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How To Beat Pms Fatigue

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Supplement With Calcium D

4 Ways to Fight the Bloating and Fatigue of PMS

A main reason women experience premenstrual symptoms is because of excess estrogen. Because of daily exposure to estrogen-mimicking substances , youre much more prone to estrogen dominance than your great grandparents were.

Estrogen dominance causes long list of problems including infertility, mood imbalances, PMS, and other health problems in women. Men experience things like mood swings, weight gain and gynecomastia when their estrogen gets out of control.

If youre diagnosed with high estrogen levels or if youre high-risk for estrogen-dependent cancers, your doctor may prescribe Tamoxifen. It reduces estrogen, but not without side effects including stroke, blood clots, uterine cancer, and cataracts.

Research shows that a supplement called calcium D-glucarate could be just as effective as Tamoxifen in treating estrogen dominance. CDG helps detox the liver by splitting off into glucaric acid, the active form. Glucaric acid binds to toxic substances and ushers them into the urinary tract and out. It helps excess estrogen get ushered out of the body.

In one study, calcium-d-glucarate reduced the number of estrogen receptors by 48 percent. Its also been shown to lower serum estrogen levels by 23 percent in rats.

The most important time to take it would be at ovulation and a few days after, when your estrogen levels are highest.

Feeling Tired Check Your Diet

Fatigue can often be explained by your routines and food habits. Eating a balanced diet helps keep your blood sugar at a normal level, which in turn keeps you active.

To avoid feeling tired when your blood sugar drops, try to eat breakfast every day. To help battle fatigue, try to make sure that all of your meals have protein and complex carbs , and try to eat regular healthy snacks in between meals.

The three principles to a healthy diet are variety, moderation, and balance. They will help you avoid some of the common causes of extreme fatigue.

Try keeping a food diary and look for connections between what you eat and how energized/tired you feel.

How Is Pmdd Diagnosed

Aside from a complete medical history and physical and pelvic exam, there are very few diagnostic tests. Because there are mental health symptoms, your healthcare provider may want you to be evaluated for mental health concerns. In addition, your healthcare provider may ask that you keep a journal or diary of your symptoms for several months. In general, to diagnose PMDD the following symptoms must be present:

  • Over the course of a year, during most menstrual cycles, 5 or more of the following symptoms must be present:
  • Depressed mood
  • Insomnia or the need for more sleep
  • Feeling overwhelmed or out of control
  • Other physical symptoms, the most common being belly bloating, breast tenderness, and headache
  • Symptoms that disturb your ability to function in social, work, or other situations
  • Symptoms that are not related to, or exaggerated by, another medical condition
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    Engaging In Aerobic Exercise

    2014 study investigated the effects of aerobic exercise on 30 young women with PMS symptoms. All of the participants received daily vitamin B6 and calcium supplements. Some also performed aerobic exercise three times a week for 3 months.

    In comparison with the control group, the participants who exercised regularly showed a significant reduction in period fatigue. Alongside this were improvements in blood health, including increased hemoglobin levels.

    Symptoms That Can Occur In Premenstrual Syndrome

    How to Beat the Emotional Symptoms of PMS (And Why You Have Them ...


    • For PMS, a doctor’s evaluation

    • For premenstrual dysphoric disorder, specific guidelines

    The diagnosis of PMS is based on symptoms. To identify PMS, doctors ask a woman to keep a daily record of her symptoms. This record helps the woman be aware of changes in her body and moods and helps doctors identify any regular symptoms and determine what treatment is best.

    If women have symptoms of depression Diagnosis A short discussion of prolonged grief disorder. Depression is a feeling of sadness and/or a decreased interest or pleasure in activities that becomes a disorder when it is intense enough to… read more , they may be given standardized tests for depression or be referred to a mental health care practitioner. However, doctors can usually distinguish PMS or premenstrual dysphoric disorder from mood disorders based on factors such as the timing of symptoms. If the symptoms disappear soon after the menstrual period begins, they are probably caused by PMS or premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

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    Physical Activity Is A Great Fatigue Fighter

    Physical activity is a great energy boost for the body. Generally, the more active you are, the more energy you have.

    Playing sports helps strengthen your health, get in good shape, and boost your energy and mood. Even if you seem to be very exhausted, try to find some time for exercise. It can recharge your energy and help you cope with the difficulties of everyday life. Plus, it can help you stay in a good mood.

    Try to use every opportunity to be on the move. Walk when you are talking on the phone, or get up from your desk and walk whenever you can.

    Live a healthy life, stay active, and enjoy the results!


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    Feeling On Edge In Pain Or Out Of Sync During Your Period Dealing With Pms Symptoms Like Dramatic Mood Swings Cramps Or Insomnia Trying To Conceiveor Avoid Pregnancy Join Maria Villella E

    Feeling drained in the days leading up to your period? You arent alone. Up to 90 percent of all menstruating women have experienced symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, or PMS. It all comes down to basic physiology: In the two weeks leading up to your period, your hormone levels rise in preparation for fertilizationand then plunge when it doesnt happen. This dramatic shift can affect your vitality.

    The good news: Just because fatigue is part of your cycles MO doesnt mean youre resigned to monthly bouts of bed restor caffeine binges, which can worsen PMS symptoms. Here, yoga teacher and licensed acupuncturist Maria Villella, who leads our online course, Yoga for Womens Health: On the Path Toward Hormonal Balance and Bliss, shares the best yoga pose and acupressure point to boost energy during that time of the month.

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    Foods To Avoid When Youre Menstruating

    There are times when the only food that you need is a tub of Ben and Jerrys. Thats totally normal and fine no foods should ever be completely off-limits. However, its important to understand how certain foods may make you feel after you eat them. Ice cream might be just what you need or it might make you feel more sluggish after the initial sugar rush. Because your energy levels can come crashing down sooner than expected, I would be mindful of being too reliant on for a burst of energy, says Kohli.

    Ludlam-Raine says that its also worth noting that: A lot of women do experience bloating during their periods, so simple practices such as eating slowly and mindfully, going for a gentle walk for exercise and taking small sips instead of large gulps of water can help to ensure this doesnt get worse.

    Foods that are higher in sodium and carbohydrates tend to retain more water, so aim for a balanced plate and try to avoid foods that are high in salt and flavour meals with herbs and spices.

    If you tend to have your breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee, you might want to change your routine during the week of your period. Thats because the tannins found in these drinks can block the absorption of iron something that Kohli says is especially important if you are vegetarian or vegan. She stresses that that doesnt mean swerving tea or coffee altogether: Sometimes nothing can be more comforting than a morning brew.

    When Anxiety Gets The Better Of You

    How to Live to Be 101 and be able to enjoy it

    Shake it off with a low intensity workout. The Jennis LISS sessions keep your heart rate at a steady state, and this type of aerobic exercise has been shown to reduce low mood, anxiety and fatigue in the pre-menstrual phase, says Jess. If committing to a full session feels too overwhelming, try the Cosy restorative yoga flow in the Jennis app. This can help to calm the body and mind.

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    What You Can Do About It

    Whether you experience odd days or ongoing weeks of low energy, its important to have natural ways to support your energy supplies, mood, concentration and general ability to do life.

    Here are some of our favourite natural energy supports:


    As mentioned above, B vits are essential for great energy. They work as catalysts in the body, converting the food you eat into energy.

    Hormonally speaking, vitamin B2 also plays a role in hormone production by the adrenal glands , while studies show that vitamin B6 supports mood, brain health, PMS and more.


    If you suspect that your fatigue is hormonal, we invite you to take a look at balancing your sex hormone levels. Vitex is the OG hormone-balancing herb, and has been used for centuries to balance and regulate the menstrual cycle by optimising ovulation. Happy ovulation = a happy period with less fatigue. Needless to say, we added a LOT of Vitex to Period Pal

    panax ginseng

    Our favourite thing about this herb is its ability to provide an immediate energy boost. 200mgs of a good quality Panax ginseng will feel much like your morning flat white, sans the jitters and adrenaline rush.

    This well renowned, antioxidant-rich herb has also been used for centuries as a support for mental clarity, immunity and both physical and mental fatigue.

    Rhodiola Rosea

    This reduces occurrences of fatigue, exhaustion, brain fog, burnout and anxiety and also supports exercise performance, mental clarity, mood and vitality.


    Natural Ways To Relieve The Symptoms Of Pms

    Premenstrual syndrome or PMS, is used to describe any physical or emotional symptoms that some women experience in the week or two before their period. Although not all women suffer from severe PMS, between 70% and 90% of women do suffer at least one of the symptoms.

    Common symptoms of premenstrual syndrome include mood changes, such as anxiety, depression and difficulty concentrating. Food cravings can also become apparent during that time of the month. Pain in the form of a headache, muscle pain and stomach cramps can also be a problem. Other physical effects include bloating, tenderness of the breasts and insomnia.

    Although its tempting to seek medical treatment, especially if your symptoms are severe, it is worth considering a more natural approach. This can include changes to your diet and lifestyle.

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    Why Do I Feel Sick Before My Period

    Researchers dont fully understand the menstrual cycles effects on the immune system, but experts say there are reasons some may feel sick at certain points.

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    Q: Does a womans immune system weaken at certain times of her menstrual cycle? I have always noticed that if I get sick, its almost always just before I get my period.

    Experts say that while there isnt enough data to prove that youre more likely to feel sick before or during your period, there are some hints that it is possible. Emerging research suggests that the immune system can fluctuate during this time, sometimes exacerbating underlying chronic disease symptoms or creating new ones that some women may mistake as signs of a new illness.

    Just before a period, for instance, some women report symptoms typically associated with the flu, like body aches, malaise and even fever. This so-called period flu isnt caused by an actual pathogen, said Dr. Taraneh Shirazian, a gynecologist at N.Y.U. Langone Health. But it can be the result of a persons immune response to natural inflammation as the uterus cramps and sheds cells. Its how your body perceives the inflammation, she said.

    Natural Supplements Can Improve Pms Symptoms

    Pin on Workouts

    A varied and healthy diet is always going to be best for giving your body the optimal foundation to do its thing. Eating a varied diet, focussed on natural, unprocessed foods is important and can help prevent imbalances in nutrient levels. Some studies have shown that PMS is associated with low levels of certain nutrients in your diet. These include:


    Natural calcium levels in the body fall in the week before menstruation. Several studies have identified a link between reduced calcium levels and PMS, and that increasing your calcium intake can help. There are many ways to up the amount of calcium in your diet. Try eating more seeds, almonds, beans and lentils. Rhubarb and leafy greens such as kale also contain calcium, as well as tofu, and the obvious: milk and yogurt .

    Alternatively, calcium supplements are also available. Its important to discuss the suitability of these for you with your doctor if you are taking any medications or are unsure if theyre the right option for you.

    Vitamin B6

    Vitamin B-6 is a water-soluble vitamin found in many different foods. Although current research evidence is limited, it has been associated with reducing mood swings and anxiety. Potatoes, peas, cabbage, bananas, and wholegrain cereals are all good sources.


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    So Whats Happening Inside Your Body When You Hit The Pre

    Everybody experiences the pre-menstrual phase differently, with the cocktail of symptoms you experience and the number of days you experience them for varying from person to person and month to month. As a general rule, the pre-menstrual phase is between a day and a week before menstruation, and the most commonly reported symptoms are mood swings, sore boobs, fatigue, anxiety and bloating.

    When it comes to whats causing your symptoms, theres a misconception that things like anxiety and fatigue are caused by a surge in hormones. But the reality is that these are more likely to be caused by a massive drop in the hormones oestrogen and progesterone , rather than a spike in them, says Dr Emma.

    Oestrogen affects serotonin AKA the happy hormone, and progesterone can have an anti-anxiety effect in the brain, so when you take those two away, its no surprise that you feel like youve stepped on a PMS rollercoaster.

    When Natural Ways Dont Work

    In some cases, eating right and exercising arent enough to help women. If youve tried natural ways to help with your PMS, your doctor may recommend fluoxetine or other serotonin-enhancing medications.

    Sometimes, women say they have PMS when, in fact, they are depressed, says Dr. Bradley. But with PMS sufferers, as soon as their period starts, they feel better. When someone who tells me every day of the month theyre feeling depressed, that is not PMS. But sometimes, thats an easier word than saying theyre depressed.

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    Lifestyle Suggestions For Fighting Fatigue

    Suggestions include:

    • Dont smoke cigarette smoke contains many harmful substances. There are many reasons why smokers typically have lower energy levels than non-smokers for example, for the body to make energy it needs to combine glucose with oxygen, but the carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke reduces the amount of oxygen available in the blood.
    • Increase physical activity physical activity boosts energy levels, while a sedentary lifestyle is a known cause of fatigue. Physical activity has many good effects on the body and mind. A good bout of exercise also helps you sleep better at night. Seek advice and encouragement regarding the steps you can take toward a more active lifestyle and talk to your doctor if you havent exercised in a long time, are obese, are aged over 40 years or have a chronic medical condition.
    • Move more, sit less reduce sedentary behaviours such as watching television and using computers, and break up long bouts of sitting.
    • Seek treatment for substance abuse excessive alcohol consumption or recreational drug use contribute to fatigue, and are unhealthy and potentially dangerous.
    • Workplace issues demanding jobs, conflicts at work and burnout are common causes of fatigue. Take steps to address your work problems. A good place to start is to talk with your human resources officer.

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    Increase The Iron In Your Diet


    Women are more at risk of an iron deficiency because we lose blood every time we have our period. Iron deficiency, or anaemia, is characterised by a lack of red blood cells in the body, which are responsible for carrying oxygen to the tissues through the blood. Iron is also responsible for converting blood sugar to energy. So, you can see why fatigue is the most common symptom of iron deficiency.

    If you find that youre still feeling fatigued despite taking my advice above, talk to your doctor about getting tested for iron deficiency. In the meantime, you can try to boost how much iron youre getting through your diet by incorporating foods like spinach and pumpkin seeds into your meals and snacks. To find out more about the importance of iron and good dietary iron sources, read this blog.

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    Track Your Menstrual Cycle With A Free App To Make Sure You’re Tired *because* Of Your Period

    “Women who have had periods for years and years donât recognize whatâs going on,” Dr. Dweck tells Bustle. She says half the battle is knowing when you’re due to menstruate, so you can properly prepare for the symptoms that affect your daily life the most. There are tons of apps at your fingertips that will help you keep track of your cycle. That way, you know what to expect.

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