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How To Fight Fatigue During Period

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Stay Away From Foods That Cause Gas

4 Ways to Fight the Bloating and Fatigue of PMS

Yep, were looking at you, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. They may inspire your favorite healthy-eating Pinterest boards, but they also contain a complex sugar called raffinose. Humans lack the enzyme to help break it down properly, which leads to gas and bloat. Other dietary culprits in this category include beans, cabbage, cauliflower, and lettuce, says Dr. Ross.

Life Is Better Without Pms

PMS symptoms are disruptive and can be debilitating. However, theres much you can do to prevent monthly episodes of PMS fatigue, mood swings, and other troublesome symptoms.

I have observed in my clinic that most women can significantly reduce symptoms of PMS within one or two cycles. Reduce your stress levels, improve your diet, and take a few key supplements, and youll be on your way to living PMS-free.

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  • Meal Plans To Help Combat Fatigue

    Making changes to your diet is one of the most effective ways of minimizing fatigue. Often, the most difficult part of a recommended dietary change though is conjuring up meals that incorporate the right foods. Food is fuel for the body so eating the right foods will provide you with the energy you need to live a normal lifestyle. Here are a few ideas:

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    Stay Hydrated And Avoid Alcohol

    Feeling dehydrated often goes hand in hand with feeling tired. Make sure youre glugging down at least 2 litres of water a day and staying refreshed. Choosing water over sugary drinks or caffeine means you wont have to deal with the crashes or any disturbed sleeps!

    Alcohol is a depressant which worsens feelings of tiredness. Try and avoid having that glass of wine with dinner or those after work drinks.

    The Best Supplements To Fight Period Fatigue

    Feeling Tired Fatigue Before Your Period? Read This!

    At Key, we know that period fatigue can be a huge disruption to your life, month after month. And we dont want women to settle for anything less than the best! Thats why we spent years researching the best ingredients and formulating Key for Menstrual, to help support you through the symptoms you experience.

    Key for Menstrual includes two daily tablets. Your Essentials Blend is designed to support your overall health, while your Remedy Blend is designed to combat specific symptoms! Lets take a look at whats included to help fight period fatigue.

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    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Your Menstrual Cycle

    Chronic fatigue syndrome is a chronic disease that is not directly related to your menstrual cycle. Even still, CFS can often get worse at some times of your menstrual cycle. Another name for CFS is myalgic encephalomyelitis.

    The main symptom of CFS is constant fatigue and exhaustion that dramatically affect everyday life, dont disappear with rest or sleep, and persist for more than six months.

    Medical researchers arent yet sure of the exact causes of CFS. Some of the current theories about what can lead to CFS include:

    • A viral infection

    No Period Heres How Low Oestrogen And Amenorrhea Can Lead To Injury

    In 2019, researchers from St Marys University and FitrWoman studied the responses from over 14,000 female athletes on Strava from around the world. They found that exercise reduced period symptoms in 74% of women and that moderate-intensity exercise like jogging and cycling is most effective at reducing symptoms which is why its not good enough to simply tell women to spend a week doing a little light stretching.

    Its high time we were able to make fitness decisions based on what we want to do, not what we have the energy for. With that in mind, how can we get ourselves into a position where we have the energy to actually reap the benefits of exercise during our periods?

    For those of us who are anaemic, periods can be a particularly tricky time to exercise. Iron deficiencies can leave you feeling tired at the best of times, but when youre losing blood, it can work to create an overwhelming sense of fatigue. Menstruation lowers the amount of iron in our bodies, explains NHS paediatric dietitian Anjanee Kohli. That can lead to iron deficiency anemia in some, due to the blood loss that comes along with our period and a common symptom of this is tiredness. If you experience extreme fatigue during your period and have an unusually heavy period, this is worth speaking to your GP about. They may recommend getting a blood test done to check your iron levels.

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    Tips To Reduce Bloating

    Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to reduce period bloating, which include:

    • Physical activity: Getting regular physical activity has been proven to relieve PMS symptoms like bloating. Aim to exercise most days of the month.
    • Diet: Avoid foods that can cause or worsen bloating. Stay away from foods that contain caffeine, salt, or sugar right before and during your period.
    • Eat slowly: Eating too quickly can lead to swallowing air, which causes bloating. Try to slow down at meal times and avoid chewing gum and carbonated drinks, as these foods can also result in swallowing air.
    • Sleep: A lack of sleep has been linked with increased PMS symptoms. Aim for seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep if possible.
    • Stress reduction: Women who report feeling stressed are more likely to experience PMS symptoms. Try relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, and massage to improve your symptoms.
    • Avoid tobacco: Smoking may worsen PMS symptoms like bloating.

    What Causes Fatigue During Period

    Relieve Period Pain, Fatigue, Back Ache, Mood Swings Naturally / Samyuktha Diaries


    Like many bodily operations, menstrual fatigue can partly be attributed to hormonal fluctuations.

    Your estrogen levels rise before ovulation to support a potential embryo, and then drop when fertilization doesnt occur. Since estrogen can make you feel energetic and alert, this sudden change can leave you feeling tired and weary.

    In the case of estrogen dominance, estrogen levels in the body outweigh progesterone. Progesterone is necessary for regulating your period, and keeping symptoms of high estrogen in check. When this delicate hormonal balance is off, you may feel extra fatigued.

    Period Ouchies

    Pain is exhausting, theres no doubt about that. If you get period cramps, whether mild to severe, they can leave you feeling extra fatigued.

    You can try these natural remedies for period cramps, or reach for ibuprofen if that works for your body.

    Underlying Conditions

    For people with conditions like endometriosis or PCOS, menstrual symptoms can be that much more intense. Along with potentially irregular periods, intense cramps, and heavy flows, people with reproductive health disorders may experience extreme menstrual fatigue.

    Other conditions that could cause menstrual fatigue include thyroid disorders. The thyroid is a tiny gland that helps regulate normal bodily processes, like your metabolism, as well as hormone function.

    Symptoms from thyroid disorders can be exacerbated during menstruation.

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    Drink Plenty Of Water

    Dehydration zaps energy and impairs physical performance. âOur research shows that dehydration makes it harder for athletes to complete a weight lifting workout,â says Dan Judelson, PhD, assistant professor of kinesiology at California State University at Fullerton. “Itâs reasonable to think that dehydration causes fatigue even for people who are just doing chores.”

    Dehydration has also been shown to decrease alertness and concentration.

    How to know if youâre drinking enough water?âUrine should be pale yellow or straw colored,â Judelson says. âIf itâs darker than that, you need to drink water.â

    Foods To Fight Fatigue During Menopause

    Fatigue affects many women during the menopausal period, and if you are one of them, then you have probably found that its effects are having a negative influence on your daily life. Well, the good news is that by making simple changes to your lifestyle and diet, you can fight fatigue during menopause and reduce its troubling symptoms.

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    Fatigue Before And During Period: What Causes It

    • Hormones

      The roller coaster ride that is our hormones are one of the main culprits to causing the fatigue before and during our period, but other elements come into play too.

    • Cravings

      Craving the carbs or treats topped with refined sugars can be oh so tempting, and caving in does mean youll feel that rush of energy. But itll be swiftly followed by a sugar crash and youll want to go grab those biscuits all over again its a vicious cycle.

    • Iron deficiency

      low iron levels can leave us a little worse for wear at this time. Whether its down to your period, stress or not being able to get a good sleep, its good to keep an eye on your iron intake.

    Can Dehydration Cause Fatigue

    Causes of Fatigue: How to Fight Tiredness Before Your Period

    If you are feeling fatigued, it could be due to dehydration. Usually, you feel thirsty later than your body senses dehydration, making it hard to catch up on your water intake.

    Try these tips to stay hydrated:

    • Drink at least two glasses of water an hour before and an hour after vigorous physical activity.
    • Sip water during your workout.

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    When To See A Doctor

    A lot of the time, exercising, eating healthy, staying hydrated, and getting into the habit of a healthy bedtime routine can help increase energy levels and improve sleep.

    If youre still feeling exhausted and having trouble functioning, be sure to follow up with your doctor to get screened for PMDD or to check if theres another issue causing your fatigue.

    Getting treatment for PMDD can greatly reduce your symptoms, including tiredness. Some common PMDD treatments include:

    • Antidepressants.Serotonin reuptake inhibitors , such as fluoxetine and sertraline have been found to reduce tiredness, ease emotional symptoms, cut food cravings, and improve sleep.
    • Birth control pills. Continuous birth control pills that completely stop you from bleeding can reduce or eliminate PMDD symptoms.
    • Nutritional supplements. Experts recommend taking 1,200 milligrams of calcium a day , as well as vitamin B-6, magnesium and L-tryptophan. Speak to your doctor before starting any nutritional supplements.

    Tiredness From Dropping Estrogen Levels

    In the weeks leading up to your period, your body prepares for a potential pregnancy with spikes in your estrogen levels. These hormones work in overdrive to create the perfect environment for a fertilized egg. Once your period arrives, your body realizes that you no longer need those high estrogen levels to sustain a pregnancy, causing them to drop off.

    This rollercoaster of hormones can contribute to the fatigue you feel during your period. Peeked estrogen levels give you energy and make your body feel high alert. When this switch flips, your energy levels will drop proportionately, leaving you feeling exhausted.

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    Track Your Menstrual Cycle With A Free App To Make Sure You’re Tired *because* Of Your Period

    “Women who have had periods for years and years donât recognize whatâs going on,” Dr. Dweck tells Bustle. She says half the battle is knowing when you’re due to menstruate, so you can properly prepare for the symptoms that affect your daily life the most. There are tons of apps at your fingertips that will help you keep track of your cycle. That way, you know what to expect.

    How To Feel Beat Pre

    How To Reduce PERIOD PAIN Instantly / Get Instant Relief From Period Pain And Mood Swings / #Period
  • Make friends with your menstrual cycle
  • It always surprises me how many ladies have no idea where they are in their cycle! Then they get surprised when they suddenly feel tired or uncomfortable or even start their period when theyre not prepared.

    But it doesnt have to be that way.

    Track your period using a simple calendar or one of the many great apps you can find these days, and youll start making sense of why youre feeling on top of the world on a particular day, or irritable, weepy and exhausted another.

  • Understand your menstrual cycle
  • Do you know the basics about female sex hormones? Do you know what happens at the various points in your cycle? If youre not sure, go back and re-read my quick explanation above about the causes of this energy dip, or watch this excellent short video by Glamour magazine.

  • Go with the flow!
  • Once youve befriended your menstrual cycle and you know where you are, you can start to take advantage of it! When youre close to ovulation you can use that natural energy high to get out there and socialise, to cross items off your to do list and to move towards your personal goals.

    Be aware that if youre on the pill you wont experience the natural highs because of the effect those artificial hormones have on your body.

  • Schedule time to relax
  • Similarly, when you approach your period, say for the last few days, make sure you give yourself enough time to wind down, relax and give yourself some pampering time.

  • Avoid sugar
  • Get an early night
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    What Can I Do To Relieve Menstrual Fatigue

    When it comes to abnormal period symptoms, the key is to find and treat the underlying cause. That is why it is important to find a doctor who is willing to take the time to really talk with you and understand your symptoms.

    A functional medicine practitioner can help. Rather than taking a surface-level approach to your feminine care, a functional medicine doctor will take the time to get to know you. By discussing your symptoms, examining your medical history, and completing lab tests, your doctor can bring you the clarity and relief you need. When dealing with intimate and serious issues with your period, the last thing you need is a traditional in-and-out doctors visit.

    Your period is not something you should have to suffer through each month. If you experience abnormal or intolerable levels of fatigue, pain, or other symptoms that might have been dismissed or undiagnosed by a traditional doctor, consider speaking with a functional medicine practitioner to find a better way forward.

    Why Are You Tired Before Your Period Causes And Remedies

    Many women already feel tired on the average day, stretched by various demands of family, school, work and social networking. However, if you are feeling even more worn down in the week before your period, itâs time to look at possible remedies for premenstrual fatigue.

    In the days leading up to your period, your feel-good hormones take a holiday. This happens just as your body needs them to provide the energy to power through the cravings, the loss of blood and the other transitions occurring at this time of the month.

    You can combat PMS fatigue by committing to some healthy habits.

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    When Natural Ways Dont Work

    In some cases, eating right and exercising arent enough to help women. If youve tried natural ways to help with your PMS, your doctor may recommend fluoxetine or other serotonin-enhancing medications.

    Sometimes, women say they have PMS when, in fact, they are depressed, says Dr. Bradley. But with PMS sufferers, as soon as their period starts, they feel better. When someone who tells me every day of the month theyre feeling depressed, that is not PMS. But sometimes, thats an easier word than saying theyre depressed.

    Estrogen Dominancefatigue From High Levels Of Estrogen

    5 Ways to Fight Fatigue Before Your Period

    While estrogen can give you energy, abnormally high levels of estrogen creates a hormonal imbalance. Your bodys estrogen will begin overpowering your bodys progesterone levels. Progesterone is responsible for regulating your period. It also plays a key role in offsetting the negative side effects that estrogen can create. One of theseas you may have guessedis fatigue. When your estrogen levels are much higher than your progesterone levels, this condition is called estrogen dominance.

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    Cook At Home More Often

    Of course, not everyone has the time or ability to make home-cooked meals nightly. But when you can, try to make it a habit, as making your own meals can drastically decrease bloating.

    People are often unaware of hidden salt in restaurant meals, as well as in processed foods, Dr. Streicher says. Of course, thats why restaurant meals taste so good, but if you do your own cooking you can make sure not to over-salt your food, which can make a huge difference as far as keeping bloating down.

    Essentials Blend: Vitamins & Minerals For Period Fatigue

    There are some vitamins and minerals included in your Essentials Blend which may also help support your energy levels throughout your cycle. Lets take a look!

    Vitamin B2

    Vitamin B2 is a powerhouse vitamin that helps target PMS symptoms such as cramping and fatigue. It also assists in converting food to energy, to keep you feeling energised throughout the day.


    Folate plays an essential role in cellular energy production, and general wellbeing. It may help mitigate feelings of anxiety and mood swings, helping you feel relaxed , and also plays a part in the bodys production of melatonin, which helps you sleep!

    Key for Menstrual nutritional supplement with 38 nutrients that supports daily wellness, a healthy cycle and provides natural ingredients for the relief of common symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle including period cramps, fatigue, cravings, skin breakouts, PMS and low mood.

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