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Anti Static Anti Fatigue Mats

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What Is An Anti

Rhino Reflex Conductive Anti-Fatigue Mats (ESD-Safe)

An anti-fatigue mat is a cushioned mat used to ease physical stress on the body, promote blood circulation, and reduce fatigue from standing for long periods.

Standing for long periods can cause leg cramps, back pain, varicose veins, and numerous other health issues. A standing mat is said to lower the time of static standing, by making you need to move around. This promotes circulation, good posture, among other things. Some mats have other features like balancing and massage for even more health benefits.

Anti Fatigue Mats: The Ever

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Anti Fatigue Mats are everywhere. You pass by them each and every day without even knowing it. Almost every profession that requires a large amount of standing will have some type of anti fatigue mat. Everyone from your neighborhood grocery market cashier to the teller at your local bank use Anti Fatigue Mats. As you get your hair cut, your beloved barber is standing on our . If you have ever worked in a restaurant you would have been standing frequently on our Non-Slip and Drainage Anti Fatigue Mats. The people creating our processors in our home computers use the Anti Static Fatigue mats.

They serve so many purposes and are not just for work. They are used in the home as well. When cooking those Thanksgiving Dinners and of course, cleaning up afterwards. You may find, or need a âGel-Likeâ Comfort Chef Kitchen Mat. For any purpose, home or work if you need it weâve got it.

So the next time youâre out and about, take a glance behind the counter, and look around. I guarantee you will find one of many of our Antifatigue Floor Mats. As always, have a great weekend and if you need to work on your feet, donât wear yourself out, get an Anti Fatigue Mat.

How Anti Static Mats Work

The function of an anti static mat is to regularly dissipate electrostatic discharge between objects. If the current was allowed to build up instead, it would be discharged suddenly as an uncharged object met a charged one, creating a spark, shock or even explosion. Anti static mats are different from electrical safety mats in that they allow the current to pass through, rather than blocking it altogether.

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Key Benefits Of Purchasing Esd Anti

  • Fast UK delivery. Order before 1pm for next day UK delivery. Standard UK delivery 2-3 days*.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Improves health and safety. Prevents general fatigue so you can safely work.
  • Offers tough, durable, long-lasting flooring.
  • Extra comfort for prolonged standing.
  • The surface layer is resistant to solder splashes and has a non-slip finish.
  • Diamond pattern surface prevents slipping.
  • Tapered edges to avoid trips.
  • Available with yellow safety border so workers are aware.
  • Compliant to ESD, CE, RoHS and REACH standards.
  • Bondline is a leading UK supplier and vast stockist of ESD control equipment.

Anti Static Mat Grounding For Equipment And People

Deckplate Anti

Although protecting people from static electricity is the priority, many businesses have expensive machinery that also needs protection. Static build-up pulls dust into tiny spaces in machinery, dirtying them and causing them to overheat or fail. Even low-cost equipment can be damaged by static electricity, as it causes it to stick together, attract dust or otherwise malfunction.

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What Kind Of Anti

This depends on how and where you will be using it. A standing mat can be used just about anywhere a person will be on their feet, but some are more suited to desks than others. If you intend to use a standing mat at your desk, consider one that is made specifically for that use. For points of sale, kitchens, or warehouses, a regular flat mat would probably be best.

Best Anti Fatigue Mats For Work In 2022

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Standing while working has become increasingly popular, with more employers and employees trying to be health-conscious. Many offices have started using standing desks so employees can spend less time sitting. However, standing on hardwood floors or other hard surfaces can also have negative effects on health, causing back pain, and leg and foot fatigue among others. To combat this, people are using an anti-fatigue or standing desk mat, which provides cushioning for prolonged standing.

A quality standing desk mat will support your legs and back while using a standing desk or anywhere you have to stand for an extended period, such as in restaurants, workshops, salons and points of sale.

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Electrical Safety Matting Options

Durable manufactures several anti-static and conductive matting products designed to keep your business safe. Each option features different surface patterns and materials to provide extra traction, support, and insulation to match your needs. You can choose from one of our many available anti-static and conductive mats, including:

  • Conductive Diamond Dek Sponge with separate grounding cord
  • Diamond Switchboard

Why You Should Purchase An Anti Fatigue Mat

Diamond Stat static dissipative anti-fatigue mat

Many people find the move to standing in workplaces rewarding. Sitting is considered by many to be the new smoking as more and more is learned about the negative health effects of sitting.

Investing in a good standing desk mat may encourage more employees to make the transition to standing, and will enhance the experience for those who already do. Here are some reasons to make the investment:

  • Back Pain Relief: Standing increases pressure on the spine, which can cause muscle tightness and spasms, which lead to back pain. A well-cushioned mat will reduce this pressure on the spine.
  • Posture: Your standing posture, like your sitting posture, is directly tied to your back comfort. Anti-fatigue mats can assist your spine in maintaining angles and postures that have been shown to lessen back discomfort.
  • Assist with Joint Pain: Standing all day can lead to poor circulation in the legs., which can lead to hip, knee, and other joint pain. Mats that are textured encourage movement, which will keep the blood flowing.
  • Foot Fatigue: Standing for long periods of time causes stress on the feet, especially on hard surfaces. This can lead to swelling, bad arches and other foot pain and problems. Mats are cushioned to reduce the stress on feet, and some have additional features like massage points and balance boards.

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Anti Static Comfort Mat


ESD Anti-Static Comfort Mats are high quality safety mats that provide excellent anti-fatigue features. In addition to these features, the mat offers safety features including clearly defined standing areas and electrostatic dissipative characteristics with an extremely functional and durable comfort core. Designed for light to medium commercial and industrial applications, these mats are great for offices, restaurants, light manufacturing spaces, retail, or other service industries.


  • Wide safety yellow caution strip borders for improved visibility
  • Diamond-grid designed surface for comfort and secure footing
  • Comfort-Core construction for extended periods of standing

Protect Equipment And Chemicals With Anti

Anti-Static Mats. In high-traffic areassuch as lobbies or entryways in commercial facilitiesstatic electricity build-up can potentially injure employees or pedestrians. Anti-static floor mats incorporate static dissipative properties that enable them to absorb and safely drain static electricity before it can negatively impact personnel or equipment. Anti-static mats from NoTrax are ideal for use in a wide range of working conditions, including industrial work areas, individual work stations, commercial entryways, lobbies, hallways, and more.

Anti-static mats are available in a variety of design options intended to suit an array of working conditions. Some anti-static mats from NoTrax incorporate an anti-slip design that will provide workers with reliable traction and support in order to reduce the likelihood of slips and falls. For working contexts with open flames or sparking equipment, fire retardant anti-static mats feature a nitrile rubber construction that is self-extinguishing and slow burning.

Static dissipative mats from NoTrax are also available in an assortment of sizes and usage intensities to accommodate a variety of industrial and commercial facilities. Custom length anti-static mats can be cut to any desired length to provide coverage for long hallways or assembly lines. Modular anti-static mats are also available for working environments with unique layouts.

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What To Look For In Anti

Here are some important factors to look for when looking for the best standing desk mats for your needs:

  • Size: Consider the size of the area where the mat will be placed, and make sure you select one large enough that it will be effective but compact enough to fit in its desired space.
  • Cushion: The mats thickness has a lot to do with how comfortable it is. Decide how much cushioning and support are needed.
  • Surface Grip: Make sure the mat has enough grip not to slide. At the same time, you should be able to adjust it easily without too much effort.
  • Terrain: Some mats have a varied terrain and other features to encourage movement.
  • Floor Surface: Keep in mind what kind of floor you have. Most mats are suitable for both hard floors like wood and concrete and softer surfaces like grass. Make sure you purchase a mat that is suitable for the surface it will be used on.
  • Durability: Makes sure the mat is made from long-lasting durable materials
  • Warranty: Many of the mats on our list come with warranties lasting for several years or even the lifetime of the product.

Anti Fatigue Esd Floor Mats



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Anti-fatigue matting reduces circulation issues, cramp and other types of fatigue. This includes, exhaustion caused to the feet and back. The anti-fatigue rubber mat is highly durable, which makes it long lasting. This mat is resistant to most solvents, solder splashes and is simple to clean. The mat is produced using a non-slip surface and the edges are shaped for the operators safety and to prevent injuries. Additionally, this mat comes with 10mm studs so that it can be grounded if required.

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Buying Guide For Best Anti

Whether its behind a workbench, standing desk, or your kitchen counter, spending long hours on your feet every day can be tough on your body. To stay comfortable and reduce pain when you have to stand for long periods, you’ll want to use an anti-fatigue mat.

These rectangular floor coverings reduce fatigue by preventing the muscles in your legs from staying static, which keeps your blood flowing, even while you stand on hard floors. Anti-fatigue mats cause the leg muscles to lightly contract in response to the mat’s slightly flexible surface. If you want real relief, choosing the right anti-fatigue mat is key. That means determining what type of mat you prefer, what material will best suit your needs, and what other features will help you stay most comfortable on your feet.

Easy To Install Easy To Maintain

Our anti static mats are all very easy to install, but we offer installation services for anyone that wants it done professionally. We can conduct a site visit, measure your space and recommend the ideal anti static matting solutions for your space. If you need a portable anti static mat, we are happy to provide the information you need over the phone, if you prefer. Our mats are also easy to clean with just a vacuum and damp cloth. For more thorough cleaning instructions, check the cleaning tab on individual products.

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