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Custom Size Anti Fatigue Mat

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Where Are Anti Fatigue Mats Used

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti Fatigue Matting can be found in any environment where workers are required to spend long periods of time standing in one place. Some areas they are commonly found include

  • Manufacturing & Warehouses Either individual mats, made to measure anti fatigue rolls or modular tiles
  • Hotel Receptions Aesthetically pleasing mats with marble design patterns
  • Bars, Restaurants & other wet areas lookout for the wet symbol on the product page
  • Commercial Kitchen and Food production areas Please browse our range of Swarf Matting for this application.
  • Classrooms in a 2018 survey that First Mats Ltd conducted, 69% of teachers stated that they experienced regular or occasional pain from prolonged standing.
  • Hair Salons

Choosing The Correct Anti

There are literally hundreds of different types of anti-fatigue matting on the market today. You can choose from different surfaces, colors, sizes, materials, and the list goes on and on. So how do you know which mat is the correct mat for your application? Here are a few things to consider when selecting your anti-fatigue matting:

Do you have a dry or wet work station? Mats are made specifically for wet or dry areas or applications that require both. You can use just about any type of anti-fatigue mat for dry areas, but if you have a wet area, you may want to choose a rubber perforated mat for drainage and avoid foam anti-fatigue mats that can get saturated with liquids. If your area is exposed to grease and oils, you may want to consider a nitrile rubber mat or a mat with a grit top surface to provide additional traction.

How much time do you spend at your work station? Anti-Fatigue Matting comes in a variety of thicknesses to provide different levels of comfort. To find the best thickness for your area, you must first determine how much time you spend at your workstation on average. Lets say you need a comfortable mat for behind the cash register, but you are only back there a couple times an hours for a minute or two at a time. In this case a thinner mat such as 1/4″ or 3/8 Soft Foot foam matting would suffice. Now lets say business is booming and you are behind the register for nearly 8 hours straight, in which case you would want to go with a 5/8 or 1 thick mat.

Anti Fatigue Mats & Matting

When standing still for long periods of time, we begin to feel extremely uncomfortable and physically tired. This is due to increased pressure on joints and blood pooling in the lower limbs.

When using anti fatigue mats, your legs muscles are activated by small movements you make unconsciously to keep you standing upright. This helps to encourage better blood circulation which reduces the effects of fatigue. The softer surfaces created by the mat also increases comfort, leading to better morale and productivity.

In an independent study carried out in 2015, 75% of businesses who used Anti Fatigue matting said they found an overall improvement in staff well-being, along with 44% of respondents who considered the matting to have a positive effect on productivity. 23% of users also confirmed that absenteeism had reduced as a result of using anti fatigue mats.

Our anti fatigue matting has been developed to help fight the effects of fatigue, which results in multiple benefits for the user and for the employees.

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Anti Fatigue Mats From The Mat Specialists

How does Anti Fatigue Matting work? Anti-fatigue matting works by promoting regular foot movement. The simple, subtle effect of regular movement of feet on a cushioned mat surface helps to enhance blood circulation. Standing for prolonged periods has been associated with certain health risks, particularly musculoskeletal problems.

Employers are required by law to do all that is reasonably practical to help protect the health and safety of their workers. A basic anti-fatigue mat can help to reduce the risks associated with employees who stand for long periods.

People Most at Risk Production link workers, Machine minders/operators, Teachers and support teaching staff, Healthcare workers, Catering workers and Hairdressers including many more.

See our huge selection of anti fatigue mats below:

High-Quality Matting

Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat Options Wearwell Antifatigue Mats Fatigue Mats For Comfort

Best Kitchen Floor Mats Anti Fatigue Custom Size

Anti fatigue mats offer cushion for long hours of standing. They also have the durability needed for use with industrial and retail standup workstations. Greatmats is proud to carry a large selection thats designed for a variety of needs. These are found in an assortment of materials and design options and are manufactured with safeness in mind.

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Industrial Anti Fatigue Mats

  • Special coatings extend the life of the investment.
  • Promotes employee health.
  • Anti Fatigue Logo Mats

    4 products

    Anti-Fatigue Logo Mats provide a necessary service while showing off your logo. Reduce strain on your employees or customers feet and knees while also reinforcing your business branding. The cushion material on our custom size anti-fatigue mats makes users redistribute their weight to maintain balance, so you move rather than locking your knees. Its a comfort solution as well as a marketing one!

    These Anti-Fatigue Mats are perfect for cashiers, restaurant seaters and anyone standing in front of copy machines or printers. Anti-Fatigue Shop Mats are also great where customers need to wait in long lines, as they help to reduce foot pain.

    Please call us at 866-703-6764 or contact us online, and we would be happy to help.

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    How To Choose Your Anti Fatigue Mat

    The Industrial Anti Fatigue Mats available in our range each offer their own benefits, ensuring that you can find matting that works in every environment. Below are some of the features to look out for when purchasing your mat.

    Anti Fatigue Mats for Wet Floors

    Is the mat to be used in a Wet Area? i.e. the mat is to be used in an industrial environment involving liquids including Water, Chemicals, Oils, Grease, etc. If so, then be aware that Foam Anti Fatigue Mats or may not be suitable for these types of liquids. Where the mat is to come into contact with oils & grease then we would recommend a rubber mat with a higher Nitrile content to increase its lifespan.

    If your mat will be used in a dry area, with no standing water on the floors, then foam anti fatigue mats will be your best choice.

    Anti Fatigue Mats with Wheeled Traffic

    If trolleys and pallet trucks are likely to roll over the mat, we recommend avoiding foam but using solid rubber or vinyl topped mats instead.

    Anti Fatigue Matting Material

    As a simple rule of thumb, PVC foam and Vinyl anti fatigue mats tend to be at the more lighter usage end of the market and therefore the more punishment that the mat will take will require it to have more and more rubber content.

    Many of our mats come with the option of having plain yellow or black and yellow edging in order to further enhance their visibility and health and safety qualities.

    Why Use Anti Fatigue Matting

    Eco-Pro by GelPro Continuous Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mat for Commercial and Garage Use Black 20in.L x

    Industrial Anti Fatigue Matting is a crucial element of your occupational health and safety obligations, so should always be purchased from a reputable supplier. First Mats offer a wide range of industrial matting and there are many reasons why customers choose us as their matting supplier

    We stock one of the largest matting ranges in Europe

    The team at First Mats takes pride in offering an Anti Fatigue Mat for every situation, with each one of our mats being developed with a specific use in mind.

    Anti Fatigue Mats for Every Budget

    but the consistent theme is that they are all of extremely high quality. We only sell Commercial Grade, high quality and long-lasting mats. Please be aware of the large amounts of cheap, low-grade products in the market which are usually ineffective and will fall generally fall apart at an early stage.

    Experienced Professional Staff offering up to the minute advice

    Including the latest Health & Safety Legislation, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any information or need to place an order over the phone. If you have a large requirement and would feel more comfortable in your decision if you had a personal on-site visit, then we would be pleased to arrange this free of charge.

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    Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

    Here at Ideal Mats we have a huge range of anti fatigue mats to fit your specific requirements. They are most popular for production line workers but other industries are now realising the benefits. Retail, teaching and catering industries are increasingly looking at anti-fatigue mats.

    If you require samples of any of our anti fatigue mats, you can do so by heading to any of our product pages, then fill in the form on the right-hand side entering your details when prompted. We will endeavour to dispatch any samples the same day.


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