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Anti Fatigue Mats For Wet Areas

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Avoid Slips And Falls

How to Clean an Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Property managers and owners who think that slips and falls at their properties is a non-issue should think twice. Lawsuits related to slip and fall accidents have risen by more than 300% since 1980 according to OSHA. The National Safety Council claims that slips and falls where responsible for 41,870 general industry accidents in 2003. That is an astronomical statistic. It is also costing property managers and owners a small fortune…

Industrial Anti Fatigue Mats

  • Special coatings extend the life of the investment.
  • Promotes employee health.
  • Environmentally Friendly Recycled Waterhog Eco Mats

    An entrance floor mat is the first line of defense against contaminants and particles from entering your building. Our new line of Waterhog ECO floor mats not only removes dirt, debris and moisture while providing a safe walking surface, but also consists of virtually all recycled materials. In addition to gaining valuable LEED points…

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    Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat Options Wearwell Antifatigue Mats Fatigue Mats For Comfort

    Anti fatigue mats offer cushion for long hours of standing. They also have the durability needed for use with industrial and retail standup workstations. Greatmats is proud to carry a large selection thats designed for a variety of needs. These are found in an assortment of materials and design options and are manufactured with safeness in mind.

    Convenient For Any Space


    Fatigue plagues almost every workspace. Thats why these mats are suitable for even the most rugged of workplaces including workshops, factories and restaurants. Made from a lighter material and bevelled edges, always have comfortable, regularly-cleaned mats to protect your spaces and your people.

    Why Alscos Managed Service is Best for your Business

    • Simple With monthly charges, Alsco will pickup your mats and replace with fresh, clean, sanitised ones on a regular basis leaving you to focus on what truly matters your business
    • Savings Reduce wear and tear on carpeting and flooring and prevent slippage and fatigue, giving you complete peace-of-mind
    • Bespoke Need custom messages or corporate branding? Have an unusually high footfall volume? Well happily tailor our service to your needs and charge you $0 for the effort
    • Cost-effective Benefit from limitless cleaning and supply no matter your businesss demands

    To get started, simply telephone our friendly customer service representatives on or complete the online enquiry form.

    We were searching for a durable floor mat for our church hall entrance. After a few online requests for quotes, Alsco was chosen as they were able to meet our needs and requirements for the mat. Jamie Wong was very prompt and clear in giving information and updates on our requests. Kudos also to the team, they were polite and quick to confirm and set up the delivery date before I received an official email. Efficient and friendly!

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    Where Are Anti Fatigue Mats Used

    Anti Fatigue Matting can be found in any environment where workers are required to spend long periods of time standing in one place. Some areas they are commonly found include

    • Manufacturing & Warehouses Either individual mats, made to measure anti fatigue rolls or modular tiles
    • Hotel Receptions Aesthetically pleasing mats with marble design patterns
    • Bars, Restaurants & other wet areas lookout for the wet symbol on the product page
    • Commercial Kitchen and Food production areas Please browse our range of Swarf Matting for this application.
    • Classrooms in a 2018 survey that First Mats Ltd conducted, 69% of teachers stated that they experienced regular or occasional pain from prolonged standing.

    Drains Easily In Wet Areas

    These are best used as restaurant kitchen mats, bar mats, poolside mats, or any other place that sees a lot of wetness. Water and other liquids will easily seep through the holes, leaving the surface of these anti-fatigue mats free of excess liquids that can cause a hazardous slip. Additionally, since liquid does not stay on these rubber mats, moisture-caused byproducts like mold and mildew will never form.

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    Sure Footing And Support In Wet Areas

    Neither industrial and retail workers should be afraid of slipping on the job. Individual mats are a great option for workers who stand in the same area. Interlocking rubber mats allow workers to walk along slip-resistant paths while liquids drain through to the ground. Either wet area matting option provides the support necessary to keep workers from getting tired after hours on their feet.

    Water isnt the only fluid that can turn work environments into dangerous locations. Various chemicals and greases can add a slick sheen to a floor and eat away at your flooring. Durable wet floor matting is resistant to both harmful chemicals and greases, making it last longer in wet workspaces.

    Wet area matting offers both support and safety in slippery environments. Give us a call at 1.888.967.7628 or contact us online to order chemical-resistant wet area floor mats for your facility. You can also use our online form to locate premium floor mats at a Durable dealer near you.

    Faq Industrial Floor Mats Q& a

    Anti-Fatigue Mats

    What are industrial floor mats?Do antifatigue industrial floor mats really work?Are standing industrial floor mats worth it?Where can I buy industrial floor mats?

  • How much traffic will there be?
  • Will they be in an area that is frequently damp?
  • Will they be exposed to agents like oils, greases, or solvents?
  • Do they need to protect employees with electrostatic capabilities?
  • What type of installation method is preferred?
  • Which properties are most important: Tractioning, fatigue relief, or ease of cleaning?
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    We Use The Best Materials From Around The World

    Our mission is to manufacture high-quality, durable mats and offer them to our customers at a fair price. Each anti-fatigue mat we produce is made with the finest quality materials so you can be sure that, when you buy anti-fatigue mats from MatTek, youre getting a standard of quality thats unbeatable.

    Have a question? Wed love to hear from you.

    Our team would be more than happy to help you find the best anti-fatigue mats for your business so get in touch with us today.

    Not sure which anti-fatigue mats to choose? We also offer on-site audits where one of our specialists in your local area will call out to you and assist you in choosing the correct solutions for your business.

    Waterhog Mats For The Masses

    The Waterhog Floor Mat, affectionately known as the Waterhog, is one of the industrys most well known and widely used entrance floor mats. Its revolutionary design and construction has made it popular not only for commercial applications, but for personal home use as well. Over the years, a number of different styles and extensions have been added to the Waterhog floor mat line and will be explored in further detail. Waterhog: What’s…

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    Quality Industrial Mats Fatigue Safety Mats Cushion Work Station Mats

    For a demanding environment, our industrial floor mats are up to the task. We have an impressive selection for factories, standing work stations, damp locales, and more. With a selection of quality USA industrial floor mats in a variety of material types, sizes, and thicknesses, we’re sure to have the right product for the exact industry space.

    Anti Fatigue Mats & Matting

    60"  x 36"  Anti Fatigue Mat Restaurant Kitchen Floor Mat Anti

    When standing still for long periods of time, we begin to feel extremely uncomfortable and physically tired. This is due to increased pressure on joints and blood pooling in the lower limbs.

    When using anti fatigue mats, your legs muscles are activated by small movements you make unconsciously to keep you standing upright. This helps to encourage better blood circulation which reduces the effects of fatigue. The softer surfaces created by the mat also increases comfort, leading to better morale and productivity.

    In an independent study carried out in 2015, 75% of businesses who used Anti Fatigue matting said they found an overall improvement in staff well-being, along with 44% of respondents who considered the matting to have a positive effect on productivity. 23% of users also confirmed that absenteeism had reduced as a result of using anti fatigue mats.

    Our anti fatigue matting has been developed to help fight the effects of fatigue, which results in multiple benefits for the user and for the employees.

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    Keep Your People Safer

    Your people stand on their feet for hours and hours day in, day out. Its only a matter of time that leg and back strains catch up on employees. Alscos Anti-Fatigue mats make sure the chances of that happening are minimal. Firm yet springy, these mats provide both comfort and a safe surface for employees to work on no matter where.

    Prevent Both Slips And Trips

    One of the biggest benefits of having rubber mats is that they increase safety. No one wants to suffer from a fall that could have been prevented. With these mats in place, your feet will be granted a degree of extra traction that will help them stay secure. Having a non-skid mat around will help keep you and your guests on your two feet.

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    How To Choose Your Anti Fatigue Mat

    The Industrial Anti Fatigue Mats available in our range each offer their own benefits, ensuring that you can find matting that works in every environment. Below are some of the features to look out for when purchasing your mat.

    Anti Fatigue Mats for Wet Floors

    Is the mat to be used in a Wet Area? i.e. the mat is to be used in an industrial environment involving liquids including Water, Chemicals, Oils, Grease, etc. If so, then be aware that Foam Anti Fatigue Mats or may not be suitable for these types of liquids. Where the mat is to come into contact with oils & grease then we would recommend a rubber mat with a higher Nitrile content to increase its lifespan.

    If your mat will be used in a dry area, with no standing water on the floors, then foam anti fatigue mats will be your best choice.

    Anti Fatigue Mats with Wheeled Traffic

    If trolleys and pallet trucks are likely to roll over the mat, we recommend avoiding foam but using solid rubber or vinyl topped mats instead.

    Anti Fatigue Matting Material

    As a simple rule of thumb, PVC foam and Vinyl anti fatigue mats tend to be at the more lighter usage end of the market and therefore the more punishment that the mat will take will require it to have more and more rubber content.

    Many of our mats come with the option of having plain yellow or black and yellow edging in order to further enhance their visibility and health and safety qualities.

    Going Green: The Green Building Council & Leed Certification Points At American Floor Mats

    Diamond Plate Anti-Fatigue Mats

    Soil is everywhere and managing it is a vital part of our everyday existence. At the heart of every effective entrance mat program is the prevention of contaminants from entering a building. The U.S. Green Building Council has developed a rating system for new and existing buildings to encourage building owners to earn credit for meeting certain housekeeping criteria. In a Green Building an entrance mat is the first line of defense against…

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    Elevator Flooring: Mats And Tiles

    With floor safety becoming an increasingly important concern, property managers and building engineers are looking to the most effective flooring solutions for their elevator cabs and elevator lobbies. While cleaning shoes and boots is important, creating an environment with increased traction and enhanced slip resistance is critical. Elavator flooring is available in a variety of styles, installation options and materials to meet any need…

    What You Can Expect From Our Range Of Industrial Anti

    • Most of our anti-fatigue mats are classified as heavy-duty, meaning that theyre suitable for areas with an immense amount of traffic. Having an anti-fatigue mat that is durable under such pressure is exceptionally important in all kinds of applications.
    • We design our mats to be incredibly safe, knowing that industrial areas have many hazards. The grooves we place on the bottom of our mats help to improve traction and stop the mat from slipping. Giving your staff a stable surface to work on will help to limit workplace accidents, which is something that all companies should be striving for.
    • We also have various options for kitchen areas, which provide many more benefits whilst still maintaining the basic functions of an anti-slip mat. Many are resistant to grease, oil and chemicals that are likely to be spilt in a kitchen area. This added resistance further limits the chances of slips and trips caused by various kitchen activities.

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    Do You Practice Risk Management The Wet Umbrella Bag Stand

    This revolutionary, yet quite simple product addresses wet floors directly, thus helping to prevent slip and fall accidents. Unlike its predecessors, this high-quality Wet Umbrella Bag Stand combines the best of both worlds: it is indeed sturdy, yet elegant and beautifully constructed. Therefore, this umbrella stand is heavy enough so that it will not tip over yet fashionable enough in either a satin chrome or satin brass finish that any manager…

    Why Use Anti Fatigue Matting


    Industrial Anti Fatigue Matting is a crucial element of your occupational health and safety obligations, so should always be purchased from a reputable supplier. First Mats offer a wide range of industrial matting and there are many reasons why customers choose us as their matting supplier

    We stock one of the largest matting ranges in Europe

    The team at First Mats takes pride in offering an Anti Fatigue Mat for every situation, with each one of our mats being developed with a specific use in mind.

    Anti Fatigue Mats for Every Budget

    but the consistent theme is that they are all of extremely high quality. We only sell Commercial Grade, high quality and long-lasting mats. Please be aware of the large amounts of cheap, low-grade products in the market which are usually ineffective and will fall generally fall apart at an early stage.

    Experienced Professional Staff offering up to the minute advice

    Including the latest Health & Safety Legislation, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any information or need to place an order over the phone. If you have a large requirement and would feel more comfortable in your decision if you had a personal on-site visit, then we would be pleased to arrange this free of charge.

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    What Are Anti

    An anti-fatigue mat is a mat thats designed to reduce fatigue thats caused by standing for long periods on a hard surface such as a cement floor.

    So what makes anti-fatigue mats different and how do they provide relief from aches and pains that are caused by standing for expended periods of time?

    When a person stands on a hard surface for an extended length of time, their body is put under strain as a result of muscle contraction and a decrease in blood flow. Its this lack of blood flow and muscle contraction that causes those terrible aches and pains many of us know so well.

    Anti-fatigue mats solve muscular tension issues by providing a softer surface that flexes to your movements. The level of flexibility of our mats mean that the bodys muscles are free to expand and contract naturally: which increases blood flow and removes troublesome aches.

    Furthermore, the increase in blood flow that is achieved from this contraction and expansion provides more oxygen to the blood, which can increase alertness and promote productivity.

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