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Anti Fatigue Foam Mat Set 4 Pc

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Attach The Second Layer Of Foam

$10 Harbor Freight (4-Piece Foam Mat Set TEST!!!)

To help with identifying tools that are out of place, and to make it look more professional, I’ll be adding a layer of colored foam underneath.

The second layer can either be cut to the same dimensions as the thicker foam, or you can just use smaller pieces large enough for each cutout shape. This method is useful for color coloring such as SAE=red and metric=blue.

Place the thicker foam face down, line up the thinner colored foam, and apply hot glue to the area around the cutouts . Push the colored foam down into place as you go. Because the hot glue dries quickly, try to work on smaller sections at a time. Left to right for instance: lifting the colored foam, applying glue to the thicker foam, and adhering the foam pieces together section by section.

For some items, like my label maker, I found it useful to attach a second layer of thick foam to raise the height while inside the container. The helps prevent it from shifting or jumping out of the cutout.

Cut To Size And Shape

For the drawer, bin, or box you’ll need to determine the inner dimensions. It’s better to cut to long than too short, as you can always trim off the excess.

If the length is longer than the 25″x25″ foam mat, no worries, they already have jigsaw like ends to connect multiple mats to make them as long as needed.

Use a pencil to mark the cut line on the mat. Use a ruler or straight edge to help guide your blade when cutting. Place something underneath so you don’t cut through something important. Use the x-acto or carpenter’s knife to cut the foam to size.

More complex shapes like the inside of a Harbor Freight storage bin will need some additional work to account for the octagonal shape. If you’re doing multiple bins, you can use the first working set as a template.

In some cases, I want to use the bins next to the foam so I just cut a smaller section.

Cut the thinner colored foam to a similar size, and place it aside.

Kitchen Floor Mat Anti Fatigue

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