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How Does An Anti Fatigue Mat Work

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Reduce Fatigue And Injury Claims By Improving Work Conditions

Do Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats Work?

We’ve all felt it – foot, leg and back pain resulting from long days ofstanding and working. It is one of the most common causes of physicalfatigue in the workplace. In fact, apart from headaches, low backpain is the largest cause of pain and physician contact in the United States. So what’s being done to end the suffering?

Physical fatigue occurs when muscles are constricted and blood flow isreduced. Because the heart is forced to work harder to pump bloodthrough these constricted areas, the body runs out of energy. The resultis pain, discomfort and fatigue. Anti-fatigue mats work by encouraging subtlemovement of leg and calf muscles, which in turn, promotes an easier flow ofblood back to the heart. This is called”Dynamic Ergonomics” – the study of ensuring standing worker comfort by means ofmuscle activity.

The Growing Use For Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats have been relatively common in some factories and similar for many years, but their use is now increasing.

As mentioned, they are popular among university lecturers and teachers who have to stand for lengthy periods.

In a hotel, they are suitable for reception staff if they are stood behind the desk for hours, they can also be of value in a supermarket or shop, for instance for those in customer support.

One major growth area is also for those who have desks designed to be used whilst stood up. There are many benefits to not being sat down all day, but if sitting is merely replaced with static standing you might just be replacing one problem with another.

A standing desk with an anti-fatigue mat is, however, an excellent long term health improvement.

The mats are of use for anyone who finds they regularly stand on a hard floor for a period of two hours or more.

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Youre Still Gonna Want Some Comfy Shoes

Overland says research suggests the best way to eliminate pain is to use anti-fatigue mats in conjunction with other tactics, the first being to wear the right shoes. Its really important to have footwear that has supportive arches, support in the heel, and a cushioned bottom, he says. You want it to have an absorbing, thick sole. Using inserts even just ones you buy at the drugstore and athletic socks can also help, he adds.

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What Is An Anti Fatigue Mat

An anti fatigue mat is designed for use on a hard surface such as concrete or hardwood. They work by providing a softer, more supportive surface to stand on.

The construction of the mat reduces the impact of standing on a hard surface on your body.

Anti fatigue mats are usually made of rubber or vinyl. They will often be moulded to include special shapes or textures on the surface. They are designed to provide extra support and relief to workers on their feet all day.

V You Will Notice Changes A Few Days After Using The Mat

Standing Desks: Do you wear shoes on anti

been experiencing will ease instantly. In a few days of using it, you will be free of the backaches, the neck pain, the headaches etc. The mat might not work effectively in some cases if the mat is of low quality.

If the pains dont subside even after investing in a high quality mat, then there might be some underlying condition that should be checked by a doctor.

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It Stimulates Blood Circulation

While standing, your legs are kept straight and the blood flows better than if you were sitting with your knees constantly bent. If you additionally stand on an anti-fatigue floor mat, what happens is what we just described in the previous point.

Less pressure is put on your legs and less effort is needed to keep you standing. Thanks to this, your muscles and veins are relaxed. No more swollen, pulsing calves after long hours in the kitchen. With an anti-fatigue mat beneath your feet, these problems now belong to the past.

Should You Wear Shoes With Anti

Whether you wear shoes or not on an anti-fatigue mat is generally down to personal preference and the requirements of the area. There isnt an agreed consensus on whether being barefoot or wearing shoes on fatigue-reducing mats is better.

That said, footwear that inhibits your movement should be avoided.

The best shoes to wear include flat shoes, such as tennis shoes, runners, ballet flats or flip flops.

The types of shoes that should not be worn while standing on an anti-fatigue mat include high heels and shoes with rugged or sharp soles.

Yes, stilettos, Im talking about you!

Tip: Being barefoot can cause less wear and tear to the standing mat than wearing shoes.

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It Prevents All The Bodily Aches

Standing on a floor without an comfort mat can lead to a pain across whole your body from your feet to the top of your head. Aching soles, swollen ankles and calves, painful spine and neck All of these can come solely from the fact you were standing on a bare floor.

A comfortable anti-fatigue mat can prevent this pain by providing a soft yet solid support for your legs by doing so, it erases part of the pressure that is put on your legs and the back needs less strength to stabilize your body in a standing position. You will experience a great relief around your neck and joints that are now safe from going painfully stiff.

Best Budget: Featol Standing Desk Mat Foam Cushioned Anti Fatigue Mats Comfort Standing Pad

Anti Fatigue Mats Explained
  • Texture makes it little hard to clean

At 0.9 inches, this mat is the thickest one in the roundup, and it certainly shows with its cushy comfort that brings instant relief to your tired feet. The polyurethane foam material and ergonomic design make this an incredible value of a kitchen essential.

Whether you struggle with aching joints or simply want to feel like theres a cozy mattress under your feet while standing in the kitchen, this is the mat for you. Taking care of your cooking and cleaning tasks has never been more enjoyable with this affordable Featol pick.

Our Lab testers were impressed with how cushiony this mat felteven after hours of standing on it, they felt no fatigue or soreness. The thickness of the gel and memory foam construction held up, and testers highlighted how it felt like the foot almost sank or indented into the mat. Plus, the PU leather surface boasts a surprisingly durable quality for a low price, featuring water- and puncture-resistant abilities.

The Spruce Eats / Fred Hardy

Size: 20 x 32 inches | Weight: 5.14 pounds | Material: Foam | Colors: Black

Loved the thickness. Felt like the foot almost sank or indented in the mat.

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Decreased Risk Of Slipping

Slips and falls are common in workplaces and homes and happen if there are waters spills on the floor like when doing your dishes. Most anti-fatigue mats are designed with a non-slip material, usually featuring a ribbed surface. So when standing, there is less likelihood of tripping, slipping and falling.

How Will You Use Your Anti

Will the mat be used by just you in front of your computer in your home office? Or will it be placed in front of the kitchen sink or counter and used by everyone in the family? Or maybe it will be placed in front of a workbench in garage? Determining how the mat will be used on a day-to-day basis will help you when deciding on what you need in an anti-fatigue mat.

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Health Implications Of Standing All Day At Work

With so much of the UK population required to spend long periods of their work day on their feet, its inevitably causing some health issues.

One of the most common problems that arise is achy bodies from being stood upright for such long periods. This can put a strain on joints, and parts of the body and can lead to musculoskeletal disorders.

With so much emphasis on workers welfare and from a health and safety viewpoint, important steps should be taken to make the work day bearable.

One such step is to use anti fatigue mats and have them readily available at all times. It can make a day of standing up much less harsh on joints, muscles, and organs.

Where The Mat Will Be Used

Product Spotlight: Deckplate Connect Anti Fatigue Mats

The first factor to consider when looking for the anti-fatigue mat that will suit your workplace needs is where the mat will be used. NoTrax Mats are designed to function well in any setting.

Many of our mats incorporate REDSTOP technology which virtually eliminates all mat sliding on dry floors and MICROSTOP which inhibits the growth of microorganisms on the mats. They are certified by the National Floor Safety Institute which independently tests and certifies our products.

Nevertheless, there are mats that are specifically designed to meet the workplace needs of certain industries. Each industry has a work environment that is unique.

Some businesses, like manufacturing facilities and fulfillment centers, require more physical labor than others. To prevent injuries and pain, its a good idea to provide anti-fatigue mats for employees individual workstations and/or the assembly line. Determining the type of environment in which your anti-fatigue mat will live is an important step in the buying process.

NoTrax has anti-fatigue mats for many work environments. The most common of which are:

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Is It Better To Stand Barefoot Or With Shoes

According to a study which compared the effects of floor mats and shoe in-soles on fatigue while standing at an assembly line, it found that:

  • Shorter individuals who stood on a mat while wearing insoles felt greater discomfort in their lower back and upper leg.
  • Older workers who stood on a hard floor and on a floor mat experienced greater discomfort in their body joints.

In summary, no significant differences were observed in the discomfort and fatigue experienced when comparing floor mats with wearing shoe insoles.

What To Look For In Anti

When youre looking to make or purchase anti-fatigue mats, consider the following factors depending on wholl be using them and where theyll be used:


The size of the anti-fatigue mats determines the amount of legroom available.

Large mats provide ample space to move around and change positions. On the other hand, smaller ones restrict leg movement which can add muscle strain and discomfort.


Thin mats provide little support. Let your mat be more than half an inch thick.

However, too much thickness isnt great either. It may make the mat too soft to stand on. Three-fourths of an inch is the optimal thickness.


Although theyre just rugs to stand on, they dont have to plain or dull. Accentuate them with your home or office decor by adding bright colors or creating interesting patterns on them.

Moreover, appealing aesthetics increase visibility, thus reducing chances of tripping over them.

Comfort and support

The whole purpose of anti-fatigue rugs is to provide comfort and support to boost your productivity when standing.

If it fails to deliver support and comfort and instead contributes to muscle cramping, stay far away from it.

Ease of repositioning

A good anti-fatigue mat should be easy to move from one position to another.

This comes in handy when changing working areas. For instance, from using a standing desk to a sitting study table.


Safety is an important factor to consider while making or purchasing a mat.


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The Human Cost Of Standing In The Workplace

Standing for longer periods causes more than simple discomfortit has measurable health impacts. A study published in Rehabilitation Nursing reported that prolonged standing at work can lead to lower back and leg pain, cardiovascular problems, fatigue, discomfort and pregnancy-related health outcomes. Back pain was the most commonly reported issue, followed by neck and shoulder pain.

Similarly, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety says working in a standing position can cause sore feet, leg swelling, varicose veins, muscle fatigue, low back pain, stiffness in the neck and shoulders, and other health problems.

Keeping the body in an upright position requires considerable muscular effort, CCOHS says. Standing effectively reduces the blood supply to the loaded muscles. Insufficient blood flow accelerates the onset of fatigue and causes pain in the muscles of the legs, back and neck .

Need help with matting? Browse our interactive PPE tool.

Before You Consider Buying Some For Your Business Heres What You Need To Know

GelPro NewLife Eco-Pro Anti-Fatigue Work Mat

For people who spend a good portion of their days on their feet, anything that promises to relieve stress and discomfort is certainly welcome. And while there are a lot of products available, one item is starting to be used more often in businesses: anti-fatigue mats. But do they actually help? Heres some insight:

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New Study Confirms Benefits Of Anti

Two professors at Loughborough University, George Havenith and Lucy Dorman, conducted a study of anti-fatigue mats in a special laboratory created for the test. They published the results earlier this summer.

The study involved 14 participants who were instructed to arrive at the laboratory for the tests at the same time each day. They were asked to stand on a concrete floor or on anti-fatigue mats for 90-minute sessions over a 5-day period.

The researchers used a variety of methods to measure any pain, discomfort, tiredness and fatigue that might develop after standing for prolonged periods these included infrared thermal imaging, body temperature sensors placed on the participants, and infrared photographs. Participants also filled out a questionnaire after each session.

This is similar to other research conducted on this subject, says JoAnne Boston, business development manager for Crown Mats.

After evaluating the results, the researchers found that to the feet, legs and back of the study participants. The researchers also found it caused stiffness to the neck and shoulders.

Other studies have gone a step further and found that standing for periods longer than 90 minutes can result in even more serious conditions such as circulatory problems that can, in some cases, be irreversible, adds Boston.

The Science Behind Anti Fatigue Mats

A product that came up into the market, to give relief to daily workers by eliminating the stresses developed in their lower body due to continuous standing. This is how simply I would describe an anti-fatigue mat!

Commercially, an Anti-fatigue mat is composed of a PVC or rubber material that has got beveled edges with a capability to restrain human load.

With half an inch thickness, this product usually has got enough cushioning to encourage blood flow in the knees, neck, and lower back of your body. But how does it do it?

Top 10 Best Anti Fatigue Mats for Kitchen

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What Kind Of Anti

Anti-fatigue matting is available in many different thicknesses, finishes, and colors ranging from gelpro mats, to rubber mats, to polyurethane kitchen mats, to vinyl anti-fatigue mats. Ultimate Mats has been in the commercial matting industry since 2005 and we sell the highest quality top surface mats available. We work only with the commercial mat industry leaders to deliver the highest standards in anti-fatigue mats to our clients. As such, we are happy to assist you in deciding what kind of anti-fatigue mats will work best for your standing employees to create happy feet and happy employees. Here are some great anti-fatigue mat options we love:

Desk get fit mats. Standing desk mats or get fit mats are buzz-worthy in the office world right now. You may even know coworkers who have purchased them or requested their supervisor make a standing desk available. These mats, which are generally the size of a small doormat, are made for employees who are generally seated at a computer all day. Instead of being seated all day, the employee has the option to stand on the mat with an elevated computer desk a portion of their day. This can help prevent a seated employee from experiencing pain and discomfort associated with all-day seated work . Additionally, these mats are attractive to employees who sit the majority of their day as you will burn more calories standing than you will seated. This is why the mats have been dubbed get fit mats.

Risks Of Prolonged Standing Stanley Extendable Anti

To understand how Anti-Fatigue Matting works, it is important to know about the risks of standing in the workplace standing for extended periods of time bears some health risks as our circulatory system is put under pressure: The venous system, which moves blood throughout our body via our veins, is put under additional stress as the heart has to work harder and the pressure on the vein walls increases when we stand in a static position.

As a result, people who stand for prolonged periods of time have an increased risk of damaged joints, swelling of the legs, orthopaedic foot problems and venous disorders, including varicose veins. Back, hip and neck pain also commonly occur and diminished elasticity in the soft tissues can lead to rheumatic diseases.

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How Do I Select An Anti

There are many types of mats that are sold as “anti-fatigue” mats. When choosing a mat, consider the following:

  • Know the purpose of the mat. Anti-slip or other mats are not the same as anti-fatigue mats. Choose a mat that matches your needs best.
  • The thickness of the mat. Softer and thicker may not always be better. Choose a mat that provides some elasticity, but at the same time is not so soft that a person feels they cannot stand comfortably.
  • Know the environment the mat will be used in.
  • Mats should not slip, or create a trip hazard.
  • Mats should have sloped edges
  • Mats may need to be cleaned. In some areas, such as food preparation, being able to adequately clean the mats will be important.


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