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Megacomfort Anti Fatigue Mat Insole

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Mega Comfort Mega Comfort Personal Anti

MEGAComfort dual-layer anti-fatigue insoles reduce foot/leg/back pain.

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Specially designed by a Podiatrist to relieve and redistribute pressure on your heel, ball and toe. These insoles are soft enough to be your own personal anti-fatigue mat throughout the day *Best Seller*

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Specially designed by a Podiatrist to relieve and redistribute pressure on your heel, ball and toe. These insoles are soft enough to be your own personal anti-fatigue mat throughout the day.

The Materials:

This anti- fatigue insole consists of dual- layer memory foam, covered in a heavy duty top cloth with silver ion technology. The first layer is a soft open-celled memory foam that reduces shear force and provides quick, soft comfort. The second layer consists of an ultra high-density memory foam that is molded for maximum shock absorption and ease of movement. These layers compress together with each step and rebound gently to hug your feet. The heavy duty top cloth is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and helps prevent perspiration. All the



  • The MEGA Comfort Anti-Fatigue insoles are made with high quality, 100% high density memory foam. It contains no “cheap fillers” or additives.
  • These insoles are machine washable
  • Limited/no trimming necessary

% Dual Layermemory Foam

All MEGAComfort products are uniquely designed using a patented DUAL LAYER memory foam Technology. The dual layers compress together and gently rebound with every step of the walking cycle.

All MEGAComfort insoles contain only 100% high density memory foam with no cheap fillers or additives and are machine washable.

How Do I Make Sure To Get The Right Size

To measure your feet:

  • Get a blank piece of paper, a pencil and a tape measure.
  • Stand with one foot on the piece of paper, and have most of your weight on your foot to simulate walking.
  • Holding the pencil perfectly vertical and perpendicular to the paper, mark a line at the back of your heel and at the tip of your longest toe. Also mark a line along each side of the widest part of your foot.
  • Measure length and width to the nearest 16th inch and subtract .20 to .25 inches, or .50 centimetres, to account for the width of the pencil.
  • Find your corresponding size in the charts below.
  • A couple of tips to get the perfect fit:

    • Measure your feet later in the day as feet normally swell and can become up to half a size bigger in the evening.
    • Measure both feet and use the measurements of the biggest foot. Many people have feet that are different sizes.
    • Wear the same type of socks you will generally be wearing on the job when you measure your feet.

    Here are some general guidelines to assess fit once youve received your new boots:

    • Try on new boots towards the end of the day.
    • Walk around in a clean environment for a couple of hours to make sure the boots are comfortable.
    • Try boots on both feet, as many people have feet that are different sizes.
    • Boots should fit snugly around the heel and ankle when laced.
    • The inner side of the boot should be straight from the heel to the end of the big toe.
    • The boot should grip the heel firmly.

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    Mega Comfort Personal Anti

    Women’s Size 5-6-7, Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat InsoleItem # F39510071 UOM:
    Men’s 6-7 or Women’s Size 8-9, Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat InsoleItem # F39510681 UOM:
    Men’s 10-11 or Women’s Size 12-13, Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat InsoleItem # F39510811 UOM:
    Men’s Size 12-13, Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat InsoleItem # F39510911 UOM:
    Men’s Size 14-15, Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat InsoleItem # F39520101 UOM:

    Men’s Shoe Size Chart

    MegaComfort Personal Anti

    Hint: For the most accurate results, measure yourself in your undergarments.

    • Neck: Measure around the base of your neck, inserting your forefinger between the tape and your neck to allow ease in fit.
    • Chest: Measure around the fullest part of your chest, keeping tape firmly under your armpits and around your shoulder blades.
    • Waist: Measure around your waist, slightly below your natural waist, where you normally wear your pants. Insert your forefinger between the tape and your body to allow ease in fit.
    • Sleeve length: Bend your arm slightly. Measure from centre back neck, across your shoulder, down to your elbow, down to your wrist.
    • Hip: Measure around the fullest part of your hips, inserting your forefinger between the tape and your hip to allow ease in fit.
    • Inseam: Measure a similar pant that fits you well. Measure along the inseam, from the crotch seam to the bottom of the hem.

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    The Comfiest Insoles Ive Come Across

    I started using these Megacomfort Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat insoles about 3 months ago and wish Id discovered them sooner! Ive tried other insoles but I like these best. They offer a bit of arch support and are cushy and wonderful to walk on. It really does feel like youre walking around on an anti-fatigue mat. I bought these along with Blundstones steel toe work boots and they pair very well together. The nice thing with these boots is they come with 2 pairs of insolesone thin and one a bit thicker. So when I first started wearing my boots, I paired the mega comfort insoles with Blundstones thinner insole, which was perfect. Then, after a month or more of wear, and my boots stretched out a bit, I swapped out the thinner Blundstones insole for their thicker one , and that was great. If my boots stretch out more, I will put both Blundstones insoles with the mega comfort insoles. Totally worth it to get theseI love them so much that Ive bought two more pairs in case they decide to quit making them! Also recommend wearing merino wool socks in your work bootsthey do make a difference! Smartwool brand has served me well.I havent been in industrial work that longonly 3 years, but after using 4 different pairs of boots during that time, this has been my best workboot set-up yet . Anyways, hope this info was helpful!

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