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Vitamins To Help Tiredness And Fatigue

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How To Choose The Best Vitamins For Energy

World’s Most Deficient Vitamin! STOP Your Tiredness & Fatigue – Dr. Mandell

When choosing a brand you can trust, there are some important things to look for when buying vitamins for energy. These include

  • Quality of ingredients you want to make sure the ingredients come from a trusted source that you can easily identify
  • The potency of ingredients unless your vitamins are potent enough, you wont be able to feel the change in your energy levels
  • Clinically proven ingredients since FDA does not regulate supplements, its important to choose a brand thats done its due diligence and rigorously tested its ingredients. They should provide biochemical and clinical evidence of their efficacy and potency.
  • The absence of GMO ingredients, fillers, colorings, or other artificial additives, since these compounds can cause overall inflammation and serious side-effects
  • The absence of common allergens: it would be best to choose a brand thats certified gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free, in order to prevent any potential allergic reactions
  • Form preference If you like taking your supplements in liquid form or gummies more than swallowing tablets, look for a brand that offers your preferred options

How To Ensure Youre Getting Enough Vitamin B

If you do not consume enough Vitamin B from your daily diet, take an appropriate supplement to solve the problem.

Nutrilite Natural B Complexis made with vegetarian-friendly yeast. It helps in red cell production and provides energy. Even after a long day of work and other activities, we will still have energy to spend quality time with our children and families. No more feeling tired!

Besides that, Nutrilite Natural B Complexalso has the complete Vitamin B nutrients that our bodies need. Dont wait long to regain your health and energy. Avoid excessive tiredness and take care of your emotions. Get Nutrilite Natural B Complexto benefit from its nutrients that will boost your energy levels and health.

Could A Vitamin Or Mineral Deficiency Be Behind Your Fatigue

The world moves at a hectic pace these days. If you feel like you’re constantly running on empty, you’re not alone. Many people say that they just don’t have the energy they need to accomplish all they need to. Sometimes the cause of fatigue is obvious for example, getting over the flu or falling short on sleep. Sometimes a vitamin deficiency is part of the problem. It might be worth asking your doctor to check a few vitamin levels, such as the three we’ve listed below.

For more ways to combat fatigue, buy Boosting Your Energy, a Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School.

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Try Supplements To Give You Energy And Reduce Fatigue

Many people rely on the effects of vitamin and mineral supplements to reduce tiredness and increase energy levels. If youre ready to give supplements a try, we have a wide range of organic and vegan-friendly supplements which can give you the boost that you need whilst promoting your overall wellbeing.

Vitamin D The Sunshine Vitamin

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One of the main warning signs for vitamin D deficiency is tiredness and fatigue. We also need vitamin D to maintain healthy bones and to promote a healthy immune system. We can only source limited amounts of vitamin D from food, but around 15-30 minutes of sunshine daily can support our levels sufficiently.

During the winter months however, supplements are often needed. Between October to March, the Public Health body of the UK recommends daily supplements of vitamin D.

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Which Vitamin Are You Lacking If You Are Tired All The Time

If you feel tired despite having a good nights sleep, you could be suffering from a vitamin deficiency. It could be that you are lacking vitamins B or C or it could be a mineral deficiency such as iron, magnesium or zinc. Taking supplements can help to reduce your fatigue and boost your energy levels.

Ways To Deal With Fatigue

Fatigue and an overwhelming feeling of tiredness cant always be relieved by rest, and its more common than not to have low energy levels in our fast-paced modern world. You might find yourself constantly moving from one task to another, not having the time to listen to your body and truly take time for yourself. Or maybe your chronic tiredness is making you feel low and you are struggling to even get out of bed each morning.

To those familiar with this feeling, there are some self-help ways you can combat tiredness. Were sharing our top 5 tips to help you control you fatigue and boost energy levels.

Eat a balanced diet

Following a healthy and balanced diet has numerous benefits including boosting those all-important energy levels. Ensure you are getting enough nutrients from fresh, whole foods and eating a variety of food groups to sustain your energy levels throughout the day.

Get moving!

Exercise is probably the last thing on your mind if youre feeling tired, but the more you get moving, the less tired you will feel in the long run. Whether its a 10-15 minute walk or a 3 mile run, any exercise is beneficial.

Incorporate vitamin capsules into your diet

Cut down on stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol

Drink more water

It is important to note that if your fatigue and low energy levels are interfering with your day-to-day life, you should make an appointment to see your GP as it can be a sign of an underlying condition.

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The Most Common Vitamin And Mineral Deficiencies To Help Tiredness

The most common vitamin and mineral deficiencies that lead to fatigue, stress, weakness and inconsistent energy levels, include:

  • Iron
  • B Vitamins
  • Vitamin D

Theyre also the simplest deficiencies to address, and are common in most supplements and multivitamin.

Solving the problem sooner rather than later could help prevent a variety of short and long-term health issues including:

  • brittle bone syndrome
  • anemia
  • impaired brain function

Now, lets dive into just how a lack of iron, magnesium, potassium, folic acid, B vitamins and vitamin D can make you tired.


Your body needs iron to produce hemoglobin in red blood cells and myoglobin in muscle cells which are necessary to oxygenate your body. Very important stuff.

8 Signs of Iron Deficiency

  • general fatigue
  • cold hands or extremities
  • irregular heartbeat
  • headaches
  • Oh, and iron deficiency is also a stepping stone to anemia. Fortunately, theres an abundance of iron-rich foods out there such as:

    • meat
    • nuts
    • leafy greens
    • citrus fruits with vitamin C

    But if your loved ones are stubborn or changing your diet isnt realistic, perhaps taking iron supplements or a multivitamin that contains vitamin c and iron could be an easy way to ensure youre absorbing enough.


    The U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services recommends 310mg 420mg for most adults between the ages of 19 and 50 years old. They also warn that chronic low intake of magnesium can increase the risk of illness over time.


    Folic Acid

    • loss of appetite
    • and more

    Relationships Between Vitamin And Mineral Dietary Intake Or Status And Mental Fatigue And Cognitive Or Psychological Functions

    Does Vitamin C Help Adrenal Fatigue?

    Beyond severe deficiencies, which readily translate into clinical consequences, inadequate status or intakes in vitamins and minerals is known to be associated with cognitive and psychological dysfunction. While the general adult population is affected, studies are especially numerous in populations where the brain is either more demanding because of its rapid development, such as in children, or is affected by degeneration, such as in older subjects. This section and the following one report data on all these age ranges.

    7.2.1. Intake or Status in Individual B Vitamin and Mental Fatigue and Cognitive or Psychological Functions

    Low dietary intakes of thiamine are associated with higher risk of cognitive impairment thiamine-dependent biochemical processes are diminished in patients with Alzheimer disease and glucose metabolism is especially hampered .

    In 100 elderly Koreans with mild cognitive impairment, a higher riboflavin intake was correlated with better cognitive performance on several tests .

    Positive correlations exist between low dietary intakes of pantothenic acid and low scores obtained by 97 adults with mood disorders in the Global Assessment of Functioning, a questionnaire designed to evaluate social, occupational, and psychological functioning . Similar findings come from a study in 710 Spanish school children that suggest that children with depressive symptoms had lower intakes of vitamin B5, as well as of other B vitamins .

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    Effects Of Supplementation With Vitamins And Minerals On Physical Fatigue

    Few studies have addressed the effect of supplementation with vitamins and minerals on physical fatigue and data are lacking, especially regarding niacin, pyridoxine or cobalamin. Existing supplementation studies most often use large doses, well above daily nutritional requirements: this helps provide the proof of concept and demonstrates the role of the vitamin or mineral in alleviating physical fatigue but it does not document the appropriate amounts to be given or the nutrient status that should be reached.

    6.2.1. Supplementation with Individual B Vitamins and Physical Fatigue

    In 16 young athletes, high-dose thiamine supplementation for 3 days markedly increased blood thiamine level and significantly decreased the number of complaints after a cycling exercise, in a subjective fatigue assessment .

    A few animal findings support a role of supplementation with pantothenic acid in alleviating muscular fatigue whereas human data are still controversial. During exercise, rats made deficient in pantothenic acid became exhausted more rapidly and their tissue acetyl-CoA levels were lower than in vitamin B5-replete animals. A 2 week supplementation with 2 g/day of pantothenic acid translated into better performance for trained distance runners, with a better use of oxygen and less lactic acid accumulation, but this was not reproduced in another similar study .

    6.2.2. Supplementation with Vitamin C and Physical Fatigue

    Riboflavin Vitamin C Iron Magnesium And Zinc And Oxidative Stress

    Brain and muscle cells need oxygen, for aerobic metabolism, but oxygen is simultaneously involved in the genesis of degenerative states because of the high reactivity of oxygen free radicals . This is especially the case in tissues such as the muscle or brain, which consume large amounts of oxygen. The organism has developed a powerful antioxidant defence system in which certain vitamins and minerals play an important role.

    Riboflavin has a specific and major protective role against lipid peroxides, provided by its involvement in the glutathione redox cycle. GSH is a potent antioxidant, thanks to its thiol group, which acts as an electron donor. Once oxidized, GSH can be regenerated by the FAD-containing enzyme GSH-reductase, back to a form that is again able to act against free radicals. Furthermore, riboflavin deficiency is known to decrease the activity of glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase, an enzyme that is also involved in the GSH cycle .

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    How Does Vitamin B Help

    Lethargy is often caused by insufficient Vitamin B in your body. Make sure to add food high in Vitamin B such as fish, red meat, broccoli, chicken liver, nuts, potatoes, eggs and dairy products in your diet. If you find it difficult to include these foods in your diet every single day, consider taking supplements to make up for it.

    How do the different types of Vitamin Bs help with lethargy? Vitamin B is a source of energy for the body. It also helps to repair cells. Vitamin B12 helps in red blood cell production, avoid anemia, prevent osteoporosis, relieve depression symptoms and increase energy.

    If you often feel lightheaded or if youre someone approaching menopause, you can add Vitamin B Complex to your diet or take it as a supplement to minimise the symptoms.

    Vitamin B6 helps prevent chapped lips, skin rashes as well as reduce fatigue.

    In short, the different types of Vitamin B play very important roles in controlling emotions and energy levels as well as avoiding lethargy.

    Should You Take Supplements For Tiredness

    Best Supplements for Chronic Fatigue

    If youre feeling tired and struggling to find the energy to go about your daily life, youll probably be looking for natural ways to increase your energy levels. Taking vitamin supplements can help to reduce your tiredness and give you the energy to do the things you love.

    Taking vitamin supplements is also a great way to ensure that your body is in good shape. Ensuring that you arent deficient in any vitamin or mineral will help to promote your overall health and wellbeing whilst leaving you feeling your best.

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    How To Get More Energy

    Feeling tired? Learn how to increase your energy levels

    Many of you may have pressing lifestyles that require balancing a career, looking after children and trying to eat clean, all whilst keeping as active as possible. Due to these busy lifestyles, this may have led to many of you feeling tired most of the time. So what can you do to help reduce your tiredness?

    What Is Chronic Fatigue

    This condition is best known by medical professionals as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome . Its a disorder that can be characterized by the feeling of extreme tiredness with no feeling of refreshment after sleep.

    Imagine going to bed at night only to wake up feeling as if you didnt go to bed at all. Doesnt sound like sweet dreams now, does it?

    Plus, the symptoms and signs only worsen if you take part in strenuous physical or mental activities, and they dont improve after rest and relaxation either. Its a slippery, downhill slope!

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    Vitamins B3 And B5 Iron Magnesium And Zinc Are Important For Neurotransmission

    Through NAD, niacin is involved in the control of intracellular calcium release. Calcium signalling is strongly integrated with nucleotide metabolism and the energy status of the cell, which are both dependent on NAD. Knowing the role of calcium in generating action potential in neurons, this is of high relevance regarding the role of niacin in cerebral functions .

    Pantothenic acid-dependent palmitoylation of certain neuronal proteins is needed for release of neurotransmitters in the synapse, and is thus mandatory for transduction of information in the brain .

    Iron is thought to be important for synaptic function as iron deficiency has been shown in a large set of preclinical studies to induce alterations in the electrophysiological properties of neural circuitry and neurotransmitter systems . Furthermore, recent findings suggest that a limited and controlled amount of reactive oxygen species in hippocampal neurons, including those generated by iron through the Fenton reaction, may stimulate calcium release, and thus allow calcium signals to activate the signalling cascades that lead to the transcription of genes known to participate in synaptic plasticity .

    Ashwagandha: The Ancient Stress Remedy

    B12 Vitamins Causing Fatigue – Here’s Why

    Ashwagandha has been used for over 3,000 years and has a wide variety of names. This herb grows in the Mediterranean and across the middle east, Africa, India, and Pakistan. It has been praised in traditional Indian medicine for its ability to help the body adapt to stress.

    In a 2012 clinical trial, ashwagandha was shown to reduce blood levels of cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone. Participants in this study noted a significant reduction in the stress they experienced after 60 days, compared to the placebo group.

    If it is stress that has you feeling drained, consider ashwagandha. As an added bonus, recent studies have also suggested that ashwagandha can improve endurance and muscle strength gains from exercise. Additionally, ashwagandha was shown to reduce food cravings and support body weight management, in a 2017 study.

    Ready to start your personalized routine?

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    Potential Side Effects Of Supplements

    Taking supplements can be as easy as popping a pill, but experts say while they are necessary if youâre low on a specific vitamin or a mineral, itâs always best to get the nutrients directly from food.

    In some cases, you may need supplements if you:

    • Are deficient in a nutrient
    • Have trouble absorbing nutrients
    • Are pregnant
    • Have diet restrictions.

    But just because a supplement is ânatural,â that doesnât necessarily make it safe. Many dosages can be more than your daily minimum requirement. This can be toxic and cause side effects that can include:

    Dietary supplements can also interact with drugs and make them less effective. Itâs always best to talk to your doctor, a dietitian, or a pharmacist about correct dosage and possible side effects before you take them.

    If youâre feeling a dip in energy or are fighting fatigue, it may also be a sign of a serious illnesses, so ask your doctor about it.

    Itâs also important to note that the FDA doesnât regulate dietary supplements the same way it does prescription drugs. If you have a bad reaction to a supplement, tell your doctor right away. If itâs an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.

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    The Best Vitamins And Supplements For Treating Muscle Fatigue

    You’ve rested, but still spend the day in a haze your muscles ache, but you haven’t participated in heavy activity. Fatigue is a common symptom during the early stages of the menopause transition. It has far-reaching consequences, and affecting the performance of the muscles is no exception. Muscle fatigue can manifest itself through pain, soreness, or a general feeling of lethargy in the body. Consider the following vitamins and supplements to help battle the effects of a tired body.

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    Always Tired You Need Vitamin B

    Despite getting enough sleep, sometimes we still feel weak and lethargic.

    If this condition prolongs, it can affect not only our emotions, but also that of others around us, especially our loved ones. This is because feeling constantly low in energy can make us moody and angry.

    One of the ways to address the issue is by increasing the intake of Vitamin B, B12, B Complex and B6 in our diet.

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