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Is There A Cure For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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G Emf And Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Be In Health

There is a definite link between 5G EMF and chronic fatigue. EMF frequencies interfere with your brain waves and heart waves. People with pacemakers have to stay away from microwave EMF radiation because it can cause a sudden heart attack. Your brain waves extend 10 feet and your heart waves extend up to 25 feet. And EMF radiation, particularly 5G because of its ability to penetrate your body can zap your immune system, which is a major cause of CFS.

Your bodys energy goes two places primarily, your brain and nervous system or your immune system. If your immune system is under attack, you will have limited energy because your body is trying to fight off something that can be fatal. EMF waves damage your immune system. Using EMF protection crystals can help protect your body from absorbing these harmful waves. Microwave radiation cooks, and that is the frequency range of EMF waves emitted by cell phones and cell phone towers, WiFi and Smart Meters. Having protection is a good natural preventative treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome.

How Can I Help My Child

To help your child cope with the emotional symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome:

  • Encourage your child to keep a daily diary to identify times when he or she has the most energy and help plan activities for these times.
  • Have your doctor plan an exercise program to maintain strength at whatever level is possible. This can help your child feel better physically and emotionally.
  • Help your child to recognize and express feelings, such as sadness, anger, and frustration. It’s OK to grieve the loss of energy.
  • Get support from family and friends because emotional health is important when coping with a chronic health problem.
  • Allow more time for your child to do things, especially activities that take concentration or physical exertion.

Coenzyme Q10 Plus Nadh And Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Coenzyme Q10 and NADH are common antioxidant supplements that have been used for several decades as dietary supplements for general maintenanceof health. The benefits of their administration have been extensively evaluated in several conditions . However, several studies have shown that there is a mitochondrial dysfunction, which reduces the ATP production, as an immediate effect primary or secondary to symptoms in most CFS/ME patients .

In the UK, Myhill et al. highlighted the power and usefulness of the ATP profile test as a diagnostic tool for differentiating between patients who have CFS/ME and other symptoms as a result of energy wastage due to stress and psychological factors and those who have insufficient energy due to cellular respiration dysfunction. The biochemical tests should be performed in CFS/ME patients before and after appropriate interventions, and possibly in other disabling fatigue conditions as well .

Relatively few pharmacological or other therapies for CFS/ME have been tested in large RCTs. Overall, a report commissioned by the AHRQ based on a systematic review for a US NIH Pathways to Prevention Workshop concluded that no available pharmacotherapy is of proven benefit in CFS/ME. Table summarizes the current drug therapeutic strategies for CFS/ME.

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Home Remedies And Lifestyle

Making lifestyle changes may greatly impact how you feel, and the specific changes you need can depend on the severity of your illness and whether certain activities exacerbate your symptoms. While some people may see the tremendous benefit just from making changes to the way they eat, for example, others may find that more sweeping changessuch as a job changemay be necessary.

How Is Cfs Diagnosed

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS): Overview and More

CFS is a very challenging condition to diagnose.

According to the Institute of Medicine, as of 2015, CFS occurs in about 836,000 to 2.5 million Americans. Its estimated, however, that 84 to 91 percent have yet to receive a diagnosis.

There are no medical tests to screen for CFS. Its symptoms are similar to many other conditions. Many people with CFS dont look sick, so doctors may not recognize that they indeed have a health condition.

In order to receive a CFS diagnosis, your doctor will rule out other potential causes and review your medical history with you.

Theyll confirm that you at least have the core symptoms previously mentioned. Theyll also ask about the duration and severity of your unexplained fatigue.

Ruling out other potential causes of your fatigue is a key part of the diagnosis process. Some conditions with symptoms that resemble those of CFS include:

  • severe obesity
  • sleep disorders

The side effects of certain drugs, such as antihistamines and alcohol, can mimic symptoms of CFS as well.

Because of the similarities between symptoms of CFS and many other conditions, its important to not self-diagnose. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms. They can work with you to get relief.

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Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or a more severe type of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It can leave your body in a state of Chronic Inflammation that can lead to other serious conditions like heart disease, Depression, Hormone Imbalance, Rheumatoid Arthritis to name a few. Stopping the cause of your chronic inflammation can save you from the excess wear and tear on your body and joints.

You need to alkalize your body to help it get rid of the excess acidity that is a boon for viruses, cancers and disease to flourish in your body. Begin by drinking plenty of fresh purified water, particularly alkaline water, which is in itself an antioxidant. It is part of this natural treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome because of the higher electrical potential that alkaline and structured water gives to your body. Energy is life.

Sleep Rest And Relaxation

You may have sleep problems that make your ME/CFS symptoms worse. For example, you may:

  • have problems getting to sleep
  • have unrefreshing or restless sleep
  • need an excessive amount of sleep
  • sleep during the day and be awake at night

You should be given advice about how to establish a normal sleeping pattern. Having too much sleep does not usually improve the symptoms of ME/CFS, and sleeping during the day can stop you sleeping at night.

You should change your sleep pattern gradually, and your doctor should review how it’s going regularly. If your sleep does not improve after making changes, you may have an underlying sleep problem that will need to be addressed.

It’s likely you’ll need to rest during the day, and your doctor should advise you about the best way to do this. For example, they may suggest limiting each rest period to 30 minutes and teach you relaxation techniques, such as breathing exercises.

If you have severe ME/CFS and need to spend much of your time in bed, it can cause problems, including pressure sores and blood clots. These problems, and how to avoid them, should be explained to you and your carers.

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What Can I Do To Manage Covid

People always want to know how long postCOVID-19 fatigue lasts. The answer is, doctors dont currently know. It can be weeks or even months.

The best thing you can do to manage COVID-19 fatigue is to practice self-care and be kind to yourself.

Here are some tips from the United Kingdoms National Health Service on how to take care of yourself while you heal.

In the interim you might want to:

Chronic Fluoride Poisoning Link

A Revised Approach for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome | The Morning Report

Please make sure you read Jason Uttley’s important article on Chronic Fluoride Poisoning. This article pinpoints fluoride as a very likely cause of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. A MUST READ!

Hello, I believe that you are onto something about the fluoride poisoning and chronic fatigue syndrome. At the same time that I became ill, I started noticing spots on my daughters teeth. Unfortunately, I have not only dealt with chronic fatigue but extreme mood swings, mental illness, etc., I think all a result of fluoride poisoning.

I started a detox recently and started drinking distilled water, immediately within days I felt better on the distilled water. I then started to detox my body using kelp and that has helped my body too.

I also have added the alkalyzing protocols of Teds’s, adding baking soda to my acv or lemon twice a day and that has even further helped the chronic fatigue.

I’m in the process of getting a filtering system put into my home, I would recommend others look into this! This fluroide is killing people and the cities keep adding it back to the water, I don’t understand it!

Do an online search for ” biological weapon testing in the United States, and do the same search for “Canada” , it will all come up. Also ” Google search” The same for the U.K. And Australia!

Leigh Anne, Belleville, Ontario

It was some years back on EC when Ted whom we all know and appreciate, told of this as he was then in the US. Much of what you have recounted.

Namaste, Om

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Complementary And Alternative Medicine

CFS/ME patients tend to use more alternative medicine treatments than people without . Patients often leave orthodox medical care because they feel that their condition has been unjustifiably attributed to psychological causes: they are given the message that it is all in the mind. In a twin study, 91% of twins with CFS/ME and 71% without CFS/ME used at least one alternative treatment. A large proportion of the study participants stated that alternative treatments were helpful .

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method

Sent to us by Bill Munro of Michigan, one of the most promising remedies we have heard about for CFS consists of inhaling hydrogen peroxide from a nasal pump 6 times a day. Click here to read up more on this important cure. Bill believes the peroxide has cured him of prostate cancer and also prevented him from getting a cold or flu for the past 13 years.

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Dumbfounded that physicians knew so little about chronic fatigue syndrome also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis or ME/CFS Allen resolved several years ago to take part in any study that would have her. In 2017, she got her chance: she entered a study assessing how women with ME/CFS respond to synthetic hormones.

After decades of pleading, people with the condition have finally caught the attention of mainstream science and dozens of exploratory studies are now under way. Scientists entering the field are using the powerful tools of modern molecular biology to search for any genes, proteins, cells and possible infectious agents involved. They hope the work will yield a laboratory test to diagnose ME/CFS which might have several different causes and manifestations and they want to identify molecular pathways to target with drugs.

The US National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, bolstered the field last year by more than doubling spending for research into the condition, from around US$6 million in 2016 to $15 million in 2017. Included in that amount are funds for four ME/CFS research hubs in the United States that will between them receive $36 million over the next five years.

Early days

Epidemiologists have suggested that the anguish of contending with the disorder and societys general dismissal of it contribute to an up to sevenfold increase in the rate of suicide for people with ME/CFS.

Immune system

Metabolic system and microbiome

Nature553, 14-17

Causes Of Chronic Fatigue

Treating the Problem of Chronic Fatigue with Good ...

Stopping the causes of chronic fatigue can help you get on the right path to complete recovery from CFS. You need to take care of the commonly undiagnosed viral cause of CFS to get lasting relief. One of the best natural supplements that are extremely helpful for infections, particularly viral infections is a crystal mineral called Zeolite. It also is a heavy metal and radiation detox, immune system booster and natural cancer and tumor reducer.

If you have thyroid issues of any kind also visit Treatment for Underactive Thyroid for natural ways to get your thyroid back in balance and protecting your body from radiation, and keeping your immune system balanced, as well as your metabolism and energy levels at their optimum levels. The adrenal glands sit upon the kidneys and regulate our energy hormones, like adrenaline and nor-adrenaline. When a person has an imbalance it can be caused by drinking too much caffeine and not allowing the adrenals to re-energize fully. This normally takes up to 24 hours and if they are not fully recharged, then you are running on borrowed energy.

Thats what caffeine really is, it is borrowing from the adrenal glands but it doesnt restore the reserves, so to speak. 5G and EMF radiation also causes stress on your immune system and adrenal glands because it causes cortisol release. Stopping anything that is causing immune system issues is a very helpful natural treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome.

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Symptoms Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The main feature of ME/CFS is a type of exhaustion known as post-exertional malaise, crash or payback. This means having flu-like symptoms after exercise and not having enough energy for daily activities.

Research shows that people with ME/CFS have a different physiological response to activity or exercise from other people. This includes abnormal exhaustion after any form of exertion, and a worsening of other symptoms. The response may be delayed, perhaps after 24 hours. Depending on the amount and type of exercise, it may result in post-exertional malaise for a few days, or serious relapses lasting weeks, months or even years.

  • problems with thinking, concentrating, memory loss, vision, clumsiness, muscle twitching or tingling
  • disrupted sleep
  • sore throat, tender lymph nodes and a flu-like feeling
  • inability to cope with temperature changes.

Coping With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Despite how family, friends and possibly even your own doctor may make you feel, chronic fatigue syndrome is not all in your head. This is a systemic disorder that affects hormonal levels, the immune system and the brain itself. Studies find lesions on the white matter in the brains of people with CFS, as well as poor blood flow to the brain, elevated levels of inflammatory immune cells like T-lymphocytes and cytokines and low levels of other immune cells, like natural killer cells and immunoglobulin, in the blood.

No one knows for sure what causes the disorder. Some researchers theorize a virus triggers it, but no particular virus has been pinpointed as the culprit. As with many syndromes, there is no definitive diagnostic test for the condition.

Although there is no cure for CFS, researchers have uncovered some promising therapies. Just as symptoms differ from patient to patient, however, so will effective treatments. Be patient as you work to find the right ones for you.

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Concluding Remarks And Future Directions

This review suggests that the beneficial effects of nutritional supplements are not random, but that their action is due to the removal of one of the causes of the CFS/ME. There is evidence that supplements may benefit CFS/ME patients therefore, nutritional supplements should be recommended, at least in CFS/ME patients with a biochemically proven deficiency. Studies investigating nutritional interventions in CFS/ME remain very limited most studies have had small sample sizes, and lacked long term followup . Despite the relative consistency in case definition, the studies differed with regard to inclusion and exclusion criteria and reporting participants’ sociodemographic characteristics and clinical features . This heterogeneity in study design makes the application of the findings to the clinical setting more difficult. Therefore, longerterm RCTs in homogeneous populations that use more specific case criteria are now warranted.

In agreement with several previous studies, pacing was consistently shown to be the most helpful treatment, CBT was useful for some patients but not all for all graded training may cause the condition to worsen. However, the results must be interpreted with care, as the participants are not a representative sample.

How To Try Iv Therapy For Yourself

New research into chronic fatigue syndrome

Want to try IV therapy?

The right fluid can help to boost your overall health and slow the ageing process, particularly when combined with other treatments. Astra Medi Spas experts offer a range of IV therapy options, including:

  • IV Glutathione, recommended for detoxification, strengthening the immune system, and whitening the skin
  • IV Immune Boost, which contains Glutathione with vitamin C
  • IV Detoxification Flush, for a strong detox
  • B12 IM Shot, delivering a fast-acting energy boost when you need it most
  • Slim Boost, a Lipotropic IM shot to aid fat loss

All of our IV therapy treatments are administered by trained professionals using safe, cutting-edge equipment. The entire process will be explained to you carefully, so you can make an informed choice.

Well speak to you in depth during your consultation and identify the right option for you.

Want to learn more about our IV therapy treatments? Looking to schedule a consultation with a member of our friendly team?

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Who Is At Risk For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Because the cause of CFS is not known, its hard to know what might put someone at risk for getting the condition. However, certain factors are seen more often in people with CFS. These factors include:

  • Gender. CFS happens up to 4 times more often in women than in men.
  • Age. CFS commonly affects middle-aged people, but people of any age can get it.

Physiological Findings And Physical Therapy

As most physical therapy treatments are ultimately focused on exercise and movement, physical therapists need to review the aerobic and anaerobic respiratory cycles as they relate to ME/CFS patients.

Physical therapists must recognize that research indicates the aerobic metabolism system in those with ME/CFS is broken and according to Dr. Mark Van Ness of the University of the Pacific, Classic exercise training produces little improvement and may result in PEM. He also states, Aerobic conditioning does not appear to improve or repair broken aerobic metabolism.

Dialogues for ME/CFS is made possible with a reward from the Wellcome Public Engagement Fund. Click for access to additional scientifically-based videos on ME/CFS.

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