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What Can I Take For Fatigue

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Figuring Out Causes Of Fatigue

Chemotherapy: What can I do to combat fatigue? | Norton Cancer Institute

The first step in easing the fatigue associated with Parkinsons disease is to rule out other causes of tiredness, says Liana Rosenthal, M.D., assistant professor of neurology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and director of clinical core at the Morris K. Udall Center Parkinsons Disease Research Center of Excellence. We evaluate patients to see if there are other things contributing to the fatigue besides their disease, she says.

Sometimes patients may be referred to a sleep specialist for an evaluation. That can help identify causes of tiredness, like sleep apnea. Rosenthal says: Our aim is to first treat any sleep issues, like insomnia, sleep apnea or other causes of poor sleep. Once we treat and address those issues, we can see if fatigue still persists.

What Is The Difference Between Fatigue And Tiredness

Medically speaking, tiredness happens to everyone — it’s an expected feeling after certain activities or at the end of the day. Usually, you know why you’re tired, and a good night’s sleep solves the problem. Fatigue is a daily lack of energy unusual or excessive whole-body tiredness not relieved by sleep.

What Factors Pose A Risk

Are there really any heightened risk factors for people to constantly be more tired than others? Unfortunately, the short answer is YES! There are actually two main factors to take into consideration when looking deeper into CFS.

Unfortunately, the following two factors cant really be controlled.

Most women never stop, and thus, they are more likely to be diagnosed with this type of medical dilemma and appear more tired than men. However, it is also speculated that women tend to be better communicators and might just be reporting these symptoms more than men. Therefore, CFS patients could be pretty equal in terms of prevalence between genders.

Of course, CFS can happen at any age, but its especially common in individuals who are middle-aged. As you get older, its harder to sustain your energy as in your younger years.

Do you find that you fall into both categories and that it’s harder to feel refreshed after a good night’s sleep? These factors may be the reason why youre more susceptible to tiredness and feel like you cant escape your feelings of exhaustion.

Plus, as our bodies grow and change, there’s the heightened possibility that people will experience more fatigue as they age. However, there are some clear signs that indicate that there is more of a problem than the regular signs of aging or gender.

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Can Fatigue Be Prevented

Fatigue as a symptom can occur as the result of many causes and therefore, prevention is not an issue. More importantly, the early recognition of fatigue will allow a person to seek medical care and potentially have an earlier diagnosis of the underlying cause made.

Sometimes, symptoms like fatigue arise gradually and it is difficult for the person to realize that there is a problem. It may take an outside perspective from a friend or family member to appreciate a difference in function. Self-awareness of gradual decline in body performance is often difficult as a person makes repeated small accommodations to complete daily activities.

What Is The Treatment For Fatigue

How To Manage Adrenal Fatigue When You Can

The treatment for fatigue depends upon the cause. Some treatments for conditions that cause fatigue include medications, antibiotics, vitamins, and exercise. Medical treatment of fatigue depends on the treatment of its underlying cause. Fortunately, many causes of fatigue may be treated with medications, for example, iron supplements for anemia, medications and machines to help sleep apnea, medications to control blood sugar, medications to regulate thyroid function, antibiotics to treat infection, vitamins, and/or recommendations for dietary changes and a sensible exercise program. Again, treatment of the underlying cause is the key to treatment of the symptom of fatigue.

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This article is not medical advice. It is intended for general informational purposes and is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your physician or dial 911.

Sleep Suggestions For Fighting Fatigue

A common cause of fatigue is not enough sleep, or poor quality sleep. Suggestions include:

  • Get enough sleep two-thirds of us suffer from sleep problems, and many people dont get the sleep they need to stay alert through the day. Some recommendations on getting a good nights sleep include: go to bed and get up in the morning at the same time every day, avoid naps through the day, and have a warm bath or shower before bed.
  • Limit caffeine too much caffeine, particularly in the evening, can cause insomnia. Limit caffeinated drinks to five or less per day, and avoid these types of drinks after dinner.
  • Learn how to relax a common cause of insomnia is fretting about problems while lying in bed. Experiment with different relaxation techniques until you find one or two that work for you for example, you could think of a restful scene, focus on your breathing, or silently repeat a calming mantra or phrase.
  • Avoid sleeping pills sleeping pills are not a long-term solution because they dont address the causes of insomnia.

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Can Emotions Cause Fatigue

Are you fearful about the future? Do you worry about your health and who will take care of you? Are you afraid you are no longer needed? Emotional stresses like these can take a toll on your energy. Fatigue can be linked to many conditions, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress from financial or personal problems
  • Feeling that you no longer have control over your life

Not getting enough sleep can also contribute to fatigue. Regular physical activity can improve your sleep. It may also help reduce feelings of depression and stress while improving your mood and overall well-being. Yoga, meditation, or cognitive behavioral therapy could also help you get more rest. Talk with your doctor if your mental well-being is affecting your sleep or making you tired.

Fatigue In Elderly: Causes And How To Treat It

Adrenal Fatigue? Two Best Supplements You Should Take

Written byDr. Victor MarchionePublished onMarch 16, 2017

Fatigue is a common symptom of aging that is often ignored or attributed to another condition, but when left untreated, fatigue in the elderly can lead to a decline in normal functioning. While there is no one succinct definition of fatigue, it may be generally characterized by feelings of weariness, tiredness, a persistent lack of energy, and weakness. To find out how fatigue affects the elderly and how it can be treated, continue reading below.

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Ways Of Boosting Energy Levels And Reducing Fatigue

Having energy has never been as important as it is today with the rise of the online rat-race. Stress is at an all-time high in todays generation and both men and women experience it daily.

Balancing a career, a healthy lifestyle, kids, a family, and an online social media presence has become the norm for a large portion of the western world. Our body, however, is not designed to be in a constant state of stress and has not caught up to this new way of living.

For this reason, fatigue is something a lot of us experience. It causes us to feel unmotivated, tired, and left with no energy to pursue the things we love.

The goal of this article is to analyze the role that fatigue plays in our daily lives and our overall health and to underline the best ways to get our energy back ASAP.


  • References
  • Can Boredom Cause Fatigue

    Being bored can make you feel tired. That may sound strange, but it’s true. If you were very busy during your working years, you may feel lost about how to spend your time when you retire. When you wake up in the morning, you may see long days stretching before you with nothing planned. It doesn’t have to be that way.

    Engaging in social and productive activities that you enjoy, like volunteering in your community, may help maintain your well-being. Think about what interests you and what skills or knowledge you have to offer and look for places to volunteer. Read Participating in Activities You Enjoy for ways to find volunteer opportunities.

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    Keys To Fighting Fatigue During Pregnancy

    When fatigue strikes, healthy foods and smart choices can help you stay alert and energized. Sticking to a well-balanced diet, exercising when possible , and responding to your bodys need for rest can help. Try these tips to help reduce symptoms of fatigue:

    • Choose nutrient- and protein-rich foods, such as low-fat milk, yogurt, beans, chicken breast, or peanut butter.
    • Avoid turning to sugary foods or energy drinks for a quick fix. A donut or candy bar might be a temporary sugar fix, but these foods will leave you more hungry sooner and more tired in the long run. Energy drinks should be thought of as dietary supplements and often have ingredients that might not be safe for your baby. Check with your doctor for specific guidance.
    • Eat every four hours , beginning with a balanced breakfast. Try to include at least one whole grain and a fruit or vegetable with each mini-meal or snack.
    • Limit caffeine. While guidelines vary,* most professionals recommend consuming no more than 300 mg of caffeine a day while pregnant. Remember to count the caffeine in other beverages, such as tea or soda.
    • Listen to your body, and get the rest you need. It sounds simple, but it can be easy to forget during this busy time.
    • Exercise regularly .
    • Get as much of the iron, vitamins, and minerals you can from iron-rich and energy-dense foods. Take your prenatal supplements as directed by your doctor.
    • Hydrate. Try to drink at least 10 8-ounce glasses of water or other fluids a day.

    Too Much Or Too Little Activity

    4 nutrients to fight fatigue

    A person with fatigue may not feel able to exercise, and a lack of exercise can cause further fatigue. A lack of exercise may eventually cause deconditioning, making it harder and more tiring to perform a physical task.

    Fatigue can also affect healthy individuals after prolonged, intense mental or physical activity.

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    What Is Fatigue And How Is It Manifested

    Fatigue is a symptom of a range of medical conditions that will be explored below. It can also be the result of some lifestyle choices like a lack of nutrients in the diet and physical activity. Fortunately, there are many things that can be done to increase energy levels naturally.

    Fatigue refers to a feeling of weakness, both physically and/or mentally. Millions of people live their lives with fatigue every day.

    Fatigue refers to a lack of energy and a feeling of whole-body exhaustion. It is not the same as being sleepy. Sleepiness or drowsiness is a warm and inviting feeling to get some rest, whereas fatigue is an uncomfortable feeling of being exhausted.

    Fatigue manifests itself as a lack of motivation and energy. An associated symptom of fatigue is apathy, as in the lack of concern of the feelings of others.

    It can be sudden or progressive. Fatigue may be isolated and a normal occurrence, i.e. following a bout of intense physical or mental activity. Think, after a long exam or a marathon. Normally, this type of fatigue can be resolve upon rest. If fatigue persists and is progressively worsens, then it may be indicative of an underlying health condition.

    What Is Chronic Fatigue

    This condition is best known by medical professionals as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome . Its a disorder that can be characterized by the feeling of extreme tiredness with no feeling of refreshment after sleep.

    Imagine going to bed at night only to wake up feeling as if you didnt go to bed at all. Doesnt sound like sweet dreams now, does it?

    Plus, the symptoms and signs only worsen if you take part in strenuous physical or mental activities, and they dont improve after rest and relaxation either. Its a slippery, downhill slope!

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    Talking To Your Doctor Or Nurse

    Prepare for your next appointment with your doctor or nurse by writing down questions that you want to ask.

    Never be embarrassed to ask them to repeat and explain anything that you dont understand.

    Your care and wellbeing is the doctors and nurses priority, so describe all of your symptoms to them. It can be difficult for anyone to understand how much fatigue can affect your life, and how distressing it can be, unless they have experienced it themselves. For this reason you may need to emphasise to your doctors and nurses the difficulties that it causes for you.

    Discuss everyday actions that you find difficult, such as climbing stairs, cooking or bathing. If you have kept a fatigue diary you can bring it in to share with the health professionals looking after you.

    It can often be difficult to discuss emotions, especially when you are ill, for fear of upsetting yourself and others. Try not to let embarrassment stop you discussing your emotions with your doctors and nurses. It may help if you take someone to the appointment with you. When you have fatigue it can be difficult to remember what the doctor or nurse has said and your relative or friend can help to fill in the gaps.

    Specific questions you may like to ask:

    • What could be causing my fatigue?
    • What treatments may help me?
    • How can I cope with my fatigue?
    • What help is available?

    Causes Of Fatigue In The Third Trimester

    Long COVID Treatment: Take control of fatigue

    Tiredness from early pregnancy could return with a vengeance later on in pregnancy. Third trimester fatigue is due to:

    • Your growing baby bump. Your baby is growing fast, and you’re carrying more weight than you were earlier on in pregnancy. Carting around all those pounds can be exhausting.
    • Pregnancy insomnia and other symptoms. Your burgeoning bump along with pregnancy symptoms including heartburn, backache and restless leg syndrome may make sleep more elusive than ever.
    • The stress of having a baby. Your baby-overloaded life, which may be jam-packed with shopping lists, to-do lists, baby-name lists and other decisions to be made, could also be costing you sleep and energy.
    • Multi-tasking. Add responsibilities like a job and other kids to the mix, and the fatigue factor often multiplies.

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    When Should I See A Doctor For Fatigue

    If you’ve been tired for several weeks with no relief, it may be time to call your healthcare provider. He or she will ask questions about your sleep, daily activities, appetite, and exercise and will likely give you a physical exam and order lab tests.

    Your treatment will be based on your history and the results of your exam and lab tests. Your doctor may prescribe medications to target underlying health problems, such as anemia or irregular thyroid activity. He or she may suggest that you eat a well-balanced diet and begin an exercise program.

    Why Do You Feel Tired During Pregnancy

    Your body is working hard to support new life and adapt to the many physical changes that come with the development of a baby.

    • Early in pregnancy, levels of the hormone progesterone increase significantly, which can add to fatigue.
    • Increased blood production, lower blood sugar levels, and lower blood pressure all common in early pregnancy might sap your energy.
    • Sleep disturbances and nausea also can make you more tired.

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    Can Fatigue Hurt My Baby

    For the vast majority of women, fatigue during pregnancy is completely normal and wont harm you or your baby. After all, your body is undertaking the monumental task of making another human being, so it’s normal to feel more tired. While you might think you could fall through the floor, your baby doesnt feel a thing.

    However if at any point during pregnancy your fatigue is severe and persistent, or if it lasts throughout your entire pregnancy, talk to your practitioner. Sometimes severe pregnancy fatigue can be a sign of a more serious condition that requires treatment.

    Does Hrt Help With Tiredness

    Simple steps you can take to beat eye dryness and visual ...

    Hormone therapy can help fix fatigue by adjusting the levels of hormones in your body to correct the way your metabolic system functions. In other words, because hormones determine the general functional ability of your body, hormone replacement therapy with bioidentical hormones can correct the root cause of fatigue.

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    Keep Time With Your Body Clock

    Some people get a burst of energy first thing in the morning. They’re often called morning larks. Night owls are people who are at their best at the end of the day.

    These individual differences in daily energy patterns are determined by brain structure and genetics, so they can be tough to change. Instead, become aware of your own circadian rhythms. Then schedule demanding activities when your energy levels are typically at their peak.

    What To Do If Your Fatigue Lingers Or Gets Worse

    A person is considered to have long COVID when symptoms havent gone away after four or more weeks of falling ill, according to the CDC.

    Its estimated that about 30 percent of people with COVID-19, maybe even more, end up having long-term symptoms, and that can include fatigue, says Gupta.

    Try not to get upset if it takes a while for your fatigue to lift. The time it takes for fatigue to resolve can vary from person to person, McClellan says, but you should expect to get better eventually. I think psychologically its good to know that fatigue is something that will go away.

    Gupta recommends checking in with your healthcare provider if your symptoms linger. If fatigue or other symptoms get to a point where you cant manage them or care for yourself anymore, you definitely need to seek help, she says.

    She also emphasizes the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccine to reduce your chances of getting sick or developing a severe case if you become infected. People need to be vaccinated. Theres no substitute for that right now, she says.

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