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Extreme Fatigue When It Rains

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How Does Low Barometric Pressure Affect The Body

Heavy rain causes floods, landslides in parts of Maharashtra | Monsoon update | Latest English News

Just like changing barometric pressure affects the weather, it can also affect your body. Take our sinuses, for example. Our body including its sinuses, which are filled by air is constantly pushing out against the atmospheric pressure thats pushing down on your body.

When the atmospheric pressure changes, the pressure in our sinuses is no longer in equilibrium with the pressure on the outside of our bodies and can cause sinus headaches, a situation made worse if you have issues like congestion, allergies, a sinus infection, or other sinus problems.

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Changes in pressure may also affect the constriction of our veins , the amount of oxygen in your body, and more.

Understand The Latest News On Climate Change

A road map and a warning.Limiting the devastation from climate change wont be easy, but it also isnt impossible if countries act now, according to a major U.N. report. However, the report warned that the margin for error is vanishingly small and that nations are not yet doing nearly enough.

Deadly combination.Global warming is greatly increasing the risk that extreme wildfires in the American West will be followed by heavy rainfall, a new study has found, highlighting the need to be prepared for mudslides and flash floods after the flames from severe blazes are out.

Ice shelf collapses.For the first time since satellites began observing Antarctica nearly half a century ago, an ice shelf has collapsed on the eastern part of the continent. The 450-square-mile ice shelf was located in an area known as Wilkes Land the loss occurred in mid-March.

A massive leak.Startlingly large amounts of methane are leaking from wells and pipelines in New Mexicos Permian Basin, according to a new analysis of aerial data, suggesting that the oil and gas industry may be contributing more to climate change than was previously known.

Australias Great Barrier Reef.A wide stretch of the Great Barrier Reef has been hit by a sixth mass bleaching event, an alarming indicator that the area is under intense stress from the waters around them, which have been growing steadily warmer as a result of climate change..

Rain Will Make You Fall Asleep Quicker Here’s Why

Why is it so easy to fall asleep when its raining? Theres just something nice about being in your house when its pouring outside. And even nicer when youre under layers of blanket, cozy on the couch or drifting off to sleep.

Although, its less nice when youve got work to do. Indoor or outdoors, rain seems to make it harder to concentrate on the task at hand, sapping energy and productivity. Why is this?

Lets have a look at some of the science behind rain and sleep so that you can better understand whats happening to your mind and body next time it drizzles.

The atoms in the air

On a rainy day, the air is at a lower pressure and is filled with water vapour . These two factors actually lower the overall oxygen levels in the air, making our brains a little more tired.

Raining also causes an increase of negative ions in the air negatively charged particles that come about because of lightning and the friction between the rain and the air. These ions can significantly improve the nervous, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems, helping people feel more comfortable and relaxed. Helpful when you want to sleep, but not when youre trying to focus on work.

The sound of rain

The rhythmic, quiet sound of rain can be a remarkably good lullaby for people who are trying to sleep. Some studies have shown that the sound of rain actually causes the brain to relax unconsciously, pushing it towards a state of sleepiness.

Naturally, this is not the case when its thundering.

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The Best Tips To Stay Alert While Driving

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Road trips can be monotonous, especially interstate travel where there are many miles between exits. Reduce fatigue on long or short trips when stopping is not an option. Long-distance trips are fun when the family is on vacation, but hours behind the wheel can take a toll on the driver. Business professionals face similar problems when traveling from town to town. Road trips can be monotonous and exhausting, but its not always convenient to stop and rest.

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Why Do I Like Cloudy Days

Extremes  Lindsay Cameron Wilson

Another reason could be a person’s personality. Studies have shown that introverts or people with quiet personalities prefer cloudy days to sunny days, and extroverts, who prefer outdoor hobbies such as skateboarding or hiking, like sunny days. … Cloudy days help us think more clearly and improve our focus.

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Why Do I Feel So Tired In The Spring

When the days become longer in springtime, the body readjusts its hormone levels, and more endorphin, testosterone, and estrogen are released. This changeover puts a heavy strain on the body, which responds with a feeling of tiredness. In addition, temperatures usually fluctuate greatly in springtime.

Barometric Pressure And Blood Pressure

Changes in the barometric pressure also have a significant impact on your blood pressure. Your heart is a part of your circulatory mechanism, and it works like a pump. Meanwhile, your veins and arteries act as pipes which transport blood and oxygen all over your body. Your blood pressure also influences the strength and rate of your heart beats and the state of your blood vessels.

When the weather is cold, your blood vessels constrict. This makes it harder for the blood to circulate through them, and increases your blood pressure. So a quick weather change may also lead to spikes in your blood pressure. This is even more so for persons who are 65 years and older.

Persons who struggle with Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome often suffer from lower blood pressure. They may experience symptoms such as dizziness, and a sensation of feeling lightheaded or faint. It is important to note that changes in weather can further worsen these symptoms.

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Why Does The Rain Make You Sleepy

Believe it or not, there are some pretty fascinating scientific reasons behind why rainy days seem like the perfect time to catch up on our sleep. According to Verlo, this unusual sleepy feeling is partially linked to our own biological clocks and circadian rhythm. At the same time, our emotional state, the sound of the rain, the degree of humidity, and the lack of ultraviolet light can all contribute to the phenomenon.

The 10 Most Important Strategies I Used To Beat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Part 1

Severe Flood Warning for East Australia | Floods trigger evacuation warning | International News

October 29, 2018 By John

I did it! I beat CFS! After suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 28 years, I believe Im finally healed. I know, I should be a little cautious about saying that because when a person with CFS starts feeling better, the crushing fatigue usually rushes right back upon them.

However, for a year now, I havent experienced the debilitating fatigue peculiar to CFS, and I havent suffered from any of the many symptoms associated with it. During the last year, Ive strength trained 5 days a week, power walked most days, engaged in some high-intensity training, and moved my family to another state while experiencing no downtime because of fatigue.

Yes, I think that qualifies as being finally healed from CFS. But, again, I have to be careful.

A review of 14 studies found that only 5% of people diagnosed with CFS ever fully recover. That means that even though I feel great, I have to continue to be disciplined to adhere to all the strategies that got me this far.

In this post and the next, Id like to highlight for you the 10 most important strategies I used to beat this debilitating disease.

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You Don’t Sleep As Well

A study by the University of Rochester Sleep Laboratory in New York showed that on rainy nights you don’t get as good a night’s sleep. Meaning cloudy, rainy nights are not as restful. And when you can’t sleep as soundly or as long, you wake up exhausted and rundown. Then throughout the day you’re just plain exhausted.

Check Your Medication For Side Effects

Sometimes fatigue is a side effect of certain medication. Check to see if fatigue is listed as a side effect on any of your medications. If so, talk to your doctor. They may be able to switch medications, or offer other ways to improve fatigue.

Even if youre fairly certain your medication is contributing to your fatigue, always talk with your doctor before making any medication changes.

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Why Cloudy Days Make You Feel Sleepy

Do you find yourself reaching for an extra cup of coffee when the weather is gloomy? There’s a reason for that!

What You Need To Know

  • Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate our sleep
  • Our brains secrete melatonin when it’s dark
  • More melatonin is produced on a cloudier day than a sunny day

I work the morning shift, so I often take a melatonin tablet before bed to help me fall and stay asleep. A cloudy day works similarly to the supplement.

Melatonin is a hormone the body produces to help regulate the wake-sleep cycle. The more melatonin your body produces, the more tired you will be.

This sleep hormone is secreted in the dark or when the light is low. When the sun rises in the morning, the light suppresses melatonin production and wakes us up.

If it’s cloudy in the morning, you may find yourself sleeping in later than usual because the melatonin production is higher. This is why cloudy days often make you feel sleepier compared to when it’s sunny.

A Lack Of Information

Withstanding the rains

When I developed CFS in 1986, there was no such thing as the internet. That meant that we had little access to important medical information. Unless you had access to a medical library, it was virtually impossible to find information on CFS.

So, for the first 20 years of having CFS, mainstream medicine couldnt help me at all. The best I could do was to reduce my fatigue by relying on trial and error. In other words, I learned which activities caused me the most fatigue, and I tried not to do them.

After about 20 years living with the disease, I regained about 20% of my former energy level. This allowed me to function at about 60% of normal. Some days I did reach 80%. But that generally lasted for only a short time. And even when I was at 80%, some aspect of the disease was always with me whether it was muscle aches, IBS, or headaches.

However, there would also be days when I would regress to about 40% of my energy levels. This could last for weeks at a time. For 20 years, I can honestly say that I didnt have one single day where I felt perfectly healthy. I was beginning to forget what it was like to feel good.

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Road Hypnosis And Micro

In addition to lack of sleep, fatigue may be caused by fog, rain, snow, driving in a queue, long driving stretches and monotonous driving.

Driving alone is dull and causes a decrease in alertness. In a stimulation-free environment, thoughts are prone to wander. Wandering thoughts are referred to as road hypnosis when the driver is not able to recall what happened when driving. It is normal for thoughts to shift from one thing to another, up to 35% of the driving time. In combination with declined alertness, losing focus may, however, cause a risk that things that are important to safety are not noticed.

Another typical and more dangerous phenomenon with decreased alertness is micro-sleep. Tired, the driver falls asleep for a duration anywhere from a few seconds up to one minute, during which they do not take into account what is happening around them. It is also difficult for them to notice that this is happening. In other words, a tired driver who struggles and remains driving has probably already driven beyond their functional capacity without noticing.

In a Finnish Road Safety Council survey from 2008 , almost two-thirds of those who fell asleep behind the wheel had been in the car alone. Being accompanied by another person is often a factor that prevents the driver from falling asleep. The presence of passengers in the vehicle may also have a negative effect, as young men are vulnerable to pressure from friends to continue driving despite tiredness.

Do Allergies Get Worse When It Rains

Dr. Pien says yes, allergies can get much worse when it rains. This is due to changes in the amount of pollen in the air. She adds that some studies have even shown that pollen grains can rupture or burst, and then be inhaled by people with allergies and asthma.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, grass and weed pollen is higher when it rains. When raindrops hit the ground and break up clumps of pollen into smaller particles, those particles quickly spread out. This then leads to a sudden increase in allergy and allergic asthma symptoms during rain showers. This occurs frequently during heavy downpours.

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Why Rain Makes Me Sleepy

There are two types of people. Those that feel a spike in productivity once it starts pouring outside, and those other ones, that feel tired and sleepy to the point they need to lay down and succumb to the lullaby of the rain. That is not necessarily bad, but if youre in the middle of something and the sound of rain makes you doze off, theres something you need to do about it.

Many people would be surprised to know that theres the whole scientific explanation behind our behavior to get sleepy once it starts raining outside. In this article, you can learn more about why rain makes you sleepier, but also how to learn to control this hormonal rush and feel more productive to finish your daily tasks.

For different people, rain can spark different feelings. Some people feel more sleepy, some have difficulties waking up in the morning. However, some people get a spike and supercharge of productivity which helps them finish doing their daily tasks and search for more things to be done. Then again, in some people, rain can spark nervousness.

According to, scientific research found that nice weather can make some individuals feel less productive and even a little lost. Thats because the nice weather will have people rather think about the places they could visit and what they could do instead of what theyre doing.

Higher serotonin also means that were more active and willing to take the initiative in completing our daily tasks.

Lack Of Natural Light Spikes Melatonin Production

Remnants of cyclone Shaheen triggers heavy rains in Yemen, causes flash floods | WION English News

One of the key reasons why rain makes you feel groggy and drowsy is because your chemical composition changes, as we mentioned below. What happens before it rains? Rain doesnt happen in just a moment.

From clear blue sky heavy cloud mass accumulates above the day and night sky, which significantly dims the ambient light. The clouds keep building up, and it keeps getting darker. If its a thunderstorm incoming, the outsides maybe even darker.

When the natural light is dimmed, our pineal gland produces melatonin. Melatonin, as mentioned earlier, is a hormone that tells our brain and our body that its time to get some shut-eye and get some quality and restful sleep. Its also a hormone that controls our circadian rhythm, also known as our biological clock.

When the sky is dimmed, you may feel like theres a spike in melatonin production, which will make you tired and sleepy, and eventually, youll want to ditch everything youre doing just to get some rest.

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Adjust Computers And Phones

Set your screen so it is just bright enough. The contrast should be comfortable for reading. When working at a computer, sit an arm’s length from the screen.

Adjust the font size on your phone or computer. A font that is too small can be hard to see. A large font takes up too much space on the screen, making it hard to read large documents. Use a clear, easy-to-read font.

Fatigue Accidents Occur During Free Time And Working Hours

The purpose of the journey is connected to falling asleep while driving. Fatigue accidents occur more during leisure and work-related trips than during shopping and other trips. Shopping trips are generally shorter than other trips and are not done late at night.

When awake, employees are better equipped to work more safely and do more productive work. Therefore, it may be profitable for an employer to invest in measures to increase the alertness of its employees. An accident, if one happens, will have both financial and human costs. In general, it has been found that workers exposure to accidents increases with fatigue. It has also been found that working while tired reduces performance and thus causes inefficiency.

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Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome

Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome is a group of symptoms that occur when your blood doesn’t circulate properly, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. Doctors don’t totally understand the condition or why it happens, but they know that when a person with POTS stands upright, more blood collects in their lower body, causing the heart to beat faster to pump blood up to the brain.

Some people with POTS describe it as having sudden fatigue attacks, while others say it’s like having waves of sudden extreme fatigue and nausea or extreme fatigue “out of nowhere.” It can present differently depending on the person, but other symptoms might include:

  • Feeling lightheaded or dizzy when standing, or fainting
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Muscle cramps or muscle pain
  • Headaches
  • Feeling shaky
  • Sweating a lot

POTS tends to run in families, and there’s a link between POTS and having highly mobile joints , per Johns Hopkins Medicine. If you think you have it, see your doctor, who can run a test and make a diagnosis.

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