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Anti Fatigue Mats Hair Salon

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Benefits Of Using Salon Floor Mats

Anti Fatigue Mats Beauty Hair Salon Chair Mat Heel Proof Floor Mat Mymatting com

There are a lot of reasons to buy a pad for a salon. First of all, it allows hairdressers to move around without having to worry about slipping, which is common in barber and beauty salons.

Depending on the material, a salon floor mat offers comfort, optimal blood circulation, stability and support. It will make you stand straight and ease your back pain.

Also, it will reduce the risk of spine disorder development, which is common for people who work long hours standing.

Apart from health benefits for the workers, it can elevate the space and attract potential customers. If somebody sees a nice looking salon with a stylish floor padding while walking by, it is likely that person will visit you in the future.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting yourself one of these products:

Do Salon Floor Mats Really Help

If a worker has to stand continuously during their shift, there isnt much difference whether they are standing on a wood floor, carpet, or a floor mat, right? Wrong.

The difference between standing on hard floors such as tile floor and anti-fatigue floor mat is enormous. In fact, workers who are allowed to stand on anti-fatigue salon mats will reduce the level of fatigue and discomfort up to 50% compared to the workers who dont use them.

Their muscles will contract more subtly since they will adapt to the flexibility of the mat. This movement increases blood flow and the amount of oxygen that reaches the organs, which reduces fatigue and increases the productivity of the workers.

What Else Can I Do

Besides taking regular breaks and wearing comfortable shoes, you can also start wearing compression socks to promote healthy circulation.

You can get these socks in subtle nude colors or go all out with this cute six-pair set with fun patterns like sharks and cacti.

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Eases Tension In Shoulders And Neck

Just like dog kennel flooring prevents pets litter or a mat that stops cat from littering, floor pads are not just meant to minimize back and leg pain but can be a long term solution to shoulder and neck pain.

When you are standing for long on a hard floor, you are likely to get fatigued easily affecting your concentration and posture in the end. This then ends up causing tension in your neck and shoulders.

How To Choose The Best Salon Floor Mat

Veryke 5 x 4ft Salon Anti Fatigue Mats, Beauty Salon Salon ...

You decided that you need a salon mat and you want to buy the product which is the best according to online buyers reviews. That tactic might be disastrous because the mat you choose that way might not be the best fit for your needs.

For example, for a beauty salon where the employees wear high heels, you should buy a piece with a maximum surface strength that prevents punctures.

However, you should think about the comfort and anti-fatigue support for the worker too.

If you own a barber shop, you should probably look for a mat with non-slip properties, and if your workers spend a lot of time standing, you might consider opting for an option that has an extra bounce which energizes the body.

If you found an item that combines all the traits you need, think about finishes and appearance. There are numerous mats with stylish finishes and different coloring, but having a product that completely suits your needs is far more important than the looks.

Like durable plastic flooring, salon pad has a protective and backing role, although it can certainly possess both practicality and elegance. When you are buying one, there are several factors that you need to keep in mind so that you can get a mat that meets all your needs and is durable.

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Logo Mats For Hairdressers & Barbers

are a great product that not only reinforces brand identity but also protects floors and creates an impact on arrival to your salon. Logo mats are super absorbent, fully washable and trap 95% of tracked in dirt, dust, grit and moisture in its tracks, ensuring floors remain clean, safe and dry, reducing the risk of slips and trips.

Most hairdressers opt for hard floors for salon flooring, such a tiled or wooden floor which of course is paramount for cleanliness and easy cleaning. However, this type of flooring can soon become hazardous, when you combine water and product spillage .

Logo mats placed throughout your hairdressing salon will absorb any unwanted spillages and provide safe footing for staff and customers as they walk from the washing area back to their seat. Whats great is the printed mat is manufactured in your salons colours, so instantly blends and complements interiors.

The mat is also fully washable, so easy to keep clean and maintain, removing excess hair, moisture and product build-up. You can either pressure wash the mats yourself, alternatively, they can be washed in an industrial washing machine for that extra deep clean. Daily vacuuming will also freshen and revive your mats as part of your daily cleaning regime.

Do You Require A Salon Floor Mat For A Standing Desk

With a standing desk, standing when you are working can prove tough on your feet which is why you need an anti-fatigue mat.

Salon floor mat is mandatory for any barbershop or beauty salon owner. You have to think about your workers and their well-being. Also, a stylish product can elevate the space, thus making it look more attractive to the customers.

If you choose carefully and buy the best option for your needs, it will serve your business well for a long time. If you work in a salon or own one, for your business to succeed, productivity is key.

Since you will be spending a lot of hours standing, then it is important that you take the necessary precautions to prevent back pain, muscle tension and improve your cardiovascular health. When getting a mat, ensure that it is thick enough, stiff, has the right style and size, is durable and is made of quality material.

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Salon Chair Mat And Flooring Options

Durable offers a variety of rubber anti-fatigue mat options for salons and other hair care establishments. Anti-fatigue options run from individual mats to built-in flooring systems designed to fit around salon chairs and counters. Both options are available in a variety of colors and styles to fit the décor of different salons and barbershops.

Durable rubber salon mats are designed to support hair care professionals for years. Every option is beveled to prevent tripping and will not deteriorate with exposure to hair, chemicals. Also, each rubber salon chair mat is built to be strong enough to last for years, giving hair professionals long-term support.

Anti-fatigue matting helps keep you ready to work even after long hours on your feet. Give us a call at 1.800.537.1603 or contact us online to order anti-fatigue mats or flooring for your salon. You can also use our online form to locate a Durable salon mat dealer near you.

What Is A Salon Floor Mat

Embossed Textured Salon Mats

This pads are a surface made of rubber, wood, vinyl or some other material which is used to help beauty salon or barbershop workers. It acts as an anti-fatigue surface and helps workers who stand for the majority of their workday.

It helps hairdressers or makeup artists avoid injuries and even illnesses caused by standing for long periods of time. These products are special mats specifically designed to add some cushioning for those who have to stand for long hours.

At the end of the day, your body will become fatigued and in the long term, you may develop back problems. If you are in a job where you have to stand for long, this item will work for you. They are stylish and its very easy to get a product that fits into your needs as well as style.

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How Important Are Barber Mats

When you’re standing constantly, even if you’re wearing the most ergonomic shoes possible, you’re going to be sore at the end of the day. The best thing to do when you have to be standing up all day is to change what you’re standing on. Anti-fatigue mats provide a much-needed cushion for your feet.

They’re called anti-fatigue mats because one huge problem with standing on a hard floor for even an hour is that you can become exhausted while doing nothing. Your body becomes tired simply from standing still on hard ground, let alone if you have complicated tasks to perform at the same time.

Salon Anti Fatigue Mats For Your Protection

As the name suggests, salon anti fatigue mats are designed to stop fatigue. Working in any retail environment youll know you are on your feet all the time. Hairdressers and barbers feel it more than anyone. Youre just about to sit down and in walks a new client. Youll sometimes go the entire day without getting a chance to sit down. These mats are important because they help to reduce the chance of fatigue from standing on hard surfaces. Muscles in your legs constrict, making it harder for the blood to flow easily. This makes your heart pump faster, causing tiredness as a result. The mats help to make the surface of the ground softer, placing less tension on your legs.

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Equipment Salon Equipment Hair Salon And Barber Shop Mats

The hair salon and barber shop floor mats we carry are made with heavy duty black vinyl which is bonded to a sponge base. All of our mats are low static formulated, which repels dust, dirt and most importantly hair. The hair mats we carry come in a variety of shapes including semi-circle, rectangle and hexagon. There is also a variety of sizes available to fit any size hair salon station. All the floor mats are lightweight with the lightest being only 8 pounds and all are big enough to allow plenty of maneuvering room. This is so important to help reduce fatigue on stylists legs.

Ft X 5 Ft Salon Anti Fatigue Mat For Hair Stylist

Hexagon 4x5 Anti
  • Reduce standing fatigue and stress]-By using this salon barber chair mat, you can work long hours with little stress on your joints and feet,eases tension in shoulders and neck,make you stand straight and ease your back pain, offer you the best comfort and stability as well.
  • High heel proof] 400lbs weight capacity& High heel proof-Anti fatigue mat is suitable for all kinds of people,400lbs weight capacity.
  • Ease of cleaning]- No matter is hair dye, hair or dust , its easy to clean with a wet cloth.
  • Premium quality] Quality salon mat Made of high quality PVC & High-density Foam for extreme comfort and durable in use.
  • Widely Used] Suitable for use with barber chairs, salon chairs, etc.

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Salon & Hairdressing Anti Fatigue Mats

Washing hair is a huge part of every hairdressers day, however, standing on hard floors for long periods of time and standing upright can often cause leg ache, backache and as a result decrease productivity.

Salon Anti Fatigue Mats should be placed behind each washer to help fight against leg, foot and back fatigue. What is more, the mat provides a secure, nonslip standing position and protects users against unhealthy cold from the floor.

Anti-fatigue floor mats are designed to reduce stress exerted on muscles and joints providing welcome relief and increased productivity for employees.

Manufactured from 100% premium nitrile rubber, this mat is oil and grease resistant plus fully washable, so again easy to keep clean and maintain on a regular basis.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

When it comes to salon floor mats, more spending doesnt always mean more quality. You might spend too much on a product only to realize that its not comfortable and the issues you have been having are still there.

What you need to do is consider qualities like the size and style, thickness, durability, comfort, the material and firmness and go for one that meets all these.

At the end of the day, your comfort is what matters. At the same time, avoid going for the overly cheap items because chances are that they are made of low-quality material that will just wear out in a matter of weeks or months.

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What Should You Look For In An Anti

Shape and size. This is more important for a salon than for most other workplaces. Regular industrial anti-fatigue mats or mats for standing desks in offices won’t work, but you can find a variety of cut-outs and depressions in these salon floor mats that fit snugly around the base of your styling chairs whether they are round or square.

Another important shape factor is you want your mat to have sloping sides that act as a ramp. This will prevent dangerous tripping hazards and allow you to more easily move salon trolley carts around and on top of them.

Thickness. Thickness is completely a personal choice though most experts advise not going any thinner than half an inch thick as any less than that and your mat is more likely to “bottom out” meaning you’re on the mat, but it’s so compressed you’re basically standing on the floor. One inch thick is about the maximum thickness before it becomes more like walking on a mattress topper.

Firmness. You want good middle-of-the-road firmness. Not so squishy that it causes your body to work overtime to stay upright and not so firm that you might as well be standing on the floor.

Material. You want a material that can be easily cleaned while being durable, and long-lasting. Salon anti-fatigue mats need to be able to withstand prolonged use, being swept multiple times a day and may have to handle high heels.

Finding The Right Salon Anti Fatigue Mats For Your Service

Salon Decor Mat

There are plenty of mats on the market. Each of them varies in thickness, size and materials. Firstly, the AMR salon anti fatigue mats are made with Extra-Flex foam with a performance rated polymeric surface. The mat is also considered to be the double thickness of regular mats and easy for cleaning as its static-free. Youll be able to pick from round or rectangle mats, with special cutouts to go around your salon chairs. Furthermore, the added foam will spring back even after pressure has been applied. That means you wont need a new mat for a very long time. If youve got any additional questions, our friendly staff will be happy to help.


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How To Clean A Salon Floor Mat

One of the main attributes of salon mats is durability. However, that doesnt mean that these paddings are indestructible. They are prone to damage from some chemicals and puncture , so you will have to be careful about that.

For the same reasons, any pad should be cleaned with soap and water only, although the manufacturer should provide instructions about chemicals you may use for cleaning it.

You dont have to clean the mat often, especially if you have a rubber mat, once or twice per year is enough.

There are a couple of things that need to be taken into consideration before choosing an option for your space. Sure, the item you choose has to be comfortable, providing that you will be spending a lot of time standing on it on a daily basis.

However, its purpose should also be ensuring a better posture, muscle conditioning and improving your overall health.

How To Purchase Barber Floormats & Hair Dressing Mats

At Mats Nationwide, we are here to help you improve flooring in salons throughout the UK and overseas too. We have competitive pricing on all of our anti-fatigue and logo matting to help keep costs down but to protect your staff and flooring.

Our mats are suitable for entrances, throughout the salon or barbershop, to help highlight your brand and give a welcoming feel to all of your customers. We also now stock social distancing matting for those hairdressers looking to comply with the latest measures.

For standard anti-fatigue mats for hairdressing just chose the most suitable product and size and then checkout. For logo mats, follow our instructions to get a free preview of what the mat will look like in your shop, and once you are satisfied place an order.

For prices, products and dispatch times on the above products call us on 01565 756 152 or email

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How To Install And Use A Salon Floor Mat

If you love DIY, you wont have an issue installing a mat in your salon. However, since there are many types and different manufacturers, you should check the installation guide.

Usually, you will just have to properly connect the mat with the flooring and the salon chair and you will be good to go.

Salon Mats For Hair Stylist 4×3 Barber Shop Salon Chair Mats Black Semi Circle Anti

Anti Fatigue Hair Stylist Mat Beauty Salon Equipment ...
  • Comfortable MatBy using this hair mats for salon, you can work long hours with little stress on your joints and feet.
  • High Heel ProofAnd Antifatigue mat also can be used under high heels, The PVC surface is durable and anti fatigue.
  • Easy to clean The chair mat is smooth surface.
  • Ergonomic designpls use the right side up when you use it.
  • Widely UsedSave Your Space, Suitable for use with barber chairs, salon chairs, etc.

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