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Extreme Fatigue After Car Accident

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Delayed Car Accident Injuries

Auto Accident Injury Symptoms

In addition to the injuries and symptoms mentioned above, you may also notice that you are feeling tired after a car accident. You may feel the need to sleep more than you usually do. Though this fatigue could be the result of stress, anxiety, and the steep drop in adrenaline, it is also possible that you are suffering from a concussion.

Unfortunately, brain injury is common in those who were involved in a high-speed accident, or one in which the vehicle was thrown about, tossed, or overturned. 20% of all traumatic brain injuries are the result of an auto accident.

If youre sleeping a lot after a car accident, especially over several days or weeks, is an indicator that you may be suffering from some brain trauma.

You may also find it difficult to speak or remember things while suffering from a brain injury.

However, tiredness and memory loss are not the only symptoms of a brain injury after an accident.

Other delayed symptoms include poor motor control, tremors in your extremities, headaches, or blurred vision. It is also possible that you experience a shift in your personality. Such behavioral changes are a hallmark of brain trauma.

Though these symptoms may lessen in severity over several days, sometimes they do not. If you suspect any injury, especially brain trauma, you must seek care from a medical professional immediately.

Common symptoms of PTSD include:

Awareness of these symptoms will allow you to seek the professional help needed to overcome them.

What Are Common Causes Of Chest Pain After An Accident

Posted in car accident on August 28, 2018

One of the most vulnerable areas of the body is the chest. It houses important internal organs and is right at the level of the steering wheel and airbags in a car. A chest injury is no small matter and needs medical attention immediately even if you feel fine. Many different issues may be causing the chest pain, and, while some may be minor, some can be life-threatening. Any chest pain you are feeling after a car accident needs a medical evaluation as soon as possible.

Sleeping A Lot After A Car Accident May Mean You Have Depression

A collision can have a devastating effect on victims lives and the lives of their families. The person is injured, in pain and desperately seeking the proper medical care to recover. Frequently, victims accident-related injuries prevent them from working so theres uncertainty about whether theyre going to support their families. There is uncertainty about when and if life will return to normal.

Under these circumstances, many victims suffer from depression both as a result of their injuries and in conjunction with their injuries.

One of the common symptoms of depression is when a victim is sleeping a lot after a car accident.

If these circumstances exist, then it is essential that the car victim seek immediate medical attention.

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Belated Shock Symptoms Post Accident

Should you be lucky enough to walk away from an accident, seemingly unscathed, you are still likely to suffer from shock. Many things can send your body into shock, including trauma, allergic reactions, or poisoning. The trauma of a nearly fatal car accident can quickly put survivors into a state of shock.

Some of the most common symptoms of shock are:

  • Rapid breathing and rapid pulse.
  • Dilated or enlarged pupils.
  • Cool, pale skin.
  • Nausea and vomiting.

You may also experience chest pain, confusion, and loss of consciousness. The intensity of these symptoms depends on the nature of your accident. The more violent and dangerous the accident, the more likely you are to suffer from shock. But even a small fender-bender can make you feel shaky, scared, and sick to your stomach.

Wondering how long does shock last? This period depends on the nature of the trauma you are experiencing.

Physiological shock, or shock that results from a bodily injury after a car accident necessitates emergency care. Psychological shock, or emotional shock that results from trauma, is more challenging to diagnose and treat.

The mental exhaustion you may feel after an accident can continue for quite some time. Counseling and therapy can help you to overcome the emotional shock, though the amount of time such shock lasts differs from person to person.

Physiological shock is far more immediate.

If left untreated, it can prove fatal.

Doing so may save your life.

How Your Body Copes With Stress

Did Your Loved One Suffer Memory Loss After a Car Accident?

In stressful events like a car accident, you might feel overwhelmed or even experience some level of shock. This type of situation generally causes the bodys adrenaline to start pumping, which can help give you the energy to get through the accident and then leave you exhausted afterward. When your body has been through a stressful experience like this, soreness and sleepiness are common responses. Your body will try to take care of itself and begin the healing process, which may cause you to be more tired than normal. However, if this tiredness or extended sleep time lasts for more than a few days after an accident, then it could be a sign of something more serious going on.

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Why Am I Tired After My Car Accident

During a car accident, your body releases stress hormones that help you cope with the situation. Once these start to wear off in the hours following your accident, you may begin to feel tired. This may be due to the stress of dealing with everything that will happen after your accident. You will probably have to fill out a lot of paperwork with insurance companies. You might also have to speak with the police.

While this additional work can make you tired, especially if you have a job and a family, it may be due to an injury you cant see. You may have suffered a concussion or a TBI during your accident.

Recovering Emotionally And Psychologically After A Car Accident

When Oregon motorists have been involved in a serious car accident, they often find that recovering from trauma at an emotional level is every bit as difficult, or even more so, than getting over the physical damage caused to them in the crash. They are often surprised to discover that even if they feel relatively unharmed immediately after the accident, they can start to experience emotional difficulties days, weeks or even months after the crash.

Our Portland personal injury lawyers understand that in many cases, psychological trauma sets in after an exceptionally frightening experience, like a bad car accident. What makes it even more difficult is that family and friends find it difficult to understand what the accident victim is going through on an emotional level. However, experts agree that:

  • Emotional recovery is an important part of healing after a road accident.
  • Symptoms after traumatic accidents can include emotional and cognitive difficulties alongside the physical damage.

What victims and personal injury attorneys want negligent drivers and their insurance companies to realize is that psychological trauma is every bit as real as physical trauma. In addition, emotional and psychological wounds must be healed after an accident before the victim can be truly described as better.

Psychological Trauma Triggers

How do the symptoms present themselves?

  • Insomnia or terrifying nightmares
  • Becoming overly vigilant and being very easily startled or frightened

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What Symptoms Should You Look Out For After A Car Accident

No two accidents are the same, so its difficult to predict what to expect physically. After a car accident, you should be aware of several physical and mental symptoms that may not appear right away, like soft-tissue injuries that often take hours or days to develop into pain. Delayed symptoms such as the following should not be ignored:

Tips For Avoiding Car Accidents Caused By Drowsy

Brain Injury following auto accident

1. Do not drink and drive . drunk-driving2. Get enough sleep the night before. 3. Try not to start a trip late in the day. 4. If possible, carpool. 5. Avoid driving an automobile at night. nighttime driving6. Keep the automobiles environment stimulating. 7. Watch your body posture. 8. Take breaks or switch car drivers at least every two hours. 9. Wear good sunglasses. 10. If all else fails, stop driving and pull over!

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Sign #: Youre Unusually Restless

You cannot sit still no matter what is going on. Activities that you would normally enjoy, from sitting down and reading a book to watching a full movie or playing a favorite video game, are not enough to hold your attention. Instead, you find yourself restlessly wandering from activity to activity, struggling to settle down long enough to accomplish even a simple task. If that feeling of restlessness lasts long-term or if you feel that it is significant, it could be a sign of traumatic brain injury.

Sleeping A Lot After A Car Accident: What You Need To Know

Sleeping a lot after a car accident may just be a persons bodys way of dealing with the trauma of the crash and building up strength to recover. It may be a natural reaction to a stressful and scary event.

Or it could be the sign that something more serious is wrong, such as a traumatic brain injury. Research has shown that sleep difficulties, including snoozing a lot more than normal, is extremely common among TBI survivors.

Additionally, snoozing more than normal is frequently identified as a symptom of depression.

It is important that an injured person seek medical attention immediately if he or she is sleeping a lot after a car accident. Prompt detection, diagnosis and treatment of any crash-related injuries is essential to a successful recovery, to avoiding a lifetime of pain and disability and to protecting ones legal rights to benefits and compensation.

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Contact Our Experienced Washington Dc Car Accident Lawyers

When you are injured in a car accident inWashington DC, your injuries may not be immediately apparent. Many serious andlife-threatening injuries can take hours and sometimes days to become fullyrealized.

Unfortunately, this delayed onset of symptomscan raise suspicion in many insurance company adjusters. When this occurs, youneed an experienced law firm on your side with extensive experiencerepresenting injured car accident victims.

At Patrick Malone & Associates, our Washington DC car accident attorneys work hardfor our clients every step of the way. To learn more about your legal rightsafter a car accident, contact our law firm by calling 742-1500 or filling out ourconfidential contact form. We offer a free initial consultation forall injured accident victims and can help you choose the legal path that isbest for you. Call today!

Why Cant I Sleep

Where Can You Get Money for Treatment After a Car Accident?

When you are in a car accident, this causes extreme overstimulation to the body. After this event, our brains become flooded with neurochemicals. Unfortunately, these chemicals, such as epinephrine and adrenaline, can prevent you from getting the shut-eye you need after a collision. This is because the substances we just mentioned can be persistently present in the brain after trauma, thus disrupting your natural sleep cycles. When this disturbance occurs, you may experience insomnia, nightmares, or daytime fatigue.

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Compensation Available For Physical Injuries Resulting From A Motor Vehicle Collision

Claimants suffering from bodily harm caused by negligent drivers might recover financial damages for their injuries. Generally, these damages exist to compensate victims for their direct and indirect losses. While awards might include payouts for lost wages, inconvenience, and mental anguish, past and future medical expenses account for most car accident settlements.

Consider speaking with local counsel about recovering compensation for these out-of-pocket medical costs:

  • Ambulance bills
  • Chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, and physical therapy
  • Medical equipment, such as pillows, beds, wheelchair, and slings
  • Home nursing care

Contact A Dallas Fatigued Driver Accident Lawyer Today

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in an accident caused by someone elses drowsy driving, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to ensure that your legal rights are protected. Please call us or contact us using our online form for a free assessment of your case by an experienced Dallas drowsy driver accident attorney.

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Common Delayed Symptoms After Car Accident Chiropractic Care

For delayed symptoms after car accident, even if you are not feeling pain, it is highly recommended that you visit a Chiropractor or Physiotherapist. In Toronto, Core Wellness Centre provides specialist care to get you back on track. Direct billing is available and we do the work on your behalf!

Chiropractic care offers natural healing relief without drugs or surgery so that your pain is eliminated and future problems are avoided.

Chiropractors are trained to evaluate and treat soft tissue injuries and to look for the causes of potential pain that are caused by motor vehicle accidents.

With extended health insurance, at Core Wellness Centre in Toronto, we facilitate your claims for you including online billing and direct billing.

Chiropractic Diagnosis After A Car Accident

No More Pain From Car Accident and No More Exhaustion From Dialysis Thanks to Chiropractic!

If you are experiencing symptoms after a car accident, or have been involved in a crash in the past, contact your local chiropractor to schedule an initial consultation and exam.

At Core Wellness Centre, we provide fully personalized posture analysis, physiotherapy, cold laser therapy , detailed reports, exams and X-rays if required along with gentle chiropractic treatments to reduce scar tissue build up and ease pain.

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A Headache May Be A Sign Of Something More Serious

While a headache could be a normal occurrence, it is more likely to be something serious if it comes after an auto accident. A traumatic brain injury is some disruption of the normal functioning of your brain. They are generally categorized into two types: open and closed.

An open TBI occurs when the skull is cracked or penetrated by a foreign object, such as a piece of metal. A closed TBI, on the other hand, occurs when the cranium is not fractured or penetrated, but an injury still occurs. Concussions are the most common type of closed TBI.

Traumatic brain injuries can also be classified as mild, moderate or severe.

Should I Be Sleeping A Lot After A Car Accident

Car accidents happen every day and can be a stressful situation for everyone involved. When youve been in a minor car accident, you might not have any obvious injuries other than a few scrapes and bruises. However, even minor car accidents can cause serious injuries, especially to the head and neck. If you experience pain, discomfort, or even a painful headache after a car accident, your body might be trying to signal that something more serious is going on. While the stress of the accident may lead to you sleeping more than normal as your body resets, if you notice your normal sleep schedule continues to be interrupted it may be a sign to talk to your doctor.

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Fibromyalgia Is Common After A Car Accident

According to Everyday Health, many types of trauma can trigger fibromyalgia. The current thinking is that head and neck trauma are especially likely to bring on the condition. Post traumatic stress disorder also increases the risk of fibromyalgia, according to the Mayo Clinic. Car accident victims who experience head and neck trauma during a crash, and then suffer PTSD after the accident, are especially at risk of developing fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is very difficult to diagnose. Traditionally, a tender point exam was used to check the pain in 18 points on a patients body. Newer diagnostic guidelines consider patients to have fibromyalgia if they have medically unexplained, widespread pain lasting at least three months. Oftentimes people arent properly diagnosed with fibromyalgia for months or years after the car accident that triggered it.

Accident victims who develop fibromyalgia experience a variety of symptoms including:

  • widespread pain that is often described as a constant dull ache
  • cognitive impairment or fibro fog that affects the ability to concentrate
  • extreme fatigue despite sleeping for long periods of time
  • pain in the lower abdomen
  • headaches
  • depression

If The Anxiety Doesnt Go Away:

What You Need to Know About Fatigue

You should seek help from a professional counsellor if your anxiety has lasted longer than 3 months after the accident, if its stopping you from doing your job or schoolwork, or if your family and friends say theyre worried about you.

These things can mean that you have developed an anxiety disorder like PTSD , which involves flashbacks and still becoming distressed when you think about the accident. This doesnt mean that theres something wrong with you. It just means that you will need extra help to tackle the anxiety and move on with your life post-accident.

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Memory Loss After Car Accident

Memory loss after a car accident could be a clear sign of a traumatic head injury that needs immediate treatment. People who experience memory loss after a car accident find it difficult to remember names, events or even locations.

The only way to diagnose the extent of a head injury is to carry out various medical tests such as CT scans, MRI, X-rays and so on. Car accidents remain the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries in the United States according to the CDC.

You should talk to an experienced car accident lawyer to help you file a lawsuit against the person or party that caused your injury.

How Long After A Car Accident Can You Claim Injury In Oklahoma

How long after a car accident you have to claim an injury depends on where you live. Youve got two years from the date of the crash to file a lawsuit in Oklahoma. But you shouldnt wait that long. Proving a case gets more difficult as time passes. How can a doctor testify to the injuries you got in the auto wreck if you wait weeks or months to get examined? Its better for your case and better for your health if you see a doctor right away.

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