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Anti Fatigue Mats For Commercial Kitchens

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Best Anti Fatigue Cushioned Mats For Kitchen

How to Clean an Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Since an early age, science and technology, has been doing miracles to make human life comfortable and easy. Anti-fatigue mats are another such creation!

But do you have one placed in your kitchen?

If not, you should really think about getting one because anti-fatigue mats have made life more comfortable than before. The best anti fatigue mats for kitchen eliminate the fatigue and pain in your feet, legs, and lower back that could occur due to long-standing at work.

Also, have induced technology to give your feet a relaxing feeling that you obviously cant experience while standing all day on hard concrete floors.

If you want to protect your feet from stress and fatigue at work, you must check these top 10 best anti fatigue mats for standing desk.

Are Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats Necessary

Commercial kitchens mats are considered essential by many restaurant owners because of the value they offer. They provide support depending upon the type of mat that is used. Your kitchen staff that spends a lot of time standing may require one with a soft anti-fatigue surface to reduce tiredness and exhaustion. Kitchens are places where exposure to liquids and oil is extensive therefore you do need an anti-slip mat.

We realize that you want to make a decision about which commercial kitchen floor mat to use in your restaurant, industry, or food network on your own personalized merits. We do, however, have a humble recommendation based on our judgment and product reviews that we would like to share with you.
We would recommend purchasing Notrax T30S0035BL T30 Workstation Mat. This commercial floor mat aced at every test we put it through and can truly be considered the best floor mat for your commercial kitchen. With that, we would like to end this article. We hope all your confusion regarding the topic has been cleared and your queries, answered. Happy Shopping!

Fatigue Kitchen Matting Grease Resistant Kitchen Mats

Commercial kitchen floor mats are available for a wide variety of environments. These are specifically designed to withstand the rigors and challenges of use in busy restaurants. Our commercial kitchen floor mats can improve worker safety and comfort.They are designed to perform at a top level in a demanding food prep environment. These have all of the qualities that are so important in commercial rubber kitchen floor mats.

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What Is Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Tiredness and increased fatigue are a common concern when spending long hours in the kitchen. Letâs be honest, if you have a special meal planned, you wouldnât want all your energy to be drained out before dinner.

Anti-fatigue kitchen mats are proved to help cater too many issues that arise because of spending a long time standing. Research has shown that if you stand for 90 minutes or more it is very likely that you will feel strain in your legs, neck and shoulders.

These mats have conquered the simple remedy of providing your legs with cushion. This cushioning helps absorb shock and resistance. The mat provides your feet with absorption that helps remove foot fatigue.

Once the fatigue is reduced through shock absorption, you can spend more time doing what you love with little amount of tiredness.

Kitchen And Restaurant Entrance Mats

NewLife by GelPro Anti

Stopping dirt and water at the door can save your kitchen and restaurant floors from being a hazard. Our kitchen and restaurant entrance mats carry the role of removing dirt and absorbing moisture from footwear or any other passing objects. Creating a safer environment for visitors and staff. It can also help prevent cross-contamination by stopping dirt and bacteria from outside being tracked into your establishment. Why not check out our Tri Grip Heavy Duty indoor mat, and Safety Scrape Non-Slip Rubber outdoor mat.

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Best Floor Mat For Clean Floors: Rhino Mats Recycled Heavy

Are you tired of the constant dirt marks from your working shoes, you and me both! Luckily Rhino Mats to the rescue with a solution! The mat is constructed from heavy-duty rubber so durability as its own is a sure thing. This mat is also really heavy which makes sure that even in a rush this mat wont slide off your feet!

Measured at 32 x 39 this mat covers a decent amount of floor and cleans everyones shoes with the brushing action so all the excess dirt, grime, and moisture clean off before stepping onto the clean floor. The thickness on this mat is set at 5/8inches so it will be comfortable to stand on as well.

This mat is also extremely slip-resistant so if youre looking for something in that category, you should examine this mat further! Also, the beveled borders make it even safer to move on the mat!

The great thing about this product is that its made from 100% recycled rubber so nature will be thanking the owner of this mat!

We recommend this heavy-duty rubber mat for kitchens that are looking for a sturdy and safe mat and are sick of the constant dirt from the shoes.

Newlife By Gelpro Anti Fatigue Mats For Plantar Fasciitis

Before stepping into the review section, let me tell you that THIS IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE ANTI FATIGUE MAT FOR YOUR KITCHEN on this list!

And that must have some particular reasons too? Obviously, Yes! This mat has got everything you would want in a durable, reliable, and beautifully crafted piece to keep at your house.

Featuring plenty of designs with solid plain colors as well as prints and stripe patterns on the front. It has also has a wide size range with up to 108 inches when its about the length.

High thick density foam has been used to compose this mat, which, though, doesnt increase the standard mats thickness of ¾ inches but wont at all bottom out. It can bear heavy loads too without losing its firmness.

Ergo foam technology is another addition to the mats exceptional features. Its easy to clean and can be wiped off using a piece of wet cloth. Though not waterproof, it is definitely stain resistant.

Safe bottom cover and beveled edges ensure maximum safety and prevent any kinds of tripping accidents in the kitchen!

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Promoting Safety And Health

Quality floor mats improve indoor air quality and safety in commercial and residential applications. Studies have shown that most toxic chemicals that end up inside a home are tracked in on people’s shoes. A well-used door mat can trap and hold dirt and allergens, preventing their spread into the rest of the building, significantly improving IAQ and reducing the need for extensive cleaning. Additionally many floor mats are resistant to welding sparks and can keep employees from slipping on industrial lubricants or water.

Floor mats also provide safe surfaces on which to walk, preventing slips and falls that cause injury and liability damages. Anti-slip mats are now required in many areas to ensure maximum protection for both employees and customers. Specialized anti-slip mats are now available that provide extra resistance to the chemicals and grease that are sometimes found in industrial and food service settings.

Custom made anti-fatigue mats are also used in work areas where employees are required to stand for long periods of time. Employers have found that much muscle strain and injury endured by workers is caused by improper flooring conditions. Non-supportive surfaces cause fatigue and foot, back and neck pain due to impaired circulation. Anti-fatigue mats were shown to improve worker productivity by reducing the number of sick-days and injuries sustained by workers whose mobility would otherwise be restricted.

Where Can You Use A Commercial Mat

â Top 5: Best Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mats 2020 With (Buying Guide)

As mentioned above, any business could benefit from investing in commercial floor mats. Healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and doctor’s offices, can greatly benefit from using entrance mats to prevent patients and employees from tracking in dirt. Large kitchens in hospitals, schools, and prisons should utilize industrial kitchen mats to protect their employees from accidents and provide them with a cushioned workspace. Bar floor mats are perfect for bar areas where bartenders will consistently be on their feet and spills will be commonplace. Restaurant floor mats can be placed in prep areas, cook lines, and other areas where there is a lot of employee traffic. Commercial kitchen floor mats can also be used in hotel kitchens and catering areas to reduce slipping and help control spills.

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Top 5 Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats

Do you want your chef to work his magic in your kitchen while standing on a clean floor? Do you believe that the comfort and relaxation of your employees are integral to your eatery?

Well, if your answer to these questions is a Yes you are at the right place for we have some incredible commercial kitchen mats for you.

Suitable for all types of floors, these kitchen rugs can endure exposure to extreme elements and are resistant to stains and spills from lubricants and grease.

Many kitchen floor mats available in the market offer the greatest value to customers and so, we meticulously reviewed and tested these said, best products and came with a list.

Every product in this list of the top five commercial kitchen floor mat offers superior functionality and boast benefits that far outweigh their drawbacks. So, without further ado, letâs get started!

How To Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Mat Clean

It is particularly important to keep commercial kitchen mats clean, as if they become imbedded with grease and oils, they will start to become ineffective. Check out the cleaning instructions for each individual mat to help to extend the lifetime of your mat. Some of our kitchen mats, such as the Comfort Flow, can even be simply placed in a dishwasher to clean.

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What Mats Are Right For Your Kitchen

Ergonomically designed AbsorbentsOnline anti-fatigue floor mats and anti-fatigue kitchen mats are the perfect choices for those with commercial kitchens who employ workers in any positions that require standing for extended amounts of time. These mats are approved by the National Floor Safety Institute to reduce spinal compression, increase circulation, and mitigate fatigue as a result of standing. Theyre lightweight and made from closed-cell nitrile rubber, so they wont absorb spilled liquids. These anti-fatigue commercial kitchen mats are also treated with an antimicrobial compound to make them resistant to mildew, mold, and bacterial growth. Beveled edges reduce the risk of tripping and make it easy to roll carts over the mats. Each mat comes with a two-year guarantee and has an expected life span of up to eight years.

Mats come in sizes of 20 inches by 24 inches all the way up to 48 inches by 72 inches. If none of the available sizes suit your space, dont worry: The experts at AbsorbentsOnline can create custom-sized mats to fit your commercial kitchen needs.

Need help selecting the right mats in the best sizes for your industrial kitchen? The professionals at AbsorbentsOnline can help. Contact Travis Zdrazil at or 869-9633.

Newlife Best Standing Mat For Kitchen

Cribun Rubber Door Mats Anti

Ergo-foam technology has been introduced in this best anti fatigue kitchen mat. Ergo foam mats are environmentally friendly. Such mats do not produce bad odors even after long periods of usage.

It features a standard ¾ inches thickness, and this mat has got a rough bottom, which lets it stay on its place even when placed on slippery tiled floors.

Available in multiple designs and patterns, serving women and men of all ages and choices! The sizes have got a great variety too and range up to 180 inches long.

Their excellent construction makes them more durable as compared to the standard anti-fatigue mats. In addition to that, the attractive patterns and foaming technology are the most compelling features of this mat.

It is also stain-resistant, so dont worry if you accidentally spill something over it you can easily cloth-clean or vacuum- clean it!

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Comfilife Anti Fatigue Mat For Concrete Kitchen Floor

With enhanced comfort and support, this is yet another quality guaranteed anti-fatigue mat for your kitchen.

Though ComfiLife is offering only two staple standard colors in these mats, so I wont suggest this mat for those looking for stylish anti-fatigue mats for kitchen floors. Apart from the design criteria, this anti-fatigue mat has got super characteristics!

Manufactured and composed using the superior quality materials, this soft and foamy mat is ¾ inches thick. It also would not bottom-up while you stand upon it and do your kitchen chores.

The best thing that I found about this mat, which all other women are going to love too, is the stain-resistant capacity of it. It wont catch harsh stains, and even if it slightly does, you can clean them up quickly.

Purchased and reviewed by hundreds of happy customers, you should also check out this mat if it could satisfy your needs and stand on your demands?

Are Floor Mats Required In Restaurant Kitchens

No, restaurants dont have any obligation to include floor mats into their floors by any law of department. However, due to the usual restaurant floor conditions, many restaurants do want to include them because of the many perks they offer.

Floor mats are really valuable especially in the busy time of the day when for example a bottle of oil drops and you just cant start a full cleaning process at the time, therefore floor mats will provide extra safety.

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Why All Commercial Kitchens Should Have Anti

Working in a restaurant kitchen can be physically demanding on feet, knees, and hips. Whether you are a line cook, sous chef, head chef, or part of the waitstaff, spending long hours on your feet can certainly take its toll. At AMARCO Products, we are firm believers that every commercial kitchen should have anti-fatigue mats to help mitigate the strains and stresses of standing throughout the workday.

Finding the right mat to stand on for long hours is imperative to reduce feet, knee, or back pain and to provide long-lasting support. Kitchen anti-fatigue mats are built with comfort at the forefront, alleviating pain and discomfort as a result of standing on a hard surface for long periods of time. Our dedicated flooring specialists share insight into why all kitchens should have anti-fatigue mats.

Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats

Top 5 Best Anti-Fatigue Mats for Your Kitchen, Standing Desk, or Workshop
  • Gel-filled core, with a textured surface.
  • Anti-fatigue, great for balance and posture.
  • Configurable mats, ideal for any floor space.
  • Customize up to 60 feet to fit any space.
  • Large drainage holes keep liquid and debris away from work area.
  • Low profie and beveled edge – great for carts.
  • Looks great in your kitchen.
  • 1/2″ thick, with built-in handles.
  • PVC provides anti-fatigue relief and slip resistance.
  • Antibacterial treated prevents growth of fungi or bacteria.
  • 100% Nitrile rubber mats offer superior comfort.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Anti-slip with an ultra-absorbent surface.
  • Attracts grease or oils to protect interior areas.
  • Great for employees with long work hours.
  • Linkable and modular options for odd spaces.

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How Thick Should An Anti

This does depend on the style of the floor mat. If the mat is designed for a more slip-resistant way than comfort, then 3/8 4/8 inches will be a good thickness. On the other hand, if you are looking for a mat with comfort in mind then you should at least consider one with at least 3/4 inch thickness. A great rule of thumb that the mat should be 3/8 1 thick.

Best For Standing Desks: Imovr Ecolast Premium Standing Desk Mat

With more remote workers and an increased awareness of the importance of ergonomics, standing desks are soaring in popularity. This is great news to combat the perils of sitting in an office chair every day, but professionals should also consider investing in an anti-fatigue mat. Your best bet for a standing desk is this option from iMovR.

Not only does it offer various sizes â including 3′ x 5′ and 2′ x 6′ â but it’s also available in a range of colors, including gold, slate and steel among others. So you’re sure to find an option that fits your workspace.

It’s made of a durable 100-percent polyurethane unibody construction and withstands various footwear, including heels and dress shoes. It’s also 0.75 inches thick, giving you the support you need during long Zoom calls.

Plus, if your employer is willing to cover the cost of an anti-fatigue mat for their employees, they’ll appreciate the 10-year warranty.

âBuy it: â âPrice: â$89

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Who Should Get An Anti

According to our experts, there are two main groups of people who should consider anti-fatigue mats. The first? People who stand for long periods of time. “If you career involves standing for an hour or more at a time, you should consider using an anti-fatigue mat,” Dr. Radermacher says.

The second group includes people who experience discomfort while standing, even if they’re not standing for very long. ” mats can also be helpful within certain parts of the home,” Dr. Ferri says, adding that many people use them while cooking or cleaning. “They can still be helpful for short periods of timeespecially if someone has arthritis, back problems, or is experiencing discomfort in that spot.”

Best Floor Mat For Heavy Use: M+a Matting Ergonomic Industrial


Im really excited about this mat thats for sure and soon you will be as well! This mat is made from ultra-quality industrial-grade nitrile rubber and has the perks to show for it.

This anti-fatigue mat is 23 x 32 so it isnt as large as the previous ones but the purpose is different. This mat will be the ultimate fit under a countertop, behind the bar, or any place where workers will be standing a lot of their time.

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Thanks to the 7/8 thickness this mat will take care of ergonomics and comfort for the whole day, and due to the careful construction, this mat isnt glued together but is molded, therefore it wont start to crack or curl over time.

Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute this mat is truly superior in terms of safety and durability when it comes to nitrile rubber floor mats.

Thats not nearly all, this mat is also grease, oil, and chemical resistant alongside welding safe so you can use this mat in electrical facilities as well!

We highly recommend this product for a kitchen that needs the perfect mat for ergonomics, safety, and years of use.

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