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Mega Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat Esd

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% Dual Layermemory Foam

GSE Category 10 ESD Floor Mats/ESD Anti-fatigue Mats Malaysia, Contact: 016 2555632 / 012 6255512

All MEGAComfort products are uniquely designed using a patented DUAL LAYER memory foam Technology. The dual layers compress together and gently rebound with every step of the walking cycle.

All MEGAComfort insoles contain only 100% high density memory foam with no cheap fillers or additives and are machine washable.

Industrial Orthotic Shoe Insoles

An Ergonomic Alternative to Costly Anti-Fatigue ESD Workstation Matting!

For Maximum Shock Absorption, Comfort & Anti-Static Control in Industrial and Extra Depth Footwear

Static electricity occurs when two different materials or surfaces contact and rub together creating an unexpected nuisance referred to electrical static discharge, known as ESD. One very common Electrostatic Discharge event occurs when a person walks across the floor where static electricity is generated as shoe soles contact and then separate from the floor surface.

Electrostatic Discharge events of only a few volts is enough to cause serious damage to electronic components that costs companies billions of dollars annually. As a result it’s vital in cleanrooms and other technical sensitive areas that these Electrostatic Discharges are controlled and MEGAComfort® Personal Anti-Fatigue ESD Mat® industrial insoles are just the answer!

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Wear Anti-Fatigue ESD Matting in Your Boots®

Designed by a Podiatrist, MEGAComfort®Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat® insoles blend orthotics with ESD control. These industrial insoles feature ESD threads that provide proven electro-static dissipation, while the patented dual layer memory foam provides unparalleled ergonomic comfort and shock absorption making them ideal for individuals who stand or walk more than four hours a day on any hard surface.

The Ultimate Ergonomic Industrial Insole

MEGAComfort® Personal Anti-Fatigue ESD Mat® Features

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