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Newlife By Gelpro Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat

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Newlife Designer Comfort Mat

Eco-Pro GelPro NewLife Anti-Fatigue Safety Mat Black Matt Texture 20in.L x 32in.W x 3/4in.H Model#

The light-duty Designer Comfort Mat by NewLife offers stylish comfort and support at a great value. The comfort mat features an attractive top fabric over a ¾ inch thick high-density foam core. This durable, ergonomic comfort mat provides support and soothing relief to your legs, back and feet. Use this comfort floor mat anywhere with hard flooring: the kitchen, laundry, garage or other workspace.

Firmness: Firm And Thick

This mat is certainly firmer than others weve tested, but it offers uncompromising support with nearly an inch of thickness. We tested the mat both barefoot and with shoes and found that it was incredibly comfortable either way. Your feet stay suspended and dont sink to the floor, even after hours of use.

Your feet stay suspended and dont sink to the floor, even after hours of use.

Price: The Luxury Option

The GelPro is priced between $71.99 and $229.99 depending on the size you go with. Its certainly costly compared to others on the market, but its a reasonable price given the quality of the product. The firm cushion provides immeasurable support and instant comfortso your knees and feet will thank you.

It offers uncompromising support with nearly an inch of thickness.

We explored cheaper options, and while some were comparable, others had fatal flaws. If you do opt for a less-expensive anti-fatigue mat, beware that its lifespan will likely be much shorter. In fact, the GelPro Mat is the only one we tested that comes with a warranty . So if you spend a great deal of time standing, we suggest investing in this mat.

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Gelpro Newlife Designer Comfort Leather Grain Anti

Newlife by GelPro Designer Comfort Anti

Reduce fatigue in your feet, knees and back while standing with this GelPro anti-fatigue mat. Its nontoxic and durable design makes it ideal for kitchens, utility rooms, garages and more, while the leather grain pattern offers a stylish touch.

  • Waterproof and stain-resistant polyurethane is ideal for kitchens, utility rooms and more.
  • Ergo foam cushioning helps stave off fatigue and discomfort as you stand on hard floors.
  • Nonslip bottom keeps the mat in place. Beveled edges are designed to help prevent the edges from curling up which can result in trips.
  • Easy-to-clean design lets you maintain your mat for long-lasting use.
  • Ergo foam is 3/4″ thick for reliable cushioning.

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What People Are Saying About It

Bottom line, the GelPro NewLife Comfort Mat is a cut above the rest. It comes at a reasonable price while still offering a host of features that will improve your working life. The form is supportive enough to prevent your feet from feeling any aches and pains when standing too long while also encouring minute movements to improve blood circulation throughout the day.

If youre looking for an anti-fatigue mat that provides firm support, the GelPro NewLife Mat is for you. We found that it was able to relieve aches and pains even after hours of standing. The higher price point reflects the top-tier construction, so rest easy knowing your investment will last longer than a few months.The SpruceReviewer

What Is The Purpose Of Anti

The role of anti-fatigue mats is to relieve you of pain produced by standing on hard surfaces in one position for long periods. Standing in the same position for extended time will shrink and immobilize your leg muscles, restricting blood flow and causing pain.

Extended standing causes pain, but that is not all. It will often also make you lethargic. Your body loses energy because the heart works harder to pump blood through shrunken muscles. One of the big advantages of anti-fatigue mats is that they widen your muscles and make them live again, stimulating normal blood flow and decreasing fatigue.

The final benefit of anti-fatigue mats is the potential savings. All the fatigue, joint stress and pain often lead directly to downtime, sick leave and decreased productivity. This downtime adds up.

Specifically when extended standing aggravates other injuries. Like any preventative measure, you may never know exactly how much money is saved, but studies of workplaces where workers who spend hours standing have shown a decreases of injuries and sick leave of as much as 30%-40%.

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What Should You Look For When Choosing An Anti

During your search for the right anti-fatigue mat, you may be daunted by the choices available to you. The standing mats you will find come numerous sizes, colors and varying quality of construction. Many mats on the market are sold as anti-fatigue, but dont back it up with results. Dont be cheated. Before you go to buy an anti-fatigue mat, answer the following questions:

How Long Should Your Mat Last

GelPro NewLife Eco-Pro Anti-Fatigue Work Mat

Durability is significantly affected by the mats material and construction. The life cycle of anti-fatigue mats varies from a few months to a few years. The losing of foam cells during the time may not be visible right away but will eventually lead to the mat bottoming out.

As time passes, the mats edges will become damaged. This happens faster with mats made of low-quality foam. This can be dangerous, so you should be inspecting your mat every six months to a year, given daily use.

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Newlife By Gelpro Designer Comfort Mat 20×32

Hand Wash Wipe clean using a damp cloth with mild soap and water
Item dimensions L x W x H 81.3 x 50.8 x 1.3 centimeters
  • Affordably priced quality, anti-fatigue comfort floor mats
  • Ergo-Foam core is 3/4-Inch thick to provide comfort and support for your-Feet , legs and back
  • Beveled edge to prevent trips
  • Durable and stain resistant
  • Proudly made in the USA

Comfort And Support At A Great Value

The NEWLIFE Designer Comfort Mat by GELPRO is ideal for use in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, craft room and at stand-up desks. The Designer Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mat feels slightly firmer than our other mats yet still provides an outstanding solution to standing on hard floors. Featuring an Ergo-Foam core with a polyurethane material top surface, this light-duty foam kitchen mat provides a perfect blend of comfort and support at a great value.

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Commercial Grade Comfort That Restores Energy

A favorite combination of proper support and deep-cushioned comfort, NewLifes ¾” thick polyurethane comfort foam never bottoms out or loses its bounce. This premium polyurethane foam mat makes up for its simple appearance by providing long-lasting, professional grade comfort and durability. With its unique pushback support, NewLife Professional Grade Comfort Mats actually restore energy so you can stand for longer periods of time without experiencing discomfort or fatigue. NewLife Comfort Foam Mats are a perfect choice for high-traffic areas such as the garage, kitchen and home office.

NewLife® Professional Grade Product Features

  • ¾” thick for maximum comfort and support
  • Heavy-duty, one-piece construction wont delaminate like imported copycats
  • Safe and non-toxic, contains no plasticizers and will not leach over time
  • Durable brushed texture surface is puncture and abrasion-resistant
  • Stain and chemical resistant
  • No-curl, beveled edges that reduce tripping potential
  • Non-slip bottom certified by the National Floor Safety Institute
  • 10-year best-in-class warranty

Design: Tons Of Options

NewLife by GelPro Anti

The GelPro Bio-Foam Mat is available in three different colors and five different sizes, allowing you a great deal of customization. We ordered the mat in the 24 x 36-inch size, which worked well in our home office. If thats not quite the size you need, though, the mat is also available in 20 x 32, 20 x 48, 20 x 72, and 36 x 60 inches.

In terms of colors, you have a choice between Midnight, Stone, and Earth . We went with the classic black iteration. One note here, which well address later as wellthis mat is particularly sticky, meaning it can attract more dirt and dust than some of its competitors. If youre worried about the mat showing wear, you may want to opt for the brown or gray option as both are more effective in camouflaging dirt and dust.

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Is The Mat Easy To Clean

Mats consist of foam. Rough surfaces or mats with perforated textures are often susceptible to collecting dust and dirt, or being adversely affected by humidity. That makes for unhygienic and/or unpresentable conditions.

In kitchens or other areas where food is prepared, food particles can become trapped in the foam. This creates ideal conditions for bacteria propagation and can be almost impossible to clean.

About The Gelpro Newlife Anti

32 inches x 20 inches
Product Weight 3.8 lbs.

There are so many benefits to gain from a good, comfortable mat, no matter how simple they may look on the surface. With GelPros NewLife mat, you are breathing new life into your workspace, kitchen, laundry room, and other spaces that require long hours of standing up.

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Newlife By Gelpro Designer Comfort Mat 20 By 32

Non-Slip Bottom, Beveled, Stain Resistant
Hand Wash Wipe clean using a damp cloth with mild soap and water
Item dimensions L x W x H 50.8 x 81.3 x 1.9 centimeters
  • The Designer Comfort mat features a 3/4-Inch light-duty foam which reduces stress, fatigue and discomfort
  • Provides stylish comfort at an affordable price
  • Easy-to-clean, water and stain-resistant surface
  • Features a non-slip bottom and beveled edges
  • Proudly made in the USA with imported fabric and backed by a 1-year warranty

How To Choose The Right Anti

Eco-Pro GelPro NewLife Anti-Fatigue Safety Mat Black Matt Texture 20in.L x 72in.W x 3/4in.H Model#

Here are some significant factors you should consider while buying an anti-fatigue kitchen mat.

  • Thickness: A thicker mat is generally comfortable to stand on, but it could also be slippery on the floor. Look at your options and buy a mat with an optimum amount of thickness.
  • Size: Estimate the area of standing space before you buy a mat. If space is less, go for a small mat, and if you want to cover a larger area, choose a large mat.
  • Materials: Rubber mats efficiently help in getting rid of stress on your feet and back. Premium quality PVC is also great material. Look for a thick cushioned foam that is soft enough to stand on and feel relaxed.
  • Design: If you are looking for a kitchen mat that can fit with the decor and add to the aesthetics, pay attention to the design. Also, look for features such as anti-slip backing for enhanced safety.
  • Ease of cleaning: Its common to spill something on your mat while cooking a meal. Opt for a waterproof and oil-resistant mat, as it can be cleaned easily using a damp cloth or a sponge.
  • Eco-friendly: If you have kids and pets at home, be particular to buy a mat that is safe enough to use around them. It should be free from toxins and chemicals.
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    Add Comfort With Style To Your Home

    Our NEWLIFE Designer Comfort Mat by GELPRO features a ¾” thick cushion of Ergo-Foam for relieving discomfort, fatigue and pressure while you stand on hard flooring. Protect your feet, knees and back while you cook, clean or work with these comfort floor mats featuring energy-return polyurethane foam that wonât bottom out like cheap, imported mats. With beveled edges for added safety, a stain-resistant, non-toxic polyurethane top surface and a slip-resistant bottom, the Designer Comfort Floor Mat delivers a perfect blend of GelPro performance and quality at an exceptional value.

    Newlife By Gelpro Anti

  • Where to Buy the NewLife by GelPro Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • At this point, its common knowledge that sitting for long hours at a time will cause undue stress on our bodies. Its not exactly a comfortable position. Because of this, many professionals and ergonomics experts have introduced a new way to work: the sit-to-stand position. Thats where products like the NewLife by GelPro Anti-Fatigue Mat come in. While your height-adjustable workstation allows you to alternate working positions, the mat will keep you protected from aches and pains in your lower extremities.

    Standing desk mats serve as another layer of cushion between our feet and the hardness of a floor surface. Some mats can be used with shoes on, while others are made only for bare feet or socks. Whatever your needs may be, theres sure to be a standing mat for you. These mats come in different shapes, sizes, and hues to suit each and every individual. Just make sure youre getting a quality one.

    If youre looking for a mat to add to your home or office, the NewLife by GelPro Anti-Fatigue Mat is a good place to start. Its versatile, comforting, and reduces the risk of any serious injury from standing too long. Paired with the right standing desk or standing desk converter, this mat might be the final puzzle piece to complete your ergonomic workstation.

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    Competition: A Cut Above The Rest

    Among the GelPros competitors is Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Sky Mat and . The first is also outfitted with a non-slip bottom and offers an extremely supportive cushion, though its much softer than the GelPro. If youre on a budget, youll want to check out the latter which is also firm but retails for just $30. Some reviewers noted issues with durability, but we didnt experience that during testing.

    Yes, buy it.

    If youre looking for an anti-fatigue mat that provides firm support, the GelPro NewLife Mat is for you. We found that it was able to relieve aches and pains even after hours of standing. The higher price point reflects the top-tier construction, so rest easy knowing your investment will last longer than a few months.

    How Responsive Should Your Mat Be

    NewLife by GelPro Anti

    If you have your own company and want to improve working conditions for your employees by supplying them an anti-fatigue mat, pay attention to mat responsiveness.

    Mat responsiveness means that the mat returns to its original form when you move from it. If its responsiveness is slow, that means its probably too elastic for the weight put upon it. Unresponsive mats will cause additional fatigue because the employee has to make additional effort to maintain their stability. On the other hand, a good, responsive mat should allow you to lightly and stably walk across or stand on it.

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    Does The Mat Shift As You Use It

    It would be great to have always clean floors because it is one of the best ways to prevent your mat from sliding. Unfortunately, that isnt always the case. An important point to consider when choosing the right anti-fatigue mat is the material it is constructed from.

    There are kinds of foam that break down very easy and can create a slippery layer of fine dust between the mat and the floor, leading to mat sliding. This isnt always noticeable at first because the top layer stays almost the same.

    Best Flat Mat With Great Cushioning: Imprint Commercial Coutre Strata

    The small team at Imprint Comfort Mats has been making mats since 2006. They exclusively focus on anti-fatigue mats and make every effort to produce a quality product that delivers outstanding results.

    They have many mat designs but the Couture Strata has the best balance of form and function.

    The Couture Strata series has their proprietary Cushion-Core technology present in their commercial models. The multiple cores in these mats are much more effective at distributing weight than full-foam mats.

    The top layer is made of a softer foam thats more comfortable for your feet. Its followed by a more compact and denser layer that provides support. The bottom layer is of durable foam with high traction that prevents the mat from moving around. The end result is a mat that conforms to your feet and reduces fatigue and overall discomfort from standing by up to 60%.

    A beveled no-trip edge is practically mandatory in any quality mat, and this one doesnt disappoint in that sense. The edges are specially formulated from polyurethane foam to never deform and curl up, and the mat will never compress under normal use.

    Couture Strata mats are tested and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute as safe against tripping and slipping. Furthermore, Imprint is partnered with the American Chiropractic Association to design mats that provide real relief and support.


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    Give Your Legs Newlife

    From the makers of GelPro comes the Bio-Foam, NewLife Professional Grade Comfort mats. Newlifeâs solid, one-piece polyurethane, high-density foam never bottoms out or loses its bounce. The mat stands up to the tough demands of heavy household traffic while delivering strong support and a slightly firmer level of comfort.

    Why Trust Momjunction

    Eco-Pro by GelPro Continuous Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mat for Commercial and Garage Use Black 36in.L x

    Sakshi John is a skilled writer with a keen interest in reviewing quality furniture and kitchen items. She brings you this curated list of the best anti-fatigue mats that can help relieve stress on your calf muscles. The mats she has chosen are non-slip and stain-resistant, making them suitable for use in the kitchen. Furthermore, Sakshi also tells you the factors you should consider when choosing the right mat.

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