set of symptoms that you can watch out for. And addressing these causes may save you from having to take blood pressure medication. In fact, regulating your blood pressure is not that hard, and it can make a huge difference to your cardiovascular health and the health of your Cardionomic Circuit.

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Blood Pressure Medications And Supplements

In some cases, you might need to take medications and supplements that reduce your blood pressure. This could also happen if the above measures didnt make enough of a difference or if you need medication temporarily until these changes take effect. It will all depend on your situation and needs.

Some common blood pressure medications include:

  • Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors These drugs inhibit certain enzymes that constrict arteries.
  • Calcium channel blockers Calcium inside blood vessels is a major source of constriction. So these drugs help relax the blood vessel muscles, allowing them to widen and let blood flow through more easily.
  • Thiazide diuretics Diuretics in general help move water out of the system. This then helps your body get rid of excess sodium. Sodium is factor in high blood pressure.
  • Beta-blockers These drugs slow heart rate down. But they are being used less and less these days, unless other medications are not suitable.
  • Renin inhibitors Renin is an enzyme that narrows blood vessels, so these drugs inhibit its action, allowing the blood vessels to widen again.

All of these medications carry risks and side effects. And some can cause serious problems for those with certain conditions, such as kidney problems or heart disease. Thats why its better to prioritize the more natural methods of reducing blood pressure symptoms and only use medication as a last resort.

Some common natural blood pressure supplements include:

How To Treat Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue, High Blood Pressure, and Chronic Infection

Restoring your overworked, underactive adrenal glands may seem like an impossible task especially when youre already exhausted! Fortunately, the road to recovery is as simple as taking a new approach to looking after yourself and perhaps a few lifestyle changes. Here are 4 ways to start your recovery.

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Diagnosis Of Low Blood Pressure

A familiar instrument for diagnosis of low blood pressure is a sphygmomanometer, which has an inflatable cuff that goes around your forearm while you are sitting and supported. This cuff is worn at the heart level and must be the right size since a too large or too small cuff would result in the wrong measurement.

The inflation and deflation causes the blood vessels to constrict and relax in conjunction, and a doctor uses a stethoscope near the crook of your elbow to determine when the blood flow is constricted, and the time that it starts. The pressure diagnosed at these two times is what is noted as your blood pressure.

The pulse rate is also an important indicator of any abnormalities in blood pressure, and a doctor may repeatedly measure your pulse in addition to measuring blood pressure. A rapid, shallow beating of the pulse may indicate inability of the heart to pump adequate blood through the body. Sometimes, an electrocardiogram may also be used for accurate measurement of the heart rate, or a blood sugar test may be prescribed to determine any symptoms or effects of low blood pressure. A tilt-table test that simulates a change in posture while lying down on a table may also be prescribed to check for orthostatic hypotension.

Diagnosis depends on the outcome of these tests and is relatively simple to do. Medical history is also a consideration when determining if a person has signs of low blood pressure, or a more short-term incident.

Q: Why Is A Multidisciplinary Approach So Important

A: After ruling out possible endocrine disorders, your endocrinologist can refer you to other specialists, including urologists, cardiologists, rheumatologists, allergists/immunologists and infectious disease physicians.

If youre diagnosed with POTS or another disorder, these specialists will work together to manage your health and develop a targeted treatment plan putting you on the path to symptom relief.

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Compassionate Understanding Womens Health Care At Herkare

Our team at HerKare is here to help you feel great again. We put you in charge at our womens health clinic. Our goal is to help you stay healthy and help improve your quality of life. Whether you need an annual exam or are coming in to talk about any symptoms or concerns you have about your health, we believe in providing compassionate womens health care in a welcoming environment. We take time to listen and understand, and then help you feel better. Make an appointment today and lets talk about your health and wellbeing!

What Is A Malignant Hypertension


You are considered to have hypertension if your systolic blood pressure measurements are between 130 and 139 or your diastolic measurement falls between 80 and 89. At this level of blood pressure you may not have any symptoms. When blood pressure reaches 180/120 or higher, a serious condition known as a malignant hypertension or hypertension crisis may occur. This can lead to stroke, kidney damage, heart attacks, or loss of consciousness. If you measure your blood pressure and it is this high, rest a few minutes and measure again. If it remains high, call 911.

Malignant Hypertension Causes

High blood pressure is the main cause of malignant hypertension. Skipping doses of blood pressure medications can also lead to malignant hypertension. The following are medical conditions that may cause malignant hypertension:

  • Kidney disease
  • Illegal drugs

Malignant Hypertension Symptoms

The primary symptoms of malignant hypertension are a blood pressure of 180/120 or higher and signs of organ damage. Other symptoms of malignant hypertension include bleeding and swelling of blood vessels in the retina, anxiety, nosebleeds, severe headache, and shortness of breath. Malignant hypertension may cause brain swelling, but this symptom is very rare.

Malignant Hypertension Treatment

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How Does Aerobic Exercise Lower Blood Pressure Mechanism

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Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure: Anxiety

Do you find yourself becoming anxious with every minute problem? High blood pressure is related to extreme levels of anxiety as well as stress. While it is usual for any person to adapt to a little work and other stress in her daily life, taking undue stress can lead to an unmanageable amount of anxiety. This symptom should not be ignored, and you should go to your doctor for a diagnosis immediately to go to the root cause of the problem. Feeling worried can, in fact, cause your blood pressure to rise, increasing your heart rate.

TIP:Avoid taking any harsh decisions when you are anxious.

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Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure: Shortness Of Breath

Do you feel breathless after climbing merely one flight of stairs? Get your blood pressure checked. While there could be several reasons for this. Among them is pulmonary hypertension, which means high blood pressure in the arteries connecting the heart and lungs. Before you jump to conclusions on this condition, it is better to have your doctor rule out any of the common conditions related to shortness of breath.

TIP:Engage in a few breathing exercises every morning to improve your condition.

Im Always Getting Sick Or I Take A Long Time To Recover

HBP 049- How does High Blood Pressure lead to tiredness and fatigue

Blame it on: High adrenalin and cortisol

Apart from stress management, the adrenals are also responsible for regulating your immune system. Remember a problematic project at work or a family crises that took time to resolve? You had sufficient energy and focus to get through the hard time . But, as soon as it was over, you fell sick. Sound familiar?

Ongoing stress can weaken the adrenals so much so that they are not able to sufficiently stimulate the immune system to keep you healthy. Im not just talking here about superficial conditions like cold and flu but more serious ones like cancer or autoimmune conditions.

I vividly remember my interview with Dr. Veronique , of The Breast Cancer Conqueror, who in spite of being that super healthy person, developed breast cancer.

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How Can You Prevent Low Blood Pressure

You may be able to prevent hypotension by making changes to your lifestyle and diet, such as:

  • Eating fewer carbohydrates and choosing small, healthy meals.
  • Staying hydrated and avoiding alcoholic drinks.
  • Rising slowly when youve been sitting or lying down.
  • Taking a few deep breaths before you change position.
  • Wearing compression stockings.

Zona Plus How Does It Work

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