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What Is The Cure For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Homeopathy For Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Be In Health

Homeopathy for chronic fatigue syndrome. If youve been experiencing frequent energy highs and lows and even energy crashes you may have chronic fatigue syndrome. Homeopathic medicine is a great treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome that gives you a natural energy boost by balancing your energy organs and the hormones they produce so you have constant and stable energy.

C133 Energy Balance is a homeopathic remedy that balances your energy naturally and provides jitter free natural energy so you can do what you need to do without low energy crashes or fatigue.

There is a great natural homeopathic medicine that restores your natural energy levels naturally called Biogetica USA Homeopathic Energy Kit that works on your mental and physical levels to restore optimum energy levels naturally, without jitters or side effects. It refreshes your organs that cause adrenal fatigue and burnout.

Homeopathy is a natural balancing medicine that brings clean energy that just makes you feel great. it is a great natural treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome because it balances your hormones, particularly your stress hormones. You can feel naturally more energetic by using it to balance your energy organs today. Click on the homeopathy for energy balancing kit now for more information.

Depression Stress And Anxiety

Adjusting to a chronic, debilitating illness sometimes leads to other problems, including depression, stress, and anxiety. Many patients with ME/CFS develop depression during their illness. When present, depression or anxiety should be treated. Although treating depression or anxiety can be helpful, it is not a cure for ME/CFS.

Some people with ME/CFS might benefit from antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. However, doctors should use caution in prescribing these medications. Some drugs used to treat depression have other effects that might worsen other ME/CFS symptoms and cause side effects. When healthcare providers are concerned about patients psychological condition, they may recommend seeing a mental health professional.

Some people with ME/CFS might benefit from trying techniques like deep breathing and muscle relaxation, massage, and movement therapies . These can reduce stress and anxiety, and promote a sense of well-being.

Increase Your Vitamin B Intake

According to a study published in the Journal of Royal Society of Medicine, researchers found a direct link between reduced vitamin B levels and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Vitamin B6

The study focused on B-6, riboflavin and thiamine, and researchers believe that B6 is particularly important. Vitamin B6 rich foods include wild tuna and salmon, bananas, grass-fed beef, sweet potatoes, turkey, hazelnuts, garlic and cooked spinach.

Vitamin B6 helps to prevent and relieve fatigue, and it supports a healthy immune system. As stated above, some researchers believe that certain viruses play a role in CFS, therefore increasing B6 levels can be a helpful treatment. B6 helps supports T-cell functioning, allowing them to more adeptly fight infections.

Importance of Methylation

Methylation is the term given to the process in the body where methyl compounds are used in the critical functions of the body immune function, energy production, mood, inflammation, nerve function, detoxification, and even DNA all of which are challenges in chronic fatigue syndrome patients.

Methylation helps you process toxins, make hormones, and even helps in the production of neurotransmitters such as melatonin. How well your body can methylate effects all of these important areas. Poor methylation can lead to a variety of chronic conditions including certain types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, allergies, digestive upset, mood and psychiatric disorders, and chronic fatigue.

Vitamin B12

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Diagnosis Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Laboratory tests to exclude other causes of symptoms

At least one of the following manifestations is also required:

  • Difficulty thinking

  • Feeling of light-headedness or dizziness when standing up that is relieved by lying down

The frequency and severity of the symptoms should be assessed by a doctor. If people do not have these symptoms at least half of the time with moderate, substantial, or severe intensity, doctors reconsider the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome .

Criteria for diagnosis are important mainly because they help doctors communicate clearly with each other when they study a problem. However, when treating a specific individual, doctors focus more on that person’s symptoms rather than the criteria.

How Has The Covid

Why Can

Dr Charles Shepherd, the associations medical advisor of the ME Association told The Independent that the Covid-19 pandemic and long-term effects of coronavirus, also known as long Covid, is creating awareness about the lasting impacts of viral infections on the human body.

Its making clinicians and researchers more aware of CFS/ME. People with long Covid are suffering from the same sort of debilitating fatigue that occurs in people with ME, he says.

People with long Covid are also reporting other CFS/ME symptoms, such as disturbed sleep, muscle aches and joint pains.

This has led to an increase in patients being diagnosed with post-Covid CFS/ME.

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Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Although there is no cure for chronic fatigue syndrome there are a number of ways to help manage your symptoms.

Because of the complexity of the illness, its changing nature and the number of possible symptoms, different things work for different people. Your GP may be able to support you through managing your individual symptoms. They may be able to refer you to a specialist service or to a service that will help you to manage individual symptoms but this depends on the services available in your area.

To decide what treatment is right for you, you should look at the evidence, including published research and patient surveys, and make sure you fully understand what the treatment involve, before you make a decision. You have the right to decline any treatment option you do not feel comfortable with.

Your GP may suggest some of the following treatment options.

Treatment Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy

  • Graded exercise

  • Drugs for depression, sleep, or pain if indicated

In most cases, symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome lessen over time. However, it often takes years for symptoms to subside, and not all symptoms disappear. People may recover more fully if they focus more on what function they can recover than on how much function they have lost.

Specific symptoms such as pain, depression, and poor sleep are treated. Cognitive behavioral therapy and gradual graded exercise, which have helped some people, may be worth trying.

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Allopathic Treatment Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Treatment is based on those therapies that reduce the symptoms.
  • Drug therapies are used to treat symptoms of sleep, pain, and psychological problems.
  • Some have usedAdderall .
  • Other therapies that are used includestress reduction and lifestyle changes .
  • Some suggestdiet and nutrition play a role and recommend vitamin D, B6, B12, lysine, and glutathione

General Exercise Tips For People With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Be guided by your doctor or specialist, but general suggestions include:

  • Experiment to find the type of exercise that works best for you. Choose from a range of gentle activities such as stretching, yoga, tai chi, walking and light weight training.
  • Keep an activity diary so you have a long-term picture of your performance levels and factors that might impact on your symptoms.
  • Stop the physical activity well before you feel any symptom flare. Pacing yourself is very important.
  • Remember that the amount of exercise you can do will change from one day to the next.
  • Listen to your body if you dont feel up to exercising on a particular day, dont.
  • Find out as much as you can about your ME/CFS. Make sure you consult with health professionals who fully understand ME/CFS as a ‘real’ biomedical condition.

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Treatment Plans For Me/cfs

There’s no single way of managing ME/CFS that works for everyone, but there are a number of treatment options.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence says you should be offered a treatment plan tailored to your symptoms.

Your doctor should discuss all of the options with you, and explain the benefits and risks of any treatment.

They should work with you to develop a treatment plan that suits you and takes into account your circumstances and preferences.

You may need advice about making lifestyle changes, specialist treatments, or a combination of both.

If your symptoms are severe, your doctor should ask a specialist for advice.

Your treatment plan should be reviewed regularly.

How Iv Therapy Can Help People Living With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

IV therapy can be used to administer a huge range of different fluids into the body. As these formulas can consist of numerous beneficial ingredients, specialists may provide those affected by chronic fatigue syndrome with a boost of vitamins and nutrients to ease their symptoms.

In a study published in Naturopathic Doctor News & Review, two patients struggling with ME and fibromyalgia displayed clear improvements after undergoing IV therapy.

The drips ingredients varied. One patient received a mix made up of vitamin C, potassium, sodium chloride, and more. The other was given a solution comprising magnesium sulfate, B complex, saline, and other ingredients.

Both patients IV therapy was personalized to make the maximum impact on their systems and manage their symptoms as effectively as possible. The results may have taken a few days to bring tangible benefits, yet the improvements were clear to see.

One patient noticed a reduction in their joint and muscular pain, while once-daily headaches became less common. The second patient experienced less pain, which was aided by their decision to cut gluten from their diet.

The fluids used in IV therapy may need to be reassessed and altered based on the patients response. In one case from the aforementioned study, the individuals condition improved after the mix was changed slightly for subsequent sessions.

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Who Develops Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome can affect anyone. It is estimated that CFS affects an average of between one and five people in every 1,000 in the UK. The true figure may be higher because some people with CFS/ME are not diagnosed.

It is about three times as common in women as in men. The most common age for it to develop sometime between the early twenties to mid-forties. In children the most common age for it to develop is 13-15 years but it can develop at an earlier age.

Continued Research Should Lead To Better Understanding And Treatments

Do You Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

A great deal more is known about ME/CFS today than 35 years ago. With continued and expanded support from the NIH, CDC, and private foundations dedicated to ME/CFS, I expect a lot of progress in the coming decade. Instead of doctors saying, The tests came back normal, there is nothing wrong, they will say, Tests showed us what was wrong, and we have treatments to fix it.

And doctors will recognize the wisdom of the wise advice we all learned in medical school: Listen to your patient. The patient is telling you the diagnosis.

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Signs And Symptoms Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

There are a dozen common signs and symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome that you will observe if you are being affected with CFS. Here are the most common symptoms of CFS:

  • Unexplained Fatigue
  • Lack of The Ability to Concentrate
  • Recurrent Sore Throat
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Symptoms Can Continue for 6 Months or Longer

Your brain and body need a full supply of energy to function at their optimum levels. The root of the chronic fatigue is usually undetected by the medical system but is readily understood to be viral infection or mitochondrial disorder by holistic doctors and practitioners.

When you are dealing with a chronic infection it takes the natural energy that is supposed to feed your brain, nervous system and muscles and gives it to your immune system to fight off an infection, which is most critical. If you get rid of your infection, that energy is restored your brain and body instead. Your mitochondria need specific nutrients they use to transform nutrients into energy. Supply your body with these and you will have a natural balanced energy source for your brain and body.

Panex Ginseng And Echinacea

Both of these herbs have been known to increase endurance and immunity. Researchers from the University of California Irvine Medical Center tested both Panex ginseng and Echinacea herbs on blood from a group of people who had either Chronic fatigue syndrome or AIDS.

The researchers found that both herbs significantly boosted immune factors in the patients blood cells.

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Causes Of Extreme Fatigue

Many people struggle with fatigue, which has many causes some obvious, others not so much. Causes of chronic fatigue include poor quality or not enough sleep, a bad diet, not exercising, and metabolic and hormonal imbalances. It becomes a vicious cycle when fatigue sets in and worsens your fatigue.

But you can manage your fatigue when you first figure out the root causeor causes of feeling tired all the time. Some reasons why you might feel extreme fatigue include:

  • Adrenal burnout
  • Thyroid imbalances
  • Other hormonal imbalances like testosterone, estrogen, and cortisol
  • Being a perfectionist
  • Being around overly critical or negative people
  • Not having a positive mindset
  • Food sensitivities
  • Mitochondrial dysfunctions mitochondria are those little power plants in your cells. Malfunctioning mitochondria can create massive energy crashes.
  • Overexercise a good workout should leave you feeling energetic and strong. Overexercising or overtraining can have the opposite effect, creating chronic fatigue that zaps your energy and mood.
  • Toxicity including things like environmental pollutants, but also less-obvious toxins, including mold, mercury from amalgams, and electromagnetic fields from electronics.

This list goes on, and oftentimes multiple factors create or worsen fatigue. On the other hand, chronic fatigue might result from one primary reason, like poor sleep, stress, a bad diet, or not getting the right nutrients. These five strategies may help you boost your energy.

So What Should You Do To Overcome This Debilitating Illness

Natural Remedies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Most readers of my blog will have a strong bias towards alternative/natural medicine over conventional/Western medicine. Im of the mind that this should not be an either-or debate. Instead, alternative and conventional medicine should work together. They fill in each others deficiencies very well. In the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome, youre going to want a diverse point of view. Combining alternative and conventional therapies will be your best option.

In this post, Ill describe the most beneficial treatment options from a conventional perspective the treatments you need to try and the ones you should absolutely avoid. And in the second post of this series, Ill describe the most beneficial therapies from a functional or natural medicine perspective. I believe the ideal treatment plan for chronic fatigue syndrome involves a combination of therapies. In all likelihood, chronic fatigue syndrome describes many different conditions.

For you, fatigue could be caused by a viral infection like mono. Your friends fatigue could be caused by her hormones, her genetics, or even her gut. Exploring a multitude of treatment options is your best bet to regaining your energy.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Gradually Figuring Out Whats Wrong

In 1983, a health professional in her 30s walked into my office and said, Ive been healthy all of my life. A year ago, I came down with some kind of virus sore throat, aching muscles, swollen lymph glands, fever. My fatigue was so bad I was in bed for nearly a week. Many of the symptoms gradually improved, but the terrible fatigue and difficulty thinking have not gotten better. Theyre so bad I cant fulfill my responsibilities at home or at work. This illness is affecting my brain, stealing my energy, and affecting my immune system. Its keeping me from realizing my dreams.

Theres a piece of advice attributed to a famous physician, William Osler, that every medical student probably has heard: Listen to your patient. The patient is telling you the diagnosis. But I wasnt sure it applied in this case.

Get 7 9 Hours Of Sleep Nightly

The National Sleep Foundation recommends adults get seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Some questions you can ask yourself to see if you are not sleeping enough include: Does it take me a long time to fall asleep? Do I wake up often or am I restless? Do I feel sleepy when driving? Do I need caffeine to get through the day? Answer, yes, to any of these indicates you may not be getting enough quality sleep.

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Complementary And Alternative Medicine

CFS/ME patients tend to use more alternative medicine treatments than people without . Patients often leave orthodox medical care because they feel that their condition has been unjustifiably attributed to psychological causes: they are given the message that it is all in the mind. In a twin study, 91% of twins with CFS/ME and 71% without CFS/ME used at least one alternative treatment. A large proportion of the study participants stated that alternative treatments were helpful .

Treatments For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The Many Faces of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Various treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome are available, including:

  • Medicine for feelings of nausea, discomfort, and issues with sleeping
  • Graded exercise therapy , which involves exercising to enhance physical capabilities
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy , during which an expert helps patients accept their chronic fatigue syndrome, identify problem behaviors that may make symptoms worse, and aim to achieve a more positive perspective

IV therapy is another option for people affected by chronic fatigue syndrome. But how does this work and what help does it offer?

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