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Rotating Beam Fatigue Testing Machine

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Rotating Beam Fatigue And Axial Fatigue Test Methods

Rotating Beam Fatigue Test Demonstration

The main difference between the two test methods is that axial fatigue testing applies a uniform stress throughout the cross-section of the specimen under test, whereas rotating beam fatigue testing creates an applied stress that increases linearly from 0 at the neutral axis to a maximum stress value at the specimen surface.

Nonfully Reversed Cyclic Loads

S-N diagrams assume fully reversed cyclic load or stress. For cases of nonfully reversed stress, where the mean stress m is nonzero, the S-N diagram approach must be modified. There are four commonly employed design criteria to determine fatigue life by incorporating the damage caused by mean stress. They are the Goodman line, Soderberg, Gerber, and yield line criteria, as shown in Figure 4.6. Note that, in the figure, if the stress point that represents the maximum stress of a component is located below the respective failure line, the component is said to be safe and the fatigue life is infinite . The safety factor nf can be calculated, for example, using the Goodman line criterion as

Figure 4.6. Fatigue design criteria for nonzero mean stress.

Features Of Raagen Rotational Bending Fatigue Testing Machines

– Standard models with current capacity have a force capacity of 300N, 500N, 1000N, 3000N.

– The system can be configured according to user needs.

– It is fully automatic and controlled by computer software.

– Machine rotation and force application are made by means of precision servo motors. Standard models up to 3000 rpm are available, and fatigue systems are designed specifically for the project by Raagen engineers for systems that will operate at higher speeds.

– It has a compact table unit design that provides easy installation and easy use in laboratories.

– Grips that can be adjusted according to the samples, a sliding system that can be adjusted according to the sample lengths, and a transparent protective cover for safety are included in the basic package content of our standard devices.

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Most Common Uses Of A Fatigue Testing Machine:

  • Fatigue tests are critical in manufacturing because they determine a materials lifespan. One can conduct fatigue tests in a laboratory setting. Using a machine interface and software, one can load a known amount of weight down onto the samples to see how much stress can be placed on them before they break.
  • Fatigue testing machines use high frequency dynamic and static loading to evaluate the sturdiness of articles by applying force over many cycles until failure.
  • In short, machines subject these materials to thousands of repetitions of just about any type of stress one can give them until they break.

Whats The Difference Between High Cycle Fatigue And Low Cycle Fatigue

Rotating Beam Fatigue Test System

Low Cycle Fatigue The low cycle fatigue test runs in strain control with the load being a dependent variable. The strain variables that are usually defined by the customer are:

  • Wave Shape
  • Frequency
  • Maximum Target Strain or Strain Range
  • A-Ratio or R-Ratio
  • Switch Point
  • Discontinue Test

There are three stages to low cycle fatigue testing.

  • The first stage is designed to detect crack initiation on a polished specimen.
  • The second stage is propagation life, which occurs after initiation.
  • The third stage is failure, determined by some percentage of load drop from a stable condition.

High Cycle Fatigue Unlike LCF, high cycle fatigue tests conduct on specimens in force control. These tests determine the number of cycles to fracture for each specimen, and the data can compile into stress-life curves. Nominal stress levels in HCF tests are low significantly below the materials yield strength.

  • Axial Fatigue
  • Cantilever Fatigue
  • Rotating Beam Fatigue

These tests conduct at cryogenic to elevated test temperatures. WMT& R is a one-stop source for low cycle fatigue machining, low stress grinding/polishing, and LCF testing ready to meet customers ISO/ASTM testing requirements.

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Rotating Fatigue Testing Machine

About products and suppliers:

Get a range of wholesale rotating fatigue testing machine designed for different testing needs. For those involved in the field of digital electronics and who need to work with digital circuits and systems regularly, consider the wide range of logic analyzers that are available. Quality testing equipment will be able to help verify and debug your digital designs efficiently when required.

If you are looking for items like electric tester pens for personal or home use, pick from the range of voltage detector kits available. For those who do not require an entire kit, look into the individual product listings for the different types of pen voltage testers that are on sale instead.

For owners of electronic tools and equipment supply stores, there is also a large variety of testing equipment that you might want to consider purchasing. Products that are available include vector network analyzers, circuit breaker testers, megohmmeters and even tube testers. Get rotating fatigue testing machine from several popular and leading brands here.

If you happen to be in search of an affordable tool for troubleshooting purposes, consider equipment like the amp clamp meter for quick and effective checking. For those looking for more specialized products, like tools to test fiber optic cables, look into the selection of quality optical time-domain reflectometers, also known as the OTDR, which are used to test the integrity of fiber cables.

Radial Fatigue Testing Machine:

Radial fatigue testing is a non-destructive technology that effectively evaluates the materials mechanical properties under test.

Results are a reflection of the inner and outer structure and surface conditions. It is an electrically driven fatigue testing machine that simulates the load forces that a wheel experiences while cornering on the road.

It uses a horizontally moving carriage to create radial and tangential stress, replicating stresses during use.

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Torsional Fatigue Testing Machine:

Torsional fatigue testing machines are valuable in prompting real-life service requirements and checking product grade for products such as drill device bit tips and medical appliances, wire, screws and other fasteners, and much more.

It can avoid the influence of other factors on testing and obtain a more accurate result. The main feature is that it can test two sides of the same sample simultaneously by using a high-precision electric system and control system, which greatly shortens the time for loading and unloading samples and reduces labor intensity.

It performs a torsion test on a material sample after being subjected to a specified level of cyclic loading.

Rotary Bending Fatigue Testing Machine :

Rotary bending testing machine – Umlaufbiegeprüfmaschine UBM-40

A rotating-beam fatigue testing machine facilitates testing of materials to generate the S-N curve from which one can determine endurance limit.

It uses beams to conduct stress tests and other types of mechanical testing. These beams rotate several times and attach shafts at opposing ends with a clamped workpiece placed in the center.

The rotating beam fatigue testing machine is a similar apparatus but serves a different purpose.

The beam or equivalent device turns until one end inevitably fails due to excessive vibration, stress, or other damaging force.

This technique is frequently employed when conducting tensile tests to determine materials strength or elastic limits.

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Dynamic Fatigue Testing Machine:

A dynamic fatigue testing machine tests the dynamic load-carrying capacity of a component or assembly.

It is helpful to determine the strength of a piece exposed to repeated stress, such as impact and vibration. The test configuration and loading condition are necessary for the components fatigue life.

Dynamic fatigue machines may be linear or rotary, depending on the applied dynamic load.

Servo Hydraulic Fatigue Test Machines Grips And Test Fixtures

Raagen has a big engineer team for designing of different test fixtures according to various test standards.This team analyse the customer’s exact requirement of required tests. They offer correct fixture types and dimensions for customer.Raagen offers different kind of tensile test fixtures, compression test plates, flexural and bending test apparatus, shear test fixtures, peeling tests fixtures, eccentric rollers, chucks, puncture test fixtures, specimen cutters and cutting dies. See more…

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Numerical And Experimental Results

A special case of longitudinally periodic beams are the light fields with the property of rotation around the axis of propagation. The simplest of these fields are a superposition of two Bessel functions with different parameters and scale . In this section, we have a general condition for the formation of rotating diffractionless beams. Such beams can be generated by using phase trochosons , binary helicons or binary phase helical axicons .

In this section, we consider rotating Bessel beams generated by binary phase DOEs with a spatial carrier frequency which, as in , have about 40% energy efficiency, but unlike the helical axicons these DOE form simultaneously two identical beams , rotating in opposite directions. Moreover, unlike , each of these beams can be described by a linear combination of Bessel functions with angular harmonics and with an arbitrarily given weight contribution of each.

In it is proposed to form a multimode Bessel beam with a DOE whose transmission function U is a linear combination of axicons with angular harmonics. This means that in the composition it is proposed to use the basic functions of the form:

The effectiveness of such a field is slightly higher 2 = 40.5%. From equation it follows that the binary axicon can generate rotating Bessel beams only of a special type. The phase DOE, calculated according to equation , allows formation of rotating diffractionless beams of a more general form.

Kuang-Hua Chang, in, 2013

Spring Fatigue Testing Machine

Bending Beam Fatigue Test

Spring Fatigue Test Machines measure and determine the spring life and fatigue strength. The test results are practically helpful in assessing the quality and making maintenance decisions.

Spring Fatigue Test machines are primarily valuable in metallurgical industries, including high-performance springs found in cars, aircraft, industrial machinery, and military equipment.

It is excellent and reliable equipment for the testing of spring materials. The fatiguing tests help determine the working life, maximum stress, and residual strength of springs. They are helpful for monotonic tension and compression-based mechanical tests.

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Appendix: Fatigue Failure Of The Specimen

Figure 8 presents a typical example of a high-strength quenched and tempered steel specimen tested until failure. As can be seen, the fatigue crack nucleated at the surface of the specimen within the gauge length and then propagated~2.5 mm before the final fracture took place practically within one loading cycle .

Fig. 8

a Example of a fractured specimen, and , example of a fatigue failure surface. In the area of the stable fatigue crack propagation is highlighted by the vertical line

Rr Moore Rotating Beam Fatigue Testing System Iso1143

The RR Moore Fatigue Testing Systems design is based on the rotating beam principle. The specimen functions as a simple beam symmetrically loaded at two points. When rotated one half revolution, the stresses in the material originally below the neutral axis are reversed from tension to compression and vice versa. Upon completing the revolution, the stresses are again reversed so that during one revolution the test specimen passes through a complete cycle of flexural stress .

Specimen loadingThe RR Moore Fatigue Testing System can be equipped to test straight shank specimens. The standard specimen length is appr. 90 mm. Specimens 25 mm longer or 25 mm shorter can be tested without affecting the calibration of the system.Straight shank specimens are held in place using precision specimen collets.Stress is applied to the specimen by direct application of dead- weights to ensure precise loading.

Controller including cycle counterIntegrated variable speed control provides the RR Moore Fatigue Testing Systems capability to operate at speeds from 500 RPM to 10.000 RPM. Speed control is important in testing certain materials that heat up when highly stressed, and it allows certain correlations of results between high speed tests and lower speed test.Controller is provided with a touchpanel display showing:

  • Cycle counter up to 99mil counts.
  • Set speed, and actual speed.
  • Data will be stored during test and after completion of test.

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Fatigue Testing Machine: Specifications

Some of the specifications of a Fatigue Testing machine are:

  • These machines come with a digit display counter and a mechanical counter that one can for an additional cost.
  • Devices with maximum bending moment up to 400 Kg-cm are available upon request. Most of these models are table-mounted and do not require a partial foundation. Most pieces of machinery have a simple lever system for changing the load depending on your requirements.
  • It uses a lever system for quickly changing the force when required, and each machine comes with simple instructions for operation.
  • It contains a lad cell. The load cell is a device for measuring the pressure applied to it. It consists of an aluminum or steel strain gauge bonded to a thick metal plate, bolted onto a machines moving part.
  • According to the usage purposes, these machines have a tension tester, bending tester, and so on.
  • It is useful for each kind of wire rope, chain, or other metal products such as rod, bar, tube, shaft, etc.

Cyclic Fatigue Testing Machine:

Fatigue Failure | Engineering Approach

A cyclic fatigue testing machine tests the durability of various materials. A material that fails in cyclic testing is unsuitable as an engineering material, as it will fall under repeated stress .

Cyclic fatigue machines are useful in performing fatigue testing on a product. It is valuable to produce many cycles, and it is usually helpful in combination with another type of mechanical testing equipment.

It tests the durability of machinery and materials based on their resistance to repeated loads.

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Servo Hydraulic Fatigue Testing Machine:

A servohydraulic fatigue testing machine tests the strength of the material in a controlled environment.

It applies stress to certain parts of the specimen until it breaks and then measures the load at which it broke using some force transducer.

It helps test cyclic loads or static loads, and this data is valuable in calculating parameters such as ultimate load, yield point, or percent elongation.

These machines are popular to test various metallic and non-metallic materials while being put under pressure.

Tension, compression, flexural, and bending tests are all sample methods used to ensure proper quality control when the time comes to create or improve products.

What Is Fatigue Strength

Fatigue strength is the highest stress that a material can withstand for a given number of cycles without breaking. Fatigue strength is affected by environmental factors, such as corrosion. The maximum stress that can be applied for a certain number of cycles without fracture is the fatigue strength.Sep 2, 2020


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Rotating Beam Fatigue Test System

Specialized Torsion System for Rotating Beam Testing

How it Works

Rotating beam fatigue testers are one of the oldest methods used to determine a materials fatigue behavior. To perform a test with ADMETs Rotating Beam Tester, a sample is placed in the machine and a force is applied via a bending moment using weights hung off the sample. The force induces a surface stress that will be tensile on one side of the sample and compressive on the opposite side. When the test is started, the sample will rotate at the desired rate and this rotation will cause the surfaces to interchange so that each surface experiences alternating tensile and compressive stresses. The sample is left in the machine until failure at which point ADMETs eP2 controller will display the number of cycles it took for the sample to fail. Running a series of tests on identical samples with varying stresses will allow the user to create an S-N curve.

Please watch our video for a demonstration of ADMETs Rotating Beam Fatigue System equipped with eP2 controller.

Key Terms

S-N Diagram for steel, fiber-reinforced plastic, and aluminum

Rotating beam fatigue testing systems were first developed in the mid-1800s by a German railroad engineer named August Wöhler. He designed the machine to test railroad car axles and investigate axle brake failures. The principles upon which that machine was developed still apply today.

Wohlers Fatigue Testing Machine

Wohlers S-N curves for Krupp axle steel

Fatigue Testing Machine Supplier And Manufacturers:

Rotating Beam Fatigue Test System

Understanding the mechanics of a products strength and durability is the first step toward ensuring the success of a finished product. That is why it is necessary to purchase relevant devices from a certified manufacturer of fatigue testing machines such as Tesca Global.

Tesca Global is a professional supplier and manufacturer of material testing machinery, including fatigue testing machines, universal testing machines, impact testers, hardness testers, woodworking machinery.

We can design and develop customized equipment according to your requirements. Everything starts from producing the components by using the most advanced equipment and skilled employees.

The machine molds the raw materials into the final products through many processing steps.

Some of the specifications that Tesca Globals fatigue testing machines offers are:

Tesca is a brand that has been manufacturing and supplying the best solutions for workshops for many years from a network of local and global suppliers. Get the most suitable fatigue testing machine for your workshop with Tesca Global.

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What Is Fatigue In Fatigue Test

Fatigue is the progressive, localized, permanent structural change that occurs in materials subjected to fluctuating stresses and strains that may result in cracks or fractures after a sufficient number of fluctuations. The cyclic stresses are normally well below the yield strength of the material.


Rotating Beam Fatigue Testing

Generating higher frequencies than traditional high cycle fatigue methods, our rotating beam fatigue testing services are designed to provide critical data about coatings and metallic surface treatments.

Unlike other fatigue programs, rotating beam fatigue testing is used to rotate specimens around a long axis. Before testing, our labs grind and polish specimens to ensure the most accurate results. Depending on the goal of the project, testing is either run to a set number of cycles or to failure. If the specimen fails, our experts can provide a failure analysis to determine what can be done to prevent future occurrences.

Rotating Beam Fatigue Testing Services

In addition to our ISO 1143 and ASTM F1160 test programs, our experts can assist in performing custom and unique rotating beam fatigue testing methods. We assist in every stage of the process, from machining and polishing samples to interpreting test results. With years of fatigue testing experience, we can assist with any project, no matter how complex.

For more information about our rotating beam fatigue testing, or to request a quote, contact us today.

Providing critical data about the integrity and longevity of materials under high stress, we use high cycle fatigue testing to ensure that products are fit for purpose in even the most extreme conditions.

Elements high cycle fatigue testing programs feature state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, including:

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