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What Can Cause Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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The Surprising Link Between Germs And Cfs

Chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms

A study led by Dr. W. Ian Lipkin found a link between the different levels of six types of gut bacteria and CFS. Gut bacteria seem to affect the central nervous system and immune system.

The bacterial shift in each participant studied during the test affected the level of severity they experienced with CFS. Many participants with CFS also had irritable bowel syndrome , as the two often go hand in hand.

That being said, such abnormalities in the gut may only be a secondary factor in CFS meaning they may not be the specific cause. There is still limited understanding as to what gastrointestinal flora has to do with illness, so more research is needed.

Tips For Living With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Although every person feels tired at one time or another, the tiredness and laziness that come with chronic fatigue syndrome is not something most people understand.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a health condition that changes a persons life in many different ways. Fatigue does more than cause you to feel tired.

It affects your capacity to think clearly and reduces the motivation to move forward. In most cases, your body feels like its running on low energy.

People who are chronically tired experience difficulties coping with the symptoms information.

This is particularly so because relapses and remissions characterize the symptoms. Understanding what to expect in this pattern allows you to manage your energy better.

Although the condition might be challenging to cope with, there are strategies to make coping easier.

Below are five useful tips to enable you to live with chronic fatigue syndrome:

  • Eat Nutritious Foods

Another important tip for living with chronic fatigue syndrome is paying attention to what you eat. Nutritious foods make it easier to manage symptoms of chronic fatigue.

Ideally, your diet should have foods rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Avoid eating chemicals or foods you may be sensitive to.

Also, keep away from refined carbs and saturated fats.

Avoid taking alcohol, caffeine, sweeteners, and sugar to manage your energy levels. Consider eating small meals several times a day.

  • Balance Day-to-Day Activities With Rest
  • Keep Working

How Can I Find Out If I Have It

The National Academy of Medicine has issued guidelines describing the combination of symptoms necessary for doctors to diagnose the condition. Unfortunately, there is not yet a diagnostic test that is sufficiently accurate to be useful.

Because extreme fatigue is a symptom of so many conditions, your doctor will want to rule out other conditions first, before considering a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. Youâll need to get a complete checkup and talk with your doctor about all your symptoms.

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How Is Cfs Treated

Theres currently no specific cure for CFS.

Each person has different symptoms and therefore may require different types of treatment to manage the disorder and relieve their symptoms.

Work with your team of healthcare providers to create the best treatment plan for you. They can go over the possible benefits and side effects of the therapies with you.

Viral And Other Infections

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS): Overview and More

The term post-viral fatigue syndrome is used to describe CFS-like symptoms that occur after a viral infection. A recent review found Epstein-Barr virus antibody activity to be higher in patients with CFS, and that a subset of patients with CFS were likely to have increased EBV activity compared to controls. Viral infection is a significant risk factor for CFS, with one study finding 22% of people with EBV experience fatigue six months later, and 9% having strictly defined CFS. A systematic review found that fatigue severity was the main predictor of prognosis in CFS, and did not identify psychological factors linked to prognosis. One review found risk factors for developing CFS after mononucleosis, dengue fever or the bacterial infection Q-fever include longer bed-rest during the illness, poorer pre-illness physical fitness, attributing symptoms to physical illness, belief that a long recovery time is needed, as well as pre-infection distress and fatigue. The same review found biological factors such as CD4 and CD8 activation and liver inflammation are predictors of sub-acute fatigue, but not CFS, however these findings are not generally accepted due to the use of the Oxford criteria in selecting patients. The CDC does not recognize attribution of symptoms as a risk factor.

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What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

We all go through phases when we are extra tired and arent getting a deep sleep, whether its caused by a stressful week at work, or from eating a lot of unhealthy food. However, there are individuals who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome , and according to researchers, it may be due to germs in the gut.

CFS causes those who suffer from it to feel so exhausted that they cannot perform normal daily activities. The condition worsens with physical and mental activity, and rest doesnt do anything to improve it.

CFS is also difficult to diagnose, which makes it a challenge to find the exact cause and effective treatment. About one million Americans suffer from this syndrome, and it affects more women than men, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

How Common Is A Lingering Post

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention followed nearly 300 people who were PCR-positive for SARS-CoV-2 for several weeks. Three weeks after the positive test, nearly half of the patients still had symptoms, such as fatigue and coughparticularly people who were older or suffered from chronic diseases .

Italian investigators studied 143 confirmed COVID-19 patients after the most severe symptoms had ended. Sixty days after the onset of their illness, more than half of the patients continued to have multiple bothersome symptoms, and 41% reported a worsened quality of life .

Irish investigators studied 128 patients with PCR-documented SARS-CoV-2 infection and found that, at a median of 10 weeks after the initial COVID-19 symptoms, 52% reported persistent fatigue and 31% had not returned to work. Surprisingly, there was no association of post-COVID fatigue with the severity of the acute illness, nor with routine laboratory markers of inflammation and cell turnover .

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Facts About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • The CDC estimates up to 2.5 million Americans have ME/CFS.
  • Anyone can get it, including children and teens.
  • It is most common in women in their 40s and 50s.
  • Women are more likely to develop it than men.
  • Most cases are mild or moderate.
  • About 1 in 4 people with the condition have severe symptoms.

If you have mild chronic fatigue syndrome, you can probably manage on your own. Moderate symptoms can make it hard for you to move around. For example, you might need to sleep in the afternoons.

If your symptoms are severe, the impact on your quality of life and abilities can be as bad as if you had lupus, heart disease, or rheumatoid arthritis.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Diagnosis And Treatment

What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and What Causes It?

JOSEPH R. YANCEY, MD, Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, Fort Belvoir, Virginia

SARAH M. THOMAS, MD, Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington

Am Fam Physician. 2012 Oct 15 86:741-746.

Patient information: See related handout on chronic fatigue syndrome, written by the authors of this article.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a widespread problem. It is estimated that more than 2 million Americans have CFS, many of whom have not been diagnosed.1 Women are twice as likely as men to have CFS,1 and it is more common in persons older than 40 years.1,2 There is not an established racial or educational predilection.1,2 CFS is often mentally and emotionally debilitating, and persons with this diagnosis are twice as likely to be unemployed as persons with fatigue who do not meet formal criteria for CFS.3 In 2002, the estimated annual cost of lost productivity was $9.1 billion dollars in the United States.4 In addition to economic hardships, persons with CFS are more likely to report subjective functional impairment than those with chronic fatigue.3


Persons with chronic fatigue should have an evaluation, including history, physical examination, and initial laboratory testing .


Persons with chronic fatigue should have an evaluation, including history, physical examination, and initial laboratory testing .

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What Is The Latest Research On Me/cfs

Today, we have a better understanding of ME/CFS, but researchers are still searching for the cause. ME/CFS is sometimes seen in members of the same family, perhaps because of a genetic link. Researchers are also testing a variety of treatments for ME/CFS, including anti-viral medications and medications that affect the immune system.

Researchers also are looking at ways to help health care providers identify and diagnose ME/CFS more quickly. HHS currently supports a study led by the Institute of Medicine to recommend improved and updated criteria to help physicians make a diagnosis of ME/CFS. The IOM’s recommendations may also guide future research.

Key Points About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome is characterized by profound tiredness.
  • Symptoms often worsen with physical or mental activity.
  • In addition to severe fatigue, symptoms include light sensitivity, headache, muscle and joint pain, difficulty concentrating, mood swings, and depression.
  • Treatments may include medicines, exercise, supplements, and counseling.

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What Is The Treatment For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

A treatment plan for CFS aims to relieve your symptoms to improve your quality of life. The plan should include:

  • a plan for how to manage stress
  • a very gentle exercise plan
  • a nutritious diet, with regular meals/snacks to keep up your energy
  • supplements if your diet lacks a good balance or if your blood tests indicate deficiencies
  • a sleep management plan, which may include medication
  • physiotherapy to help with pain and good breathing techniques
  • medication for pain
  • psychological input if you are particularly stressed or depressed.

Will I Still Be Able To Work With Me/cfs

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Shown &  Explained Using A Medical ...

Research shows that about half of people with ME/CFS work part-time or full-time jobs. For some people with ME/CFS, the ability to work is possible thanks to a supportive employer and certain workplace accommodations, including a flexible schedule, a quiet comfortable place to rest, and memory aids.

But, if you can’t work because of ME/CFS, you may be eligible for Social Security benefits. Learn more about applying for disability through the Social Security Administration.

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How Is Cfs Diagnosed

CFS is a very challenging condition to diagnose.

According to the Institute of Medicine, as of 2015, CFS occurs in about 836,000 to 2.5 million Americans. Its estimated, however, that 84 to 91 percent have yet to receive a diagnosis.

There are no medical tests to screen for CFS. Its symptoms are similar to many other conditions. Many people with CFS dont look sick, so doctors may not recognize that they indeed have a health condition.

In order to receive a CFS diagnosis, your doctor will rule out other potential causes and review your medical history with you.

Theyll confirm that you at least have the core symptoms previously mentioned. Theyll also ask about the duration and severity of your unexplained fatigue.

Ruling out other potential causes of your fatigue is a key part of the diagnosis process. Some conditions with symptoms that resemble those of CFS include:

  • severe obesity
  • sleep disorders

The side effects of certain drugs, such as antihistamines and alcohol, can mimic symptoms of CFS as well.

Because of the similarities between symptoms of CFS and many other conditions, its important to not self-diagnose. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms. They can work with you to get relief.

Common Causes Of Chronic Fatigue And What You Can Do To Improve Your Energy

With todays busy lifestyle, more and more people are suffering from chronic fatigue. The good news is, with some help, you can conquer the fatigue and be vibrant again! All symptoms have a root cause, and working with a functional medicine doctor can help you uncover whats causing your ailments. At my clinic, we work hard to find what is causing your symptoms so you can live your best life. There are only so many causes to illness, and when you address the root cause, you can heal!

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Symptoms Of Chronic Fatigue

According to the Institute of Medicine of National Academies in the US, ME/CFS affects 836,000 to 2.5 million Americans since 2015. For this reason, early prevention and treatment for chronic fatigue can avoid this disease. If youre experiencing some of these chronic fatigue symptoms, it may be best to visit your local hospital right away.

  • Unending body, joint, and muscle pain for more than six months
  • Extreme exhaustion even after short periods of exercise
  • Restless leg syndrome

How Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treated

What Causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Treatment is determined by your healthcare provider and based on:

  • Your overall health and medical history
  • Extent of the condition
  • Your tolerance for specific medicines, procedures, or therapies
  • Expectations for the course of the condition
  • Your opinion or preference
  • Medicine, including corticosteroids, antidepressants, and others
  • Light-intensity aerobic exercise
  • Dietary supplements and herbal preparations
  • Psychotherapy and supportive counseling

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What Are The Symptoms Of Me/cfs

The most common symptom is ongoing, unexplained overwhelming tiredness or fatigue which worsens after exercise or mental effort. This is known as post-exertional malaise . The level of activity that triggers PEM will vary from person to person and can depend on how severe their condition is. PEM is sometimes delayed and can last for a few days. A more serious relapse can last for weeks or months.

A common misconception is that people with ME/CFS have ‘chronic fatigue and are just very tired. Persistent and profound fatigue is just one symptom of ME/CFS.

Other symptoms may include:

Some people may experience only mild symptoms, but others may develop more severe symptoms.

When Should I Call The Doctor About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

People seek medical care when the fatigue and cognitive difficulties of chronic fatigue syndrome affect their quality of life. People who have questions about a particular treatment should contact a qualified health-care provider, local medical society, or university medical school for additional information.


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Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Los Angeles

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is an elusive devastating illness that still is little understood. Its cause and cure are multi-faceted and a multi-disciplinary treatment protocol to recover. In this article, we have embedded a recently cut video that helps explain how the upper cervical spine can be one of the keys to overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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Most people with chronic fatigue syndrome go through treatment protocols that fix leaky gut syndrome, implement diet modification, IV vitamin therapy, juicing, and other natural health procedures that are aimed at ridding the body of viruses and supplying it with the raw materials that are needed for healing.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

3 Charts

People with post-infectious fatigue syndromes following these well-documented acute infections share a group of symptoms in common with people who have ME/CFS . Many, but not all, people with ME/CFS note that it began suddenly, with an apparently infectious illness characterized by respiratory symptoms, fever, adenopathy, myalgias, and other symptoms. Because such acute illnesses are common and typically resolve, often no attempt has been made to diagnose the inciting infectious agent. Yet the spectrum of symptoms in ME/CFS that follows an apparently infectious illness due to an undocumented infectious agent is very similar to the illness following a well-documented infectious agent.

Indeed, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, patients post-COVID-19 can develop a post-viral syndrome that’s very strikingly similar to myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome .

A widely-used case definition of ME/CFS was proposed by the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine . This case definition requires that the illness must have lasted for at least 6 months. Since most people who have developed COVID-19 in the U.S. have not yet been ill for 6 months, not enough time has elapsed to know how many will develop an illness that meets the case definition of ME/CFS. We think it is likely that some will.

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General Exercise Tips For People With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Be guided by your doctor or specialist, but general suggestions include:

  • Experiment to find the type of exercise that works best for you. Choose from a range of gentle activities such as stretching, yoga, tai chi, walking and light weight training.
  • Keep an activity diary so you have a long-term picture of your performance levels and factors that might impact on your symptoms.
  • Stop the physical activity well before you feel any symptom flare. Pacing yourself is very important.
  • Remember that the amount of exercise you can do will change from one day to the next.
  • Listen to your body if you dont feel up to exercising on a particular day, dont.
  • Find out as much as you can about your ME/CFS. Make sure you consult with health professionals who fully understand ME/CFS as a ‘real’ biomedical condition.

What Are Some Causes Of Chronic Fatigue

Here are some of the top causes of chronic fatigue that you should be aware of.

1. Chronic Stress

Stress can impact so many functions of the body. The body wasnt made to sustain itself in fight or flight mode. It was meant to stay in rest, repair, and digest mode. In ancient times, when being chased by a tiger, your body would switch over to fight or flight mode, and then when the threat was gone, it would go back to rest and digest.

Nowadays many people are stressed daily, and their body never gets back to rest and digest mode. When your body is constantly in fight or flight, all your energy is going to produce cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine. When your body is in rest and digest mode, it focuses energy on digesting food, repairing cells, and functioning as it is meant to.

Chronic stress also affects the GI tract in the following ways:

2. Underlying Infection, Virus, or Bacteria

A bacterial infection, virus, mold, or Lyme can all cause chronic fatigue in a patient. Epstein Barr Virus can also be a common virus responsible for zapping a person of energy. By treating the infection, virus, mold, or Lyme, you can eliminate the root cause of chronic fatigue, which will help your body get stronger and you will start to feel immensely better. When you treat these causes, you may find yourself feeling even better than you have in years!

3. Parasites or Other Pathogens

4. Depression

5. Poor Diet

6. Nutrient Deficiencies

7. Thyroid Issues

8. Mitochondrial Damage

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