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Anti Fatigue Mats How Do They Work

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The Problem With Anti

Do Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats Work?

While anti-fatigue mats can be helpful, not just any one will get the job done. If they arent of good quality, youre going to run into these issues:

Too hard or soft

Just like Goldilocks trying out the bears beds, anti-fatigue mats have to be just right. If theyre too hard, they are not going to provide much comfort. And a mat thats too soft will cause your body to work harder and actually increase fatigue.

Not a good balance between stability and instability

In order to achieve increased blood flow, the mat has to have enough instability to have someone make adequate changes to their posture. But if there is too much caused by a too-soft mat it can lead to balance problems. As a result, the body has to overcompensate, which causes more of a strain.

Lack of response to movements

A high quality anti-fatigue mat will return its original shape quickly when someone shifts or moves. If there is a delay, the mat is not doing its job properly. This means that it will probably be worn out faster and have to be replaced sooner.

Bottoms out too easily

If the mat is too soft or thin and bottoms out when stepped on, it will essentially act like a mat that is too hard. This negates all the benefits of having an anti-fatigue mat at all.

They dont stay put

Some anti-fatigue mats arent flush to the floor and are prone to allowing dust to form underneath, which means there is the likelihood of them sliding. Lightweight mats can also move easily, creating a tripping hazard.

How Thick Should Anti

Whilst you may think that the thicker the mat, the better it will be for you, this is not necessarily the case. Anti-Fatigue Mats are soft by design as this creates the slight instability needed for them to work but, if they are too soft, they won’t provide the stability needed in order for you to work safely whilst standing on them.

The recommended Anti-Fatigue Mats sizes are

  • 6mm – For very light-duty and occasional use only
  • 9mm – This is the most popular thickness for Anti-Fatigue Mats, and is suitable for most medium-duty and continuous use applications
  • 10mm to 12mm – Not as common as the 9mm versions, but should be considered for medium to heavy-duty use .
  • 14mm – Heavy-duty mats are often thicker because they are made with more dense materials such as rubber, or they have protective vinyl layers over the top of the foam centre to provide extra durability.

The Growing Use For Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats have been relatively common in some factories and similar for many years, but their use is now increasing.

As mentioned, they are popular among university lecturers and teachers who have to stand for lengthy periods.

In a hotel, they are suitable for reception staff if they are stood behind the desk for hours, they can also be of value in a supermarket or shop, for instance for those in customer support.

One major growth area is also for those who have desks designed to be used whilst stood up. There are many benefits to not being sat down all day, but if sitting is merely replaced with static standing you might just be replacing one problem with another.

A standing desk with an anti-fatigue mat is, however, an excellent long term health improvement.

The mats are of use for anyone who finds they regularly stand on a hard floor for a period of two hours or more.

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You Shouldnt Stand There All Day

Changing positions at least once every 90 minutes is also key and shifting your weight from one foot to another doesnt count. What you really want to do is change your body mechanics, says Overland. So you want to go for a little bit of a walk, you want to sit. And it can be for a short period of time it can be two to five minutes over a 90-minute period.

What Other Precautions Should A Standing Employee Take

Cactus Mat Black General Purpose Interlocking Anti

In addition to using anti-fatigue mats, a standing employee should also take additional precautions to ensure they do not suffer from lower limb disorders due to excessive standing. If you supervise a standing employee, we encourage you to incorporate these practices into your work environment. Working congruently with an anti-fatigue mat, these precautions can truly be the ounce of prevention.

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What Kind Of Anti

Anti-fatigue matting is available in many different thicknesses, finishes, and colors ranging from gelpro mats, to rubber mats, to polyurethane kitchen mats, to vinyl anti-fatigue mats. Ultimate Mats has been in the commercial matting industry since 2005 and we sell the highest quality top surface mats available. We work only with the commercial mat industry leaders to deliver the highest standards in anti-fatigue mats to our clients. As such, we are happy to assist you in deciding what kind of anti-fatigue mats will work best for your standing employees to create happy feet and happy employees. Here are some great anti-fatigue mat options we love:

Desk get fit mats. Standing desk mats or get fit mats are buzz-worthy in the office world right now. You may even know coworkers who have purchased them or requested their supervisor make a standing desk available. These mats, which are generally the size of a small doormat, are made for employees who are generally seated at a computer all day. Instead of being seated all day, the employee has the option to stand on the mat with an elevated computer desk a portion of their day. This can help prevent a seated employee from experiencing pain and discomfort associated with all-day seated work . Additionally, these mats are attractive to employees who sit the majority of their day as you will burn more calories standing than you will seated. This is why the mats have been dubbed get fit mats.

Standing Science Of Anti

Science shows that it is a good idea to incorporate anti-fatigue mats into your workspace if you are standing for prolonged periods. Why? A prolonged standing strain index , which was developed to assess the risk associated with standing jobs, revealed that a standing duration greater than one hour continuously was unsafe for health.

In this study published in the International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health, 16 participants without previous low back pain were asked to stand for 2 hours in two different standing positions alternating between using an anti-fatigue mat and standing on a rigid surface. The majority of the participants self-reported a reduction in low back pain.

In a recent systematic review of 10 studies, which looked at the effects of softer flooring, like anti-fatigue mats, on reducing discomfort and fatigue among standing workers, there was a moderate level of evidence that supported the use of softer flooring in reducing musculoskeletal discomfort after prolonged periods of standing at work.

A sloped floor mat can decrease lower back pain. One study found that those who stood on a sloped surface over a prolonged period of time had fewer lower back pain episodes. The researchers rationalized that sloped surfaces in some way modify the way that gluteal muscles are used during long bouts of standing to maintain pelvic stability â and therefore reduce lower back pain.

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Best Budget: Featol Standing Desk Mat Foam Cushioned Anti Fatigue Mats Comfort Standing Pad

  • Texture makes it little hard to clean

At 0.9 inches, this mat is the thickest one in the roundup, and it certainly shows with its cushy comfort that brings instant relief to your tired feet. The polyurethane foam material and ergonomic design make this an incredible value of a kitchen essential.

Whether you struggle with aching joints or simply want to feel like there’s a cozy mattress under your feet while standing in the kitchen, this is the mat for you. Taking care of your cooking and cleaning tasks has never been more enjoyable with this affordable Featol pick.

Our Lab testers were impressed with how cushiony this mat felteven after hours of standing on it, they felt no fatigue or soreness. The thickness of the gel and memory foam construction held up, and testers highlighted how it felt like the foot almost sank or indented into the mat. Plus, the PU leather surface boasts a surprisingly durable quality for a low price, featuring water- and puncture-resistant abilities.

The Spruce Eats / Fred Hardy

Size: 20 x 32 inches | Weight: 5.14 pounds | Material: Foam | Colors: Black

“Loved the thickness. Felt like the foot almost sank or indented in the mat.”

You Can Expect To See Improvement In A Couple Of Days

GelPro NewLife Eco-Pro Anti-Fatigue Work Mat

If youve utilized all of the strategies above, you should experience relief pretty quickly. If you see some improvement but still have pain, you might have an ineffective mat, says Overland, who notes that a shorter warranty can be associated with a lower-quality product.

Back and feet still hurting as badly as ever? You may have an underlying health condition that wont be improved by an anti-fatigue mat, says Overland.

Some people get swollen feet or swollen legs, and that could be for any number of reasons, not just standing, he adds. The most serious would be cardiovascular issues. Arthritis in the feet or knees would be another significant problem that would get aggravated from long-term standing and that you would want to address if youre getting a sharp pain in your foot or your knee that youve never had before.

See a doctor if youve tried an anti-fatigue mat, more supportive shoes, and increased activity and youre still experiencing pain.

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Thickness Density & Elements

A dense rubber mat is less tiring than a soft mat and will provide better support. But there’s more to consider when it comes to density, and a well-designed anti-fatigue mat will be engineered based on key elements that are known to alleviate foot fatigue. Adding a vinyl cover to a foam construction may be fine for a comfy feel, but when you want to reduce foot fatigue, it’s just not enough.

A foam mat that is too soft may look and feel nice at the first step, but you will constantly be balancing on the mat, similar to walking on sand. That can be extremely fatiguing in the long run. This balancing act also improperly shifts the weight, and that can lead to misalignment health issues. For chefs who spend hours cooking or baking, this type is too light to provide a good cushioning.

Mats that are at least 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, or closer to 1 inch thick would be best, but not too high to create a tripping hazard. The best mats will also have a tapered edge to prevent tripping hazards and the wider the taper, the better.

The bottom line: If you’ve already experienced foot, knee, or back pain and you stand for hours, a lightweight mat will probably be inadequate. Go for an industrial-grade mat with essential features to reduce foot strain.

What You Should Consider When Buying Anti

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Sore feet, stiff neck, lower back pain, and muscle fatigue are all common symptoms in todays workplace. More than 50% of working Americans admit to having back pain symptoms each year. And according to experts, about 80% of the population will experience back problems in their lives.

Many people, especially office workers, struggle during working hours. Sitting or standing can lead to unbearable aches and pains, especially if you sit or stand for prolonged periods.

Fortunately, investing in a quality anti-fatigue mat is an affordable and ergonomic solution. Anti-fatigue floor mats can help you have a happier and comfortable working experience.

What are anti-fatigue mats and how can they help? Keep reading for handy buying tips to help you buy the right anti-fatigue mat that suits you and your office.

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Sitting Vs Standing: The Great Debate

Its no secret that sitting for extended periods of time isnt good for us, but neither is standing.

Standing may burn up to 20% more calories, but requires more energy, and therefore induces greater fatigue. The constant shifting of weight and body position creates forces upon the neck, back, calves, ankles, and feet. Most offices, laboratories, manufacturing floors, and restaurants need hard, uncompromising standing surfaces for function and easy cleaning without taking consideration for comfort.

Insufficient Blood Flow In The Legs

What are the benefits of anti

As we stand, the gravity pulls the blood down into our feet. Then, the blood needs to come back to the heart. In order to do this, our body uses cyclic muscle contractions.

However, if the muscles are busy keeping you in the upright position, the usual circulation of body fluids takes more time. This can eventually result in the blood pooling in your legs, which in turn can lead to varicose veins.

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Here Are Some Benefits Of Using Our Rubber Anti

  • These are 100% tear-resistant,
  • The mats do not bubble-up or split up due to the breakage of the bonding material used,
  • These are easy to clean,
  • Our mats are flexible,
  • We have a range of anti-fatigue mats, and they are bit firmer than the others found in the market.

Why should you make use of anti-fatigue mats?

Making use of high-quality anti-fatigue mats is extremely beneficial for your health. Wondering what type of benefits can these offer you? We have compiled a list of some impressive benefits for you:

How Long Do Anti Fatigue Mats Last?

Since most of the basic information on Anti-Fatigue mats is given, we know you must be wondering, How long do these actually last? Well, MatSupplier has all the answers for you! First things first, the life of commercial-grade or normal anti-fatigue mats cannot be answered without knowing how they are used. Many factors affect the life of the anti-fatigue mats, and they are:

If you work, and most of the work is done by standing, for long hours or your workers are work on concrete floors, then you should make use of rubber mats. These mats not only have numerous health benefits but also offer safety to your workspace.

Best Industrial: Cactus Mat 2200

  • May be too large for home

  • Heavy

Gone are the days of exhausted feet with this cloudlike pressure-relieving mat. This professional-grade pick lives up to the quality standards of an industrial kitchen, so trust that it’ll be more than efficient for whatever your need is. It may be too large for most standard home kitchens, but it’s ideal for the workplace.

The Cactus Mat provides reliable comfort for long hours spent on your feet working and cooking. It’s guaranteed to protect your back and legs from any pain or aching. Our Lab testers emphasized the firm and supportive qualities of this mat and felt it was a worthwhile value. They also gave high marks for the mat’s textured surface that grips your shoes to prevent slipping. It’s an ideal thickness that provides even support throughout the bottom of your feet.

Keep in mind this mat requires more effort to clean due to its hefty size and the holes on the textured surface. Our Lab testing process for cleaning this mat involved dragging it outside and mopping in order to get a thorough clean. But we think it is a worthwhile trade-off for how spacious the mat is.

The Spruce Eats / Fred Hardy

Size: 60 x 35 inches | Weight: 14 pounds | Material: Nitrite rubber | Colors: Black

“At this size, I could move between my counter, sink, and stove without stepping foot on the floor.”

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Youre Still Gonna Want Some Comfy Shoes

Overland says research suggests the best way to eliminate pain is to use anti-fatigue mats in conjunction with other tactics, the first being to wear the right shoes. Its really important to have footwear that has supportive arches, support in the heel, and a cushioned bottom, he says. You want it to have an absorbing, thick sole. Using inserts even just ones you buy at the drugstore and athletic socks can also help, he adds.

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Anti Fatigue Mats Dont Host Much Stability

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Unlike common entrance mats, anti-fatigue mats are light in weight and may slip away when you try to move in a rush over them. This leads to tripping of people as well as equipment sometimes.

To avoid such circumstances, you need to do a proper research before buying anti fatigue mats and also need to investigate the surface texture of the mats back. It should have enough friction and must be rough in order to hold the mat in place and hence host a good amount of stability.

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More Durable Than An Average Entrance Mat

Anti-fatigue mats are considered to be more durable than typical rubber mats. Most of the good quality anti-fatigue mats are composed using PVC i.e., polyvinyl chloride material that is very long-lasting if maintained adequately during the usage.

The standard life of an anti-fatigue mat is two years to the maximum. However, there are mats by brands that claim to have a design life of about 10 years too! So thats another basic pro of anti-fatigue mats.

You invest in them once, and then would not have to worry about your homes or your offices flooring for a few years!

Why Do You Feel Fatigued When Standing

Before addressing what an anti-fatigue mat can do, its best to understand why you need it in the first place.

One of the reasons you feel fatigued when standing is because of the process called the Venous pump. Every time you take one walking step, your calf muscles contract, squeezing blood back into your heart. This ensures a healthy and well-performing blood circulation within your entire body.

This process, however, does not happen when you stand still. It only happens when the muscles in your legs contract, just like when you walk or run. Lack of blood circulation results in blood pooling in the lower limbs, causing more work for the heart to pump it back throughout your body. This is what makes you feel fatigued.

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