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Home Remedies For Fatigue And Weakness

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What Foods To Eat For Weakness And Fatigue

Home Remedies For Fatigue & When You’r Feeling Tired – Weakness and Body Tiredness.

Foods that increase hemoglobin level are:

  • Tomatoes
  • Eggs
  • Green leafy vegetables

Incorporate these in your diet. Iron supplements and vitamin B complex supplements will help, but do not bank too heavily on them.

Following things should be avoided.

  • Pickle
  • Processed foods biscuits, fried and white bread.
  • Never drink water along with the meals.
  • Never hurry through a meal.
  • Do not overeat. Always leave the table, feeling that you could eat more.
  • Go slow with tea and coffee.
  • Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol.

Food for treating fatigue:

  • Fresh fruits, dry fruits, nuts
  • Brown bread
  • Begin your day with a heavy breakfast to fuel yourself.

Energy foods which will boost your energy levels are:

  • Nuts

What Are The Causes Of Dizziness

  • Low Blood Sugar:

It is known as hypoglycemia in the medical term. It leads to sweaty, clammy, and extremely uncomfortable. That is the reason why when your blood sugar suddenly drops, you feel dizzy.

  • Menieres Disease:

This is the disease you suffer from when a large amount of fluid buildup inside your ears. The feature of Menieres disease is chronic or sudden vertigo. Besides, you may also endure hearing loss and plugged ear.

  • Anxiety Disorder:

When you feel anxious of leaving home, being in a large and overcrowding place, it will lead to dizziness.

Reduce Fatigue By Getting Better Sleep

One of the best natural remedies to beat tiredness or fatigue is to make sure youre getting enough sleep — and making sure that sleep is good quality.

Try these 4 tips to help you get the right kind of sleep:

  • Get up at the same time every morning.
  • Go to bed a little earlier if you need to catch up on missed sleep.
  • Avoid screens, exercise and heavy meals close to bedtime.
  • Keep any daytime naps to a minimum.
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    Home Remedies For Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

    • Ensure that the individual sleeps well and gets sufficient rest
    • Maintain a healthy, balanced diet by avoiding junk food
    • Perform regular exercise to maintain physical well-being, such as aerobics, yoga, and tai-chi among others.
    • Take multivitamins containing pantothenic acid and vitamin B6
    • Have magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin C, and calcium supplements
    • Ensure a positive, happy, stress-free lifestyle
    • Eat meals at regular times of the day
    • Sea salt can be added to meals

    Here Are Some Quick Safe And Effective Home Remedies To Relieve Fatigue And Re

    थà¤à¤¾à¤¨ à¤à¤®à¤à¥à¤°à¥ à¤à¤° शारà¥à¤°à¤¿à¤ दरà¥?द दà¥à¤° à¤à¤°à¤¨à¥ à¤à¤¾ à¤à¤°à¥à¤²à¥ à¤à¤ªà¤¾à¤¯

    Written by Bhavyajyoti Chilukoti | Updated : June 15, 2015 10:12 PM IST

    It s quite common to feel exhausted after a long day s work. The constant feeling of tiredness not only strains your mental energy but also drains you physically. Although there might be many causes of fatigue, here are some quick fixes to fight against fatigue and revitalize your energy levels.

    Spices: Not many are aware that common kitchen ingredients can come to your rescue in relieving fatigue naturally.

    Steps to prepare Take one small cup of long pepper, half a cup of black pepper and dried ginger each, one-fourth cup of cumin seeds, ajwain, cloves, cardamom, triphala and cinnamon leaves. Roast these separately, powder them and add required amount of honey to make a paste. Consume half a teaspoon of it for 40 days to beat fatigue.

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    Eating And Drinking Habits

    Diet can affect how tired or energetic a person feels. Maintaining a moderate and well-balanced diet can lead to better health and better sleep.

    Here are some tips to try:

    • Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day.
    • Eat snacks that are low in sugar.
    • Avoid junk food and follow a well-balanced, healthful diet.
    • Consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
    • Avoid consuming caffeine in the afternoon and evening.

    Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

    Dont underestimate the power of a bowl of salad or a serving of fruits. Fresh fruits and vegetables are full of vital nutrients that help to keep the metabolism going and improve energy levels. The fresher the fruit or vegetable, the better it is for your health. Also, the energy provided is at a more consistent rate, and this helps the body to cope better with demanding mental and physical work. They are ideal foods that prevent fatigue and depression.

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    What Should I Know About Fatigue

    What is the Definition of Fatigue?

    Fatigue is generally defined as a feeling of lack of energy and motivation that can be physical, mental or both. Fatigue is not the same as drowsiness, but the desire to sleep may accompany fatigue. Apathy is a feeling of indifference that may accompany fatigue or exist independently. In addition, individuals often describe fatigue using a variety of terms including weary, tired, exhausted, malaise, listless, lack of energy and feeling run down.

    How Common is Fatigue?

    Fatigue is common. About 20% of Americans claim to have fatigue intense enough to interfere with living a normal life. A physical cause has been estimated to be responsible 20% to 60% of the time, while emotional or mental causes comprise the other 40% to 80% of cases of fatigue. Unfortunately, fatigue can occur in normal individuals that experience intense physical or mental activity .

    However, in contrast to fatigue that occurs with some diseases and syndromes, normal fatigue in healthy individuals is quickly relieved in a few hours to about a day when the physical or mental activity is reduced. Also, people occasionally experience fatigue after eating , which can be a normal response to food, especially after large meals and this may last about 30 minutes to several hours.

    1. Have severe chronic fatigue for at least six months or longer with other known medical conditions excluded by clinical diagnosis and

    Tired Of Feeling Tired

    3 Simple Home Remedies To Cure WEAKNESS IN BODY(Asthenia)

    Feeling bone-tired, as so many people do, is disheartening, demoralizing, and frustrating. You want to race like a thoroughbred, but you feel stuck in the mud. Half the time youre struggling just to stay awake. Life is passing by, and you cant keep up with it. Willpower doesnt work, so what does?

    Sometimes your best bet is a total energy makeover changes in the way you eat, drink, and exercise. Certain supplements can also help. Or maybe your solution is simple: sleep, beautiful sleep. Of course, it wouldnt hurt to have your doctor test your blood for hypothyroidism, anemia, vitamin B12 deficiency, and other conditions that can cause fatigue. Scroll down for what to try.

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    Ayurvedic Treatment For Fatigue And Low Energy

    Herbs used in Ayurvedic medicines for weakness are nutritive, curative and protective. These supplement nutrients to remove deficiencies and fulfil bodys nutritional requirements, cure digestive disorders and malfunctions which deplete energy production and elevate toxicity and protect organs, cells and tissues from damages caused by acids, chemicals, toxins and free-radicals to keep a person high on stamina, strength and energy.

    These treat disorders like insomnia, high cholesterol, liver malfunctions and kidney toxicity which generally affect health and cause weakness. Ayurvedic herbal medicines for weakness keep muscles energized and nerves healthy to prevent fatigue and lethargy and recuperate exhausted muscles quickly after strenuous activities. Ayurvedic medicines for weakness are good for bone health and joints too and keep a person active and agile.


    This is highly beneficial herb for higher vitality, energy and strength. It is highly nutritive, energizer, anti-ageing, revitalizer and immunity enhancer. It improves muscle mass, bone health, muscular endurance and rejuvenates bodily systems. This is part of every Ayurvedic medicines for weakness.



    This herb is laxative and curbs toxicity due to irregular defecation. It improves digestion and promote quick metabolism of complex food items. This herb treats disorders like acidity, indigestion, constipation, bloating and reduced appetite.

    Safed Musli


    Lauh Bhasma


    Home Remedies For Dizziness And Fatigue

    Have you experience light-headedness, loss of balance, and unsteadiness at some points of your life. If you experience these symptoms, it means that you are suffering from fatigue and dizziness. Many patients with dizziness and fatigue do not know why it happens and how to treat it. Therefore, in this article, we would like to talk about some useful home remedies for dizziness and fatigue. These remedies will work if you do not suffer from frequent dizziness.

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    Too Much Or Too Little Activity

    A person with fatigue may not feel able to exercise, and a lack of exercise can cause further fatigue. A lack of exercise may eventually cause deconditioning, making it harder and more tiring to perform a physical task.

    Fatigue can also affect healthy individuals after prolonged, intense mental or physical activity.

    Homeopathic Remedies & Homeopathy Treatment For Weakness Fatigue

    10 Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Weakness

    Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine. The selection of remedy is based upon the theory of individualization and symptoms similarity by using holistic approach. This is the only way through which a state of complete health can be regained by removing all the sign and symptoms from which the patient is suffering. The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat weakness but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility. As far as therapeutic medication is concerned, several remedies are available to treat weakness that can be selected on the basis of cause, sensations and modalities of the complaints. For individualized remedy selection and treatment, the patient should consult a qualified homeopathic doctor in person. There are following remedies which are helpful in the treatment of weakness:

    Ammonium Carb, Anacardium, Antim Tart, Apis Mel, Argentum Met, Arnica Montana, Arsenic Album, Arsenic Iod, Baptesia, Baryta Carb, Bromium, Calcaria Carb, Carbolic Acid, China, Colchicum, Conium Mac, Digitalis, Ferrum Met, Ferrum Iod, Graphites, Hepar Sulph, Hyoscyamus, Iodium, Kali Ars, Kali Carb, Kali Phos, kalmia, Lachesis, lycopodium, Medorrhinum, Mercurius, Merc Cor, Merc Cyn, Muriatic Acid, Nitric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Phosphorous, Picric Acid, Psorinum, Rhus Tox, Secale Cor, Selenium, Sepia, Silicea, Sulphuric Acid, Sulphur, Tabacum, Thuja, Tuberculinum, Veratrum album, and many other medicine.

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    Go Easy On Foods High In Refined Carbohydrates

    Bread, spaghetti, and cake are not your best choices. These foods make your blood sugar rise rapidly, then crash quickly. Youll end up feeling weak and tired. Eat more high-fibre foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates, such as whole-grain cereals, whole-wheat bread, and vegetables. These help stabilize blood sugar.

    Ii Natural Home Remedies For Flu And Fatigue

    Here are some of the best home remedies for flu you cannot find full in anywhere else out there. All of the remedies revealed in this article are proven by science, studies, and researches by professionals and prestigious scientists. Keep reading the article to find the real solution for your own case and do not hesitate to share the list widely with other people you know who are also struggling with the same issue. Lets start with the first secret from Healthy Guides professionals:

    1. Honey

    This is the very first one among the best tested home remedies for flu and fatigue that we would like to introduce in the entire article today and people should try at home for good!

    Honey is well-known to enhance the immune system and can aid a lot in reducing signs and symptoms of the common flu. It also contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that can help in speeding up the healing process.

    Note: Do not give honey to children under 1 year of age.

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    2. Lemon

    According to a study , lemon contains anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties that work together to help in weakening the annoying symptoms of the flu as well as the flu virus inside the body. Follow the methods below as one of the best home remedies for flu and fatigue with the support of lemon:

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    3. Mustard
    4. Ginger
    5. Garlic
    6. Steam

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    Home Remedies To Help Fight Fatigue In The Elderly

    Feeling fatigued is one of the most irritating things to have to deal with, especially as an elder. Many individuals in our older generation seem to overlook fatigue in the elderly. This is detrimental to senior health as it can cause a decline in normal everyday functioning. While it isnt the worst problem most people face, it can still be tiresome, literally.

    A lot of the time, fatigue can be a symptom of an underlying problem such as poor diet or anemia. It may seem that there isnt a whole lot you can do to help alleviate fatigue, however, its quite the opposite! In addition to seeing an experienced doctor, there are a multitude of different home remedies one can use or do to fight off fatigue. Below you can find a list of our top ten home remedies to fix fatigue for seniors.

    Herbal Remedies For Low Energy

    Home remedies for muscle weakness | How to cure weakness naturally

    These symptoms need to be handled with care and not to be ignored as a simple weakness may give rise to serious health issues. Ayurveda treatments are far much better in curing you as they study the origin of the diseases and deal with its root causes.

    Ayurvedic medicines are chemical-free that unload you from being tensed over various ill effects and allergic effects of any medicines.

    As in allopaths, one has to go through a lot of complications. Ayurvedic medicines for weakness eliminate all such risks as these contain purely herbal supplements such as follows:

    Withania Somnifera

    Ashwa means horse and gandha mean smell. So as the name says it gives you power like a horse. It is the most popular herb used in many ayurvedic remedies for low energy.

    Asphaltum Punjabinum

    It is obtained from the Himalayas and is used in preparing ayurvedic medicines for weakness. It has 85 minerals in it and has many uses and benefits, particularly when it comes to dealing with tiredness and fatigue.


    It is a mineral-based ayurvedic medicine used for treating anemia and weakness. This is why it is primarily used as a main ingredient in many ayurvedic remedies for fatigue.

    Asparagus Adscendens

    It is the most important herb in ayurvedic medicine having high protein content. It is useful in improving the digestive system and cures weakness.

    Caryophyllus Aromaticus

    Ayurvedic Medicines for Weakness

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    Last Thoughts About Homeopathic Remedies For Adrenal Fatigue

    Adrenal fatigue is a complex combination of stress-related symptoms that can be different from person to person.

    Thats one reason homeopathic remedies are a great option to consider for natural treatment.

    When using homeopathy the whole person is considered and a gentle, yet effective remedy is chosen.

    Another bonus to using homeopathic remedies is that they are incredibly affordable! Who doesnt like that?!

    If youre interested in trying homeopathic remedies for adrenal fatigue, check out the recommendations above or seek out an experienced homeopath and see how they can help you on your road to good health and wellness!

    Homeopathy: A Natural Treatment For Adrenal Fatigue

    Homeopathy is a safe, gentle method of healing that was developed in Germany more than 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnneman.

    Homeopathy is based on two theories:

    • Like cures likethis is the idea that a disease or illness can be cured by a substance that produces similar symptoms in a healthy person
    • Law of minimum dosethis theory states that the lower the dose, the greater the effectiveness of a remedy. Many homeopathic remedies are so very diluted that none of the original substance remains.

    Homeopathic remedies are made from natural substances, extremely safe, affordable, do not have the side effects often associated with prescription medications, and are FDA regulated.

    Did you know?In 1900, there were 100 homeopathic hospitals and 22 homeopathic medical schools in the United States?Take a look at the interesting history of homeopathy to learn more!

    You may be wondering how homeopathy can help with symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

    Well, in my personal opinion, homeopathy is one of the best treatments for adrenal fatigue.

    In fact, for some people it is the best treatment to start with because if a person is very weak or sensitive even natural herbal remedies can be too stimulating.

    Also, homeopathy is a very personalized treatment so each individual and their particular symptoms are taken into consideration when choosing a remedy.

    Ok, on to the homeopathic remedies for adrenal fatigue!

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    What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Chronic fatigue syndrome , also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis or ME/CFS, is a condition in which fatigue lasts six months or longer and is not related to other diseases or conditions. People with CFS experience symptoms that make it hard to do daily tasks like dressing or bathing. Along with severe fatigue that doesnt get better with rest, CFS symptoms can include problems with sleep, memory and concentrating, pain, dizziness, sore throat, and tender lymph nodes. Learn more about CFS.

    How Can I Feel Less Tired

    Home Remedies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Some changes to your lifestyle can make you feel less tired. Here are some suggestions:

    • Keep a fatigue diary to help you find patterns throughout the day when you feel more or less tired.
    • Exercise regularly. Almost anyone, at any age, can do some type of physical activity. If you have concerns about starting an exercise program, ask your doctor if there are any activities you should avoid. Moderate exercise may improve your appetite, energy, and outlook. Some people find that exercises combining balance and breathing improve their energy.
    • Try to avoid long naps late in the day. Long naps can leave you feeling groggy and may make it harder to fall asleep at night. Read A Good Nights Sleep for tips on getting better rest at night.
    • Stop smoking.Smoking is linked to many diseases and disorders, such as cancer, heart disease, and breathing problems, which can drain your energy.
    • Ask for help if you feel swamped. Some people have so much to do that just thinking about their schedules can make them feel tired. Working with others may help a job go faster and be more fun.

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