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Cushioned Floor Mats Anti Fatigue

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Mattitude Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Cushioned Mat Amazon review

Camryn Rabideau is a lifestyle writer specializing in all things home products. She’s reviewed everything from the latest and greatest kitchen gifts to the must-have cookware essentials for your kitchen. She’s also taken several interior design courses, which has given her an additional angle when it comes to home products.

, who wrote the buying guide for this roundup, is a self-taught home chef who has interviewed and learned from famous chefs along the way. However, her real passion is for making home cooking accessible, fun, and comfortable. As part of her research on the more technical aspects of anti-fatigue mats for the kitchen, she interviewed Dr. Kevin Lees, DC, manager of auditing and quality for The Joint Chiropractic.

Our Associate Commerce Editor Rachel Lee assessed testing insights from our Lab and researched each product’s qualities to determine the top picks to recommend in this updated roundup.

What Is The Maximum Reach Zone

You also have to think about the length of the mat and the area that it covers. This isnt a piece of flooring for the entire room, this is something to use in key areas of the home, such as around the sink, food preparation areas and/or stove. The maximum reach zone is the maximum area that this may need to reach for normal, active use. Users dont want to find themselves stepping on or off the matt repeatedly.

Kangaroo Commercial Grade Mat

The moment we stepped foot on the Kangaroo Commercial Grade Mat, we knew we had a winner. As we did in our previous testing, we laid the Kangaroo, the Imprint Cumulus PRO, and the Ninja Comfort Mat in three locations in the kitchen: in front of the sink, in front of the oven, and in front of the countertop where we did food prep.

Our two testers went from one mat to the next in bare feet and in shoes, testing for springiness and noticeable comfort to their feet and legs. Both testers immediately noted the difference between the Kangaroo and our former top pick, the CumulusPro. The Kangaroo had some bounce and was soft and pleasing to stand on. The Cumulus Pro was much firmer and provided good support, but it was significantly uncomfortable.

It must be pointed out that the differences between the Kangaroo and other anti-fatigue mats on the market, including the Gorilla Grip mat we tested previously, are minimal. In fact, the Kangaroo mat, the Ninja mat, and the Gorilla Grip mat make the claim of being the original anti-fatigue mat. We also found out that the Gorilla Grip company distributes Kangaroo and Ninja.

Best Overall: Kangaroo – Commercial Grade Mat

If you’re standing hours in the kitchen or office, the Kangaroo’s springy cushion core will relieve tired legs and feet. Its durable topside and underside repel almost all accidental spills.

Key takeaways:

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Hebe Oversized Anti Fatigue Comfort Mats

This stain resistant HEBE kitchen mat works perfectly in the kitchen, gym or office. It comes as an oversized cover that features tapered edges made to prevent one from tripping. The mat is equipped with a polyurethane gel foam that can help your feet from tiring and also provide good posture.

It helps release stress especially in certain pressure points on the body such as the knees and feet ankles. HEBE provides an entirely cushioned anti-fatigue mat that helps for standing over the desk for long periods.


  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • A bit narrower than ordinary mats

HEBE Oversized Anti Fatigue Comfort mat comes with a minimalistic design and dimensions in measurements of 20 x 59 and a thickness of 0.6. The incorporated polyurethane foam works well to remove stress and strain in the whole lower body part, making it good when standing for long hours.

Whats more, cleaning this mat is quite easy. They are perfect for kitchen use because they are oil and stain resistant. You can easily clean them with a gentle vacuum or by swiping with a damp cloth.

Is it recommendable?

The HEBE Oversized Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat is designed for seniors. It helps aid the patellar area and provide great knee support. It reduces pressure by lowering joints and muscles, alleviate pressure from the lumbar spinal area and pelvis, and eliminate lower back pain.

Can You Put A Chair On An Anti

KMAT Kitchen Mat Cushioned Anti

Most anti-fatigue mats are designed for standing and would be difficult to wheel an office chair on. Regular chair legs may also puncture or damage the cover on a mat. If you want a mat for an office desk or other area where you may sit and stand, look for a small mat that can go in front of your chair.

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How Thick Should They Be

The general rule here is for a thickness of 3/4 of an inch. This may not sound like a lot, but it does provide that fine line between too much padding and not enough. If the mats are too thick, they may have too much bounce or give. This could make them difficult to walk upon, especially for anyone with balance or coordination issues. If you go too thin, it wont have the cushioning needed to help with those medical issues. Homes that already have some form of softer, thicker flooring may appreciate mats that are just an inch thick instead.

Why Trust Simply Recipes

This guide was authored by Su-Jit Lin, who has over a dozen years of experience writing about food, twice that in cooking it, and thrice in enjoying all of it with extreme and likely unseemly gusto. Shes most often found on her feet, which are not indefatigablehence this guide. When not standing at her desk, shes doing the same at her stove, counter, or sink.

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  • Redfern MS, Chaffin DB. Influence of flooring on standing fatigue. Hum Factors. 1995 37:570-581.

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    Our Pick: Ergodriven Topo

    May be out of stock

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $100.

    The novel surface of the Ergodriven Topo provided the most comfort to the feet and legs of standing workers in our tests. Its varied, raised terrain encourages the sort of frequent movement that ergonomics experts recommend. The Topo is easy to slide under a desk and bring back out with one foot , keeping your hands unsoiled and your back pain-free. Its easy to clean and has held up over several years of testing. And because it isnt as wide and flat as standard anti-fatigue mats, it takes up less space under your desk.

    Pretty much everyone who tested these mats was initially skeptical of the Topos design, but the benefits became evident within a few minutes of standing and were confirmed after months of use. The back edge and front corners of the Topo are higher than the sides, and the mat has a teardrop-shaped mound in the middle thats squishier than the rest of the materialgreat for massaging your feet. Without even thinking about it, you may end up standing on, pressing against, and heel-digging into all of those sections. I didnt know I had nervous legs, but Im glad this mat taught me that, one coworker said. Its nice because I cant stand straight and normal to save my life, but this made my usual slouching and foot fidgeting comfortable, said another.

    How Often Should You Replace An Anti

    Anti-Fatigue Mats

    Depending on the material and how much traffic youre subjecting it to, they can last up to 5 years. The best way to gauge if its time for a new one is to play it by ear and look for telltale signs of wear and tear, like worn-out patches, fading patterns and prints, and tearing of seams or layers. If the edges start curling, its definitely time to go, as they become tripping hazards. Along those lines, if you find yourself slipping while standing, the tractions worn off and its time to toss. Finally, if it just doesnt feel that good underfoot anymore, just let it go.

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    Materials: Grippy And Eco

    Another important element when deciding which mat to choose for your home, kitchen, or office, is the grip. Obviously, we didnt want something that would slide around on our hardwood floors. This mats underside gripped our floors with ease, not once budging from its assigned position.

    Another major plus? This mat is made from an eco-friendly polyurethane foam. That means you wont be inhaling any chemically fumes or introducing harmful substances to the pets or little ones you live with.

    We most often used the mat barefoot, but we also tested it out with shoes and found it to be just as comfortable.

    How Do You Clean Anti

    While checking if there are any special care instructions from the manufacturer, most of these mats can be cleaned by simply using soap, water, and a cloth or sponge. It is advisable to let your mat dry completely before putting it back on the floor to prevent trapping moisture between it and the floor.

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    Competition: Blows Competitors Out Of The Water

    If our rave review hasnt tipped the scale for you, then just consider the facts: The Sky Mat stays in place, is ultra-supportive, and comes in a handful of sizes and colors to best suit your needs. If you have the money, wed definitely recommend buying it, but if youre looking for a more budget-friendly pick, check out the $30 . It measures 36 x 20 inches and also features beveled non-curling edges so you dont have to worry about tripping over it.

    Yes, buy it.

    The Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Sky Mat does everything it promises and more. If you prefer an anti-fatigue mat on the softer side, the Sky Mat is certainly your best bet.

    Design: Tons Of Options

    Popeven Kitchen Mat Cushioned Anti

    Sky Solutions offers its Anti-Fatigue Sky Mat in seven colors from wine red and indigo blue to gray and light brown. The mat also comes in three different size options. We went with the 29 x 39-inch matthe middle size offeringand found it fit perfectly in our home. The largest size is nearly twice the length of ours at 70 inches, making it ideal for sizable work stations and kitchens.

    While the mat is quite simple, there is one other design consideration worth mentioningits beveled sides. The slope of the mat prevents users from tripping over the corners and edges which is extremely useful no matter your work environment.

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    Easiest To Clean: Amazonbasics Premium Anti

    • Foam layer contours to feet

    • Stain- and abrasion-resistant

    If youre going to use an anti-fatigue mat in your kitchen, its important that you can easily wipe off any spills. This 20 x 36-inch Amazon Basics mat has a stain- and abrasion-resistant surface, making it far easier to clean than other mats we have tested. It ensures your mat will remain as good as new, despite being located in a spill-prone area. Testers appreciated how easily messes were able to be rinsed right off and didn’t leave any stains or discoloration. It’s low-maintenance and uncomplicated to take care of.

    Its foam layer will conform to the contours of your feet as you stand. In our testing, however, we found that while it’s easier to clean and offers good support for the price, its slick surface prevents it from staying in place. In addition, our testers observed that while the mat felt cushy enough, they didn’t notice a drastic difference between it and the bare floor. However, they still preferred standing on it over the ground. Just keep this in mind if you prefer a kitchen mat that is extra thick and dense. This one is probably best suited for someone seeking a simple and basic kitchen utility mat at a reasonable price.

    The Spruce Eats / Fred Hardy

    Size: 20 x 36 inches | Weight: 3.3 pounds | Material: Foam | Colors: Black, Dark Brown

    Best Budget: Featol Standing Desk Mat Foam Cushioned Anti Fatigue Mats Comfort Standing Pad

    • Texture makes it little hard to clean

    At 0.9 inches, this mat is the thickest one in the roundup, and it certainly shows with its cushy comfort that brings instant relief to your tired feet. The polyurethane foam material and ergonomic design make this an incredible value of a kitchen essential.

    Whether you struggle with aching joints or simply want to feel like there’s a cozy mattress under your feet while standing in the kitchen, this is the mat for you. Taking care of your cooking and cleaning tasks has never been more enjoyable with this affordable Featol pick.

    Our Lab testers were impressed with how cushiony this mat felteven after hours of standing on it, they felt no fatigue or soreness. The thickness of the gel and memory foam construction held up, and testers highlighted how it felt like the foot almost sank or indented into the mat. Plus, the PU leather surface boasts a surprisingly durable quality for a low price, featuring water- and puncture-resistant abilities.

    The Spruce Eats / Fred Hardy

    Size: 20 x 32 inches | Weight: 5.14 pounds | Material: Foam | Colors: Black

    “Loved the thickness. Felt like the foot almost sank or indented in the mat.”

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    Amcomfy Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mat

    When it comes to the design of these comfort mats, there is a focus on a more classic, antique look. There is a nice pattern reminiscent of ironwork that curls across the surface of the mat. The colors of the background also have a rustic, metallic feel. This look will suit a lot of older relatives and seniors in care that dont want anything too modern in their home. There is also a cloverleaf pattern with a similar antique effect running through it. There are alternative patterns, but these are some of the most popular.

    The pros and cons with this floor mat.


    • A decent range of sizes.


    • The inconsistencies in the foam across the different sizes
    • Questions over the cost

    Otherwise. There are many of the same benefits that we saw before with these products. This one promises to be especially easy to clean as it is both stain and mold resistant. It Is also meant to be vacuum friendly thanks to the texture of the surface. There are also a few different sizes to choose from, depending on your maximum reach and nice use of gel foam for reliable cushioning.

    There is an interesting review from one buyer that bought a large and small and says that the consistency of the foam differs between the too. The larger is more firm, for some reason. There are also some people that wonder why this brand is a little more expensive than others when there are no special features or properties to it.

    Is it recommendable?

    Also Great: Imprint Cumuluspro

    Gorilla Grip Anti Fatigue Cushioned Comfort Mat Review

    Note: The original rectangular CumulusPRO we tested isnt available but Imprint is still selling this mat with rounded corners out of the same commercial quality grippy material we love. Weve updated all the CumulusPRO links to this new item.

    At a quick glance, the Imprint CumulusPRO Commercial Grade mat looks deceivingly like the other mats, but the experience on this mat is on another level.

    Its also important to know that the manufacturer, Imprint, also has a non-commercial version of this mat called the CumulusPRO Professional, which we did not test. This anti-fatigue mat is the only one we tested thats sold as a commercial product. And for what its worth, all products from the Imprint brand are tested and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute and a partner of the American Chiropractic Association. This particular product comes at an extra cost, but the differences were easily spotted during testing.

    Runner up: Imprint – CumulusPRO Commercial Grade

    The Imprint – CumulusPRO is a commercial-grade mat that is denser and firmer than lesser-grade mats. It remains securely in place, and its beveled edges help prevent tripping.

    Like most of the other mats, its edges are beveled to help reduce the chances of users tripping over the mat when walking by. And it was one of the few mats that didnt shift beneath our feet during testing saving you the trouble of having to reposition every so often.

    Key takeaways:

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    Kangaroo Brands Original Comfort Standing Mat

    When it comes to some of the basic features of this product, there are some big similarities here between this Kangaroo model and the Gorilla Grip one above. There is the same thickness on the foam, the same choices of sizes and the same promises of an easy-clean, reliable surface. There are more color choices this time, to suit even more decors, but otherwise, it is pretty similar to that product above.

    The pros and cons of this floor mat


    • the thickness of the mat
    • the quality of the materials the brand used
    • the durability of the smaller products


    • the risk of cracks with the larger products
    • the way that the edges can stick up.

    The similarities here mean that the benefits are also familiar and come as no surprise. There is enough comfort for most users to stand here for longer periods. The surface lives up to claims and looks pretty good. The biggest problem here comes with the way that some of these larger mats are boxed up.

    They are folded to fit the package, which puts them at risk of damage. This means that they can develop creases down the middle, which later split and crack. This is especially disappointing in a product designed to be heavy-duty and long-lasting. This can also mean that the edges dont lie flat, which can be a bit of a health hazard.

    Is it recommendable?

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