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Anti Fatigue Floor Mat For Standing Desk

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If You Want Both A Flat Standing Surface And Contours To Encourage Movement The Vari Activemat Might Be The Right Choice For You

Yo-Yo MAT® – Anti-Fatigue Mat for Standing Desks
  • Size : 35.5 x 23.75 x.325 inches.
  • Weight: 8.82 pounds
  • Design: Flat with sloped edges
  • Material: Polyurethane foam
  • Warranty: 1 year

Contours help encourage movement, but “ridges and edges may be a trip or balance hazard for some users,” said Weiner. The Vari ActiveMat has a flat front and center and sloped edges on three sides for movement and stretching when you need it.The mat has a foam core but firm side ridges. At over three inches tall, you can use them to engage the muscles in your ankles, calves, and feet. Its beveled, no-curl edges and non-slip bottom keep the mat securely in place.The ActiveMat also falls in line with Schwartz’s recommendation for a mat with good thickness, though at nearly nine pounds, it’s heavier than others on our list. To avoid injury, she wouldn’t recommend this mat unless you feel comfortable moving it as often as every 30 to 60 minutes.The sloped edges take up quite a bit of space, making the inner flat section just over 17 inches wide. Many users have reported being able to comfortably stand with their feet shoulder-width apart. The mat works on both hard floors and carpet, though some have said it doesn’t provide enough cushion on concrete. Depending on the floor and the types of shoes you wear, you may be able to scoot the mat out from your desk with your feet, but you might have to bend over and slide it out.

Flat Or Active Mat Which One Is Better

I would call an active mat to be better than a flat mat. A flat mat has got certain slip beneath the surface, which may lead to trip hazards. However, an active mat has a friction enabled surface that makes it stay at its place all day long. We all demand mats that are non-slippery, and flat mats usually are slippery, so an active mat is better than a flat mat.

How We Picked And Tested

Building on the research by Wirecutter writers and editors that went into previous versions of this guide over the years, we narrowed the list of standing desk mats to test to eight models based on the following criteria:

  • Ample cushion: A thick mat will more likely support a wide range of body weights and feel more notably comfortable than just standing on the floor. We targeted mats that were at least ¾-inch thick on the flat portion. Although the difference between ½ inch and ¾ inch might not seem huge, its like the difference between lying on a flat, 2-inch-thick pillow or a thicker, 4-inch one.
  • Lengthy warranty: Most of the anti-fatigue mats we looked at offered at least a five-year warranty, which is a sign the manufacturer stands behind the mats durability. Some go further, offering lifetime warranties.
  • Few negative owner reviews: In particular, we looked for red flags such as a substantial number of owner reviews that mentioned sliding, punctures or cracking, and other common issues.

We didnt consider standing desk mats that work like balance boards, the kind that wobble and make you feel like youre surfing or riding a subway train. Some people like them, but they take getting used to and could break your concentration while youre working.

During testing, we took stock of:

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Budget Versus Durability Versus Warranty

The expert opinionsays that the lower price tag may mean that some of its durability may have been sacrificed. In the case of mats, which constantly undergo a lot of wear and tear, durability is the number one consideration. Choose models that are at the top of the strong construction rating for that, so that even if you frequently utilize your desk in shoes, your mat must remain undamaged. Such types of material as natural skin or 100% polyurethane usually guarantee the quality and durability of the product.To get a value-added purchase, check the products warranty, which will give you a clue on how confident the company is when it comes to the mats durability. You will probably need to spend a little more money for a lifetime warranty mat compared with cheap and fragile options, but it is definitely worth it. Pay attention to mats with a lifetime warranty or, if you are not sure about the quality of the mat, try to find an option with a trial period and test it for some time. The possibility of testing, which is offered by some desk manufacturers, is an indicator that the company is confident in the quality of its products. Anyway, a quality product must have at least an year warranty period. Also, planning your expenses note that natural skin construction costs significantly higher than desks made of polyurethane while the durabilty of both types of products is quite similar.

Summarizing The Benefits Of The Best Standing Desk Mat For Customers

Anti Fatigue Standing Desk Mat Floor Standing Mat,Non ...

In fact, there are a lot of reasons to purchase standing desk foot pads for your home usage. However the biggest benefit is that terrain and other types of standing desks are one of the best investment solutions for your health as it improves lower led blood circulation and helps you to get rid of tension in the bodys muscles and keep them perform supportive functions in your body. But, of course, for the best effect, you should take off your shoes before getting up on the floor mat with terrain and starting to massage your feet. Expert team did full scale research and have found that foot discomfort is proportional to the amount of time standing. So, getting an anti-fatigue mat can be a big value-add to improving comfort levels. The flooring desk mats are manufactured to make the body naturally sway, which encourages subtle movement by calf and leg muscles. This keeps blood from stagnating in the veins and consequently, make people feel a surge of productivity. By the way, you can achieve even more considerable effect if you take off your shoes and roll the ball with your feet for a while, while standing on the flat mat. However the standing desks with terrain are considerably more multifunctional and convenient for usage.

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Building Trust With Autonomous

Autonomous is one of the top-rated companies for offering standing desks, ergonomic chairs, and other essential accessories. The anti-fatigue mat is just one of many, and it has high reviews. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that this brand is trustworthy. Comfort and Support: The best standing desk mat is comfortable to stand on for long periods. This is important if you want people to use it. However, its also there to support the lower body and reduce aches and pains! Ease of Repositioning, Safety and Durability: Its easy to reposition the mat whenever you need to. Simply move it out of the way to bring your chair back and slide it back over when you want to stand. Most people get to where its a habit and dont even realize they do it! Your safety is a huge concern for Autonomous, and its standing desk mat features anti-slip grips all around. Plus, the incline starts gently so that you dont trip over it. With that, the high-tensile PU makes it durable and long-lasting. Lengthy Trial & Warranty: Every product available from Autonomous offers a 30-day trial period. From the time the item is delivered, you have one month to test it out. Theres also a 1-year warranty, which replaces the anti-fatigue mat if there are any defects in workmanship or material imperfections. Now is the time to buy your standing desk pad. Youre sure to appreciate the comfort it brings. Plus, its stylish enough for any office setting.

The Best Standing Desk Mats

Just as supportive insoles can make all the difference when you go for a walk, a standing desk mat can be a game-changer if you stand at work for even brief periods. A comfortable mat like the Ergodriven Topo supports your legs and back better than the floor will, and its varied terrain will keep you moving, which experts agree is crucial. This mat is easy to slide in and out of position, and six years of testing have shown its built to last.

Our pick

This mats varied terrain encourages movement, making standing less tedious and less achy. The Topo is also easy to move when you switch between standing and sitting.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $100.

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Do Not Just Fall For Long Warranties

I have seen buyers giving their hearts upon mats that have long durability properties though that is a significant must while you select a mat for your office use, but not the ONLY feature that should be checked.

Some mats have long life designs, but their material is not capable of providing you the same comfort and support that it was providing during its initial use. Such changes in material response are DEFINITELY not welcomed.

So, concentrate more on the material quality and its grip and then move on to durability and the design features.

Caring And Cleaning Your Anti

The Fezibo Standing Desk Anti Fatigue Mat

One important thing to remember is that these floor mats are not necessarily designed to prevent slips and falls. These are not anti-slip mats. If you spill water on them, clean up the mess as soon as possible. If you work in a wet environment, consider putting an anti-fatigue mat on top of an anti-slip mat, but only if that doesnt cause problems.

Regular cleaning and care depend on the materials of your mat. Mats with a carpet-like material on top should be vacuumed at least once per week. Rubber mats that get grease, oil or other liquids on them should be mopped with a damp cloth, sponge or mop daily and then dried completely. Anti-fatigue mats that get wet should be dried as soon as possible.

Dust can accumulate on floor mats, and even a thin layer may make these objects slippery. Polyurethane mats such as the Cumulus Pro should be dusted with a dry cloth daily, if not, weekly, to prevent slips and falls. This way, you get the most benefits out of your investment.

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Finding The Right Standing Desk Mat For You

In order to find the right standing desk mat for your needs, you first have to ask yourself some basic questions: How long do you plan on standing while working each day? Do your feet cramp up often? Will your standing desk mat stay in one location or do you need something more portable? Do you also want to improve your balance and coordination while working at your standing desk?

Once this is done, you then need to take your current desk into account. Besides finding a standing desk mat that matches or compliments the color of your desk, it should also be the correct width so that you can place it right between the legs of your desk. Thickness is another important aspect to consider as a standing desk mat that is too thin will lead to fatigue faster while one that is too thick may make it more difficult for your monitor or laptop to be in the center of your field of vision when standing up.

As youll be standing on your mat either in shoes or with bare feet, it also needs to be easy to clean. Most standing desk mats can be wiped down with a mild mixture of soap and water but if you find yourself cleaning often, its color and texture could deteriorate more quickly.

We’ve also featured the best standing desk and the best standing desk converters

Our Best Standing Desk Mat For Office Models Review Process

We have identified and compared the key indicators of anti-fatigue color mats. Some of the best standing mats, such as CumulusPRO Commercial Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat, can be only 20 inches deep but be 100% beneficial to standing desk users. This is indicated by both the characteristics and user reviews on Amazon, where they evaluate the color, style and ergonomics of the mat. These flooring mats perfectly support the foot, contributing to the saving of the natural beauty of the feet. Others may have different sizes, firmness or softness, texture, and colors from black, gray, and brown to multicolored, but they are still great for those suffering from wearing uncomfortable footwear in the offices. If you wear shoes that make your feet hurt a lot, you need to think about buying such a product. None of them are dangerous or of low quality. High demand encourages manufacturers of flooring mats to develop new and new solutions. A wide range of color anti-fatigue standing mats from different brands gives you the opportunity to pick the best mat for your feet. This anti-fatigue floor mat acts as a footrest when youre working or doing chores in the kitchen. The variability of the design and color of the flooring mats allows you to choose the best option for the design of the floor in the apartment. You can even pick a mat that fits the design of your office chair or pick to the color of the desk.

  • Level of a tripping hazard
  • A barrier for your robot floor sweeper

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California Proposition 65 Warning

California’s Proposition 65 entitles California consumers to special warnings for products that contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm if those products expose consumers to such chemicals above certain threshold levels. We care about our customers’ safety and hope that the information below helps with your buying decisions.

We are providing the following warning for products linked to this page:

California Residents: Proposition 65WARNING.

Office Chairs Fit Atop The Mushyn 2

ACTIVE STANDING DESK MAT not flat ergonomic anti fatigue ...
  • Size : 50 x 36 x 0.06 inches
  • Weight: 7.28 pounds
  • Design: Flat with raised footrest
  • Material: PVC leather and nitrile rubber foam
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty

For those who want the benefits of an anti-fatigue mat while also protecting their floors from the wear and tear of an office chair, the Mushyn 2-in-1 Mat is a great option. When sitting, your chair rolls over the thin PVC and NBR foam. There’s a cushioned footrest that might help to improve posture. Raise your desk, pull out the mat, and the footrest transitions into a standing mat.While the Mushyn is specifically designed for hard surfaces, owners report being able to use it on low-pile carpet as well. Some have complained of the mat slipping a bit on hardwood floors, but a few people said in their reviews that the company has reimbursed them for products to help keep the mat from slipping.The Mushyn‘s raised footrest takes up the top 18 inches of the mat, so depending on how you position it, you may not be able to fully push your chair under your desk. The biggest drawback to the mat is that there’s no way to move it using only your feet. If you like to transition from sitting to standing frequently throughout the day, Weiner instead recommends a plastic chair mat that extends under your desk and a separate, easily moveable mat for standing.

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Reduce The Stress People Put On Their Bodies & Promote Blood Circulation

You may not realize it, but standing puts so much stress on your lower body. Your hips, thighs, knees, and feet bear your weight for as long as youre standing. A standing desk mat reduces the stress put on those joints and body parts. You can feel comfortable for longer, which means youre getting the benefits of standing while working. As blood circulates through the body, it takes an upward path, requiring more assistance from the leg muscles. That way, you maintain your blood pressure. If you stand flat-footed with your legs locked, the muscles arent as efficient. With a standing mat for office use, youre not standing with your feet flat on the floor. Theres a slight incline, which keeps the muscles working and active without making them tired.

Office & Standing Desk Anti

Stand more comfortably, longer with the best anti-fatigue mats designed specifically for use in the office and with standing desks. Our standing desk mats are super comfortable! Built from solid, molded foam these standing desk mats feature an almost 1 inch thick floor that provides proper cushioning to comfort and reduce stress on your legs from standing. If youre tired of cheap anti-fatigue mats that crack, crumble, corrode, and lose their density over time then youve come to the right place. Our premium standing desk floor mats are engineered from the ground up to provide the proper level of cushioning which is calculated based on human factor principles plus, they are made from solid molded PU . Choose from our spacious flat anti-fatigue mat for standard cushioning or upgrade to the active standing desk mat which is a contoured, not flat anti-fatigue floor mat thats kind of like a jungle gym for your feet. Browse our premium selection of office anti-fatigue mats today!

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Additional Best Anti Fatigue Desk Mat Features

Experts after testing many types of rating standing desks come to the conclusion that the best commercial-grade desks offer some extra characteristics that must be taken into account if you do not want to waste your money on one of the useless accessories that will be just standing in the corner of your room. Each of us remembers a treadmill or any other new exercise machine that we purchased for constant training, and as a result, they stand in your house as unnecessary accessories and take up space, right? So, according to the expert opinion, your mat should not become such a treadmill, you should use it every time you feel the need for it. Therefore, its construction should be functional and support all the features you need.

From first sight, anti-fatigue desks for standing may seem simple. However, there is a list of key criteria that we have learned by testing different options that make a mat better or worse and on which each expert says we should pay close attention. A quality mat provides sustainable and comfortable standing at any standing desk and helps you to become healthier and save beauty even if you just slide your feet along the desk mat from time to time sitting on the chair. Here are the five main criteria we use to evaluate the best standing desk based on the expert opinion.

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