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Can Blocked Arteries Cause Fatigue

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Peripheral Artery Disease Affects The Limbs

Heart attack, clogged arteries and atherosclerosis

PAD refers to a condition in which the blood supply to the extremities is limited due to plaque buildup. Leg pain is a symptom of peripheral arterial disease and sometimes makes walking difficult. Shortness of breath and extreme fatigue following physical activity are both potential warning signs of PAD.

Peripheral arterial disease can lead to aortoiliac disease. This disease takes years to develop therefore, seeking treatment for PAD early on can prevent the onset of this more serious form of the peripheral arterial disease and the painful symptoms that accompany it.

Your Body Gets Tired When You Do A Lot Of Work And This Is A Healthy Response That Asks You To Take Rest But Do You Know When Should You Be Worried About Fatigue Read Below Call Us For More Information

Whether you have a newborn, are burning the candle at both ends, or have been up all night, some fatigue is entirely normal. However, if you have constant fatigue that interferes with your day-to-day tasks even with a full night of sleep, there is likely something more serious underlying your heavy eyelids that may concern the health of your heart. At Sterling Heart Care, our doctors and medical professionals provide excellent treatment for any heart-related fatigue disorder!

How Should I Prepare For My Test

Youâll have an initial meeting with us before we perform your imaging test. During this meeting, you should tell us about any prescription medications, non-prescription medications, and supplements that you are taking, as these substances could alter your bodyâs response to your test. Under some circumstances, we may instruct you to stop taking certain medications before your test.

In addition to changing your medication schedule, you might have to receive a blood test before your appointment. This test will allow us to learn more about the health of your liver and your bloodâs ability to clot. In addition, we will probably tell you not to consume any food or liquids for a couple of hours before your test.

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What Complications Can Result From Clogged Arteries

Clogged arteries should not be left untreated or unmanaged as they can result in severe and even life-threatening consequences in the long run.

Complications of clogged arteries include:

  • Ischemia Ischemia is the inadequate blood supply to an organ or body part. It occurs whenever oxygen is interrupted from an area of the body, and tissues get damaged quickly without oxygen.
  • Arrhythmia Inadequate blood supply to the heart or damage to the heart tissues can also interfere with the hearts electrical impulses causing abnormal heart rhythms, also known as arrhythmia.
  • Heart failure If some areas of the heart do not receive oxygen and essential nutrients for a long time due to insufficient blood flow, or if a heart attack damages the heart, it becomes too weak to pump blood to the body heart failure.

You must seek expert medical advice on how to treat blocked arteries and manage atherosclerosis to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Atherosclerosis affects arteries that supply blood to the heart, brain, and lower extremities, including legs. The doctor will run some tests and diagnose your condition accurately. He will recommend medications and lifestyle changes to prevent your blockage from worsening and avoiding complications like a heart attack or stroke and even limb amputation in severe cases of peripheral artery disease.

Is Extreme Fatigue A Sign Of A Heart Problem


If fatigue has become just another aspect of your waking hours, it could be a sign of a heart problem. Extreme fatigue can signal heart failure or, less commonly, coronary artery disease . We highly recommend that you seek medical attention if you feel an abnormal amount of fatigue throughout the day to either rule out heart failure or get treatment before it progresses.

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Warning Signs Of Clogged & Stiff Arteries

Arteries transport oxygenated blood and nutrients from the heart to the rest of the body. Clean and elastic arteries ensure smooth blood flow passes through them. On the other hand, clogged and stiff arteries could lead to hypertension, heart attack, stroke or even death. Hence, it is vital to understand the signs and symptoms of unhealthy arteries:

Natural Prevention Methods Of Clogged Arteries

Dont think that a diagnosis of clogged arteries is a death sentence its not. Just because a doctor informs you that your arteries are clogged doesnt mean you cant start practicing healthier habits to reverse the damage. Here are some ways to unclog arteries naturally and prevent clogged arteries from forming again in the future.

  • Eat or drink pomegranate seeds and juice
  • Consume more whole grains
  • Add spices to your meals
  • Drink coffee for heart benefits
  • Stick with olive oil
  • Minimize animal protein consumption milk and eggs
  • Stock up on fiber
  • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water
  • Stop smoking
  • Monitor and control your diabetes
  • Monitor and control your hypertension
  • Monitor and control your cholesterol
  • Exercise

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Narrowing Of The Carotid Arteries May Lead To Memory And Thinking Problems

Problems with learning, memory, thinking and decision-making could be linked to narrowing of the necks carotid artery, according to new research presented at the American Academy of Neurologys 66th Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA.

The American Academy of Neurology have previously published research in their journal Neurology that explored using individuals stroke risk profile which includes high blood pressure, smoking and diabetes to predict whether people would develop memory and thinking problems later in life.

However, this is the first research to specifically link narrowing of the carotid arteries the two major blood vessels that deliver blood to the brain to memory and thinking problems.

Most clinical investigation of the carotid arteries relates to when the arteries become blocked by fatty, waxy deposits or plaque which is known to cause stroke or transient ischemic attack.

When these arteries become narrowed, as well as restricting the flow of blood to the brain, little pieces of plaque can also be showered into the brain.

To date, the focus of diagnosis and management of carotid artery blockages has been prevention of stroke since that was the only harm that these blockages were thought to cause to patients, says Dr. Brajesh K. Lal, from VA Maryland Health Care Systems Baltimore VA Medical Center and the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore.

How Is Pad Detected

#1 Hidden Cause of Clogged Arteries

Talk to your doctor if you are having symptoms of PAD so the cause of your symptoms can be identified and treatment can be initiated as soon as possible. Early detection of PAD is important so the right treatments can be provided before the disease becomes severe enough to lead to complications, such as heart attack or stroke.

A physical exam will be performed and your medical history and risk factors will be reviewed. Your doctor may order certain tests to help diagnose PAD and determine the severity of the disease.

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Can Coronary Artery Disease Be Prevented

You can certainly make changes that will lower your chance of developing coronary artery disease, but this condition is not 100% preventable. This is because there are two kinds of risk factors: Those that cant be changed and those that can be .

Nonmodifiable risk factors include older age, male gender, a family history of heart disease and genetic factors. See the question, who gets coronary artery disease earlier in this article for more information.

However, there are many risk factors that you can modify. These are mostly lifestyle changes like losing weight if youre overweight, stopping smoking if you smoke, keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol level at their goal numbers and managing diabetes. See lifestyle changes under the treatment section of this article for more examples.

Keep in mind that the more risk factors you have, the higher the chance of having heart disease. Fortunately, you can choose to help yourself and reduce the risk of disease by taking control over your risk factors that can be changed.

What Are The Risk Factors For Pad

An individual is at risk for developing PAD when one or more of these risk factors are present:

  • Smoking
  • Diabetes
  • Age: In the United States, people aged 50 and older have an increased risk for PAD
  • Race: African Americans have a two-fold higher risk of developing PAD compared to other groups
  • History of heart or blood vessel disease: A personal or family history of heart or blood vessel disease may be an indicator for PAD
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol

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Compassionate Understanding Womens Health Care At Herkare

Our team at HerKare is here to help you feel great again. We put you in charge at our womens health clinic. Our goal is to help you stay healthy and help improve your quality of life. Whether you need an annual exam or are coming in to talk about any symptoms or concerns you have about your health, we believe in providing compassionate womens health care in a welcoming environment. We take time to listen and understand, and then help you feel better. Make an appointment today and lets talk about your health and wellbeing!

Nausea Vomiting And Indigestion

25 Images Heart Blockage Surgery Video

Clogged arteries causing heart problems can also lead to some common symptoms such as nausea, indigestion, fullness, choking feeling, or vomiting as well as other gastrointestinal conditions caused by oxygen deficiency in your blood along with poor circulation.

Renal arteries have the responsibility to supply blood to your kidneys. If they are blocked, you will also suffer from mild indigestion, nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain.

Learn more: 23 soothing tips to treat nausea, diarrhea & upset stomach at home

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What Are The Symptoms Of A Blocked Artery In Your Leg

If you have a history of diabetes or any heart disease and have been suffering from chronic leg pain, you should be more cautious of a disease called Peripheral Artery Disease , a condition that prevents the blood from flowing smoothly in the legs due to blocked arteries

Peripheral Artery Disease is a common circulatory condition in which your legs have less blood flow to meet your bodys demands.

Blood clots can also block blood flow and cause PAD. If left untreated, the condition can cause severe leg pain , difficulty walking or standing, and may even lead to limb loss. It is important to know your symptoms and when you should see a doctor.

Keep reading below to know more about the symptoms of arterial blockages .

Understanding Coronary Artery Disease

The leading cause of death in the United States, heart disease affects men and women equally. Every year, heart disease causes almost 650,000 deaths in the US, as well as more than 800,000 heart attacks.

Your coronary arteries carry blood to all parts of the heart muscle. Theyre the major blood pipelines, critical to your heart, and coronary artery disease is the most common disease affecting this crucial organ.

CAD occurs when the coronary arteries become damaged or narrowed, usually due to the accumulation of cholesterol plaques. The result is less blood flow to the heart. CAD can take decades to develop, so you may not have symptoms until you have significant blockage of a coronary artery. Any of the following five warning signs warrants medical evaluation.

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What Should I Do If I Have Symptoms Of Coronary Artery Disease

Because the symptoms of coronary artery disease can be symptoms of a heart attack, you need to seek immediate help. Call 911if you think you are having symptoms of a heart attack.

If a blood clot in a coronary artery has broken loose and moved into your brain, it can cause a stroke, although this is rare. Symptoms of a stroke include:

  • Drooping on one side of your face. Look at your smile in a mirror or ask someone to check your smile.
  • Arm weakness or numbness.
  • Difficulty speaking/slurred speech.

If you experience any of these symptoms, call 911. Every minute you spend without treatment increases your risk of long-term damage.

Talk To Our Womens Health Care Provider If You Feel Unusually Tired

Carotid Artery Disease: Artery Blockage Increasing Risk of a Stroke

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, of course we sometimes feel tired! However, there are some signs that you shouldnt ignore your fatigue. For example, if youre suddenly and overwhelmingly tired without understanding why, this could be something more serious than needing a nap or an extra few hours of sleep.

Some other fatigue symptoms you shouldnt ignore include:

  • Youre suddenly exhausted after doing your normal exercise routine
  • You feel tired or your chest feels heavy even if youre not exerting yourself
  • Simple activities, like making your bed, wear you out
  • You feel extremely tired, but are still having a hard time sleeping

These symptoms can signal that something may not be quite right with your health. For example, extreme fatigue can be a symptom of vitamin deficiencies, anemia, and other health conditions. It can also be a sign of heart disease or an impending heart attack.

Unfortunately, many women ignore these signs to seek womens health care. We might chalk them up to aging, a busy schedule, or stress. However, if youre not feeling like yourself, its always better to be safe than sorry and get checked out.

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How Is Atherosclerosis Treated

Treatment involves changing your current lifestyle to decrease the amount of fat and cholesterol you consume. You can exercise more to improve the health of your heart and blood vessels.

Your doctor may recommend lifestyle changes as the first line of treatment. You may also need additional medical treatments, such as medications or surgery.

Discuss Your Heart Disease Risk Factors & What You Can Do To Help Reduce Your Risk For Heart Disease With Our Womens Health Care Team

When it comes to heart disease, women not only may experience different symptoms, but also different risk factors. For example, after menopause, your risk for heart disease increases, likely due to hormone changes. Some pregnancy complications can also be risk factors for heart disease, as well as conditions like endometriosis and polycystic ovary disease.

Some other things that may increase your risk for heart disease include:

  • Diabetes
  • Family history of heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Our womens health care professionals are here to help address your health as a whole. During your appointment, well talk about your history and risk factors and help guide you on things you can do to lower your risk for heart disease. If youre feeling excessively tired, well help you find underlying causes of your symptom. Our providers listen and then help you with individualized treatment plans.

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    Blocked Arteries In Legs

    Liam Bayerle

    Blocked arteries in the legs are usually a result of coronary artery disease, and the specific medical term in this case is peripheral artery disease .

    In someone with peripheral artery disease, the blood in the leg’s arteries get clogged with fatty deposits, and that obstructs adequate blood flow to the leg. At the same time, the heart cannot manage to supply the whole body with the blood it needs.

    Peripheral artery disease is often painful and its sufferers can experience a burning sensation in the legs. Claudication is a limp in the leg caused by the improper blood flow. PAD should be treated as soon as the visible symptoms are noticed, particularly because people suffering from PAD are prone to have cardiovascular stroke.

    Other symptoms of PAD that are common, but that you may not have connected with your leg pain if you have them, include:

    • Feet and hands that can get cold rather quickly.
    • Wounds not healing fast.
    • Shiny skin on your legs.
    • Slow or no hair growth on the legs.
    • Even erectile dysfunction is a possible symptom of PAD.

    When To Get Emergency Medical Care

    Be Careful About These 7 Signs Of Blocked Arteries! Visit Your Doctor ...

    If your symptoms worsen or become more frequent, you should get medical attention promptly. If you experience chest pain, shortness of breath, or unusual left-sided symptoms, with or without a trigger, call for emergency help. A heart attack can be fatal and prompt treatment leads to better outcomes.

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    Warning Signs Of Heart Failure

    By themselves, any one sign of heart failure may not be cause for alarm. But if you have more than one of these symptoms, even if you haven’t been diagnosed with any heart problems, report them to a healthcare professional and ask for an evaluation of your heart. Congestive heart failure is a type of heart failure which requires seeking timely medical attention, although sometimes the two terms are used interchangeably.

    If you have been diagnosed with heart failure, it’s important for you to manage and keep track of symptoms and report any sudden changes to your healthcare team.

    This table lists the most common signs and symptoms, explains why they occur and describes how to recognize them.

    When To Call The Doctor

    If you have any signs of heart disease, call your health care provider right away. Don’t wait to see if the symptoms go away or dismiss them as nothing.

    • You have chest pain or other symptoms of a heart attack
    • You know you have angina and have chest pain that doesn’t go away after 5 minutes of rest or after taking nitroglycerine
    • You think you may be having a heart attack
    • You become extremely short of breath
    • You think you may have lost consciousness

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