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Fatigue Mats For The Kitchen

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The Best Kitchen Anti

How to Clean an Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

At first glance Anti-Fatigue Mats don’t seem that exciting – they’re a mat for your kitchen. BUT, if you’ve ever tried one you know why they’re a big deal.

When you’re entertaining or cooking a big meal, or heck, even just making a regular dinner after a long day, your feet, legs and back can start to ache. An anti-fatigue mat works to combat this discomfort. And yes, they really do work … really well!

Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mats

We create beautiful anti-fatigue kitchen mats that feel like youre standing on a zillion gummy bears. Each House of Noa kitchen mat is soft to the touch and designed by hand to create a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing kitchen experience. Our NamaMat kitchen floor mats are thick and squishy , and come in a number of different colors to match any kitchen. Our best-selling Quartz cushioned kitchen mat combines colors of gray and lavender, and our Lapis kitchen mat has beautiful faded blue tones.

Anti Fatigue Mats Dont Host Much Stability

Unlike common entrance mats, anti-fatigue mats are light in weight and may slip away when you try to move in a rush over them. This leads to tripping of people as well as equipment sometimes.

To avoid such circumstances, you need to do a proper research before buying anti fatigue mats and also need to investigate the surface texture of the mats back. It should have enough friction and must be rough in order to hold the mat in place and hence host a good amount of stability.

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Casa Pura Kitchen Mat

Price: Low price tag

Special features: Beveled Edging, Memory foam padding.

Size: 20 X 30 inches.

Casa Pura is a high quality anti fatigue ma which has been designed with an ergonomic memory foam material which is both durable, flexible and very comfortable. Strength and durability has been well factored in this anti fatigue kitchen mat. It is 3/4 inch thick which makes it very effective in relieving stress and ensuring that users get good cushioning that allows good flood blow.

The materials used are very environmentally friendly and are recyclable. Besides being a good anti fatigue mat for use in kitchen, it can also be used in offices, and in industrial applications.

Pros and Cons

  • The mat is very effective in muscle and posture conditioning.
  • It is strong and durable.
  • It feels too soft with shoes on.

Kitchen Mat Anti Fatigue

NewLife by GelPro Anti

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Buying Guide For Best Anti

Whether its behind a workbench, standing desk, or your kitchen counter, spending long hours on your feet every day can be tough on your body. To stay comfortable and reduce pain when you have to stand for long periods, you’ll want to use an anti-fatigue mat.

These rectangular floor coverings reduce fatigue by preventing the muscles in your legs from staying static, which keeps your blood flowing, even while you stand on hard floors. Anti-fatigue mats cause the leg muscles to lightly contract in response to the mat’s slightly flexible surface. If you want real relief, choosing the right anti-fatigue mat is key. That means determining what type of mat you prefer, what material will best suit your needs, and what other features will help you stay most comfortable on your feet.

Oasis Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mats

Price: Low price tag.

Special features: Strong and durable design, Multiple color variations.

Size: 20 X 32 inches.

Feet need good pampering especially after a long day of walking, and the Oasis anti fatigue kitchen mat understands that. It is nicely constructed with natural and non-toxic materials that makes it solid and healthy to the user, children and pets. It feels good and comfortable walking and standing on it and is very strong that the manufacturer dares you to dance on it.

The other thing that users will love with this anti fatigue mat is its ease of cleaning which can be done by simply wiping with dump clothes or towel.

Pros and Cons

  • It has a good quality construction that makes it durable.
  • The mat is smooth and feels comfy.
  • Some people dont like that it easily slides on the floor.

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Amcomfy Best Standing Mat For Hardwood Kitchen Floors

Wait a sec, first of all, look at the beautifully embossed flower upon this mat! Oh, something a style-lover would definitely fall for!

I saw such a mat being placed at my aunts clinic and didnt find it to be much of a calmer while standing upon it. Maybe because it was a dupe? According to the customers comments, many dupes of this mat have been produced in the market hence making it challenging to identify the real one.

Talking about the original Amcomfy anti fatigue kitchen mat, I can mark this one as my personal favorite. It encourages a good posture and has special pressure points on foot to focus upon.

The mat is durable and can be used for up to 2 years if cleaned and maintained with care.

The edges are not perfectly beveled but can somehow serve to be slip and trip resistant. There are plenty of designs and colors available for this one. Also, you could choose from a medium to a large size, but with the default thickness of ¾ inches. No doubt, it is one of the top choice kitchen mats for hardwood floors.

Newlife Best Standing Mat For Kitchen

Costco Shopping Novaform Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Ergo-foam technology has been introduced in this best anti fatigue kitchen mat. Ergo foam mats are environmentally friendly. Such mats do not produce bad odors even after long periods of usage.

It features a standard ¾ inches thickness, and this mat has got a rough bottom, which lets it stay on its place even when placed on slippery tiled floors.

Available in multiple designs and patterns, serving women and men of all ages and choices! The sizes have got a great variety too and range up to 180 inches long.

Their excellent construction makes them more durable as compared to the standard anti-fatigue mats. In addition to that, the attractive patterns and foaming technology are the most compelling features of this mat.

It is also stain-resistant, so dont worry if you accidentally spill something over it you can easily cloth-clean or vacuum- clean it!

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Thickness Density & Elements Of Anti

A dense rubber mat is less tiring than a soft mat and will provide better support. But there’s more to consider when it comes to density, and a well-designed anti-fatigue mat will be engineered based on key elements that are known to alleviate foot fatigue. Adding a vinyl cover to a foam construction may be fine for a comfy feel, but when you want to reduce foot fatigue, it’s just not enough.

A foam mat that is too soft may look and feel nice at first step, but you will constantly be balancing on the mat, similar to walking on sand. That can be extremely fatiguing in the long run. This balancing act also improperly shifts the weight, and that can lead to misalignment health issues. For chefs who spend hours cooking or baking, this type is too light to provide a good cushioning.

Mats that are at least 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch or closer to 1 inch thick would be best, but not too high to create a tripping hazard. The best mats will also have a tapered edge to prevent tripping hazards and the wider the taper, the better. According to SmartCells U.S.A., their “SmartCells anti-fatigue technology is based on valid, time-tested research, not emotional market-tested buzzwords.”

The bottom line: If you’ve already experienced foot, knee or back pain and you stand for hours, a lightweight mat will probably be inadequate. Go for an industrial grade mat with essential features to reduce foot strain, such as a SmartCells mat.

How To Clean Your Anti

Depending on the type of mat you buy, there are different cleaning methods. Most mats that are made of rubber with a gel or foam core can be swept and mopped just like any other kind of flooring. Some types of rubber mats can be taken outside and washed with a hose. Other types, such as the Nevermove mat by Gelpro are machine-washable.

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Most Stylish Kitchen Mat

Essentially the statement rug of anti-fatigue kitchen mats, this option from the creators of Little Nomad is as comfy as it is stylish. Made in the USA from thick and squishy polyurethane foam with a printed top, the mat is available in several sizes and colors. The only downside is that it’s fussy to clean power vacuums are not recommended, which means it’s not ideal for households with pets.

Shop Now: Nama Standing Mat, $79,

Also Great: Imprint Cumuluspro

GelPro Classic Anti

At a quick glance, the Imprint CumulusPRO Commercial Grade mat looks deceivingly like the other mats, but the experience on this mat is on another level.

Its also important to know that the manufacturer, Imprint, also has a non-commercial version of this mat called the CumulusPRO Professional, which we did not test. This anti-fatigue mat is the only one we tested thats sold as a commercial product. And for what its worth, all products from the Imprint brand are tested and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute and a partner of the American Chiropractic Association. This particular product comes at an extra cost, but the differences were easily spotted during testing.

Runner up: Imprint – CumulusPRO Commercial Grade

The Imprint – CumulusPRO is a commercial-grade mat that is denser and firmer than lesser-grade mats. It remains securely in place, and its beveled edges help prevent tripping.

If you use this standing mat indoors and barefoot, youll immediately notice the difference in texture on this one. The CumulusPRO features a one-piece construction of polyurethane with a texture similar thats grippier, more like silicone or rubber than any of the other mats. The CumulusPRO Commercial mat simply feels more premium than any that we tested.

Key takeaways:

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Considerations For Purchasing Anti

Although purchasing an anti-fatigue kitchen mat is about to make your life so much easier, finding the best anti-fatigue mat can be downright difficult. Fortunately, we have composed a list of the most important features to consider when looking for the perfect mat:

  • Size: The size of your ideal anti-fatigue mat will correspond directly with your work area. The biggest mistake is when people assume that their workspace is smaller than it actually is for instance, you may purchase a small mat for washing dishes but in reality, you spend most of your time on the second counter prepping meals. In this scenario, it would be wise to invest in a larger mat to cover the whole kitchen space.
  • Shape: The shape of your mat can be equally as important as size. You can find anti-fatigue mats in rectangular, runner-style, or semi-circle. If you are moving back and forth between workspaces, runner-style mats might work the best for you.
  • Materials: Anti-fatigue mats are made with a wide array of materials, each offering unique advantages for your body and your safety. The best materials are memory foam, rubber, PVC, and hard rubber. The most comfortable materials are foam and rubber, although they are not as durable as hard rubber. Hard rubber is not as exceptional at offering anti-fatigue benefits, however, it is a safer alternative, especially for high-traffic professional kitchen settings.

A Simple Option In Sizes Up To Nine Feet Long

Bed Bath & Beyond

You can cover more ground with the GelPro Elite Comfort Kitchen Mat, which comes in a variety of sizes, including an extra-large 9-foot-long runner. It features a 3/4-inch design that combines a soothing gel layer with energy-return foam, creating a standing surface that contours to your feet and reduces fatigue and discomfort. There are a few plain colors to choose from, including tan, brown and dark blue, and the product is backed by a five-year warranty.

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Oasis Non Toxic Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Commercial grade thickness and superior quality material composition are what these mats are known for!

You may not be much impressed with the styling or design. Still, the efforts are made to make them super durable, and long-lasting should be appreciated.

Their fine grain like texture gives a soothing feeling to the feet and hence specifically targets the pressure points of the feet. Comfort and stability have been equally provided too. These mats wont slip away from its place while you try to move away from them in a hurry.

Also, you can easily slide trolleys and kitchen machines having wheels over the mat, and they wont damage the edges. Thanks to the beveled edged and those too, provided at a slope!

Five staple standard colors are available that depict simplicity and decency. They are more suitable for the officers mess where heavily designed mats wont be preferred in or near the kitchen too.

These mats are stain-resistant and waterproof, with eco-friendly ergo foam induced technology. It is the right choice if you are looking for decent, long-lasting, and the best comfortable anti-fatigue mats for a kitchen.

How Do You Clean Anti

Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat video review by Maureen

Easily! You can vacuum debris using a rollerless setting as I do, or just sweep crumbs right off it. If its sticky or dirty, a few swipes with a damp towel or cloth usually takes care of it. You can let it air-dry after that. But its important to remember that they are not machine-washable. Putting them in the wash can degrade the material and break it down, as well as cause separation between material layers.

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Sanitary & Safety Issues

Regardless of whether you choose a mat simply based on light cushioning or heavy-duty use, if the mat is for your kitchen or bath area, for sanitary reasons it must be washable. Kitchen mats can harbor food bacteria and bathroom mats are prone to germs and should be cleaned regularly.

An anti-fatigue mat with a grid or highly pebbled surface is great for industrial use where it can be hosed down but might be hard to keep clean in the kitchen. When a mat’s top layer becomes cracked or peels, cleaning becomes ineffective, and the mat should be replaced. Read the product information and for health reasons, make sure you can wash or sanitize it.

To avoid tripping hazards, choose a mat with tapered edges that do not hinder the transition from floor to mat. And balancing on a soft foam mat can also pose a falling hazard to those with stability issues such as seniors.

Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat Cleaning Tips

Thats all. Your mat is now clean and dry, awaiting the next period of use, but there are a few things you need to know about cleaning these mats. These tips will help you do a thorough job without too much effort or being harsh on your mat.

  • 1Always use warm water and a detergent to help dissolve grease and oil. The water should however not exceed 140F to avoid degrading the mat.
  • 2Prolonged exposure to the grease and oil can damage rubber mats especially. Ensure you clean the mat at least once a week.
  • 3Use a mild detergent on the mat. These mats often do not require aggressive cleaning procedures, and the entire cleaning process should not last more than 20 minutes.
  • 4Do not use chemicals with extreme pH values. These include bleach, acids, alkalis, and other alike solvents. As you already know anti-fatigue mats are made of somewhat delicate materials that degrade faster than imaginable upon exposure to strong chemicals.
  • 5Always sweep and clean the floor where the mat rests before returning the latter. This ensures your mat does not pick up dirt immediately after laying it. You may also sweep that area as often as dirt falls on it. This way, your mat will still be in a good state through the next usage period.
  • 6Never return the mat to the kitchen before it is completely dry unless you want a repeat job after a day or two.
  • 7Never wash anti-fatigue mats in a washing machine. Otherwise, the mat will wear out prematurely.
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    Best Industrial Kitchen Mat

    Made from commercial-grade foam, the Sky Solutions Kitchen Rug promises to reduce stress on your muscles, knees, and joints by 32 percent. Easy to clean and available in various colors, the mat features anti-curl edges to prevent tripping. It’s no wonder it’s a favorite in restaurants.

    Shop Now: Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat, $37.95,

    Reduces Fatigue And Promotes Better Health


    Employees need to be standing when working in a commercial kitchen. I know you can already imagine the fatigue, joint pains, headaches, problems with pregnancy, and a possible risk of varicose veins and other circulatory system complications.

    Luckily, research has shown that anti-fatigue mats reduce strain levels by up to 50%. Standing, and moving around the mat allows the proper circulation of blood throughout the limbs.

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