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Extreme Fatigue Bloating And Constipation

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Is Stomach Bloating Normal

BLOATING, GAS, CONSTIPATION, FATIGUE, BRAIN FOG (Prescript Assist) – Review & Commentary

People often say bloating is normal, isnt it? and I ask them these following question:

  • Does this bloated belly makes you feel uncomfortable
  • Does this bloating come with pain
  • Does this abdominal bloating make you look different than before like a swollen stomach?
  • Does this feeling of bloating come with excessive burping or feeling gassy all the time
  • Does this bloating increase after eating food or liquids
  • Does this bloating makes you nauseous
  • Does this bloating gets better after you throw up
  • Does this bloating makes you feel anxious
  • Does this bloating comes with a feeling of tiredness and rundown
  • Does this bloating comes with a headache

If the answer to any of these questions is a YES then this bloating you are experiencing is pathologic and there might be an underlying reason for you to feel bloated.

Has The Patient Experienced Weight Loss

If they have also developed anxiety, tremulousness, diarrhoea, or oligomenorrhoea consider thyrotoxicosis.

If they have developed a deep tan, have a low serum sodium, and feel nauseated and dizzy consider Addisons disease.

If they feel nauseated and dizzy, have a low serum sodium, and have also lost libido or stopped having periods consider hypopituitarism.

If they have also developed thirst, polyuria and nocturia, consider diabetes mellitus.

If there are any other warning symptoms always consider malignancy.

Are These Signs Or Symptoms Accompanying Your Bloat

Fortunately, if you feel bloated its usually harmless and caused by something as simple as gas, indigestion, or premenstrual symptoms.

But when there are other symptoms occurring with your persistent bloating symptoms you may want to dive deeper into the actual cause.

Other signs and symptoms to look out for with your constant bloating include:

  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Nausea, vomiting, or both
  • Jaundice

Dont shrug your constant bloating off if youre experiencing any of the above symptoms.

Because when detected early, certain diseases such as colon cancer, pelvic inflammatory disease, or diverticulitis are easier to treat and can reduce more complications.

And if gastrointestinal issues like leaky gut syndrome and inflammatory bowel diseases arent properly treated it could lead to other complications such as autoimmune diseases or cancer.

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Has The Patient Described A Loss Of Libido

If they have also lost secondary sexual body hair, have erectile dysfunction, and low energy consider hypogonadism.

If they have the symptoms of hypogonadism, but are also dizzy, tired, and nauseated, consider hypopituitarism.

If they have the symptoms of hypogonadism, but also describe abnormal breast development, galactorrhoea or visual loss, consider prolactinoma.

First Trimester Care And Changes

Is SIBO the cause of your bloating and abdominal pain ...

Vitamin Intake: Taking the vitamins ordered by your doctor is extremely important. The vitamins may cause your stool to be darker, and you may have problems with constipation. If you experience these problems, talk to your doctor. Do not take any medications without asking your doctor.

Exercise: Continue your usual physical and household activities. Walking is great exercise that requires no training or equipment. We also suggest swimming in shallow water , riding a stationary bike, and performing exercises especially designed for pregnant women. You should now begin pelvic toning and relaxation exercises daily.

Diet: During the first trimester, you need to consume an extra 300 calories each day.

Sexual Relations: Most experts agree sex and orgasm during a low-risk pregnancy are safe. Sexual relations are important to a marriage or relationship, so here are our recommendations:

  • Emphasize love rather than love making
  • Frequency is less important than quality
  • Stay rested get your sleep
  • Try new positions if you are uncomfortable

If you have a history of miscarriage or signs of a threatened miscarriage, your doctor may recommend some restrictions.

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Dyspepsia Or Upset Stomach

Dyspepsia is also called upset stomach or indigestion. It is a condition characterized by a painful or burning feeling in the upper abdominal region or stomach.

The most common dyspepsia symptoms include abdominal pain and bloating, cramping in the stomach, a growling stomach, nausea and vomiting, gas and belching, constipation, diarrhea, and a burning sensation in the stomach or upper abdomen.

Why Do I Sweat And Feel Sick When I Poop

Dr. Sheth calls the feel -good sensation poo -phoria. It occurs when your bowel movement stimulates the vagus nerve, which runs from the brainstem to the colon. When the vagus nerve is stimulated, it can cause sweating and chills, as well as a drop in blood pressure and heart rate.

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Diarrhea Right After Eating

Frequent bouts of diarrhea are a common IBS symptom. This symptom is also common with inflammatory bowel disease , a group of conditions that cause inflammation of the intestines. It is also seen in celiac disease, which is an immune reaction to a protein found in wheat and other grains.

The simple act of eating can cause contractions in your intestines. This can lead to diarrhea.

A couple of other conditions could also cause this symptom. These conditions are less common. If you have a sudden, immediate diarrhea right after eating, talk to your doctor. Your doctor may want to consider:

These conditions are relatively rare. It is still possible that diarrhea after eating is a symptom of your IBS. Still, it may be a good idea to talk to your doctor about other possibilities.

Keep The Fungus At Bay

Constipation in Adrenal Fatigue Sufferers – What to Do About It

Supplementing with good probiotics is only part of the equation for restoring beneficial bacteria. One needs to also curtain the overgrowth of yeast that flourishes in the aftermath of an antibiotic treatment. These are some TOP destroyers of candida and good at restoring the yeast balance as well. Keep rotating these as Candida can adapt to any single anti-fungal.

  • S. BoullardiiSaccharomyces Boulardii Saccharomyces Boulardii This is a GOOD yeast one that takes over from the bad overgrowth of candida.
  • Garlic This is the strongest enemies of yeast. A good way to test if you are suffering from yeast overgrowth is to see if raw garlic relieves your bloating any.
  • Oregano Oil While this is very effective, I am wary of using this regularly since it also destroys good fungus along with bad fungus.
  • Coconut Oil Never tried this but heard from people that it is a strong anti-candida agent.
  • Flucanazole A very strong anti fungal and usually one feels relief within 24 hrs. By prescription only. Again, in my experience, S. Boullardii and Garlic are very effective
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    Side Effects Of Constipation

    Most people think of the common symptoms of constipation: hard to pass stool with occasional cramping, bloating, flatulence, or abdominal pain. Yet constipation can also lead to additional side effects and symptoms that we dont often associate with it.

    Fatigue: Some research suggests that fatigue can occur due to the effects of a decrease in the absorption of nutrients on gut microflora. It may also be that stool sitting in the colon longer causes greater fermentation that in turn leads to mitochondrial dysfunction. The common theme is that constipation seems to cause fatigue because fewer nutrients are being converted into cellular energy.

    Nausea: Most people dont associate nausea with fatigue, but it can actually be a fairly normal side effect. Nausea and vomiting are possible either because of an intestinal obstruction or a condition like irritable bowel syndrome. Nausea can also be a side effect of medications that are used to treat constipation.

    Weight Gain: New research related to the gut microbiome suggests that chronic constipation may cause otherwise unexplained weight gain. Gut flora have been increasingly identified in a whole host of health problems, and hormonal imbalances that can come about when stool chronically sits in the colon for too long may in fact contribute to the buildup of fat deposits.

    What Causes Bloating And Constipation

    Before deciding what to take for constipation and bloating, you need to find out what causes bloating and constipation in your body. While taking medicine for bloating and constipation can provide bloating and constipation relief, it may not treat the reason for these. To avoid chronic constipation and bloating that can become severe, you must address the source of the problem.

    Bloating and constipation can be caused by different reasons, each may need a completely different treatment. The tables below show the most common causes of bloating and constipation. We also included the suggested bloating and constipation treatment.

    See if these common causes of bloating and constipation apply to you. You can also click on the links to the topics you wish to learn more about.

    Important: chronic constipation and bloating may also be caused by an underlying medical condition. If after reading these causes of bloating and constipation you are unsure what is causing your bloating and constipation issues, we highly suggest that you consult your doctor.

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    Does The Patient Experience Fits

    If they also describe specific attacks of extreme anxiety, palpitations, abdominal pain or collapses, consider phaeochromocytoma.

    If they have also developed heat intolerance, palpitations, tremulousness, weight loss, diarrhoea or oligomenorrhoea consider thyrotoxicosis.

    If they describe an association with fasting, extreme hunger, or the collapses are relieved by eating, or the patient has gained weight attempting to prevent attacks, consider insulinoma.

    If the patient describes a feeling of dry warmth rather than sweating, flushing of the face or diarrhoea, consider carcinoid syndrome.

    Food Intolerance And Bloating

    How Not To Bloat During Pregnancy  Learn How In This ...

    Food intolerance can lead to bloating when:

    • your bowel does not empty properly
    • the food causes gas to be trapped
    • too much gas is produced as a reaction to the food

    The most common foods to cause problems are wheat or gluten and dairy products.

    The best approach if you have a food intolerance is to eat less of the problem food or cut it out completely.

    Keep a food diary for a couple of weeks, noting everything that you eat and drink and when bloating troubles you most. But do not get rid of food groups long-term without advice from your GP.

    Find out more about food intolerance.

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    Red Flags For Swollen Stomach And Back Pain

    Bloating causes a distended stomach when the abdomen fills up with gas or air. This discomforting sensation can also cause pain that may be felt in the back. Together, a swollen stomach and back pain can make you feel not only distressed but perhaps a bit self-conscious as well.

    The two symptoms are tied together because the back provides support and stabilizes the body. However, abdominal bloating causes pressure and pain in the area which can spread to the back. The pain may vary in severity and type from sensations of dull throbbing to sharp and pinching pain.

    When the two symptoms are experienced separately they are fairly common and not usually a cause for concern. But in instances where a bloating stomach pain is also accompanied by back pain, they could be indicative of a more serious condition. These should not be taken lightly as they can include the following:

    Why Are You Feeling Bloated Sick And Tired

    Inside: Reasons for a bloated stomach/belly. Why are you feeling sick and tired with bloating? A quick guide to stop feeling bloated.

    Stomach bloating is one of the most common complaints that I have seen patients with. Patients will often say I am so bloated that I feel pregnant but I know I am not . Some people dont even realize that they are bloated because as far as they can remember, bloating is so normal for them.

    Bloating oftentimes is accompanied by tiredness, feeling rundown all the time. This makes them feel nauseous and also some people complain about gaining weight with this bloating. Bloating will typically happen after eating food, but for some they always feel bloated.

    Oftentimes there are reasons for bloating that people are not aware of and simple things can be done to alleviate this bloating.

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    Severe Bloating: Important Things To Know

    Most middle-aged women experience bloating at some point during their lives, especially over the course of the menstrual cycle, but for some women it becomes more severe and difficult to manage. Severe stomach bloating can be difficult to live with, but read on about the condition and ways you may be able to relieve symptoms.

    Swollen Or Discolored Breast

    Free from stomach ache, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and adrenal fatigue

    Breast swelling can be normal. Many womens breasts swell before their periods or during pregnancy. However, if you have unusual or new swelling, talk to your doctor. Rapid swelling or discoloration may be signs of inflammatory breast cancer.

    Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare type of advanced breast cancer that develops quickly. Breast infections can also have very similar symptoms. Its important to see your doctor if you see skin changes or other changes in your breast.

    Abdominal bloating is a common menstrual symptom. Some food sensitivities can also make you feel bloated for a day or two. However, abdominal bloating that lasts more than a week can be an early sign of ovarian cancer.

    Other ovarian cancer symptoms include:

    • feeling full quickly after eating
    • difficulty eating
    • a frequent need to urinate
    • a persistent lack of energy
    • postmenopausal bleeding
    • abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge in premenopausal women

    These symptoms are easy to overlook. Many cases of ovarian cancer arent identified until later stages. Talk your gynecologist if you have unusual or persistent bloating.

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    Causes Of Serious Bloating You Dont Want To Ignore

    Bloating everyones had the feeling once before, especially all those pasta lovers out there.

    Bloating is a common side effect of eating too many bloating foods like carbohydrates or downing your oh so good fizzy drinks.

    But what about if youre experiencing chronic bloating where you get so bloated you look pregnant?

    Perhaps youve ruled out pregnancy, cut back on the bloating food and drinks, but still feel as though you have a bowling ball in your stomach.

    Usually are not too worrisome, but if your persistent bloating is accompanied by other symptoms this just might be the canary in the coal mine.

    Persistent bloating along with other symptoms such as severe abdominal pain, fever, or blood in your stool might be a sign of a more serious health issue than just bloating from a bad meal.

    Health issues such as cancer, liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and other conditions can cause severe bloating.

    So differentiating between a simple case of bloating and severe bloating is important.

    Vomiting On A Regular Basis

    Vomiting is not a symptom of IBS. When people who have IBS experience nausea and vomiting, it is not because of their IBS.

    There are many health conditions that can cause vomiting.

    If you experience frequent vomiting, tell your doctor. If you are having uncontrollable vomiting or are vomiting up blood, see a doctor at once.

    Vomiting that does not happen with other signs of disease could be a condition called cyclic vomiting disorder . If you have vomiting without other symptoms, talk to your doctor.

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    Most Of The Time Bloating Is Harmless And Not Serious The Most Common Culprit Is Your Diet Try These Tips To Banish Bloat

    Do you feel like you’re busting out of your jeans? Does your stomach feel puffy, gassy or distended? Maybe you’re blaming someone for shrinking your clothing, because, after all, it fit perfectly last week.

    The answer is pretty simple: You’re bloated.

    Along with the physical discomfort, bloating has its share of emotional side effects too, like moodiness, sluggishness, even laziness. It might even trigger memories of being in your seventh month .

    Enter the belches, burps and other forms of letting the gas pass. It needs somewhere to go, after all. Yes, it’s your body’s natural way to get rid of excess airbut it sure can be embarrassing and mess with your confidence if it comes at the wrong time .

    Bloating is pretty familiar to all of us. Here’s some fun trivia: People produce between one and three pints of gas each day and pass gas between 14 to 23 times each day.

    Most of the time, bloating is harmless and not serious. The most common culprit: your diet. The bacteria that lives in our guts feasts on the carbohydrates that your body is unable to digest. Gases like hydrogen and methane are then released, causing your belly to swell. Eventually, it passes those gases.

    Aside from that, gas can come from eating too much too fast. Fatty or high-fiber foods like beans, veggies and fruits can make your stomach swell so can swallowing air from drinking through a straw, sucking on hard candies, chewing gum or drinking carbonated beverages like soda or beer.

    Brain Or Spinal Injuries And Disorders

    This Is What Solved My Extreme Bloating Problem That 4 ...

    The spinal cord and brain control a personâs ability to pass stool. Injuries or conditions that damage the brain and spinal cord can affect this ability.

    For example, a person may no longer experience the sensation that lets them know when they need to have a bowel movement, or they may lose voluntary control over defecation.

    Damage to the brain and spinal cord can result from:

    • traumatic injury

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    Possible Ways The Conditions Are Connected

    So, whats the connection between the two conditions? Dr. Chang says that many factors may contribute to the development of both conditions. Here are some possible scenarios.

    1. Post-infectious syndromes IBS sometimes develops after a stomach bug or food poisoning, says Chang. Likewise, chronic fatigue syndrome has been seen in people after a bacterial, viral, or parasitic infection. In fact, in chronic fatigue, one of the biggest theories is that some sort of infection is causing the symptoms, she says.

    Studies from Norway have linked Giardia infection, or giardiasis, with both the development of IBS and CFS. The most recent study, published in 2018 in the journal Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, tracked what happened after the parasite got into the water supply in Bergen, Norway, in 2004. In total, more than 1,200 exposed patients had confirmed giardiasis, causing diarrhea, stomach pain, and other intestinal problems, that was traced back to the outbreak. The long-term study followed nearly 600 individuals who recovered from the infection and compared their health with people who had not been infected. At the 10-year mark, 43 percent of the exposed individuals had developed IBS, compared with just 14 percent of those who had not been affected. CFS was reported in 26 percent of the infected group, compared with 11 percent of the others.

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