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Best Industrial Anti Fatigue Mat

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How Much Usage Will The Mat Get

Eco-Pro by GelPro Continuous Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mat for Commercial and Garage Use Black 20in.L x

Not all workspaces have the same amount of foot traffic. The second factor to consider when looking for the right anti-fatigue mat is how much daily wear and tear your mat will be exposed to.

However, there are still levels of workspace traffic that can affect the durability of a mat, and each level has products specifically designed to withstand that traffic.

  • Light Traffic. Light traffic mats are meant to provide ergonomic relief to individual workers who spend long periods of time in one spot. Light traffic mats are best for indoor use and may need to be replaced more often than medium or heavy traffic mats.
  • Medium Traffic. Medium traffic mats are designed to withstand more weight and wear and tear than light traffic mats. If multiple people will be working on the same mat, people will be walking continuously on the mats or light equipment like carts will be on the mats, then consider a medium traffic mat. Suited for both indoor and outdoor use depending on the application.
  • Heavy Traffic. Heavy traffic mats are rated for the most weight and the most wear and tear. If your industry involves lots of employees coming and going or heavy equipment that will be rolled over, set on or potentially dropped on the mats, then a heavy traffic mat may be right for you. Considered the best value, heavy traffic mats need to be replaced less frequently than other mat types.

Understanding Material & Performance

Material directly impacts the mats performance and durability. The majority of anti-fatigue mats are made of one of three materials – PVC , rubber, polyurethane or a blend of the first two.

PVC is typically the low-cost leader in the group. However, as materials go, its far less durable than rubber or polyurethane, and more susceptible to environmental elements, even air temperature. PVC mats are notorious for rippling, cracking, and curling at the edges which can create an unsafe situation. When compared to rubber, vinyl is far less slip-resistant. In fact, when wet, many vinyl mats do not meet the minimum requirements for slip resistance. If you select a PVC anti-fatigue mat, we highly recommend choosing one whose surface is molded, not glued, to the foam base. This will reduce the likelihood of cracking, curling, and delamination to help prolong the life of the mat.

As you can imagine, mats that blend PVC and nitrile rubber offer a blend of benefits between the two materials. PVC/nitrile-blended mats wont be impervious to grease and oil like pure nitrile, but they will be resistant to it. Over time, grease and oil will degrade blended products so they are not recommended for environments with grease, oil, or certain chemicals. Nor are the suitable for environments with slag.

Trusted By Industry Leaders

Our unique technology has been trusted by leading companies such as Toyota, Lockheed Martin, Chrysler, Amazon, Boeing, Lutron and many others who proactively invest in their employees health and safety.

We are thrilled about the SmartCells matting. The workers say they dont get as tired as they used to. After several months of use, the SmartCells mats still look and perform like they are new. Currently SmartCells matting is installed on our Green Chain, Dryer Infeed, Dryer Outfeed and Knife grinding room platforms. We used to have to replace mats every 6-9 months not anymore.Thanks for all your Hard Work and dedication.

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How To Choose Anti

In general, it can be said that a closed industrial mat is suitable for dry workplaces, while an open workstation mat provides the necessary drainage for workplaces where oils, water or other liquids are used. We offer a wide range of different anti-fatigue mats, so that the right mat can be found for every work environment.

Things to consider when selecting antifatigue matting:

  • Will trucks and trolleys be used on or around the matting?
  • Do you require matting on a roll, individual mats or interlocking tiles?
  • Will the matting come into contact with chemicals or other liquids?

Try out our MatBrain workplace matting selection tool to quickly search through more than 100 matting solutions based on the specific requirements of yours, or your customers workplace.

Make Your Mats Order With A Plus Warehouse Today

Black Anti

Ready to start working more efficiently? If you and your employees spend a lot of time on your feet, youll be very pleased with the industrial anti fatigue matting from A Plus Warehouse. These mats will help your employees feel more comfortable, allowing them to focus on producing quality products while keeping a keen eye on safety. Our salespeople are waiting at 800-209-8798 and ready to help with all your anti fatigue matting needs.


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What Are The Benefits Of Anti Fatigue Matting

By introducing carefully selected anti fatigue mats, they can help to combat Musculoskeletal Disorders . These are injuries or conditions that affect movement. Parts of the body most commonly affected include muscles, tendons, ligaments, vascular systems, nerves, soft tissues, bones, and joints.

Our anti fatigue matting works by providing comfort underfoot, with cushioning which promotes subtle foot movement. This movement minimises the body from being in a static position and prevents the restriction of blood flow around the body, to help improve circulation. Effective matting can help to reduce fatigue, muscular pain and circulation problems.

Choosing the right mats for your environment can reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, increase workplace safety and improve overall employee wellbeing. Anti fatigue mats should be installed in any workplace where workers stand for extensive time periods, this could include industrial work stations to hotel reception desks.

It can be a bit overwhelming deciding which type of anti fatigue matting to select for yours or your customers workplace. Some of your first considerations should include: Will the matting be used in a wet or dry area? Does the matting need to cover a large working environment or fixed workstations? Is the environment exposed to any liquids, such as chemicals/oils/grease? Are ramped edges are required?

Best Budget: Featol Standing Desk Mat Foam Cushioned Anti Fatigue Mats Comfort Standing Pad

  • Texture makes it little hard to clean

At 0.9 inches, this mat is the thickest one in the roundup, and it certainly shows with its cushy comfort that brings instant relief to your tired feet. The polyurethane foam material and ergonomic design make this an incredible value of a kitchen essential.

Whether you struggle with aching joints or simply want to feel like there’s a cozy mattress under your feet while standing in the kitchen, this is the mat for you. Taking care of your cooking and cleaning tasks has never been more enjoyable with this affordable Featol pick.

Our Lab testers were impressed with how cushiony this mat felteven after hours of standing on it, they felt no fatigue or soreness. The thickness of the gel and memory foam construction held up, and testers highlighted how it felt like the foot almost sank or indented into the mat. Plus, the PU leather surface boasts a surprisingly durable quality for a low price, featuring water- and puncture-resistant abilities.

The Spruce Eats / Fred Hardy

Size: 20 x 32 inches | Weight: 5.14 pounds | Material: Foam | Colors: Black

“Loved the thickness. Felt like the foot almost sank or indented in the mat.”

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Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat Options Wearwell Antifatigue Mats Fatigue Mats For Comfort

Anti fatigue mats offer cushion for long hours of standing. They also have the durability needed for use with industrial and retail standup workstations. Greatmats is proud to carry a large selection thats designed for a variety of needs. These are found in an assortment of materials and design options and are manufactured with safeness in mind.

Anti Fatigue Mats & Matting

Diamond Top Anti Fatigue Matting

When standing still for long periods of time, we begin to feel extremely uncomfortable and physically tired. This is due to increased pressure on joints and blood pooling in the lower limbs.

When using anti fatigue mats, your legs muscles are activated by small movements you make unconsciously to keep you standing upright. This helps to encourage better blood circulation which reduces the effects of fatigue. The softer surfaces created by the mat also increases comfort, leading to better morale and productivity.

In an independent study carried out in 2015, 75% of businesses who used Anti Fatigue matting said they found an overall improvement in staff well-being, along with 44% of respondents who considered the matting to have a positive effect on productivity. 23% of users also confirmed that absenteeism had reduced as a result of using anti fatigue mats.

Our anti fatigue matting has been developed to help fight the effects of fatigue, which results in multiple benefits for the user and for the employees.

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Also Great: Imprint Cumuluspro

Note: The original rectangular CumulusPRO we tested isnt available but Imprint is still selling this mat with rounded corners out of the same commercial quality grippy material we love. Weve updated all the CumulusPRO links to this new item.

At a quick glance, the Imprint CumulusPRO Commercial Grade mat looks deceivingly like the other mats, but the experience on this mat is on another level.

Its also important to know that the manufacturer, Imprint, also has a non-commercial version of this mat called the CumulusPRO Professional, which we did not test. This anti-fatigue mat is the only one we tested thats sold as a commercial product. And for what its worth, all products from the Imprint brand are tested and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute and a partner of the American Chiropractic Association. This particular product comes at an extra cost, but the differences were easily spotted during testing.

Runner up: Imprint – CumulusPRO Commercial Grade

The Imprint – CumulusPRO is a commercial-grade mat that is denser and firmer than lesser-grade mats. It remains securely in place, and its beveled edges help prevent tripping.

Like most of the other mats, its edges are beveled to help reduce the chances of users tripping over the mat when walking by. And it was one of the few mats that didnt shift beneath our feet during testing saving you the trouble of having to reposition every so often.

Key takeaways:

Dont Forget Your Design Aesthetic

Mats placed in industrial spaces, warehouses, assembly lines, kitchens, and other areas reserved only for employeesthe visual appeal of your mats is less of concern. However, you may want more colourful and stylized mats for mats used by your customers, or which can be viewed by your customers. We have some great options, such as faux-marble, elegant texturizing, and a range of colors that can complement your décor. Your options will vary dependent upon the mat you have in mind.

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Industrial Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti fatigue mats can help you reach a new level of efficiency in your workplace. A Plus Warehouse provides you with anti fatigue matting brands such as Wearwell, Notrax, Superior, Crown, Akro, and others. These mats can cut down on the aches employees feel in their feet, legs, back, and other body parts when standing for an extended period of time on hard surfaces. When your employees focus on their aches instead of the job at hand, this can prove a dangerous distraction. Anti fatigue standing mats for the workplace help ensure your employees are working and feeling their very best.

Kangaroo Commercial Grade Mat

Comfort Zone Anti

The moment we stepped foot on the Kangaroo Commercial Grade Mat, we knew we had a winner. As we did in our previous testing, we laid the Kangaroo, the Imprint Cumulus PRO, and the Ninja Comfort Mat in three locations in the kitchen: in front of the sink, in front of the oven, and in front of the countertop where we did food prep.

Our two testers went from one mat to the next in bare feet and in shoes, testing for springiness and noticeable comfort to their feet and legs. Both testers immediately noted the difference between the Kangaroo and our former top pick, the CumulusPro. The Kangaroo had some bounce and was soft and pleasing to stand on. The Cumulus Pro was much firmer and provided good support, but it was significantly uncomfortable.

It must be pointed out that the differences between the Kangaroo and other anti-fatigue mats on the market, including the Gorilla Grip mat we tested previously, are minimal. In fact, the Kangaroo mat, the Ninja mat, and the Gorilla Grip mat make the claim of being the original anti-fatigue mat. We also found out that the Gorilla Grip company distributes Kangaroo and Ninja.

Best Overall: Kangaroo – Commercial Grade Mat

If you’re standing hours in the kitchen or office, the Kangaroo’s springy cushion core will relieve tired legs and feet. Its durable topside and underside repel almost all accidental spills.

Key takeaways:

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Consider How Comfortable Your Current Flooring Is

Our ergonomic mats dont just come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizesbut also in a variety of thicknesses. As a general rule of thumb, the harder or less comfortable your current floor is to stand on for long periods of time, the thicker your mat should be. So, a mat placed on carpet or wood can often be thinner than a mat placed on cement or linoleum. That being said, the more stationary your team, the more you should consider a thicker and more comfortable mat.

How To Choose The Best Mat

Consumers usually encounter some form of dissonance after purchasing a product due to a lack of satisfaction from their decision. Therefore, it is very important to list down certain factors to look out for before making any purchases.

A Kitchen mat is not only an aesthetic part of oneâs house but also a source of comfort while handling daily chores. Whenever you decide upon buying a mat make sure you analyze your options from four perspectives.

Color and design: Even a comfortable and stress-releasing mat would seem useless if the texture and colour donât go with your kitchen. This doesnât necessarily mean you have to buy a mat with a complex design or bright colours. Go with something that suits the overall tone of the room.

Personal preference plays a huge role in any decision. Hence, choose the colors and design according to your preference even if it seems to be less fancy.

The article covers various ranges of mats that offer a huge variety of color and pattern choice.

Comfort: Your kitchen is a very busy part of your house and it is very important that you feel comfortable when in here. Weâve all been through the stress of cooking chores. The knee-jerks and ankle pain is a result of constantly standing on a hard surface.

Make sure that the mat you buy is durable and is made out of the right materials. The softer the foam is the more stress it will relieve you of. The thickness of the foam and its layers will also add to your comfort.

  • Under $40
  • Under $50
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    Double Benefits Of Industrial Anti

    If your operators job requires them to stand for long hours, as is often the case in packaging areas, manufacturing industries, retail, grocery stores or restaurant kitchens, they incur MSD risks. In most cases, employees work standing on hard floors . MSDs should be avoided as much as possible because they represent personal suffering for the operator and a cost for the company and society . Standing still on a hard floor does not activate the leg muscles, and blood can collect in the feet. That causes swelling and impairs blood circulation. Man is made for movement. That is why sitting for long periods is not good for health either. It is necessary to move and vary your position to stay healthy.Industrial anti-fatigue mats help address this issue. These padded ergonomic mats are neither too hard to prevent blood circulation, nor too soft to unbalance the worker. They imperceptibly promote foot movement, which is just enough for the leg muscles to contract and expand to activate blood circulation.These anti-fatigue mats also provide more comfort than a simple concrete floor. These mats immediately reduce operator fatigue, and decrease the risk of MSD in the longer term. They also increase productivity, because operators are more comfortably installed and better equipped to do their job. This carpet therefore represents a double benefit, both for the company and for the operator.

    Other Options We Tested

    Eco-Pro by GelPro Continuous Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mat for Commercial and Garage Use Black 36in.L x
    • KMAT Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Mat: This KMAT anti-fatigue mat received low marks on comfort and ease of cleaning from our Lab testers. It has a cool design and comes at a fair price, but our testers were disappointed by its lack of support and comfort. They remarked that it was hard and thin and felt flat-footed.
    • Ninja Brand Premium Floor Comfort Mat: Although this Ninja Brand mat looks attractive with its textured surface and color options, it failed to deliver impressive results during testing. The cushioning did not provide even support, and our tester reported that the heels of her feet could feel the floor through the mat.
    • Sky Solutions Oasis Anti Fatigue Mat: We featured another mat from Sky Solutions in this roundup that performed great overall, but this specific Oasis model fell short of expectations during Lab testing. Although it claims to be nonslip, testers found that it was prone to slipping around and needed more traction on the bottom. It also was not as soft or cushiony as expected. The textured surface gives your feet a better grip on the mat but makes it harder to clean.

    The Spruce Eats / Fred Hardy

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