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Crown Comfort King Anti Fatigue Mat

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**black With Yellow Safety Border Color Combination Is Not Available In 6 Widths

Crown Mats Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat – Product Overview
  • All Comfort King Supreme Anti-Fatigue Mats have a pebbled texture with an Abrasion, Slip, and Chemical Resistant surface.
  • Comfort King floor mats are also outfitted with a beveled edging for increased safety from Trip Hazards.
  • Popular applications for the Comfort King Supreme anti-fatigue mat: Behind Counters, Check Stands, Medical offices/facilities, Hotel Check In Desks, Copy Stations, Mail Rooms, Shipping and Receiving Departments, etc.
  • For a lighter weight option with all of the qualities of Comfort King Supreme, check out our Comfort King Anti-Fatigue Mats 3/8
  • Comfort King Anti Static Mat:

    Say goodbye to aches and pains when using the Comfort King Anti Static Mat! This mat uses a patented static dissipative Zedlan foam material which discharges static shock while keeping the worker comfortable reducing fatigue, aches and pains that come with standing on hard surfaces for long periods of time.

    Each standard size mat comes with a snap and grounding cord installed. An additional snap and grounding cord can be installed for $15.00, and will be placed on the opposite end of the mat on the same side unless otherwise specified in the comments section on the checkout page. This additional grounding cord option can be choosen under “Choose Size”.

    Anti-Static highly-energized Zedlan helps discharge static to protect electronic components from damage.

    -Static Dissipative

    -Stock mats Include Grounding cord

    -Resistivity 10 9 ohm

    -Use: light to medium duty, dry area

    -Material: Zedlan, patent # 5,965,65

    -Resilometer: 33 per ASTM 236

    -Thickness: 3/8

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    The World’s Leading Matting Technology Experts

    Crown Matting Technologies, located in Fremont, Ohio, has been setting the pace in commercial and industrial matting, using proprietary innovative technologies to further our products and the industry for over 70 years. Today, our purpose has never been clearer: manufacture floor mats with the same strength and character of the workforce we support. Our products are as easy to stand on as they are to stand behind.

    Crown Matting Technologies has been fortunate enough to cushion a generation of workers, helping to reduce leg and back fatigue, thereby improving the safety and productivity of your workforce. Were honored to have done so. And, we look forward to serving our fellow workers for generations to come one mat at a time.

    Crown Comfort King Anti

    Crown Comfort King Anti
    • Made of a highly elastic compound.
    • Three times more resilient than vinyl foam mats.
    • Helps alleviate some of the pressure of standing.
    • 3/8″ overall thickness.
    • Highly energized Zedlan sponge combines softness, resilience, and durability for exceptional relief
    • Extra bounce property stimulates muscles and blood flow to reduce fatigue
    • Outwears other sponge products by nearly three to one
    • Maintains flexibility even in low temperatures
    • Provides a light-duty solution for dry areas

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