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Chinese Herbs For Chronic Fatigue

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Our Customized Therapies For Overcoming Fibromyalgia

Chinese Herbs for Adrenal Fatigue

AcupunctureAcupuncture is very helpful for fibromyalgia as it regulates neurotransmitters and brings them into balance, improving both mood and pain. Learn more about acupuncture.

Herbal MedicineHerbal medicine is prescribed to help the many systems that make up the body. The chronic pain is addressed, as well as the concurrent symptoms of fatigue, depression, and insomnia. Chinese herbal medicine is designed to reduce symptoms but also to deal with the immune and hormonal imbalances that are part of the underlying problem. Learn more about Chinese herbal medicine

Mind Body ExerciseRegular exercises that are stretching-oriented such as yoga, tai chi & qi gong can be very helpful. Meditation on a regular daily basis, even if just ten minutes, especially before bedtime, can help the body recover. Learn more about tai chi and qi gong.

Tuina BodyworkRegular, gentle acupressure is one of the most popular forms of tuina and can be helpful in relieving the muscular tension and pain of fibromyalgia. There are several other tuina techniques used by our doctors that allow for a wide range of healing possibilities. Learn more about tuina.

Chronic Fatigue Treatment Options Herbal Medicine Versus Acupuncture

The main treatment modalities of Chinese medicine are acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, supported by diet and lifestyle advice. In treating chronic fatigue, herbal medicine will nearly always be the strength of the treatment.

Acupuncture may be used throughout the treatment course to supplement the herbal medicine, but sometimes not at all. Whether or not acupuncture is used will largely depend on your type of fatigue, what symptoms you are experiencing, and how accessible you are to the clinic.

Acupuncture can be very helpful when there is a lot of pain, as in body or joint aches , or headaches. It is also very useful when stress and anxiety are a major complaint.

During each consultation, your condition will be discussed in detail and your herbal medicine prescription adjusted, if necessary

Adrenal Fatigue And Kidney Yang Deficiency

Adrenal fatigue related to Kidney yang deficiency tends to come with other cold or yang deficiency symptoms. Along with feeling exhausted, you may also feel cold, lethargic, and just want to curl up and get cozy rather than face the day. You may notice digestive issues like bloating and loose stools.

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Search Strategy And Study Selection

The following six online databases were searched for relevant studies from their inception to September 2013: PubMed, the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials , China National Knowledge Infrastructure , Chinese Scientific Journals Database , Chinese Biomedical Database , and Wanfang Database. The following searching terms as abstract

How To Treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome With Chinese Medicine

The Best Chinese Herbs for Adrenal Fatigue

Chronic fatigue sufferers generally seek alternative treatments because modern medical treatment options are few and far between, and often come with heavy side effects.

Chinese medicine offers a unique perspective on understanding complex conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome and offers a safe and natural alternative for those who dont accept the do-nothing-lie-in-bed-and-wait approach.

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Treating Fatigue Caused By Qi Deficiency With Traditional Chinese Medicine

In cases of qi deficiency, there may be no physical abnormality, but the body lacks sufficient energy to perform various functions. In addition to fatigue, the patient has a weak pulse, pale tongue, bright pale face, and, possibly, shortness of breath and poor appetite, depending on the organs involved.

Most qi tonics boost energy by improving the function of the lungs, spleen, and kidneys. Some appropriate patent remedies to rectify qi deficiency are Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan, Nu Ke Ba Zhen Wan, Shen Qi Da Bu Wan, Extractum Astragali, and Ginseng Royal Jelly Vials. Typically, these herbal remedies are taken for a few months, since chronic deficiency syndromes take longer to rectify.

Acupuncture therapy is administered to bring energy to deficient organs, and moxibustion is applied to important systemic points to bring new energy into the body. Acupuncture points are selected that tonify the vital substances, since a deficiency of one or more of them is usually the underlying cause of fatigue.

The most important tonifying points are Stomach 36, Spleen 6, Kidney 3, Du 4, and Ren 4. When these points are activated with acupuncture and moxa, the entire body becomes energized. When combined with herbal therapy, a course of treatment typically takes place over a few weeks or months, depending on the severity of the problem.

Appendix 1 Methods To Be Used In Future Updates Of The Review

Data extraction and management Data will be extracted independently by two review authors using a standardised data extraction form disagreement will be resolved by discussion.

The following information will be extracted: author year, country and language of publication funding source objectives study design participant characteristics including age, gender, ethnicity, number of participants who were eligible, enrolled and completed the study diagnostic criteria and procedures presence of intentiontotreat analysis presence and method of randomization, blinding and allocation concealment numbers and reasons for withdrawals and dropouts details of TCM and SOC treatments including number and length of treatment, dose of herbal type of control qualifications of practitioners presence of comorbid disorders or concurrent medication details of each outcome measured as well as assessment tool and assessor measure of treatment effect measure of compliance and adverse events.

If necessary, principal authors will be contacted for further details of each study.

Assessment of risk of bias in included studies

Methodological quality will be independently assessed by two review authors, using the Cochrane Collaboration risk of bias tool, which assesses sources of bias including methods of sequence generation, allocation concealment, blinding, and collection and reporting of outcomes. Disagreement will be resolved by discussion.

Unit of analysis issues

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Traditional Chinese Medicine For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chinese herbs for liver stagnation include peonia root and magnolia bark

It is only in the last 10 years that Western medicine practitioners in North America and the UK have given recognition to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome also known as myalgic encephalo-myelitis and postviral fatigue syndrome . In the U.S. and Canada, many allopathic medicine practitioners feel the cause for this syndrome is not clear. They implicate chronic stress, viruses, allergies, and hormonal imbalances as causative. Further, this condition is easily confused with AIDS, mononucleosis, and other ailments.

In the search for a specific cause of CFS, many western practitioners believed it to be a legacy of viral infections hence, PVFS. However, this is not necessarily the case CFS can occur with no previous or obvious illness preceding it.

Physical Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

  • Debilitating fatigue lasting six months or more it does not originate from exertion, and is not relieved by rest.
  • Sore throat

Psychological Symptoms for CFS Include:

  • Confusion
  • Appetite loss or gain
  • Need for excessive sleep

These symptoms can worsen with the slightest exertion. Further, it is important to differentiate CFS from the persistent fatigue that is felt by 20-50 percent of the population, in association with an unbalanced lifestyle or stress.

Acupuncture And Its Role In Helping To Treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Reflexology and Herbs for Anxiety, Fatigue, Insomnia, IBS and Insomnia 2

Over 200,000 Australians suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and its debilitating effects can significantly impact a persons quality of life. CFS is a complex medical condition that presents with symptoms such as extreme fatigue, sleep problems, and pain. A person with CFS often feel tired and drained even with sufficient sleep. The fatigue is not relieved by extended rest and can be exacerbated even with low levels of physical or mental activity. CFS can hinder ones usual daily activities, even previously simple tasks can become difficult, sometimes it can be hard just to get out of bed.

While there is no simple cure for CFS, the symptoms can be managed by self-care, conventional medicine and treatments such as cognitive training and graded exercise therapy. But due to the unsatisfactory results that some patients experience, people with CFS are seeking alternative treatments such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture in helping with symptoms of CFS, as part of a more holistic approach.

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Chronic Fatigue And Chinese Herbal Medicine

Matt Van Benschoten, O.M.D., L.Ac.

Chronic fatigue, defined as having fatigue for duration of over six months, may be reported by up to 30% of the population. Chronic fatigue syndrome has an incidence of 4 per 1,000 in the United States. Center for Disease Control criteria for diagnosis include fatigue that is of new onset, not related to exertion, not alleviated by rest, and resulting in reduced activity levels. Additional requirements for diagnosis are cognitive dysfunction, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, headaches, muscle and joint pain, poor sleep, and post exertional malaise lasting more than 24 hours.

Causative factors related to chronic fatigue are numerous and varied. Chronic sinusitis can be a common trigger for chronic fatigue in polluted urban environments. Outcome measures after endoscopic sinus surgery have shown reduced body pain and fatigue as positive responses to treatment.

A study using a combination of qi tonics and blood activating herbs including Huang Qi , Ge Gen , Dan Shen , and Yin Yang Huo , showed significant improvement in T-cell measurements. The logic of using blood activating herbs in chronic fatigue is supported by laboratory data indicating a 95% incidence of anticardiolipin antibodies in CFS patients, indicating autoimmune circulatory dysfunction as an important part of the pathogenesis. Anticardiolipin antibody production can be suppressed by Dan Shen and Chai Ling Tang .

Herbs For Adrenal Fatigue

Chinese medicine believes that it is the kidneys that are most affected when one has adrenal fatigue.

Treatment begins with herbs for adrenal fatigue which help the kidneys recover. This can last for a period of 60 to 120 days. Kidney tonics are prepared and one of these is Fenugreek, a seed that is aromatic and bitter and can be taken together with tea or milk as gruel.

Another good herbal remedy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a bittersweet powder, Ashwaganda, which the sufferer should drink every day mixed with heated raw milk. This herb helps clear stress by improving sleep.

Damiana Leaf is an herb with spicy leaves should be mixed with cinnamon, lemon peel and dried ginger. Adrenal fatigue sufferers can eat this to reduce stress. These are only some of the herbs for adrenal fatigue used in Chinese traditional medicine.

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Why Am I Always Tired

It is common for there to be problematic levels of tiredness and exhaustion but the overall health picture doesnt fit the criteria for a formal CFS diagnosis, or of any other illness for that matter. This can be particularly frustrating because it leaves you without any explanation for, or solution to, your problem.

From a Chinese medical treatment perspective a modern medical diagnosis is largely irrelevant. Ongoing persistent fatigue, whether it is connected with CFS or another illness, or not, requires treatment.

Chinese medicine has its own very different understanding of the body, and a unique system of diagnosis. This allows us to operate outside of the modern medical box, and potentially explain and treat illnesses that cannot be helped by modern medicine. Regardless of your medical diagnosis, we will still assess your condition via our own system.

Treating Fatigue Caused By Blood Deficiency With Traditional Chinese Medicine

BOOSTING FERTILITY AND CONCEPTION with Chinese Herbs, Acupuncture, and ...

In cases of blood deficiency, there is insufficient blood to nourish the organs and tissues of the body. In mild cases, the blood count may be within the normal range, while more severe cases are diagnosed as anemia, which can occur as a result of decreased bone marrow function, vitamin or iron deficiency, general malnutrition, blood loss from excessive menstrual flow, or an abnormal destruction of red blood cells.

In traditional Chinese medicine, anemia is associated with a deficiency of vital substances in the heart, liver, spleen, and kidneys. Herbal therapy and moxibustion are frequently successful in normalizing the blood count, no matter what the underlying pattern of disharmony is. Such therapy is closely monitored with regular blood tests, since anemia can have serious consequences if it persists.

A typical course of treatment — a weekly acupuncture and moxa session and daily use of tonifying herbs — might take a few months. Two of the important acupuncture points for anemia are Spleen 10 and Stomach 36 . Spleen 10 is chosen for its regulatory effect on the blood, while Stomach 36 improves the assimilation of nutrients from food, aiding in the production of new blood cells.

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Chinese Herbs For Adrenal Fatigue

In todays stress-filled world, adrenal fatigue is becoming a common health issue. Educating yourself about what it is and how it can impact your health is more important than ever.

Lets first understand the basic facts of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome then well discover herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat the condition effectively.


Western And Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnostic Criteria And Treatment Of Chronic Fatigue

Current diagnostic criteria for chronic fatigue are patient reporting of severe debilitating fatigue accompanied by four or more of the following symptoms. These must occur concurrently and for a continuous period of more six months:impaired memory or concentrationtender cervical or axillary lymph nodesmuscle pain

When tested these patients have negative findings on all conventional medical lab and clinical tests.


Consistent with a severe spleen qi deficiency pattern, these patients exhibit other classic spleen qi deficiency symptoms such as impaired memory and concentration, muscle pain, headaches and post-exertion malaise. The memory impairment and lack of concentration are classic spleen qi deficiency symptoms, which are explained by the lack of general nourishment and its inability to rise to the head. This general deficiency is compounded by the inevitable damp accumulation which further impairs the ability of the Qi to reach beyond the center. Thus the brain is not properly nourished.

The occurrence of headaches is explained by the same pathomechanism, with the damp accumulation having a greater impact. Often these headaches are of the dull type which patients describe as a banding around the head. This is a typical manifestation of damp accumulation resulting from spleen qi deficiency.


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How To Treat Fatigue With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Fatigue is a symptom of many different disorders, both psychological and physical. It is often difficult to discover its cause with modern Western diagnostic methods. Fortunately, diagnosing and treating this sort of generalized complaint is one of the strong points of traditional Chinese medicine. The first and most important step is to examine the person’s lifestyle to eliminate any possible causes of fatigue, such as lack of sleep, poor diet, insufficient exercise, or overworking. Without correcting these problems, it is difficult or impossible to restore the patient’s energy level. Once the proper lifestyle adjustments are made, treatment, particularly moxibustion and herbal therapy, are much more likely to be effective.

The most common diagnoses in cases of chronic fatigue are deficiency of qi, blood, or yang, and many cases are a combination of these syndromes.

Limitations Of Ancient Records And Present Related Evidence

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Chinese Herbal Medicine — Online Acupuncture CEU

First, some recorded drugs do not attenuate the symptoms of CFS and may even aggravate such symptoms. For example, the mineral drug fluorite was recorded as possessing an antifatigue activity, but evidence-based studies have shown that cerebral impairment occurs with its use due to exposure to its main component , and that it causes general malaise and fatigue . Second, some crude drugs may improve some of the symptoms of CFS such as fatigue, sleep disorders and so on, but this does not mean that they are effective for CFS. Third, there is no proof in recent studies to clarify the activity of crude drugs that can eliminate heat-pathogens. Crude drugs that can eliminate heat-pathogens were often used for viral or bacterial infections. Perhaps they are beneficial for the initial microbial infections of CFS. However, there currently is no evidence to support this hypothesis.

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Description Of The Intervention

TCM is a health care system that evolved in China over a period of thousands of years. TCM is estimated to be used by over one quarter of the world’s population, and as “a complete system of medicine, it has been selected by the World Health Organization for worldwide propagation to meet the health care needs of the twentyfirst century” .

The approach to health and healing differs from conventional Western medicine in that disease is believed to be the result of imbalance and disharmony between organ systems in the body and between the body and the environment. In addition, blockage in or deficiency of the bodys vital energy may result in illness. The goal then is to restore balance, harmony, and flow and to strengthen and support the body’s innate healing capacities using therapies such as acupuncture, moxibustion, diet modification, Tuina massage, therapeutic exercise, and medicinal products, including herbs. Treatment may include one or more of the available therapies and is customized and tailored to the needs of the individual patient. The aetiology of disease is not relevant to treatment, which is instead based on the presentation of patterns of symptoms. Patterns of symptoms may be as numerous as the patients who present them and are not tied to disease classifications. Patients with the same disease classification may present different patterns while patients with different diseases may present the same patterns.

Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbs For Chronic Fatigue

Treatment options for idiopathic chronic fatigue are limited. This review attempted to examine the use of traditional Chinese herbal remedies for this condition. Although some studies investigating traditional Chinese herbs for were found for chronic fatigue syndrome, no studies met the inclusion criteria. Choice of inclusion criteria was intended to narrow inclusion to methodologically rigourous and meaningful studies. Methodological limitations in the studies identified, such as type of control used and study design, limited the usefulness of the data

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