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Iv Therapy For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients Report

NAD IV therapy experience to reverse aging and recover from chronic fatigue.

Many people have reported significant increases in energy and reduced symptoms following saline. One person with ME/CFS suffering a severe relapse after being given general anesthesia for an operation reported being revived 5 weeks later after being given saline solution.

Another reported ME/CFS patient reported saline helped her recovery from surgery greatly

I recently had major surgery and was given IV saline continuously from pre-op until two days later when I left the hospital. It made all the difference in the world for me, I believe because it not only increased my blood volume but it also helped to flush out the effects of general anesthesia. As a result, Im still recovering from the surgery but I did not experience any relapse in ME/CFS symptoms. Following the anesthesia protocol is equally important but I cant stress enough the benefits of IV saline before, during and after surgery.

Role Of The Funding Sources

The research group for ME/CFS at Department of Oncology and Medical Physics has received funding from the Kavli Trust and the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services. The HLA sequencing has received funding from the Kavli Trust and Norwegian Research Council. The funders had no role in trial design, data collection, analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

The Valuable Role Of Iv Therapy In Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome may be affecting as many as 2.5 million people in the United States, with an estimated 90% of them undiagnosed.

This isnt surprising when you consider that the cause of the condition is unknown. You get more tired when you exert yourself physically or mentally, which seems to be a normal response, but sleep and rest dont refresh you. Concentration, focus, and memory may all suffer.

A disease without a known cause is always difficult to treat, but for some patients, intravenous vitamin therapy may be a valid approach that produces results. Dr. James Nassiri of Westside Pain Specialists recommends IV therapy for his patients with CFS.

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Managing Cfs With Iv Therapy

Scientists believe that while improving your diet and nutrition wont cure CFS, boosting your energy and addressing nutrient deficiencies helps minimize aches and pains, reduce tiredness and fatigue, and improve overall well-being.

While the foods you eat and any supplements you take can help, they must go through your digestive system first. This means the essential nutrients, minerals, and health-promoting substances enter your bloodstream at a reduced dose.

With IV therapy, on the other hand, Dr. Chiu can give you a full dose of custom-blended nutrients, minerals, and hydration without waiting or losing any to your digestive processes.

IV therapy also helps combat the cellular damage your body sustains every day due to exposure to unstable atoms, called free radicals. This is important for people with CFS since researchers believe there could be a link between the condition and cellular energy.

At The Painless Center, our IV therapies contain health-promoting antioxidants, which play a vital role in combating the damage done by free radicals, repairing cellular damage and reducing inflammation.

Since IV therapy also supports your bodys metabolic processes, youll experience a boost in energy after your treatment. For example, one popular blend, called the Myers Cocktail, contains B complex and vitamin B12, vitamin C, magnesium, and calcium to give you many benefits, including:

  • Boosted immune system

Treating Fatigue With Iv Therapy

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IV therapy is a popular choice for people looking to give their system, muscles, and body an instant boost. Its recommended to treat dehydration or migraines in hospitals and medical centers – not to mention hangovers! IV treatments are often done at home with the help of family members who administer fluids intravenously once they have been set up by someone with training like that from schools such as ours.

IV therapy is a popular way to get the needed vitamins and nutrients for those unable or who don’t want to eat. One of these patients may have chronic fatigue syndrome, which leaves them feeling weak, tired all the time, and more ill than they were before treatment began. IV treatments that provide relief from symptoms like nausea during chemotherapy can reduce side effects such as hair loss in cancer survivors. This method will likely be researched further for its effect on people with CFS. But there’s a research conducted where IV methods show positive results – some participants even reported decreased levels of pain.

IV therapy can be a great way to recharge, and it’s not just for people who are sick. IV treatment is safe if you have relatively healthy digestion or kidney function. Still, there has been some controversy about the safety of this type of treatment because recent studies show that an individual with compromised health may experience complications during infusion.

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Vitamin C / Ascorbic Acid :

The use of ASC in IV therapy is well known and reasonably well studied and reported on elsewhere in the literature and clinical experience. Limiting the discussion to symptoms related to FMS/CFS such as fatigue, pain and immune deficits ASC infusion can be a helpful addition. Use of ASC IV has been shown to improve pain in viral infections , improve fatigue as well as improve oxidative / redox balance . Doses in studies were moderate and are amenable to admixture in other water soluble nutrient infusions. In clinical practice the author has seen similar results with these relatively low dose strategies, as well as higher dose oxidative ASC infusions in treating infectious comorbidities of

How Will Iv Therapy Help With Chronic Fatigue

If a deficiency in nutrients is contributing to your chronic fatigue, IV therapy is a quick and effective way to fight the fatigue. For some, trying to obtain an adequate level of nutrients through food or oral supplements may be insufficient due to problems with absorption in the digestive system. Our Myers Cocktail IV is designed to help people with chronic fatigue by adding essential minerals and vitamins directly into the bloodstream to ensure full absorption. Packed with ingredients that will boost your energy level, the contents in a Myers Cocktail IV are as outlined below.

  • Vitamin C: Fatigue can be relieved with vitamin C because it plays an important role in synthesizing amino acids in the body to fuel our muscles and adrenal glands.
  • Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is associated with relieving fatigue because it helps to convert food into glucose, which gives us energy.
  • Magnesium: While magnesium is a vital mineral meant to keep our body functioning properly, it is found to be commonly insufficient in the Western diet.
  • IV Fluids: Staying hydrated helps to flush out toxins from the body and make you feel better in general. IV fluids, which contain a sterile saline solution packed with electrolytes, will ensure rehydration.

Interested in starting IV therapy on your journey to battle chronic fatigue? Book an appointment with us today or contact us for any queries and we will be glad to help you out.

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Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex :

Known as the proprietary formula Poly MVA in North America, LAMC has shown to be helpful in cell repair, mitochondrial repair and radioprotection . The author has found that low IV doses combined with low oral doses improve energy and other quality of life measures in FMS/CFS patients. Like ALA, LAMC does take time to work so most patients are advised that either therapy may need to be continued for a number of months for a positive effect to be noted.

Increase Your Vitamin B Intake

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS): How I got CURED! [Ozone Therapy]

According to a study published in the Journal of Royal Society of Medicine, researchers found a direct link between reduced vitamin B levels and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Vitamin B6

The study focused on B-6, riboflavin and thiamine, and researchers believe that B6 is particularly important. Vitamin B6 rich foods include wild tuna and salmon, bananas, grass-fed beef, sweet potatoes, turkey, hazelnuts, garlic and cooked spinach.

Vitamin B6 helps to prevent and relieve fatigue, and it supports a healthy immune system. As stated above, some researchers believe that certain viruses play a role in CFS, therefore increasing B6 levels can be a helpful treatment. B6 helps supports T-cell functioning, allowing them to more adeptly fight infections.

Importance of Methylation

Methylation is the term given to the process in the body where methyl compounds are used in the critical functions of the body immune function, energy production, mood, inflammation, nerve function, detoxification, and even DNA all of which are challenges in chronic fatigue syndrome patients.

Methylation helps you process toxins, make hormones, and even helps in the production of neurotransmitters such as melatonin. How well your body can methylate effects all of these important areas. Poor methylation can lead to a variety of chronic conditions including certain types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, allergies, digestive upset, mood and psychiatric disorders, and chronic fatigue.

Vitamin B12

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So What Should You Do To Overcome This Debilitating Illness

Most readers of my blog will have a strong bias towards alternative/natural medicine over conventional/Western medicine. Im of the mind that this should not be an either-or debate. Instead, alternative and conventional medicine should work together. They fill in each others deficiencies very well. In the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome, youre going to want a diverse point of view. Combining alternative and conventional therapies will be your best option.

In this post, Ill describe the most beneficial treatment options from a conventional perspective the treatments you need to try and the ones you should absolutely avoid. And in the second post of this series, Ill describe the most beneficial therapies from a functional or natural medicine perspective. I believe the ideal treatment plan for chronic fatigue syndrome involves a combination of therapies. In all likelihood, chronic fatigue syndrome describes many different conditions.

For you, fatigue could be caused by a viral infection like mono. Your friends fatigue could be caused by her hormones, her genetics, or even her gut. Exploring a multitude of treatment options is your best bet to regaining your energy.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Fibromyalgia And Small Fiber Neuropathy Studies

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Significant interest in gamma globulin resulted in several clinical trials in the 1990s which had mixed results. Hickie et. al found improved mood and immune functioning in a smaller 1992 IVIG trial and Lloyds placebo-controlled 1990 trial found significant improvement in approximately 40% of patients with many resuming work and other activities. Lloyds larger followup trial, however, was unsuccessful, as was a smaller American trial that targeted IgG deficient individuals.

Rowes 1997 IVIG trial, on the other hand, found significant functional improvement as did her five year followup. Rowes five year followup reported in a publication Journal for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that was not included in medical indexes was not unfortunately widely disseminated.

More recently, gamma globulin therapy was successful with several parvovirus-B19 associated cases of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Fibromyalgia and Small Fiber Polyneuropathy

Fibromyalgia patients with evidence of nerve demyelination caused by immune dysfunction responded positively to a short-term IVIG trial.

Dr. Oaklander reported promising results using IVIG in children with a putative diagnosis of small-fiber polyneuropathy e.g. small fiber neuropathy . SFPN or SFN has been documented in fibromyalgia and is currently being documented in chronic fatigue syndrome . . A small fiber neuropathy diagnosis could help patients get IVIG covered by insurance companies.

IVIG in Autoimmune SFPN

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Vitamin C Levels Are Commonly Low

Nearly 25% of US adults have below-adequate vitamin C blood levels and 6% of the adult population is classified as having a vitamin C deficiency. The true number of people with poor vitamin C status is likely even higher, given that early symptoms of vitamin C deficiency are vague. Early vitamin C deficiency symptoms include fatigue, malaise, and depression and may manifest as a reduced desire to be physically active.

What Causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Is IV Therapy a Cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

While theres no concrete explanation for what causes chronic fatigue syndrome, experts believe the following causes may be to blame:

  • Bacterial infections, including pneumonia
  • Genetic predisposition to chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Issues related to the immune system
  • Mental health difficulties may contribute to ME, too, such as stress
  • Viral infections like glandular fever or herpes
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome is most common in people more than 40 years old

Anyone affected by chronic fatigue syndrome can find their life transformed entirely. Work may become much more difficult to manage, especially if it involves heavy lifting or other physical exertion. High-stress careers might become impossible to resume, too.

Leaving employment is a serious problem, particularly for those with children or other dependents to support. Quality of life may be affected overall, which can lead to depression and feelings of social isolation.

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Intramuscular Injections For Fatigue

In some cases we can use intramuscular magnesium and B vitamins for fatigue if the IVs are impractical, though we have limits on what can be injected compared to the IV Like the IV therapy, IM shots increase tissue levels of nutrients more efficiently than oral supplementation. For fatigue I often use the following injections:

  • Magnesium sulfate which increases energy production, relaxes smooth muscle in blood vessels and is a crirtical cofactor in over 200 enzymes preventing cardiac arrythmias and sudden death
  • B12, either methylcobalamin or hydroxycobalamine depending on genetics which increases BDNF and energy production in the brain and nervous system
  • B Complex required for neurological health and cellular energy production
  • Folate, a key ingredient in methylation and control of gene expression

Major Autohemotherapy / Ozone Therapy

MAH treatment combines medical grade ozone with a patients own blood, creating a super infusion.

In doing so, a 3rd oxygen molecule is transferred to the blood, making it highly oxygenated. IV ozone therapy also causes the white blood cells to release cytokines and interleukins, supercharging the immune system.

The combination of high oxygenation and amped up immune function works very well for chronic and acute conditions, especially conditions involving infections.

We recommend at least 6 Major Autohemotherapy treatments to see the full benefit. Our patients report improvements in energy, brain function, pain levels, and more when undergoing ozone IV therapy for Lyme, Fibromyalgia, Mold toxicity , Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and many other pain conditions.

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Conditions That Can Be Mistaken For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Because there is not one known cause of chronic fatigue, there is also not one single test that can confirm a diagnosis. Since the symptoms can be similar to several other health problems, it may take a long time to reach a diagnosis. First, the doctor must rule out several other illnesses, including:

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Scientists Discover Robust Evidence That Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Is a Biological Illness


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    How Iv Therapy Can Help Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Chronic fatigue syndrome , also called myalgic encephalomyelitis , describes a long-term condition that affects millions of Americans. This illness involves multiple body systems and causes debilitating symptoms that interfere with your ability to carry out normal activities.

    Although CFS doesnt have a known cure, intravenous therapy helps balance nutrition and boost your energy, offering effective relief from the fatigue and other problematic symptoms CFS brings.

    At The Painless Center, board-certified physician Jason Chiu, MD, and our care team use IV therapy to help our patients in Carlstadt and Tenafly, New Jersey, manage their CFS. Heres a closer look at how IV therapy can help you manage the symptoms of chronic fatigue.

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