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Village Naturals Pain And Fatigue

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Village Naturals Therapy Debuts Chronic Pain & Fatigue Soak And Body Wash

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Village Naturals Therapy has debuted a chronic pain & fatigue line that includes a body wash and body soak.

For 30 years, Village Naturals Therapy has provided customers with soaks, washes and lotions to help ease sore muscles, promote sleep and reduce tension. Now the company expands into chronic pain and fatigue support to elevate health and wellbeing both physically and emotionally. The line is formulated with arnica herb and Epsom salt, the key ingredients known to soothe painful inflammation, as well as blueberry and flaxseed oil providing antioxidants and vitamins to help protect and nourish the skin. Additionally, orange and eucalyptus essential oils provide uplifting fragrance and balance to help fight fatigue.

The new Chronic Pain & Fatigue collection includes a bath soak as well as a body wash, offering versatile bathing solutions for the tub or shower.

Enjoy a relaxing bath, foot or hand soak with Village Naturals Therapy Chronic Pain & Fatigue Soak. Infused with ginger to relieve soreness and D-ribose to improve skin elasticity, the 36-ounce soak also contains a slight shimmer from naturally-derived silver mica.

Return strength and energy with the Village Naturals Therapy Chronic Pain & Fatigue Body Wash that can be added to running water for a bath or used in the shower with a washcloth or bath loofah. The 20-ounce wash contains 4 uplifting essential oils and pairs perfectly with the soak for the most therapeutic bathing experience.

Village Naturals Therapy Chronic Pain & Fatigue Concentrated Bath Soak 2oz Packet

Discover the Therapy difference with our latest addition to the Chronic Pain & Fatigue Family: Concentrated Mineral Bath Soak in a 2oz packet. This mighty mini offers a unique blend of soothing ingredients including Arnica, Epsom Salt, and Ribose to calm sore muscles and painful inflammation. Infused with Blueberry Extract to both nourish the skin and provide balance while fighting fatigue, the packet is perfect at home or to take with you for on-the-go relief.

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Village Naturals Pain + Fatigue Body Soak Salt 36 Ounce

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As a Mom, I know its next to impossible to find time to take care of myself and make sure that I get enough self care in. I was thrilled to receive this bath soak because it gave me a chance to take a break, take a bath and relax. I put on some calming music, lit a few calming candles and ran myself a nice, hot bath with this awesome bath soak. I was pleasantly surprised that the bath bubbled up with the soak, I didnt expect that. The crystals of the soak dissolved easily and didnt leave behind any residue in the bath tub. I have plantar fasciitis as well as arthritis in my knees and I have noticed a good change in each of them since using this product. The smell is amazing and it truly did restore energy. I took a bath at night, after my son was asleep, and I ended up cleaning half the house because I felt so great!

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