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Reading Glasses For Eye Fatigue

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What Is Blue Light And Do You Need To Block It

Blue Light Blockers Glasses: Readers to Protect Your Eyes from Device Eye Strain

Imagine light passing through a prism, which fans it out into the colors of the rainbow. Each color you see is part of the visible light spectrum, which is defined by wavelengths. Shorter wavelengths generally become more harmful as they decrease, which is why many people want to block too much blue and violet light from reaching their eyes. However, its not a good idea to banish blue light completely. Its found in every light source, including sunlight, and is known to boost your attention and mood. Long-term effects on eye health are unclear, but some studies have shown that rat retina cells die when exposed to extreme levels of blue light.

Blue light plays a major part in controlling your sleep cycle. Too much of iteven everyday levels, if you spend a lot of time in front of a screenhas proven problematic. Daylight, which contains blue light, helps tell your internal clock when its time to start the day or hit the hay. Stare at a blue-light-emitting device for too long at night, and your body might think its still daytime. Blue light, especially, has been found to suppress melatonin for about twice as long as green light. That could mean the difference between falling asleep in 30 minutes and one hour. During the day, such exposure to blue light can help keep you alert, but in the evening hours it can be potentially problematic .

If I Don’t Have Symptoms Of Computer Vision Syndrome Do I Still Need Computer Eyewear

Maybe. According to a study at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry, even computer users who are not experiencing computer vision syndrome symptoms might benefit from computer glasses.

The study found that computer workers with no visual complaints often experience reduced productivity and accuracy at the computer. So even if you don’t notice eye strain or other symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome, it’s a good idea to get an eye exam from a computer vision specialist if you spend a good amount of time each day in front of a computer.

Will Wearing Computer Eyeglasses Make My Eyes Worse

No. In fact, wearing specially prescribed computer glasses when working at your computer might help keep your eyes from getting worse by reducing excessive focusing demands on your eyes. This is particularly true for teenagers, whose eyes may be more susceptible to progressive nearsightedness from focusing fatigue.

EXPERIENCING COMPUTER VISION SYNDROME? Find an eye doctor nearby to learn how computer glasses can help you.

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Consider Wearing Reading Glasses

Whether you do a lot of reading for work or pleasure, it keeps your eyes busy. If you must strain to see the print, you can wear your eyes out quickly. You may encounter headaches and substantial eye fatigue.

According to guidelines published by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, you should have a complete eye exam by at least age 20. When you get into your 30s, they suggest that you have at least two. But what if tests conclude that your eyes are healthy, and you dont need prescription lenses?

As you get older, you may not need glasses, but you may still have problems reading print. In that case, consider buying a pair of reading glasses. You can find them in most of the styles that you like with the lens strength you need.

When you wear these glasses for reading, your eyes dont need to strain, and you can reduce eye fatigue. Most department stores and pharmacies sell brands at different prices to fit your budget.

Gunnar Optiks Computer + Gaming Blue Light Glasses Starting At $40

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GUNNARs computer and gaming blue light glasses reduce glare and block from 35% to 98% of blue light depending on the users choice of lens tinting. GUNNAR also has a limited edition collection of blue light blocking glasses with special frames for St. Judes Childrens Research Hospital. When buyers purchase these limited edition colors with GUNNARs Cruz frame for teens and Vertex frame for adults, 50% of the purchase price will directly benefit the vital work being conducted at St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital.

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Best For Gaming: Cyxus Hev

  • Not easily adjustable

  • Only one shape offered

Gamers, these blue light blocking glasses are for you. Not only do these highly rated glasses help to reduce eye strain, they also protect against ultraviolet radiation and UV 400. Unlike some blue light blocking glasses with lens filters, these glasses won’t alter the color of your screens so you can play your best.

With 20 different styles available, there is a color and size available for everyone. These glasses guarantee a lifetime warranty, but their high ratings and positive reviews are a sign that these shades are worth it, especially when it comes to gaming.

Frame Material: Not specified | Blue Light Absorption: Up to 80% | Lens Color: Clear

  • High amount of blue light filtration

  • Multiple frame and lens options

  • Works for all purposes and users

  • Not as high quality as other lenses

Research suggests that as much as 32.4% of adults use a blue-light emitting device for 9 to 11 hours each day. If you sit in front of a screen all day, you want to find a pair that will be comfortable enough to wear from morning to night.

These glasses from J+S are perfect for all-day wear, as they block 90% of harmful blue light, fit comfortably on your face, and do so stylishly. These glasses come in a variety of styles, so you may even want to get more than one pair, depending on where you wear them. Overall, reviewers say that these shades are perfect for any type of screen exposure and worth the price.

Does Wearing Glasses Worsen Your Eyesight

No, wearing glasses shouldnt worsen your eyesighteven if you have 20/20 vision. People wear glasses for many reasons, such as to correct the way the eyes process light and visuals. Needing glasses doesnt necessarily indicate poor vision, and just because you have a refractive error doesnt mean youll need to wear corrective eyewear.

The decision to wear glasses is up to you. If your eyes feel fine, and your vision is sufficient without them, they might be unnecessary. However, know that glasses can improve your eyesight while youre wearing themas long as you get the correct prescription. The moment you take them off, any vision loss symptoms you had before may come back.

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Give Your Peepers A Break

If you have a job that requires closeup reading and computer tasks, your eyes can be going full strength for eight hours or more. Even at home, you can put undue pressure on your peepers when surfing the internet, watching TV, reading, or playing video games. When do your eyes get a break?

Just like every other part of your body, your eyes need a little rest between tasks. Consider using a timer as a reminder. Set your timer to sound every 20 minutes. The recommended 20-20-20 rule means rest every 20 minutes and focuses on something at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Top Tips For Reducing Eye Strain

Clipon Reading Glasses, Eye Strain – Nashville, Baton Rouge, Columbia, Dallas, New Orleans, Houston

If you are completing a task for a prolonged period of time, its important that you take regular breaks in order to let your eyes rest. This is crucial in reducing the symptoms of eye strain.

It can also be helpful to adjust your working space, including decreasing any bright light or glare in your environment.

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Ambr Eyewear Computer Glasses $67

Another very stylish option for blue light glasses, and with a bit cheaper prices than the Warby Parker offerings, is Ambr Eyewear. These attractive but understated designs feature everything from classic plastic Wayfarer-style glasses to metal round and aviator-style frames, all of which feature clear lenses that filter out harsh blue light.

Starting at $62, the Ambr Eyewear blue light glasses are definitely a bit pricier than most of our other picks. However, they are still considerably more affordable than the high-end offerings from similar brands.

Daytime Or Nighttime Use

Different blue light blocking lenses are recommended for use at different times of the day. Artificial blue light may contribute to digital eye strain and affect your sleep cycle, explains Dr. Hernandez. Since your body still needs to be exposed to blue light during the day time hours to preserve your circadian rhythm, clear or yellow lenses are better for daytime use, says Dr. Hernandez.

If youre struggling with insomnia or using your laptop or smartphone late into the evening hours, on the other hand, you may want to choose darker lenses. Red lenses actually block 100% of blue light along with nearly all green and violet light, which means they block all varieties of light that may be disruptive to your sleep cycle and may help you fall asleep faster if you wear them a few hours before bedtime.

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Computer Reading Glasses Used With Contact Lenses

There are many contact lens wearers who can get by without bifocals for close up work but find that the lack of eye lubrication while viewing a monitor for long periods causes problems. Establishing a routine of looking away from the screen and blinking can help with this problem. If eyestrain from monitor viewing is not just caused by a lack of tearing then these glasses might just help. It would be worth checking with your optometrist about the use of a .25 add to your prescription for viewing a monitor at 23 or whatever the distance is to your own monitor. Perhaps these computer eyeglasses could provide some benefits here as well.

We appreciate feedback from visitors as well as consumers and this is the best method of improving both our products and our service. Please take a minute to drop us a note.

What Is Eye Strain

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Eye strain is common and is usually caused by looking at something for an extended period of time. This can include digital screens or driving. Signs of eye strain include tired, burning or itching eyes, headaches, sore neck or shoulders and increased sensitivity to light.

You might choose to wear glasses for eye strain if you have to use a computer for work, if you frequently drive, or if you use your smartphone a lot during the day. Other causes of eye strain can include being exposed to bright light or exposure to a fan, either for heating or air-conditioning.

If you often experience any of these conditions or signs, its important that you attend a regular eye examination. You may benefit from wearing glasses for eye strain.

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What Kinds Of Lenses Are Prescribed For Computer Glasses

The best type of lenses for computer glasses usually depends on your age. If you are in your 40s or older, it’s likely you have some degree of presbyopia. If so, multifocal lenses will usually be your best choice because they provide better depth of focus than single vision lenses. This will let you see your computer screen clearly and also see objects that are closer and farther away than your screen.

Single vision lenses also are a good solution for computer glasses, though your depth of focus will be more limited with these lenses if you are presbyopic. Your eye doctor will help you decide whether multifocal or single vision lenses are the best solution for your work environment and your visual needs.

What To Know Before You Buy Computer Or Gaming Glasses

From work to pleasure and hobbies, digital screens dominate in these areas of our lives.

With time spent at work claiming the majority of our hours, our eyes arrive home tired, irritated and dry.

Depending on the severity of your digital eye strain symptoms, you may even experience headaches, shoulder and neck stiffness, and a number of other uncomfortable side effects.

For individuals who are into gaming, perhaps all you want to do after work or on the weekends is unwind by playing your favorite game. Unfortunately, your eight plus hours a day in front of a computer screen are about to be compounded by additional hours in front of a TV, computer, or other digital gaming screen.

When digital eye strain is causing you discomfort and hurting your vision, its time to do something about it.

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Give Your Eyes A Massage

Your eyes do a lot of work for you every day, so naturally, they would appreciate a little pampering. The next time they feel a bit strained, consider giving your eyes a massage. Start by rubbing your hands briskly together to produce a little heat.

Then, gently massage your closed eyes for a few moments with your warm hands. You can also lightly cup your hands over your closed eyes and just allow the warmth to soothe them. Do this every 20 minutes or so when you are working.

Computer Eyeglasses With +25d To +075d Lenses

Best Computer, Gaming, and Reading Glasses for Blue Light and Eye Strain – Gamma Ray Optics

Even if your normal vision does not require correction for everyday tasks you may find that long hours spent viewing a computer screen causes considerable eye fatigue. Aside from poor lighting, dry air, dust and other environmental effects the fact that your eyes just do not like focusing at the distance where the computer monitor is normally located.

I must point out that the use of eye drops to lubricate the eye AND taking frequent breaks to look out at a distance and blink your eyes more frequently is probably going to give you as much relief as wearing computer reading glasses. The problem is that few people will keep up with this routine.

This rimless computer eyeglasses design was chosen to present a sleek and modern look while remaining strong and durable enough for office use. Since you do not normally wear glasses we feel that the lightest and most comfortable computer glasses possible are essential.

These computer reading glasses for normal vision are made to the same high standard as normal optical glasses. The lenses not only have an anti-reflective coating but also have aspheric lenses. The use of aspheric lenses not only provides a thinner lens but also clearer peripheral vision and permits fitting to a wide range individuals without requiring different sizes of nose bridges.

Ordering is also simpler since all you have to do is simply selecting the Computer Glasses with Normal Vision option on our online order form.

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Peepers Blue Light Focus Eyewear Starting At $25

Peepers Blue Light Focus Eyewear computer glasses are available in a wide range of styles and colors. All Peepers blue light glasses filter damaging UV rays and filter high-energy visible blue light from computers, TVs, and other devices by 40% or more. Focus Eyewear glasses have an anti-reflective coating and most styles can be ordered as readers with up to 4.0X magnification.

Most Peepers Focus Eyewear blue light glasses cost $25, although some styles are $20. Orders over $42 include expedited shipping for $5.

How Eyezen Lenses Work

Eyezen lenses are made using cutting-edge technology that incorporates several different mechanisms:

  • Eyezen Focus Eyezen lenses have a small amount of magnification to allow you to maintain a proper working distance from your screen and avoid holding it too close.

  • Blue light filtering technology This protects the eyes from blue-violet light emitted by digital screens, preventing 20% of blue light from entering the eyes.

  • Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement Technology Used to give each lens a unique design, W.A.V.E. Technology provides clarity at any distance, eliminating blur even with poor lighting. Lenses are customized based on your individual single-vision prescription for each eye.

The result of this technology is an Eyezen lens that helps relax and protect your eyes. These lenses allow you to view your digital screens more comfortably, providing clearer near vision and reduced eye strain. In addition, wearers have improved contrast perception and diminished glare.

Eyezen lenses are designed to be worn all day, and can even benefit patients who do not typically wear prescription glasses.

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When Do You Need Reading Glasses

Just about anyone in their 40s and beyond will, at some point, need reading glasses , Wang says.

Reading glasses help compensate for diminished vision related to presbyopia, the normal age-related loss of the ability to focus on up-close objects, such as words in a book or a text message on a smartphone.

Dr. Michelle Andreoli, an Illinois ophthalmologist and clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, says you typically realize the need for reading glasses if you encounter trouble reading small print when youre tired and when lighting in the room is dim, or if you find that its easier to read something when you pull it a little farther away from your face.

Seeing Halos Around Lights

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As eyes age, the ability to focus light into the retina can become scattered causing blurred focus or fuzzy vision. This fuzzy vision causes a halo effect, especially when looking at headlights or lightbulbs.

Reading glasses can help correct this issue, however, it could be a sign of a more serious eye condition, such as cataracts therefore it is important to speak to an eye doctor near you.

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Computer Glasses Vs Reading Glasses: Which Do You Need

Glasses are glasses, right? Not always.

When it comes to computer glasses vs reading glasses, they are very similar. In fact, some people use reading glasses as computer glasses. The primary difference comes down to how far away the object is from your eyes.

The other difference is that computer glasses often come with a tint or a special coating that helps filter irritating light that comes from computer screens.

Lets quickly summarize the different types of glasses you might wear for using a computer, reading, and regular activities.

  • Computer glasses: Use for lit digital screens, an average of 24 inches from your eyes
  • Reading glasses: Use for reading printed books or documents, held an average of 15 inches from your eyes
  • Regular glasses: Use for general vision correction in single vision or bifocal / progressive based on prescription
  • FL-41 glasses: Use for protection against harmful light, or to reduce light sensitivity or migraine

A note about FL-41 glasses. While many people wouldnt know these under the name of computer glasses, the special tint they are coated with helps to filter out specific types of light. This includes the light from lit digital screens. At Axon Optics, we make an advanced version of FL-41 glasses that have been shown to reduce the uncomfortable symptoms of people who are sensitive to bright light or migraine.

Keep reading to learn why this protection could be important.

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