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Best Vitamins For Tiredness And Fatigue

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What Supplements Are Best For Adrenal Fatigue

John is retired and has recently been diagnosed with high cholesterol and prescribed statins. He knows that his age and the cholesterol lowering drugs hes taking have an effect on his bodys natural ability to produce CoQ10, an enzyme our cells use in the production of energy. As a result, his energy levels have subsided. He now takes CoQ10 200mg which helps convert glucose into energy that his muscles can use. John feels more in control of his condition, and alongside lifestyle and dietary changes he feels hes on the path to better health.There are two forms of CoQ10-ubiquinone and ubiquinol. When taken, the body converts ubiquinone in to the active form ubiquinol. We offer this more bioavailable form as its considered to be an advance on the ubiquinone form of CoQ10. Ubiquinol is a good choice for those with specific health concerns wanting to ensure maximum absorption as well as people with digestive problems.Did you know?Coenzyme Q10 was discovered by scientists in 1957 and was named ubiquinone because it was ubiquitous in nature?

Impact Of Inadequate Status Of Vitamins And Minerals On Physical Fatigue

Frank deficiencies in most vitamins and minerals have been associated with lethargy or physical fatigue, which can also be observed in marginal deficiencies, but these symptoms are often missed because they are nonspecific.

6.1.1. Inadequate Status of Individual B Vitamins and Physical Fatigue

Beriberi, the disease resulting from severe thiamine deficiency affects several organs, including the muscular and peripheral nervous systems . General symptoms include fatigue, ataxia due to muscle weakness in the legs and arms, muscle pain and tenderness, and dyspnoea on exertion.

Riboflavin deficiency is most often accompanied by other nutrient deficiencies and it is thus difficult to clearly identify specific symptoms. Anemia, a condition related to fatigue, is associated with low riboflavin status. For example, in 1253 adult Chinese individuals followed for 5 years, more than 97% had inadequate riboflavin intake at baseline and this was associated with an increased risk of anemia at follow-up . High rates of marginal and deficient riboflavin status have been found in healthy women from both Canada and Malaysia and were indicative of a higher risk of anemia , which enhances the risk of associated fatigue symptoms.

Inadequate niacin intakes or status lead to nonspecific clinical symptoms and include weakness, loss of appetite, fatigue and apathy .

6.1.2. Inadequate Status in Vitamin C and Physical Fatigue

Which Vitamin Are You Lacking If You Are Tired All The Time

If you feel tired despite having a good nights sleep, you could be suffering from a vitamin deficiency. It could be that you are lacking vitamins B or C or it could be a mineral deficiency such as iron, magnesium or zinc. Taking supplements can help to reduce your fatigue and boost your energy levels.

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Potential Side Effects Of Supplements

Taking supplements can be as easy as popping a pill, but experts say while they are necessary if youâre low on a specific vitamin or a mineral, itâs always best to get the nutrients directly from food.

In some cases, you may need supplements if you:

  • Are deficient in a nutrient
  • Have trouble absorbing nutrients
  • Are pregnant
  • Have diet restrictions.

But just because a supplement is ânatural,â that doesnât necessarily make it safe. Many dosages can be more than your daily minimum requirement. This can be toxic and cause side effects that can include:

Dietary supplements can also interact with drugs and make them less effective. Itâs always best to talk to your doctor, a dietitian, or a pharmacist about correct dosage and possible side effects before you take them.

If youâre feeling a dip in energy or are fighting fatigue, it may also be a sign of a serious illnesses, so ask your doctor about it.

Itâs also important to note that the FDA doesnât regulate dietary supplements the same way it does prescription drugs. If you have a bad reaction to a supplement, tell your doctor right away. If itâs an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.

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A Holistic Approach To Boosting Energy

Best Supplements for Chronic Fatigue

If you want to naturally increase your energy levels, then we think you should always take a holistic approach. That means trying to fix all of the issues that might be causing low energy levels. It means boosting energy via multiple pathways at the same time.

Its no good trying to boost energy by taking ever-larger amounts of caffeine.

We have always seen better results when combining multiple substances that treat fatigue and low energy in different ways.

Thats why the best energy supplement will include a sensible dose of caffeine, along with substances known to enhance energy metabolism, reduce stress, support mitochondria function, and more.

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Ashwagandha: The Ancient Stress Remedy

Ashwagandha has been used for over 3,000 years and has a wide variety of names. This herb grows in the Mediterranean and across the middle east, Africa, India, and Pakistan. It has been praised in traditional Indian medicine for its ability to help the body adapt to stress.

In a 2012 clinical trial, ashwagandha was shown to reduce blood levels of cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone. Participants in this study noted a significant reduction in the stress they experienced after 60 days, compared to the placebo group.

If it is stress that has you feeling drained, consider ashwagandha. As an added bonus, recent studies have also suggested that ashwagandha can improve endurance and muscle strength gains from exercise. Additionally, ashwagandha was shown to reduce food cravings and support body weight management, in a 2017 study.

Ready to start your personalized routine?

Should I Invest In Supplements

Before I suggest a list of the types of supplements you should take, this is what you should bear in mind. Supplements are just an aid to a healthy eating lifestyle. In other words, you should always aim to eat healthier, vary your plate, and have enough whole foods in your diet. That is crucial to ensure that you are meeting at least the minimum nutrient requirements.

You shouldnt invest in supplements to get your main nutrition. Always focus on quality foods before you supplement your diet. Now, supplements can reinforce what youre lacking in your eating lifestyle. Because of that, I love to always have some sort of multivitamin complex.

In general, if you have a proper eating lifestyle, its not mandatory to invest in supplements. However, there are specific cases, for example, pregnant women, in which we recommend taking supplements. Always make sure that you check with your doctor or nutritionist before taking any form of supplement.

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Synergistic Ingredients Crafted To The Highest Standards

As always, we have selected the finest ingredients and included them at levels which are most beneficial. As well as key minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium and iodine we have included all 8 B vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin D for holistic support. Thats not all though, as we have incorporated specialist ingredients such as L-choline, Acetyl L-carnitine and the ever-popular Korean ginseng, famous for its ability to invigorate the body against physical and mental stresses.

We are proud that our formula is free from any allergens such as lactose and gluten and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Our pharmaceutical grade facilities which are GMP and BRC grade AA approved also minimise the risk of cross-contamination and all raw materials are tested upon arrival. We hold certificates of analysis for all batches of all products for total transparency and are proud that we make all our supplements right here in the UK.

* Results may vary from person to person, any and all supplements should be used in conjunction with a balanced and healthy diet. If you are unsure about taking supplements consult a doctor or pharmacist before use.

  • Multi-nutrient formula for fighting tiredness and fatigue
  • 17 essential nutrients provided in the optimal amounts
  • High bioavailability formula for maximum benefit
  • Made at GMP-certified facilities in the UK


Symptoms Of Constant Fatigue

Best Energy Supplements for Chronic Fatigue

If you feel as if fatigue is something youre facing each waking day, then you might be experiencing some of the following symptoms. From a sore throat to extreme dizziness, there are many variations of these symptoms that indicate youre constantly tired.

These are a few of the red flag signs that may reveal that you have CFS:

  • Extreme feelings of fatigue
  • The appearance of enlarged lymph nodes in your neck or armpits
  • Muscle pain or joint pain
  • Dizziness feelings that increase from lying down, sitting or standing
  • Feeling tired after sleeping
  • Extreme exhaustion after physical or mental exercise

Have you experienced any of the above symptoms? If so, theres a possibility that you may be chronically fatigued and should seek a health care professional for medical treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome.

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Try Supplements To Give You Energy And Reduce Fatigue

Many people rely on the effects of vitamin and mineral supplements to reduce tiredness and increase energy levels. If youre ready to give supplements a try, we have a wide range of organic and vegan-friendly supplements which can give you the boost that you need whilst promoting your overall wellbeing.

How To Use Energy Supplements

So what is the best way to use energy pills?

Should you take them at the same time every day, or should you take a larger dose right when you need them?

The answer is neither, or both.

A daily energy supplement is great, but they have drawbacks. Caffeine is not safe for everyday use it can lead to intolerance and dependency, not to mention heart issues further down the line. Using a daily stack will also support baseline energy levels, but you wont get the kind of kick we often need from an energy booster.

Powerful energy pills can definitely give you immediate increases in focus, drive and stamina. But they will not solve any of the deeper problems that cause chronic tiredness and fatigue.

So, the best way to take energy pills is to combine both of these strategies.

We think the ideal way to take energy supplements is to use a daily stack for enhancing cellular energy metabolism and fixing vitamin deficiencies, and then to supplement that with a potent caffeine/theanine stack during times of peak mental and physical demand.

That way you get the best of both worlds constant energy support and a powerful energy boost when needed. You mitigate side effect risks while maximizing the effect that caffeine has on you . At the same time, you address the underlying problem at the cellular level.

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What Is A Natural Energy Booster

Taking vitamin supplements is a great way to naturally increase your energy levels and reduce fatigue. Many people dont get the micronutrients that their body needs through diet alone, leaving them feeling tired and low in energy. Vitamin supplements will help to ensure that your body is not deficient in any nutrient, whilst supporting your bodys natural processes and your overall wellbeing.

How Safe Are Energy Pills

13 Best Vitamins to Combat Tiredness &  Fatigue

Generally speaking, energy pills are some of the least safe supplements on the market. There are a lot of dangerous energy pills out there supplements which contain harmful synthetic stimulants, addictive substances, and untested adrenaline-boosters.

At the same time, there are plenty of energy pills out there that are extremely safe. The best energy supplements on the market today are typically very safe for repeated, regular use. Top-tier energy boosters will use sensible doses of ingredients that have been thoroughly tested in clinical conditions.

The best way to stay safe while using energy pills is to do your research carefully. Assess your caffeine tolerance and calculate your existing intake as accurately as you can. Think carefully about whether or not you really need any extra caffeine.

We believe that you can often get better results if you try to fix the deeper issues with your lack of energy what is really causing your fatigue? Often, just taking more caffeine masks a deeper problem .

Thats why we think its important to take a holistic approach to increasing your energy levels.

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The Myth Of Vitamin Supplements

It is very true that you need all these vitamins for your body to function properly and you feel good, full of energy to perform properly in your work or studies.

But it is also true that the necessary quantities are small, so that any healthy person who has a balanced diet will have a good contribution of all of them.

There is only Three situations In which a supplement of vitamins is indicated, by medical indication, and are the following:

  • Pregnancy and lactation. A nutritional supplement of vitamins and minerals is recommended during the first weeks of pregnancy and in the lactation, because in these cases the nutritional needs are generally higher than the contribution.

  • Inappropriate teens . If you are in peak growth time and do not eat enough, you may need a supplement to supplement your diet. In this way the body will have all the nutrients necessary for a good development.

  • People of the Third Age . Often they have problems with chewing or swallowing, or they are not able to eat everything they need. In these cases, it may also be necessary to supplement the diet with a multi-vitamin supplement.

Apart from these three situations, and if there is no underlying disease, it is not necessary to supplement the diet with a vitamin supplement.

If in spite of eating enough fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy products, you still feel tired or without energy, consult your doctor. You could have anemia, some hormonal disorder or other conditions.


How Many Vitamins For Tiredness And Fatigue Should You Take A Day

The number of vitamins for tiredness and fatigue you should take a day is sadly not a one answer question. This will vary from one vitamin to another and also factors in that the bodys need for each of the individual vitamins and minerals is massively various. While women require 18mg of iron a day and men require 8mg, the adult body only needs about 1.5 micrograms of vitamin B12 a day.

For reference, if we look closer at a few of the vitamins on this list and their recommended dosages from their available Holland & Barrett offerings, you can see how they differ.

Their Vitamin B12 tablets are advised to be taken at a dose of one to two tablets a day, preferably with meals and emphasises that the dose should not be exceeded.

The Vitamin C Timed Release caplets suggests taking a dosage of between one and four capsules a day with the same guidance in conjunction with meals. This mirrors the instructions provided for Holland & Barrett Biotin tablets, also.

The brands Active Iron capsules should only be taken at a dosage of one a day – with no specific timing of consumption recommended.

Additionally, always be careful to read the ingredients list to ensure that youre familiar with what youre increasing your intake of.

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More On Energy Boosting

Having quality nutrition every day is key to staying healthy and fit. Many people wonder if taking supplements is needed to supply their needs. The answer to this question lies in a lot of factors. Heres the thing: there is no black and white approach when it comes to taking supplements, but if youve been wondering whether you need supplements or not, I will help clarify some of your concerns.

Sometimes, having too many options of supplements on the market can be overwhelming. If youre still asking yourself what supplements to take, then keep reading.

Supplement For Energy And Focus Performance Lab Stim + Energy

Best supplement for Adrenal Fatigue – More energy and weight loss #adrenalfatigue

If your goal is higher energy levels, improved focus, and better cognitive performance, then this is the supplement stack for you.

Performance Lab Stim delivers a 50mg dose of natural caffeine combined with 100mg of Suntheanine. This results in a cleaner, sharper, longer caffeine buzz with fewer side effects.

The caffeine and theanine is supported by Tyrosine, which has been shown to improve cognitive performance in people with sleep deprivation. All this is capped off with a B vitamin complex to support energy metabolism and neurotransmitter production.

Performance Lab Energy works in a very different, but complimentary way, to Stim. It is designed to optimize and protect your cell mitochondria, enhance energy metabolism, and reduce oxidative stress. This is a daily, long-term energy supplement for people fighting chronic fatigue.

The benefits of using Performance Lab Stim and Energy together are extensive. They include:

  • Enhanced mitochondria for lasting energy
  • More efficient energy metabolism
  • Rapid increase in mental and physical energy levels
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Heightened focus
  • Enhanced cognitive function

Performance Lab have completely dominated the market with their brand new range of energy supplements. The company focuses exclusively on high quality, pure ingredients, and simple, easy stackable formulas. This stackability is a major selling point for people with very particular needs.

Learn more about Performance Lab Energy.

#2 Runner-up Qualia Nootropic Energy

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Best Vitamins For Energy And Focus

Aside from CoQ10 and B vitamins, there are other vitamins you can take to improve energy and focus. Look for a supplement that contains omega-3s, which are healthy fats that can optimize a variety of functions within the body. You can find omega-3 vitamins from fish oil and other sources. Vitamin C can also help you focus better since it helps to fight against oxidative stress, which may lead to feelings of fogginess or fatigue.

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