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Is Extreme Fatigue A Sign Of Diabetes

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When Should I Contact My Doctor

Diabetes Tiredness Symptom | Sign Of Early Symptoms Of Diabetes

Your doctor should be contacted any time there is a change in the level of fatigue that you are experiencing. When you meet with your doctor, you should be honest about the blood sugar levels that you have been experiencing, as well as any other problems that you are having. Also, if you become very depressed or think about killing yourself, you should seek help from your doctor right away.

If you have experienced fatigue with diabetes, please share your story below. Others can benefit from hearing how you were able to reclaim your life.


Use Your Test Results To Spur Healthy Changes

If your A1C result is in the 5.7% to 6.4% range, that indicates prediabetes. Theres great value in knowing youre prediabetic because it can be your prompt to take steps to stop or slow the progression to type 2 diabetes, such as lifestyle changes, says Trotter. Making even modest healthier eating choices, such as focusing on portion sizes, limiting excess carbs and fat, and adding more fiber, goes a long way. Moderate daily physical activity a half hour or so a day, most days of the week can also lower your risk.

The number of symptoms: More than half of type 2 diabetic respondents reported experiencing one or more of the ADA symptoms in the previous 12 months , and therefore, 44% of those with type 2 diabetes had none of the seven ADA symptoms. The frequency at which symptoms were reported was similar for type 1 and type 2 diabetic respondents. The low-risk group had 31% reporting one or more symptoms and 69% reporting no symptoms. In the high-risk group, 45% reported one or more symptoms and 55% reported none.

  • CDC/Prediabetes

  • How Can You Manage Your Morning Tiredness

    In diabetes, sometimes you can wake up feeling very tired and lazy. This can happen for several reasons and you can understand that the tiredness is due to diabetes if you have had a good night sleep and still you are tired in the morning.

    This usually happens when you have had too high or too low levels of blood glucose over-night. If the tiredness is being accompanied by a headache, it signifies that you have had very low levels of blood glucose over-night. In order to treat the same, you will have to check your blood glucose levels. also, do consult your doctor as you might have to change your diabetes medications as well as the insulin dose that you might have been taking.

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    When To See A Healthcare Provider

    If you have any of the signs and symptoms of diabetes, it is important to get checked by your healthcare provider. The tests used to check for diabetes are simple blood tests. There are different screening tests available to test for diabetes and prediabetes.

    • The hemoglobin A1C test is a blood test that looks at the average of your blood glucose levels over the past three months. You do not have to be fasting for this test. Its also used as a measure of diabetes management.
    • The fasting blood glucose test checks your blood glucose level after not eating for eight to 12 hours, usually overnight. Its also used to monitor blood glucose levels with diabetes.
    • The oral glucose tolerance test is a blood test performed after fasting overnight and then drinking a beverage provided by your healthcare provider that is high in sugar. Blood samples are then drawn several times over two to three hours.
    • The random blood glucose test is a blood test that checks your blood sugar level at a single point in time, fasting or not. Results of this test can vary widely depending on several factors, such as food intake. This test is only used for diabetes diagnosis when other classic symptoms of diabetes are also present.

    Common Symptoms Of Type 2 Diabetes

    Type 1 Diabetes Extreme Fatigue
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    Previous Pregnancies With Diabetes

    If youve had any previous pregnancies with signs of diabetes, then you may be at high risk of getting it again.

    A study in Diabetes Care shows that up to 69% of women with a history of gestational diabetes may suffer a recurrencein subsequent pregnancies.

    The same research also reveals that if you needed insulin to regulate your blood sugar in a previous pregnancy, the same could happen again.

    So what does this mean for you?

    Be mindful of your medical history and take care during your next pregnancies. Make sure to check your blood sugar levels now and then. Stay alert and notice any subtle early signs of gestational diabetes in your body.

    Overcome The Food Coma

    You know the feeling. Its that post-lunch slump or the after-dinner dip, or whats commonly called food coma.

    You can avoid this drowsy state, which doctors call postprandial somnolence, without a jolt of caffeine.

    Why am I so tired?

    There are multiple systems in the body contributing to this effect, says Dr. Mark Nash, Associate Scientific Director for Research at The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. He also specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation at the University of Miami Health System.

    After you eat, theres a rise in blood sugar and a corresponding output of insulin from the pancreas that brings blood sugar levels back to baseline. When blood sugar is still very high after excessive food intake, it permits more tryptophan, which is renowned for causing drowsiness, to cross from the circulation into the brain. Once in the brain, tryptophan can be converted to serotonin and then melatonin, which encourages sleepiness.

    Sometimes the pancreas overshoots the insulin need, which causes blood sugar to drop to deficient levels . This will also cause lethargy and symptoms of fatigue, he says.

    While this doesnt mean your body is shutting down after you eat, its still struggling to digest your food and regulate your blood sugar. Thats why food coma is even more of a problem for people with diabetes and those with pre-diabetes or resting hyperglycemia.

    What causes food coma?

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    Diabetes Sign: Excessive Thirst

    A hallmark of type 2 diabetes is an inability to process glucose , and by being perpetually thirsty, your body may be sending the signal that you have extra glucose to flush out, says Trotter. If youve been drinking fluids normally and have no other reasons to feel parched, consider your thirst a possible sign of diabetes.

    Do Blood Sugar Levels Make A Person With Diabetes Tired

    Fatigue, Causes, Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment.

    Blood sugar levels can definitely make someone tired. If blood sugar levels are too high or too low, the body is not able to operate 100% like it should and it can wear the body down. Also, having to chase blood sugar with insulin and battle to keep it under control is very tiring. One study found that 29% of people with diabetes said fatigue was caused by adjusting insulin dosages and 23% percent said that it was caused by stress from managing their disease.

    Hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar, can cause fatigue because it deprives the brain and other organs of fuel and oxygen to work properly. If blood sugar gets too low, then it can cause major problems such as confusion or even seizures.

    Hyperglycemia, which is blood sugar that is too high, can cause fatigue because the blood carrying the fuel to the organs is like maple syrup instead of water. When it takes longer for the cells to reach their destination, the body is tired and worn out.

    Think of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. She didnt like the porridge too cold or too hot, it had to be just right in the middle. Blood sugar is the same way. The body operates best when it stays in the target range.

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    How Can I Prevent From Feeling Tired All The Time

    Preventing fatigue with diabetes is a pretty challenging thing to do. The first thing that needs to be done is a visit to see your physician to make sure that the causes of fatigue is not due to another issue. Other things that can be done are:

    • Keep blood sugar levels in a normal range
    • Make sure that you are getting enough sleep
    • Take a power nap during the day if you are able
    • Try to limit the stressors in your life
    • Ask for help from others when its possible

    Later in this article there is more information about how to reduce fatigue and regain energy. The main goal is to try to minimize complications from diabetes such as kidney disease and nerve damage because of the increase in the risk of fatigue that they bring.

    The main goal is to regain a level of energy that allows you to function and manage your disease and your life. All people want a quality of life, and fatigue doesnt allow that to happen.

    Psychological Pressure And Burnout

    A chronic disease that requires constant management and attention, Type 1 diabetes is a source of stress and psychological pressure for both patients themselves and their families, which can sometimes lead to a phenomenon of burnout. People with the condition are also more prone to depression², which may develop after the diabetes is diagnosed or after living with it for several years. In this case, fatigue is a physical manifestation of angst or psychological distress that should not be ignored.

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    Diabetes: 11 Alarming Signs To Be Wary Of

    If your parents or significant other are calling you sweetie or honey, we simply hope that theyre not referring to your blood sugar level. If, unfortunately, thats not the case, you might be in deep trouble. High blood sugar is the cause of a disease called diabetes that has types depending on the severity of the condition and some other characteristics.

    All of these types make your life slightly more difficult and might lead to other unwanted consequences like chronic fatigue, heart diseases, etc. To catch this illness early on, you must first know what its symptoms are. Weve got your back in this matter and we will show you the 11 most alarming signs of diabetes that you should be wary of!

    Early Signs Of Diabetes In Toddlers

    Pin on Diabetes

    Toddlers are often affected with type 1 diabetes in which the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin in the body. This type of diabetes is diagnosed mostly when your child is somewhere around 10 to 13 years of age. Although the signs and symptoms in toddlers and infants may not be easily noted, you should consult your pediatrician immediately when you notice the following in your toddler.

    Also, do remember that once diagnosed, type 1 may not be reversible but you should not forget that your child can still live a normal life if you are able to manage the condition effectively with a few lifestyle changes.

    The following are some of the early signs of diabetes in toddlers

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    Extreme Thirst Or Hunger

    Feeling hungrier and/or thirstier than usual, despite eating and drinking more, can be a sign of diabetes. When the cells in your body cannot remove the glucose from your blood and use it properly, it lacks the energy it needs to function properly. It then sends signals for more energyleading to increased hunger.

    At the same time, when blood glucose levels are too high, the body draws water from tissues, such as muscles, and puts it into the bloodstream to try to dilute the excess glucose. This leaves your tissues dehydrated, causing a thirst response.

    If your sudden increased thirst or hunger cannot be explained by other means, visit your healthcare provider to check for diabetes or another medical condition.

    Increased Appetite With Weight Loss

    The body relies on insulin to transport sugar into cells to use for energy. Without sufficient levels of insulin, which occurs in type 1 diabetes, the body’s tissues become starved of the energy they need to function properly. Because of this, increased appetite and extreme hunger can result, as well as weight loss from improper nourishment.

    While young children may not be able to verbalize that they are hungry, they may express their hunger in other ways, such as increased irritability, crying, and whining. Children may also eat average or larger-than-average portions of food but lose weight instead of gaining it as they grow.

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    How Is It Beneficial For Me As A Person With Diabetes To Reduce/prevent Fatigue

    It is beneficial for someone with diabetes to reduce and prevent fatigue because it can lead to a happier and healthier life and less diabetes complications in the future. Fatigue can cause lack of motivation which can lead to a person not taking care of themselves. For an individual with diabetes, not taking care of their body can lead to complications that arent reversible. These include:

    • Kidney damage
    • Infections
    • Poor circulation

    These complications are big problems and can lead to a very difficult life. It is much easier to keep fatigue to a minimum or eliminate it all together.

    What Are The Causes Of Fatigue

    Chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms

    Fatigue can be caused by many things. As mentioned earlier, anyone experiencing fatigue should schedule appointment with their physician to make sure that there is not something causing the fatigue that needs treatment. Some of these diseases are anemia, cancer, fibromyalgia, and celiac disease.

    In regards to diabetes, fatigue can be caused by many things related to the disease. These include:

    • Being overweight
    • Neuropathy

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    Preventing A Low Blood Sugar Level

    If you have diabetes, you can reduce your chance of getting a low blood sugar level if you:

    • Check your blood sugar level regularly and be aware of the symptoms of a low blood sugar level so you can treat it quickly.
    • Always carry a sugary snack or drink with you, such as glucose tablets, a carton of fruit juice or some sweets. If you have a glucagon injection kit, always keep it with you.
    • Do not skip meals.
    • Be careful when drinking alcohol. Do not drink large amounts, check your blood sugar level regularly, and eat a carbohydrate snack afterwards.
    • Be careful when exercising eating a carbohydrate snack before exercise can help to reduce the risk of a hypo. If you take some types of diabetes medicine, your doctor may recommend you take a lower dose before or after doing intense exercise.
    • Have a carbohydrate snack, such as toast, if your blood sugar level drops too low while youre asleep

    If you keep getting a low blood sugar level, talk to your diabetes care team about things you can do to help prevent it.

    What Happens If I Am Diagnosed With Gestational Diabetes

    Like many other forms of diabetes,the best treatment is to control blood sugar levels through diet and possibleinsulin therapy. Your doctor will monitor your blood levels throughout your pregnancy,and you may also have to self-monitor your own blood glucose levels. Diet andexercise management helps with the condition, but insulin therapy may berequired.

    When diagnosed early and treated,the risk of complications goes down dramatically. Women who are diagnosed and treatedeffectively go on to deliver healthy babies. Maintaining your health duringpregnancy is the best way to ensure you have a healthy birth. Regular prenatalcare and pregnancy care services also increase the chances of a healthypregnancy.

    For more information on how toensure a healthy pregnancy, find out how Walnut Hill OBGYN Associates can helpyou with your pregnancy and prenatal care.

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    Sleep Disorders And Fatigue

    Symptoms: Chronic fatigue, feeling exhausted upon awakening, snoring

    Sleep disorders are a group of conditions that disrupt or prevent restful, restorative sleep. That can take a toll on your health and quality of life, so its important to look out for signs and symptoms.


    Sleep apnea is one of the most common sleep disorders. If you or your partner notices loud snoring and you wake up tired and stay that way, you could have sleep apnea. More than one-third of adults in the U.S. snore at least a few nights a week. But if the snoring stops your breathing for seconds at a time, it could be sleep apnea. Learn more about the best sleep positions and see if sleeping on your stomach is bad or not.

    Obstructive sleep apnea causes low blood oxygen levels. That’s because blockages prevent air from getting to the lungs. The low oxygen levels also affect how well your heart and brain work. Sometimes, the only clue that you might have sleep apnea is chronic fatigue.

    Your doctor may prescribe a medical device called CPAP that helps keep your airways open while you sleep. In severe cases of sleep apnea, surgery may help. The surgeon will remove tissues that are blocking the airways. If left untreated, sleep apnea can increase your risk of a stroke or heart attack.

    But sleep apnea is just one of many sleep disorders that cause fatigue. Other common types include:


    The Effects Of Fatigue In People With Diabetes

    Diabetes Fatigue

    Fatigue was among the top four symptoms found to interfere with self-reported quality of life in women with type 2 diabetes who rated their health poorer than women without symptoms . In children with type 1 diabetes, self-reported fatigue was comparable to fatigue in children with cancer and significantly higher than in healthy, age-matched controls .

    Such findings suggest that fatigue has far-reaching and serious consequences for patients with diabetes because it is largely a self-managed disease, requiring both physical and mental energy to accomplish the daily self-management tasks necessary for maintaining optimal health.

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